Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016

I'm still feeling the mommy guilt, so we took the kids to Leatherbys. Jorja had been wanting to go for awhile and was disappointed that she choked on the choice of dinner place after her violin concert.  Jorja and I shared a french dip sandwich and a giant ice-cream.  Mike had brought all of the broken sleds home.  We returned them to Scheels. They refunded our $140.  Excellent.  Our last stop was D.I.  Mike wanted to look for a computer screen for the video game thing he is making with the boys.  Jorja found some cute dresses for super cheap. Success.  We stopped at Walmart so Mike could get another computer thing.  Something he screen at DI needed.  I let the kids each pick out a treat for tonight.  We ended up with chips, cookies, chocolate milk and pizza.  Perfect.
Jorja, Preston, Maysen, Stockton
 Stockton defeating 'cookie clickers' for Preston
John and Cassie made it to their home in Virginia!  What a way to start the new year!  I'm glad they are there and no tragedies occurred on the road.  Cassie sent me this picture of them in their new place.
Trevor, Brandon, Mallory, Collin, John, Cassie
Mike, Preston and I played a few games of Pandemic.  We lost the first game and won the second one.  Our game ended right as Steve and Shannon came over.  We talked and played games.  The new year was here before we knew it.  I choked and didn't get a picture of my family. BOO!  Jorja had Katlyn and Hailey over.  Hailey left after midnight and Katlyn slept over.  Jorja was pumped about that!  I took some blurry photos of Jorja with her friends.  I should have used my nice camera, but I was too tired.  And I don't know how to use it very well anyway.
Katlyn, Hailey
 Jorja, Katlyn, Hailey
The biggest change we had in 2016 was Maysen graduating high school and moving to Logan.  It has been so much fun to have her back these last few weeks.  It's sad not having her here all the time, but she is loving her life in Logan and that makes me extremely happy.

Friday, December 30, 2016

I Broke My Porge

Matt woke up early to play Dominion with me.  Too bad his kids woke up early too.  It was fun to watch him juggle them.  At least I destroyed him this game.  A nice way to end the trip to the cabin.  Most of the morning was spent cleaning up.  Matt and Sam wanted to be on their way as early as they could.

I saw this picture Chelsea posted.  Holy cow!  She's amazing!  I have a picture I want her to paint for me so bad!  I was hoping I could win the exercise contest last year and use the money to have her do it for me. Too bad I came in second or third place.  So close!  By the time we have enough extra funds I'm worried she will be too famous that she will be out of our price range or too busy.  Her pictures sure are amazing though.  The model she used for this picture is Iriel. Courtney's daughter.  How cool!
The cabin was pretty much cleaned up except for our snow clothes.  We all went sledding one last time, except for Maysen.  She said she had a great time at the springs and wanted to end it on that one.  Jorja probably wishes she had done the same.  Everything was going fine until I decided on a whim to pull the kids up the big hill at the end of the cabin.  I almost instantly realized what a bad idea it was when it was too late.  I thought the only thing I could do was speed up so the sledders wouldn't catch the 4 wheeler on the way down.  When I did that one of my boys lost control of their handle.  I think it was Preston, because Stockton fell off earlier.  Anyways, it whipped around and nailed Jorja in the face.  I felt so bad.  I looked back and there was carnage everywhere.  Jorja was crying with a bloody face, Preston was stunned laying there a few feet back, Stockton was on his back at the top laughing.  Not the best mom moment.  Jorja was able to use it to her advantage.  I am so against letting anyone under 16 drive the 4 wheelers by themselves.  Jorja has been practicing with Mike.  She was able to use this exact moment to get me to let her do a solo run.  She made the point that she would obviously do a better job than I did.  She did great.  I'm not planning on letting her drive often, but she did a good job this time.
 The hill - it's hard to get an idea from this picture though
 Cabin views and Preston's head
Mike loves to take the kids penguin racing.  He usually does it with Preston or Jorja.  They love it!
Mike & Preston penguin racing
 Here comes the Porge!
Mike taking a pile of broken sleds down.  Hopefully we can return all of them and buy the awesome Harmons sleds.  Or the backless Torpedo one.  Or another long black H2O one that has somehow made it several seasons.
We left the cabin at about 4:30.  Jorja can't talk very well.  Her lip is swollen.  She says she can't feel it.  I imagine it feels like she has been to the dentist.  I'm glad it didn't knock her teeth out.  Especially right after she got her braces off!  I agreed to stop somewhere for ice cream on the way home and take them to Leatherbys tomorrow.  Jorja is quickly learning the advantages of a mother's guilt.
Jorja's broken face
We got home around 9:30.  I am exhausted.  It feels so good to sleep in bed!  Nice to be home.  Lots to catch up on tomorrow.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

And They're Off!

Like a dirty shirt!  That is what my mom would say every time we went on a long trip.  Usually to Idaho.  We would be driving down Columbine Way and she would say, "We're off like a dirty shirt!"  We took a lot of pictures with these guys before they left.  It is sad not knowing when we will see them again.
Grandpa & Collin
 Mallory, Collin, Grandpa, Brandon, Trevor
 Stephanie & Collin
 Stephanie & Brandon - ha!  love that face!
 Stephanie and Trevor
 Stephanie & Mallory
 John & Stephanie (and Ella)
 Stockton's head, Trevor, Collin, Stephanie, Brandon, Mallory
 Stephanie & Cassie, don't mind breakfast in the background
Once John and Cassie were off, Mike and I took Bubs' kids to the Springs while they packed up.  Mike, Preston, Matt and Anne came with us too.  Matt was able to go down one time on the sled with Anne, then she wanted to go back.  He convinced her to ride the 4 wheeler for awhile.  I rode with Millie the first ride down.  We were going so fast and I hit a bump and landed hard on my tailbone.  It hurt the rest of the day.  Matt ended up walking back to the cabin with Anne and Millie.  He took a sled with a rope and pulled them.  We kept going for awhile.  The kids were frozen when we called it quits.  Ella could have kept going for hours though.

Now all that is left at the cabin is Matt's family and my family.  Matt took Jeff sledding.  He hasn't been able to go outside before today because he has been so sick.  Jeff loved it!
Matt & Jeff
 Matt & Jeff
We came in from sledding to find Anne and Jorja making slime.  Cathy gave all of the kids slime making kits.  I'm sure glad they didn't get them out before this!
Anne & Stockton's half face
 Anne, Sam, Jeff
We watched Anne and Jeff while Matt and Sam went to the cabin temple.  Jeff was up most of the time, but Anne slept for several hours! I guess she was saving up all of her sleeping to use now.  Mike decided to keep the foosball table upstairs.  He rearranged the furniture for it to be in the back corner.  This should be fun!
Stockton & Stephanie
I reclaimed my foosball title over Stockton.  Apparently I have to crouch down super low to see the ball though.  I'm getting old.
Chelsea sent me this picture of Weston wearing the clothes we gave him.  They are made out of bamboo.  He looks adorable.  I hope he loves it for the two weeks it will fit him!
Jackson & Weston
I wanted to play Dominion with Matt, but he was asleep.  I told Sam to wake him up early so we could get one more game in before we leave tomorrow.  This trip has gone fast.  It always does at the cabin.  I sure do love it here.