Wednesday, August 9, 2017

While I Was Gone

I did laundry today. All day. I did take Jorja to softball practice. It ended up raining and lightning pretty bad. I picked up Jorja muddy and smiling. They worked a lot on diving catches. Instead of talking about my laundry day, I will post some pictures from Mike's phone. Well, the first three pictures Jorja texted me. Yesterday Jorja hiked the Y. One of her EFY friends from California was in town and wanted to hang out. Jorja had a great time and loved every second.
Maggie, Brooklyn, Zach, Jorja
Brooklyn, Jorja, Maggie, Zach
Zach, Brooklyn, Jorja, Maggie
 Apparently we had visitors
Mike spent most of the time while I was gone working with Preston. Preston is so much like Mike. They are turning our small storage area downstairs into a castle.
 Preston slept in it one night
What it looks like
It does look pretty cool inside. Mike hung my grandma's chandelier in it. I told him that I was planning for that to go in Jorja's room. He just nodded and said, "I know you wanted it there." He is so funny how he gets these crazy ideas, but Preston is in heaven with it.

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