Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Junior ACT

Today was Stockton's ACT testing day. All the Juniors in the State of Utah took the ACT test today, at least those that go to public school. We didn't have to pay for this test, so that was nice. It would be awesome if Stockton did better than last time. He got a 32 at the beginning of the school year. He says he thinks he did better in science and math, but not as well in reading. Last time he didn't finish the science portion, this time he did. Stockton said it was nice going into the test with a 32 under his belt, he felt like there was no pressure.

I went to the temple this morning and then had my visiting teachers come over this afternoon. They brought me a super soft blanket. They said it was instead of treats. That was perfect since I am doing no sugar right now! I wrapped myself in it the rest of the day. Just had it around my shoulders as I was walking around. It is still snowing outside. The upstairs of my house gets so cold! This blanket was great!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Lunch with Dad

I took my dad out to lunch today. We went to IHOP. I wanted another one of their steak omelets. I texted my dad this morning. By the time it was time to leave I was kind of regretting that decision. It was snowing so hard! It wasn't snowing at all when I went to my early exercise class. There was two inches on the ground by lunchtime. Luckily driving wasn't so bad, so I am glad I didn't chicken out. It was fun to hang out with dad, even though I lapped him on our food. In his defense, he was eating my side as well, so he had extra food. He didn't come close to finishing, hopefully he had a good dinner tonight!

Stockton had another fun day at diving today. I'm glad I took him. Again, I almost chickened out. The roads ended up being fine by the afternoon. The BYU pool is getting torn down. Construction will start the end of March. There were a lot of inner tubes that were being taken out of the building. The diving kids got to play in them for awhile. Stockton again was awesome with his super accurate throwing. It is so nice to have days like this. Especially before Stockton's super stressful day tomorrow!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Carlsbad, California

That is where Cameron has been called to. I put in my two guesses (international and national) as Sydney, Australia and San Jose, California. I got really close!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

State Diving

Stockton had his state diving competition today. The person who was supposed to do the snack table had not arrived so I volunteered Jorja to run it. She had joked with Mike before we came asking if she could run a booth. The lady eventually showed up, but Jorja told her she was fine doing it. I think Jorja enjoyed it.
Jorja & Preston
There were a lot of divers at this meet. More than at most of the meets this year, not surprising though. What was surprising was that there was more boy divers than girl divers.
Stockton during warmups
Stockton did great on three dives and okay on three dives. I picked one picture of each dive for this blog. Mike also had a couple of videos that I was able to get.
Stockton ~ Front 1 1/2 pike
 Inward 1 1/2 tuck
Back 1 1/2 tuck
 Reverse 1 1/2 tuck
 Twist ~ I can't remember which one, but he hates them all. :)
 Front 2 1/2 tuck
Stockton ended up sixth place. At least he was able to get a medal. He was .5 points away from Camden. Matt actually failed his last dive, but the judges didn't catch it. The divers all did and were laughing when he got fives on the dive. He only did a half twist when he was supposed to do a full twist. Not only was he supposed to get a zero on that dive, but the degree of difficulty was higher on the dive he was supposed to compete than the dive he actually did. This put him in fourth place and ahead of Stockton. That was a little disappointing for Stockton. Matt did tell someone that he did the wrong dive, but if the judges don't catch it it doesn't matter. He just lucked out. Stockton said, "How do they not catch that but they catch me if I turn my feet even a little bit?" Stockton has this habit of twisting his feet on entry, especially on his inwards. The judges are ruthless on that. Dives that could be given sevens have been dropped to threes. That is a huge point difference. Well, the judges know these divers pretty well and I think all of them look for Stockton to twist. They kind of expect him to do it and nail him on it. I don't think they were expecting Matt to do the wrong dive. One of the girls did a back flip instead of a back dive. That is a lot easier to catch though.
Stockton, Matt, Christopher, Mickey, Gavin, Camden
 Stockton & Gavin
 Cougar Club Divers
Christopher, Stockton, Matt, Mickey
We went to Pizza Pie Cafe after the meet. I just had salad. Boo! One more month of no sugar, no dairy, no grain. On the way home I saw this on my phone. My eyes about popped out of my head. I can not believe that little Cameron has his mission call! What has happened?
Mike and I went to the temple tonight. Mike had signed us up to do sealings over a month ago. I was so tired when I got home I went to bed early. I can not believe I forgot about the BYU/Gonzaga game! I remembered before we left to the temple, but just forgot when we got home. I woke up to texts from my brothers about it. Oh man! I would have loved to watch that one! (BYU won 79-71. Gonzaga was ranked number one and would have finished the season undefeated if they won this game.) Anyways, I have now watched several recaps and hopefully will watch the entire game soon. Boo on me!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Carnival Girl

I took Preston to diving today. They had a make up today since Monday was cancelled. He dove at the same time as Stockton usually does. I should have had Stockton come today and save me a trip. I didn't know what the deal was too far in advance, so it was hard to plan. Preston had short day today, so he was able to pull it off.

I took Jorja and Hailey to a play that Katlyn is in. I got a little lost on the way. The GPS didn't know where the school was, so I was using Mapquest. They had something written a little weird. I understood it to say 6.2 miles after the two round abouts, which I thought was a long way away. I think it meant 6.2 miles total on that road. Anyway, I found it but we were late. Being late stresses me out and leaves me feeling panicky. I hate it. Our next obstacle was finding the way into the school. We walked around the entire thing, but couldn't figure out how to get in. Jorja and Hailey found a side door that was propped open. We could hear the play inside. I had to keep after Jorja telling her to control herself. She kept laughing really loud. We ended up sneaking in through the side door. I have no idea if we were supposed to pay somewhere, but I had no idea where to go. We missed Katlyn's first song, but were able to hear her solo. She did great. She has a beautiful voice. We were in the back and some times it was hard to hear the actors. No problem with that with Katlyn's voice. She looked adorable too. Jorja was thrilled that we managed to get permission to bring Katlyn home. We stopped for custard on the way back before I dropped the girls off. Jorja wanted them to come home with us and stay longer, but I have my exercise class in the morning and was ready for bed. It was already almost 10:00 anyway. Have I mentioned before I'm not a night person?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Blue and Gold

Stockton and I hurried home from diving and were able to make it just in time for Preston's Blue and Gold banquet. Ashley always does such a good job. Stockton and Jorja came too. When the kids went to the different rooms to do they stations I helped them snitch a dessert and let them walk home. We are now combined with three wards. There is quite a big group for the Webelos. The Bears and Wolfs don't have many. Judy, who was my advisor when I did Wolfs is in charge of all the Webelos. The Breens have been called to help her. I am so glad that isn't my calling. That would be hard.
Preston with the Webelos getting awards
 Preston who refuses to give me a decent picture anymore. Weirdo.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Well, my deal with Mike blew up in my face today. That lasted one whole day. Wednesdays are hard because my exercise class is from 5:30-6:30. I wake Stockton up at 5:00 before I leave. Jorja usually wakes up at 6:00. Last night I asked her if she could wake herself up because I would be gone. (She does that all the time.) I usually remember to ask Stockton to check and make sure she is awake, but I forgot. When I got back from my class I went downstairs and Jorja was fast asleep. Whoops. Although she would have still been fast asleep without my deal with Mike because he was sleeping. Still, it was bad timing. Anyway Mike ended up dropping Jorja off at school. I had an appointment with Stockton's counselor before school. Stockton was already there when I arrived. I was only three minutes late. Everything looks good for Stockton to be able to graduate from high school with his associates degree. Right now we are filling out the paperwork for Early Enrollment. We had to get a letter from his counselor and an official transcript. We got both of those today.

Jorja had a field trip today at the Capitol. She said it was fun but wasn't any more informative than that. Not sure what she did. I think it was for the PTA.

Stockton and Preston had diving today. I took Stockton down and was prepared to stay with Preston. Mike wanted to stay with him because a migraine started coming on while he was driving down. He thought he needed a few minutes out of the car before he headed back. Too bad for him. An accident happened on the free way. Stockton and I must have already passed the scene before it occurred. It took Mike almost two hours to get home. Not fun when you aren't feeling well already.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pink Sugar

Most of my day was spent doing laundry. I was way behind on that! Stockton needed me to run and get more krazy glue for his bridge project. When I was out I saw these delicious things. I wish I could try them. One more month of my no-sugar challenge. Anne is going to love these.
It was raining so hard when I came out from the store. I wasn't prepared for that! Stockton was supposed to play kick ball in the snow for Young Mens. They changed it to basketball. I told Stockton he didn't need to go. He hates the basketball activities, and he needed to work on his bridge. Jorja and Audrey went to the Valentine's to make blankets for the rape crisis clinic.

Mike and I made a deal. I will get the kids up and ready in the morning (which I already do) and he will make sure they are tucked in safely at night (which he already does). I will feel much better when I fall asleep early if I know he will stay awake until they are home. I am not a night person and I really struggle staying awake, especially if I know I have my early exercise class in the morning.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Jorja's Buckled

Mike got a ride to work from our neighbor who recently started working at Overstock. That was convenient. I took Maysen to the dentist this morning, which is the reason she is in town. Maysen wanted to see Lego Batman while we were here. The only problem was, now the van is in the shop and the jeep doesn't fit our family. We tried to make it to the movie anyway. The boys double buckled Jorja. She was not a big fan, but was a good sport.
Jorja & Preston
 Stockton, Jorja & Preston
I'm not sure how Lego Batman was. I fell asleep within the first thirty seconds of the movie. In my defense, I did get up at 4:15 to go to the gym. My head jerked awake and all of a sudden Robin was on the screen. I think it was about halfway through the movie. I nodded on and off after that. After the movie we went to OHOP. I love it when the kids eat everything they ordered. As soon as we got home, we finished packing Maysen up and then I drove her back to Logan. Good thing I had the nap during the movie! I didn't stay long with Maysen, I wanted to hurry and get through the canyon before it got dark. It was raining pretty bad through the canyon, but I made it home just fine. Three more weeks until I get to see her again! Then I think I don't see her until her semester is over. That will be the longest time I have gone without seeing her. Growing up is weird.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Maysen Dominates

I forgot to write last post about being lucky. While Maysen and I were waiting for the tow truck we listed all the ways the car dying could have gone worse. The car could have died in Logan, not close to home. It could have died in the middle of our houses where we would have had no where to go. It could have died in the middle of an intersection. It could have died in the car pool lane on the freeway. It could have died when we took Jorja's friends to Idaho last week. It could have been dark. It could have been stormy. We could have gotten into an accident. It could have been much, much worse. I am thankful we were able to get home last night and that we were safe. This morning as I was walking into choir practice Sister Bird asked me if I was enjoying my new car. I was confused. I definitely don't have a new car. She finally realized it wasn't me she saw. Made me laugh though.

Mike and I were asked to speak in church next week. It will be ward conference. We were asked to speak on 'Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy'. This is what I thought of during the sacrament. I surprised myself by getting an entire outline done. Someone else came and talked to Mike after church and changed the sacrament talk. It sounds like several people are being asked about how they keep the Sabbath day holy. That kind of changes my plan, but I think I have it figured out.

Mike asked Lisa and Nathan if they wanted to come over and play games. We never heard back. We were surprised when Melissa and Derek were at our door. The house was decent, but not as put together as we would have had it if we knew they were coming. Lisa, Nathan and Taylor also came. Turns out Nathan replied, but Mike never got the message. Weird. Mike, Taylor, Derek and Preston played Colt Express with the different expansions. Taylor was excited to try it. He also ended up winning the game. Nathan, Melissa, Maysen and I played Settlers with Maysen's board. It was fun except the fact that no one had a chance in this game. Maysen dominated by the second turn. By the third turn it was obvious she would win, the only question was how long it would take her. Nathan kept saying, "I have never seen anyone dominate like that before." It was crazy. Eight was rolled several times. Every time it was rolled Maysen would get four ore and two sheep. She got the robber several times, but it didn't set her back for long. Maysen was blue in this game.
It was a lot of fun to have the Hodson's over. I wish we had been better about getting together. It is going to be sad when they move to California.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dead Car

I went up to Logan today to bring Maysen home for the weekend. We went grocery shopping, out to eat, bought some frogs, did dishes; you know, the usual. Things were fine until the way home. We had been driving four about 30 minutes when I noticed the battery light was on. This was weird, because I didn't think the car battery could die while you were driving it. I had Maysen text dad about it. He didn't know what was going on. Then a little before North Salt Lake I felt something weird. Kind of felt like we got a flat tire. I didn't know what was happening. I put on my hazards and tried to get to the slow lane as fast as possible. I was in the carpool lane at the time. I went through the double white lines to get there. I thought the car would die as soon as I was on the right side of the road, but it didn't. It kept acting weird though. More and more lights came on.
 Air bag light is now on, all the gauges have gone to zero. No gas, no speed ~ even though I was driving.
 Now the emergency brake light came on as well
I had to stop at the second stoplight off of the freeway. I was so nervous when I came to a complete stop. When the light turned green I could barely move. I was flooring it but it just puttered through the intersection. I managed to get just past the intersection and to the side of the road before the car completely died. Too bad it was in the middle of a lane. Everything died on the car. I couldn't get the hazards on. I couldn't shift into neutral so the car could be pushed out of the road. It was awful and embarrassing. Several nice people stopped to see if they could help. One of them was Brian Leatherwood. He stayed with us for a bit. It was fun to see him, but I wish it was under different circumstances. About ten minutes after we had been there a policeman came. He parked behind us. I felt grateful for that. People were able to notice to car and get over earlier.
I texted Mike to ask him to get us a tow truck. Mike got one on the way and then had to get Stockton to come back from Gavin's house. Stockton had the jeep there. They were practicing their drama pantomime that is due next week. I felt bad that he had to leave early. Mike got here about the same time as the tow truck guy. He had a fancy truck and was able to drop our car in a parking lot of a repair shop across the street from Steve's car lot.
We were all exhausted by the time we arrived home. We did watch the pilot episode of Monk. Maysen needed to watch and write a report about a show with someone with a mental disorder. Monk wasn't on the list, but I told her I thought she would like it. She got permission for it. Now she just needs to write the paper. It is for her Abnormal Psychology class.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Diving

Preston got to play at Brian's house today. He was able to get a few hours in before I needed to leave for diving. I am not good at inviting people over, so I love it when Preston's friends take the initiative. I took Stockton and Gavin to the diving competition today. It was an All-American competition. Gavin went for it and was able to score high enough to apply. Stockton didn't want to go for All-American because he hates doing voluntary dives (back dives, front dives, inward dives . . . ) Stockton wanted to do his eleven dives on both the one and three meter board. Turns out Stockton was the only one who did this, which surprised him. It was nice to have a relaxing meet though. Stockton did great. I picked my favorite dive from each board.
Reverse 1 1/2 ~ scored 6 1/2, 7, 6 1/2
Front 2 1/2 ~ scored 6 1/2 bingo
When the announcers say 6 1/2 bingo it means that all the judges gave the same score. It is really funny when the kids dive with the rec summer program. The little kids are so excited when the announcer says 'bingo'. Even if it is 3 1/2 bingo. They will yell to their friends, "I got bingo!"

After the meet we went to Hires Big H by Bubs house. It took forever! I have no idea why it took so long, but we were there for an hour before we got our food. I hurried over to Bubs house afterwords so I could drop off some things for him to take to the cabin. He had the stockings I had made him out. I had wanted to get a pictures of the stockings because I wasn't sure if I had one of all of them. I don't think I got pictures of the ones I made for Steve and Shannon. Anyways, I took this opportunity to get one. It looks like the golf clubs in Santa's golf bag are missing now. That's to be expected after several years.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gavin Needs a Ride

Gavin's mom texted me yesterday asking if I could take Gavin to the diving meet on Friday. Except the diving meet is on Saturday, at least according to my calendar. Today I texted Laurel about it just to make sure. She texted back, "I don't think it's changed. I'll text Ted to make sure." Soon after I got a message on a group text that said, "Ok - somehow all of our coaches didn't notice the change made to the All American meet, or maybe we didn't get it, I'm not sure, but the meet is TOMORROW at the U at 4:00, start at 5:00. I am SOOOOO sorry that this is such a huge change. I really hope all those competing for All American can still make it." Yikes. Looks like Gavin's mom was right. People were not happy with Laurel. I don't think Laurel was ever told about the time change, she is so good at giving the current information she has. I felt bad watching everyone be mad at her on the thread. I sent my little two cents so people would know how Laurel literally just found out about the change. Still, I would hate to be her right now. I am really glad Gavin needed a ride. It is the first time his mom has ever asked me. If she hadn't, no one from BYU would have shown up to the meet. We would all have been a day late. Crazy.

I went to book club with Preston today. I love that. We were talking about the middle of Fuzzy Mud. The kids are so cute. I was planning on getting some ritz bits with peanut butter because they talked about peanut butter several times. I wasn't sure if anyone in my group was allergic. I only have four kids in the group. I ended up bringing Teddy Grahams and popcorn. Turns out, Josh is allergic to peanut butter. He said he used to be allergic to eggs and milk too, but he isn't anymore. Josh is Jill Jensen's son. Jill was my brother Mike's girlfriend in high school. I think it is weird that Jill's boy had the egg, milk, peanut allergy and Mike's kids have them too. Hopefully Larkin and Blake will grow out of the eggs and milk allergies. That would be amazing. (I know Larkin's not allergic to milk, couldn't figure out how to get the sentence right without it sounding weird.) Anyway, I miss my brothers.

We had a long diving day today. Preston had short day. The second he walked in the door I told him it was time to go to diving. He didn't like that. He wanted a moment. I was thrilled it was short day because I thought I would have to drive all the way to Provo, then turn around and get Preston and drive back. Preston sat through Stockton's two hour lesson, then Stockton sat through Preston's hour lesson. We stopped at Firehouse Subs on the way home. We were really tired by the time we got back.

Maysen had her first date EVER today. She is going to Texas Roadhouse with a boy named Jason I think. He was in her psychology rat lab last semester. I hope she has a good time. I'm anxious to read her blog about it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Diving Belt

This morning I told Preston I would see him at Parent Teacher conference around lunchtime. I love going to the elementary conferences. The kids talk Chinese to their teacher and it is absolutely amazing. I have a hard time getting them to talk Chinese to me, so I love these moments. Yesterday Jorja had this huge conversation with her Chinese teacher. I had no idea she was so fluent.

I spent most of the day getting things ready for the meeting at SLCC. While I was working on that I got a text from Mrs. Chung that said, "Are you coming?" I thought, "Did I sign up to volunteer?" I texted back, "Am I supposed to be there?" Yep. For parent teacher conference. I can not believe I forgot! I was so embarrassed! Luckily someone cancelled and they were able to fit me in. Preston just rolled his eyes at me when I got there and said, "RIP" That is his favorite thing to say these days. Preston of course is doing great. He has far surpassed the benchmarks for the year. He basically raises himself, so I am pretty lucky.

I checked Stockton out a few minutes early to make sure we were on time for his appointment. It looks like if he takes a few classes this summer he will be able to earn his associates before he graduates. Assuming he passes all five of his AP tests. I can't believe it. That child amazes me. We do have some decisions about summer school to make, but we can't really do that until the schedule gets posted. That won't happen for a few months.

Mike took Preston to diving because I was with Stockton. He sent me these pictures. Preston has never been in the belt before and had the time of his life learning inwards. Mike's phone takes mini movies with the pictures, so it was fun for me to actually see them.
Mike said the little girl, Adi, was laughing hysterically when she was in the belt. At the end of class she tried it without the belt and did a huge bellyflop. Poor girl. Not a fun way to end the day. I hope Preston gets to have this much fun tomorrow when I'm there. He had a grin ear to ear when he got home.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

This is the valentine's box Mike and Preston worked on yesterday. They put my 'hoppy taw' I got for Christmas at the bottom so it wouldn't roll around. It fit perfect. They 3D printed the heart and Preston wrote the word 'love' in Chinese on it. Preston loved the final product.
I had to laugh because a lot of my friends were putting their kids valentine's boxes on Instagram. Stacy put a picture of an adorable hamburger valentine's box with the caption, "We stayed up all night making this cute cheeseburger Valentine's box for her last school Valentine's party. Jk we bought a piƱata at Target and cut a hole in it." Haha! I'm still laughing about that.

Jorja put herself on the 'party planning committee' in her math class. Weird, I know. She collected a few dollars in donations. I took Jorja and Katlyn to the store where they picked out a valentine's cake. Those two are weirdos, but make everything super fun.

I had student led conference with Jorja today. I hate those things. I would much rather talk to the teacher. I already know how she is doing in school, I don't know why I need to go to the school and have her tell me what I already know. What I know is Jorja has totally slacked off this year. This is the first conference where her grades weren't As. It's quite ridiculous. I told her, "You know this is going to change next year. No way would this be acceptable." She has focused more on socializing this year. I have really tried hard to pull back and let her be responsible. Hasn't worked out so far. Next year will be an entirely knew ball game for her. I think she also knows that this is her last year before things need to get serious. At least I hope she will get her head back in the game. She has been a straight 4.0 student. Not this year. Hopefully she can pull her grades up before the end of the term in a few weeks.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Diving Fun

Stockton had so much fun at diving today. I wish I could figure out how to get videos to show up better on blogger, but oh well. They played water polo at the start of class. Three against three. The score was one to one and Tyce said the next point would win. Stockton had the ball and was swimming super slow. He was half way across the pool when his arm came out like a dart and he fired the ball at the cone. (They weren't playing with nets, the goal was to hit an orange cone.) Anyway, Stockton nailed it. It was awesome.

The last part of class they played around on the three meter. Tyce would ask someone to pick a dive. Then everyone would have to do it. Whoever did it best would get to pick the next dive. They started getting really silly. Stockton loved it.
When Stockton got to pick he said inward flip, full twist. Everyone groaned. They had never done anything like that before. Stockton had to be able to complete the dive before the other divers were required to try. He did it. You can see some of the other divers grab their heads after he entered the water. They did not want to do it. Actually Mickey really did not want to do it, which is funny because he destroyed everyone at the meet last weekend. He ended up just doing an inward one and a half. Tyce had everyone boo him when he got out of the water. It was so funny. I put some videos of the other divers trying to complete this dive.
Stockton's inward full twist
Christopher. He is SO GOOD, so this made me laugh!
Lizzie- yep, she can do about anything
Back to random dives with Stockton
Not sure what this is
Lizzie and Matt - looks like a bad idea
Lizzie and Matt again, they never learn
Valentine's day is tomorrow. I ran to the store to grab fun dip valentines for Preston. Mike helped him make his 'box'. It turned out super cute, I'll put a picture of that on my blog tomorrow.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Last Day of Sledding

So.... I took a lot of pictures today. Over 100. Well, I took over 300 but I only posted over 100. Needless to say, today was a great day. We woke up and went to 9:00 church in Wyoming. Once we were back the kids were anxious to get back on the hill. Sophie told me she had never been real sledding before. I'm glad everyone had a great time. Jorja has been so happy. Preston and Sophie sure hit it off. They played together a lot this weekend. I put this picture of Jorja up first because I love it and I didn't want it to get lost in the picture dump below.
 Hailey, Jorja, Katlyn
 Mary, Katlyn, Jorja, Hailey
 Love this place
 Dave & Jennifer
 Mary's head ~ haha!
 Sadie & Hailey
 Hailey & Katlyn
 Flying Katlyn, Tiny Jorja, Walking Hailey
 Katlyn & Hailey with Dave & Jennifer behind ~ I think Dave is trying to hide
 Jorja's hair, Jennifer & Dave
 Preston, Sadie & Mary ~ Mary's face! I love it!
 Jorja relaxing
 Jorja, Katlyn, Hailey
 Katlyn, Jorja, Hailey
 Jorja & Katlyn ~ Dave and Jennifer
 Dave & Jennifer
 Preston & Sophie wanted to go up on the same sled ~ I doubted them, but they made it.
 Preston & Sophie, Sadie & Mary, Hailey
 Jorja & Katlyn, Davie & Jennifer on the 4 wheeler
Hailey, (Mary) Sadie, Sophie & Preston dragging behind
 I love this view
 Preston & Sophie
 Jorja & Katlyn
 Jorja, Hailey, Katlyn
 Jennifer & Dave
 Sadie, Jennifer, Dave
 Preston & Sophie ~ I have a lot of pictures like this, but I like them all....
 Jorja, Katlyn, Hailey
 And Mary
 These three don't have any fun at all.
 Hailey, Katlyn, Jorja
 Preston, Sophie, Mary ~ mischievious little guys
 Mary, Jennifer, Dave & Sophie, Katlyn, Sadie
 Katlyn, Dave & Sophie, Mary, Jennifer, Sadie
 Katlyn, Jorja, Hailey
 Sophie, Jennifer, Preston
 Hailey & Jorja, Jennifer standing behind them
 Jorja & Hailey look a little nervous
 I guess this is why.
 I wish I got a better shot at Sadie, because it looks like she's flying!
 Sadie's head
The 4 wheeler was close to running out of gas. I thought this would end the day for everyone. Not so. They climbed the hill for about thirty minutes until the 4 wheeler was good to go again. Now that's dedication!
Jorja & Hailey, Sophie & Preston
 Hailey & Jorja

 Preston & Sophie
 Jorja & Sadie, Mike, Katlyn, Hailey, Mary ~ Can you tell it was a warm day?
 Katlyn & Jorja
After sledding we cleaned up and headed home. Katlyn convinced her parents to let us take her home. Look at that exhaustion in the back seat. Those girls sure played hard!
Katlyn, Jorja, Hailey
We arrived home a little before 10:00. Stockton wasn't home yet, but he came home soon after. I stayed up talking with him hearing about his weekend. He went to church with Gavin today. He knew a lot of people in the ward, so that made going to Sunday School and Priesthood fun. He even drove Gavin and his dad home in the jeep. They had a birthday dinner for Gavin's little sister Samantha. It sounded like he enjoyed his weekend. Yay! What a great life we have!