Sunday, August 6, 2017

Church and Stuff

Today was pretty relaxing. We made it to Brett's ward. The girls all seemed to love their primary class. Rachel and I hung out in nursery with Eve for a bit. Brett and Rachel saw some friends from Alabama there. The husband and Brett did basic training together, or something like that. Now Brett and the husband are both being deployed. Brett and Rachel told Marie and Mina today. They do no like that idea. Last night I put Jorja's peace oil on Mina's feet to help her sleep. She told me that she didn't have any bad dreams and she dreamed her dad didn't go away. It was cute and sad at the same time. I also inwardly chuckled because she didn't know about Brett's deployment until this morning.

We took a walk after dinner. We walked to the elementary school. It was farther away than we anticipated. It was good to know that though. Eve fell asleep on the way home with a stinky diaper. She was asleep for about one minute, but that was enough to give her energy. She would not go down to bed. She finally fell asleep around midnight. She is going to be tired tomorrow!

Brett texted me this picture. I was giving Grace and Eve on a scooter at Mike's house. This goes faster that I realized. It was really fun.
Stephanie & Eve

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