Monday, August 7, 2017

Where God Vacations

Rachel asked if I would sneak out and take Marie to the beach this morning. Hmmmm.... let me think about that. Marie and I had such a great time! We rode the bogie boards over and over. Finally I told Marie that we should go soon because my back was starting to hurt. After three more good runs we went back. We left Marie's house at 10:00, we got back close to 2:30. I guess we were there for awhile. I went with Rachel and the girls to their new school. It was perfect timing. The lady at the front desk said she would get the girls assigned to classrooms, and the meet the teacher thing was tomorrow morning. I'm excited because I will still be here! The girls school starts this Thursday.

Brett was explaining where they were going to move in one of his classes at church when he was in Virginia. When he said it was near Cocoa Beach an older guy sighed and said, "Cocoa Beach . . . where God vacations." Haha! We went to Cocoa Beach today. This place is so beautiful. We ate at the Tiny Turtle. The Fat Donkey was next door. We didn't go there, but they are an ice-cream and dessert shop. I tried the PB&J thing. You couldn't really taste the peanut butter and jelly though.
We decided to check out Cocoa Beach after dinner. It is a lot more touristy than over where Brett lives. It was still fun and beautiful. I took 250 pictures here. I narrowed it down, but still there is a lot, so brace yourselves.
Brett, Grace, Mina, Eve
 Cocoa Beach
 Grace & Mina
I find it hilarious that Grace and Eve were kind of scared of the water when they were in their swimsuits and we went to the beach on Saturday. They were much more brave today . . . fully dressed.
 Grace & Mina
 Eve & Grace
 Grace & Eve
 Marie, Mina, Grace
 (Grace), Brett, Stephanie, (Eve)
 Brett & Stephanie (Grace, Eve, Mina, Marie)
 Eve, Grace, Mina, Marie
 Eve, Mina, Grace, Marie
 Eve, Mina, Marie, Grace
 Marie, Mina, Grace, Eve
Mina's shoe got washed right off her feet. She loved the shoes, Skye and Larkin had given them to her. They were silver sandals with a bow on them. I thought it was lost for sure, but Rachel found them washed down the shore about five minutes later. Wow! My shoe also got ripped off my foot right as we were about to leave. Grace fell and I leaned forward to get her. My shoe did not stay on my foot for that one. Rachel found my shoe too. What a super power!
 Grace LOVES giving bunny ears
Mina, Grace, Marie, Eve
 Marie, Eve, Grace, Mina
 Marie, Grace, Mina
 Marie, Grace, Eve, Mina
 Grace, Marie, Mina
 Eve, Grace, Mina, Marie
 Grace, Marie, Mina, Eve
 Eve, Marie, Grace, Mina
 Eve, Mina, Grace, Marie
Rachel let Mina take the bag off her arm in hopes of getting a good picture. That's a tough chore getting the kids to sit still while there are waves lapping at their feet!
Eve, Grace, Mina, Marie
 Look at that beautiful hair!
 This is how Grace usually smiles for pictures
 I told her to look sad hoping I could see her eyes. This made me laugh.
 What a silly goofball
 Rachel & Stephanie (Mina, Marie, Grace)
The moon came out so beautifully. At first we didn't know what it was. We were pointing out the dragon in the clouds to the girls. We laughed when we discovered it was the moon. It was so pretty watching it come from behind the clouds. Brett and Rachel truly live in a magical place!
 (Grace, Marie) Brett
 Grace, Mina, Marie

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