Friday, August 4, 2017

Stephanie's House

We drove a couple of hours to Villa Rica this morning. I stopped by Mirror Lake Elementary to see if Mrs. Catlin was there. The school was locked up. I guess they start on Monday. Next, I tried my house. I knocked on the door and asked Shelby if her mom was there. Stephanie saw me from the bridge. She gave a gasp and said she would be right down. Shelby invited me in. I asked her if she knew who I was. She didn't. I asked Alyssa if she remembered me. She didn't. I told them, "I'm Jorja's mom." Alyssa got a big smile on her face. Both of the girls knew who I was then. It was fun to see Stephanie. I didn't get to see her last time I came down. It was also fun to see the house. Rachel said later that she was surprised about how many memories came back to her and she just visited here. On the way down here we were talking about how Rachel took care of me during one of my surgeries. After my mastectomy I needed to have some reconstruction surgery done. Rachel was living in Alabama for six months while Brett was in basic training. Rachel came to help while I had my second surgery. On the way to the hospital Rachel called up and said the school had Maysen and Stockton in the office and both of them were sick. I was shocked because I had no idea they were even a little sick when I sent them to school. I called Janet Lott and she picked up the kids and brought them to Rachel. Rachel said Maysen was easy. She asked for a bucket then went and laid in her bed upstairs. Stockton on the other hand was a different story. He did not want to lay in his bed and he wouldn't acknowledge Rachel. He kept walking in circles around the family room. Rachel kept trying to get him to walk around the kitchen so he would be on tile. He wouldn't listen to her. Stockton threw up THIRTEEN times on the carpet! Rachel was newly pregnant with her first child (Marie). What an introduction to motherhood!

Anyways, it was so much fun to spend time with Stephanie. She was so nice to let us just barge in on her. We were there longer than I planned because it is so hard to go. It was really nice to be able to catch up with her. When we came last year we found out that they had reorganized the ward and we would be meeting down in Carrolton if we still lived here. Teresa would still be in our ward. Stephanie said they reorganized it again and they are now meeting somewhere else. I can't remember. Temple maybe? They aren't in Teresa's ward anymore. That would be hard on me.
Stephanie & Stephanie
 Alyssa, Stephanie, Stephanie
The girls loved it there. Stephanie's girls were so nice to them. Joslyn and Lily specifically. Joslyn took the girls up to her room and shared all of her toys and let the girls play dress up. Rachel was really impressed. I think this is the first time I met Joslyn. She was born after we moved. She is five now. Lily was Preston's age. It was her birthday today. She was super nice to the girls as well.
 Jorja's old room
Joslyn, Marie, Mina, Grace
 Eve & Lily
 Joslyn & Marie
 Lily, Joslyn, Grace, Marie, Mina

The stop at my old house put us way behind schedule. I'm so glad Rachel humored me though. I sure loved it here and I loved seeing Stephanie and her family. Today was a long driving day. We didn't have any car problems, but we did have to drive through a Georgia rain storm. They just come out of nowhere. We arrived at Brett and Rachel's new house right after midnight. Three long days in the car. Brett and Rachel's new house is awesome. It is the biggest house they have ever had. There are three big rooms with big closets. There is a nice kitchen and a two car garage. They are going to love it here.
Brett had little gifts next to where each girl was sleeping. Here is Mina with a skim board and a barbie. Marie got a boogie board. Grace and Eve got sand toys and Rachel got a scooter. (Rachel had left her scooter in Idaho and was really sad about it. She thought that would be something she could do with Mina and her broken arm, since she won't be allowed to swim in the ocean.)
 Brett even got me a beach towel!
Brett has a air mattress set up for me in the front room. It is going to be nice not to be in the car tomorrow! Stockton took his biology final today. He got a 115 out of 125. I think he is done with summer school now. He must be so happy!

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