Thursday, August 10, 2017

Smith Family Parrydise

We packed up and headed to the cabin this morning. We stopped by the UPS store on the way and sent back Stockton's film textbook. Luckily I thought of that. It was due back today. We arrived at the cabin about a half hour before Steve and Shannon did. The weather and lake looked nice, so we decided to get on it today. It was actually perfect. Hardly any other boats around and the lake was so calm.
Jorja wearing Weston's glasses & Stockton
 I don't know what she is doing here
 Jorja, Preston & Stockton
 Stockton & Preston
Weston and Brandon did the wake board. Stockton and Jorja both tried it after. They both got up for awhile. They haven't been on a boat for three years I think, so I thought that was great!
 Mike & Steve sent this picture to Lisa to wish her a happy birthday
I put this next picture on Instagram. I love seeing my kids get along with their cousins. Jorja's friend Katlyn saw this picture and started texting Jorja for Weston's phone number. It was pretty funny.
Weston, Jorja, Preston
 Mike teaching the Porge, Stockton's face
 Weston & Jorja
Steve was nice enough to get the tube out for us. It takes a long time to blow up the tube, so that was really nice of him to do! Especially since we knew we could only do two runs with it. We wanted to get in before the sun went down.
Maysen, Stockton, Preston
 Not sure what Stockton was doing with his leg
Jorja, Brandon and Weston went on the tube next, but my camera was out of batteries. When we got back to the cabin Jorja's friend Katlyn started texting her asking for Weston's number. Then she Facetimed Jorja. Right as she did that another girl Facetimed Weston. Jorja and Weston had the girls talk to each other. What goofballs.
Jorja & Weston
 Weston & Jorja
 I love it here
Steve wanted to play a game. He brought out Banangrams. He went to his room and said he would be out in five minutes. He never came out. He fell asleep back there. We played without him. Stockton won. This was Stockton's words. Can you tell he likes Oregon Trail?

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