Friday, September 30, 2016

Hanging with The Porge

Stockton and I drove up around Roy this morning, about an hour and a half.  I had never been that way before that I can remember.  We went to my friend Jaime Staker's fathers funeral.  Well, just his viewing. Just enough to see Jaime and tell her how sad we were for her.  Then we drove home.  It was nice to have Stockton on the trip with me.  Jorja was just getting up when we got home.  That girl can sleep!  Her friends picked her up and they went to DI.  They called me a few hours later to pick them up from Create, a delicious dessert shop.

I had been begging Jorja to go to a Mom and Daughter thing tonight. She didn't want to, but I kept pestering her.  Her original plans fell through so she talked Kate into going with us.  We played on these hoops, silks and hammocks.  It was a blast!  Also, super hard.  The pictures are almost all blurry because it was hard to keep from spinning.  We did the hoops first.
 Jorja & Stephanie
 Jorja & Kate
Our second area was silks, but we snuck a little hammock in.  We liked this much more.  Stockton has a friend that he dives with named Gavin. I ran into Gavin and his mom Shannon there.  Shannon invited me tonight.  She has been going here since the spring.  Her entire family hangs out here.  Shannon and her daughter were crazy on the silks. They could climb to the ceiling.  Shannon's muscles were huge!  Her daughter was doing crazy stuff way up high.  It was nuts!  Jorja was mesmerized.
Kate & Jorja
Jorja got to be really good at doing this hammock flip thing.  I got up in the position once but was too terrified to throw myself forward.  It doesn't look that scary, but it was.  Too scary for me and Kate.  Jorja on the other hand did it over and over.
 Kate & Jorja
 Jorja & Kate
Jorja wants to take a silks class with her friends.  She would love to do the things Gavin's sister was doing!  We'll have to see if we can figure it out.  We were planning on her starting diving this month.  So many things to do, so little time!

I finished the night watching the BYU/Toledo game.  That game was crazy!  So glad they came away with a win . . . finally!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dive Party

Preston had short day today.  They usually don't give the kids short day unless it is Friday, but because of Parent/Teacher conference they got to have short day today.  That worked out great for me!  I was able to take Preston and Stockton with me together to diving.  I gave Preston a book to read on the way up and he had it finished before his class started.  I didn't expect that!  I have loved watching Preston dive!  He has been very teachable and has been so happy.  I was worried at first and had to beg him the first day, but not anymore!  Two classes and he was in love.  He says his coaches are really nice and I love how he is learning the proper technique from the beginning.
Keyka & Preston
After Preston finished with his lesson I took him over to Hang Time. Stockton was already there.  They had a diving opening social. Stockton said it was a lot more fun this year than it was last year. Probably because he knew the people this year.  Also, Tyce would get everyone together for a game of dodgeball.  Tyce also knows the people better this year.  He just started at BYU last summer I think.  Preston had fun except when the Hang Time people announced dodgeball was now only for those 14 and up.  They had a separate dodgeball for the younger kids.  Preston didn't like that because he wanted to be with Stockton.

I brought the boys straight to Jorja's softball game.  We only got to see a few minutes.  Jorja was in left field when we came.  Her team won the game which has clinched the championship for them.  Jorja has one more game left this season.  She has loved it.  She was so nervous before the season started and now she doesn't want it to end.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Airhead Math Teacher

I didn't feel well today.  Still, I managed to get up at 4:45 to start my exercise.  The only problem is yesterday I went before school to the church baseball diamond and caught while Jorja practiced pitching. Now my shoes have mud on them.  Some of the exercises felt weird without shoes, especially when I was on the treadmill.  I really should get new ones.  I have had these for several years and the traction is completely gone.

I had parent/teacher conference for Preston this morning.  He is doing fantastic.  I love hearing him talk in Chinese.  I love both of his teachers too.

I had parent/teacher conference for Jorja this afternoon.  I do not love all of her teachers.  Jorja has student led conferences, which are just a joke.  I hate them.  We go to their second period class and listen while they read us papers they fill out.  We don't get to talk to the teachers unless we make a special effort.  I always feel uncomfortable and like I'm bothering them.  The administration says that we are allowed to talk to the other teachers, but it doesn't feel like it.  Well, talking to Ms. Wu was fine.  She was totally nice.  Jorja's math teacher, not so much. Jorja has all As except for a D- in math.  A D MINUS!  It is annoying because there is only one quiz that is in the grade.  This quiz was taken the day after Jorja missed class for being sick.  She got 6 out of 9 on it. She retook the quiz, but it has never been changed.  I went up to the teacher and asked her about Jorja's grade.  I told her she had a D- and we needed to figure out how to fix that.  She said that I needed to lighten up and it was her fault for only having a few things in there to be graded.  (A few things?  Try one!)  I told her that seeing a D- on her grade was giving me anxiety.  She just looked at me like I was the biggest waste of time.  I don't know how to explain it.  I asked her if she had Jorja's make up quiz in there or if this grade was from the first time she took it.  She told me that she had the second one.  I said, "Really?  Jorja, is this the first quiz or the second one?"  Jorja with a slight panic in her eyes said it was the first.  Her teacher looked it up. She was quite annoyed with me at this point.  (The feeling was mutual.) She pulled up Jorja's grade and said, "Oh!  There is only one quiz on here.  How did that happen?"  Exactly.  She said, "Well, it looks like I'll be busy this weekend."  Jorja had this same math teacher last year.  She always complained that her teacher didn't teach them.  She would say things like, "I'm not sure how to do this, so we will learn it together." Also, they don't have math books.  Only worksheets.  I try to help her but I would like to look at a few examples so I don't teach her wrong.  I have had Stockton work with her the last few days.  Hopefully he can keep her from falling behind.  I'm not worried about her falling behind in this class, I'm worried that she will have learned nothing in two years and not be able to handle math in high school.

Jorja had a softball friend come over today.  They played in the batting cage for quite awhile and seemed to have a great time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

No Catching

I had parent/teacher conferences for Stockton today.  He is doing really well.  I hope he can keep it up.  This year is going to be such a rough year.  I got home just in time to hop in the car with Mike, Stockton and Jorja.  Jorja had a softball game.  She pitched two innings.  She did really well, but it is hard to watch her pitch.  Catching is much less stressful on the mom.  They won their game and didn't even need their last at-bats.  Jorja's first inning she was able to get out of it without any runs.  This was also the first game that Jorja didn't catch.  Stockton was able to finish his homework at the game. That was nice.  He asked if he could do that instead of Young Mens.  They were going to a skate park. I didn't seem the harm in him missing that one.

Preston had a busy day.  He went to scouts right after school.  They had a field trip.  They went to Waterford to see their Robotics program.  I changed Preston's piano to 5:30, which was when we were told they would be back.  They didn't get back until 6:00 and Preston got there at 6:15.  Luckily his piano teacher is super nice.  She also knew there was a field trip.  She had sent me a message asking where Preston was, but I didn't see it until close to 7:00 because of parent/teacher conference. I'm glad she was able to still fit him in.

Monday, September 26, 2016

I'm Not an Idiot

I have been trying to get videos uploaded for awhile, but have had no success.  Too bad.  They were super cute.  Stockton and Preston both went to diving today.  I picked Stockton up from school and we stopped by the swimsuit store to get his new team suit.  I dropped him off and then went back to the store where I waited for Mike and Jorja.  They got suits too.  Hopefully Jorja will start diving next month.  We'll see if she likes it, but she is loving softball right now so I don't know how much she will be able to commit to diving.  Anyway, Mike took Jorja home and I took Preston back to diving.  We walked in and Stockton was on the board.  I had enough time to glance at him before alarms started going off all over the place.  The fire alarm was going and everyone had to get out.  Stockton laughed and thought it was a great way to get out of doing his back double.  That is what he was preparing for and he hasn't done it on purpose before.  We waited and waited and waited.  Twenty minutes later the swim coach called the police department.  The alarm hadn't triggered whatever it triggers to let them know.  We then had to wait for them to come and say we could go back inside.  The entire time the alarm was going off like crazy! Preston ended up starting his class thirty minutes late.  At least they went long, so it worked out.  During free time Preston tried some new things.  He did his falling back dive over and over.  It was adorable. That was what I was trying to upload.  He also did three front flips. One he smacked on his back.  I am so proud of him for trying new things.  So far he is loving it.  Stockton, Preston and I stopped by Firehouse subs on the way home.  We watched the first part of the debate while we were there.  I can't believe these are our two choices for president.  I hope Evan McMullin can pull off a miracle.  Wouldn't that be amazing?

I got a weird phone call earlier in the day.  Someone called saying that Windows was sending alerts from my computer.  Several red flags went off in my mind.  First, it was obvious English wasn't her first language. Second, I use a Mac.  We do have other computers in this house that use Windows, but this question was never asked.  She wanted me to get on my computer and do some things to stop these alerts.  I told her I thought she was just trying to trick me and take control of my computer.  She said, "No, let me give you your computer ID number.  It is a number only you and I have, that way you will know I am telling the truth."  I thought, "Okay, let's see what she says."  I wrote down a huge long number.  Around 20 digits with dashes and letters.  She then said, "Do you know how to look up your computer ID?"  As politely as I could I said, "No, I don't.  I'll have my husband help me.  Do you have a number I can call you back on once I have the ID?"  Well, I didn't get to finish the entire sentence before she started yelling at me.  I would say she called me every name in the book, but she only called me one name.  Over and over again in different varieties.  "F-U!  You're an *@&% lady.  You don't know *^^**& English."  Over and over again.  I asked why she was yelling at me which gave me more foul language.  I said, "Wow.  No way are you from customer support."  More yelling and cursing followed by, "I'm going to shut down your computer you *@%$^^ lady!"  I yelled back, "Do it!  Go ahead!  Do it!"  More cursing. I said, "I'm not an idiot.  No way am I letting you get control of my computer."  Followed by more cursing until I hung up.  I was shaking so bad after that conversation.  Well, more like an attack.  I called Mike. As I was telling him the story I could hear him say, "Oh no."  I think he thought I fell for it.  Mike said that people do this all the time.  They get control of your computer and then lock you out.  They make you pay money to them to unlock it.  He thinks that if I would have looked up the computer ID number (which doesn't exist) that would have infected my computer right there.  I'm so glad I have heard Mike tell me many crazy stories like this so I knew immediately not to touch my computer. The sad part is, they probably are able to do this to a lot of people, especially older people.  Creepy.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Back Home

We are back home again safe and sound.  Today was spent cleaning and driving.  We stopped at a church in Afton, Wyoming on the way home. After church Mike took the girls back to Utah State and I brought our three other children home.  We listened to the first half of Gregor the Overlander on the way up and the second half on the way home.  It was nice to have a story to listen to, but it was also really hard.  It made me sleepy.  The story wasn't very interesting and I always fall asleep to stories on television.  Jorja got her trail mix out for me and I ate a lot of that, even though I didn't like it.  It helped keep me awake.  I stopped at a gas station in Evanston.  I filled up some water bottles with water.  I was fine after that, although I felt sick when I got home.  Too much water and trail mix. At least we got home safely, that's all that matters. Mike got home about an hour and a half after we did.  Next week is going to be super busy.  Life sure moves by fast!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Maysen's Early Birthday

Sam and Anne made breakfast for us this morning.  Anne was so cute sitting on the floor stirring the egg mixture.  She was a little shy when I wanted to take her picture though.
Poor Anne has asthma.  She has to have an inhaler twice a day.  This is the preventative one.  She also has an emergency one.  Hopefully this is something she will grow out of.
Anne and Matt's hand
Sam and I listened to the BYU game.  They almost pulled it off . . . again . . . I sure hope this season turns around fast!  We also listened to Womens Conference on the radio.  Mike, Matt and Stockton played frisbee golf.

We celebrated Maysen's 19th birthday today.  Yikes!  We aren't sure if we will see Maysen before her birthday.  There is a chance if Maysen decides she would like to come home over conference weekend or the next, but most likely she will just want to stay at school.  At least we were able to have a small celebration with her.  Jorja picked out the cake.  I forgot to buy candles, but luckily we were able to make it work with candles we found at the cabin.
Preston, Jeff & Sam, Maysen, Stockton's legs
 Maysen's 19th birthday cake
 Preston, Anne, Maysen, Stockton's thumbs
I was really excited about Maysen's birthday present.  Right as she was opening it Stockton said, "Mom!  You are missing pictures!" Or something like that.  I turned to find my phone and missed Maysen's reaction.  Oh well.  We got her a printer.  I think she is pretty pleased with it.  Now she will be able to print papers without going to the computer lab.  Most of her papers are turned in on line, but I still think it will come in handy.  We really wanted to get her a laptop, but we think she will like and appreciate this more.
Matt, Maysen, Demetria and Alison stayed up late playing Dominion. Maysen won that game.  Mike played Pirates with them today.  Later Mike played Pirates with Stockton and Preston while Maysen watched Pirates of the Caribbean with Demetria and Alison.  Maysen, Demetria, Alison and I took the 4-wheelers over to Steve and Sharon's cabin to look for movies.  I was hoping they were there so we could say hi, but I wasn't surprised no one was home.  The girls picked out several movies they were interested in.  Pirates was the winner.  Along with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  I think just Maysen and Alison watched that one.  I went to bed.  I have always wanted to see that movie though.

I laughed when I saw this dictionary someone pulled out at the cabin.  I thought, that has got to be old!  I knew Renee's madden name was Brown.  I took a picture and texted it to Jordyn asking how old she thought this was.
Right after I sent it I noticed this inscription on the front cover.  That answered my question.  1974.  42 years.  That is how old I am!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Cabin Temple

Mike met Maysen at her apartment around noon.  He fixed her scanner, her speakers and her lamp.  Nice.  He took Maysen out to lunch at Angie's.  They both said it was delicious.  Mike then brought Maysen, Demetria and Alison up to the Star Valley Temple dedication. We were worried they wouldn't make it, but they got there in plenty of time.  They were there way before us.  We were late, but luckily were still able to go through.  Preston was so excited to see Maysen.  He wouldn't stop hugging her.
Stockton's eye, Preston, Maysen
After watching the video at the church we loaded up on a bus to take us to the temple.  First step: booties.  Anne loved her booties.  She was sad at the end when she needed to 'throw them away'.  Once Sam explained that they were going to have other people use them she seemed to be okay.
Stockton, Preston
 Sam & Jeff, Anne, Jorja
I don't think I've ever gone through a small temple before.  The celestial room was tiny!  It was still pretty.  I'm glad we were able to make it!
Stephanie, Maysen, Stockton
Jorja, Preston (and Shiver), Mike
 Preston & Shiver
Anne loved, loved, loved, loved, loved riding the bus.  They were super nice and it was raining really hard outside.  Plus she didn't need to be in her carseat and that is always fun.
Anne & Jorja
It is great having a temple up at the cabin, but it isn't super close.  Still, it's fun to drive by when we go the Wyoming way.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rainy Drive

After school Stockton, Jorja, Preston and I headed up to the cabin.  It was so rainy!  I am glad we went through Wyoming since the other way we might have had to travel through tornados!  Yikes!  I was relieved when we finally made it.  Luckily the gate was unlocked and we were able to get up quickly.  We got to the cabin a few minutes before Mike got home from California.  Steve picked him up from the airport.  We were so lucky to get to the store ten minutes before they closed.  I didn't stop anywhere because I was worried we wouldn't get there.  We were driving slower than usual because of the rain.  We went in and I told the kids to pick whatever they wanted.  Jorja wanted orange juice. Preston wanted Sunny Delight.  He accidentally picked up laundry detergent instead.  We have had fun teasing him about that.  We stayed up for awhile since most of the kids had slept on the drive.  They wanted to sleep upstairs in the front room.  Jorja slept on the couch and I brought up pads for the boys to sleep on.  It feels so nice to be here.  Right when I walk in I can't help but think how much I love it here.  Every single time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stefani and Sting

Stockton didn't go to diving today.  He had too much homework.  He worked on his homework from the time he got home from school until after I went to bed at 10:00.  I hope this schedule gets easier for him. Five AP classes is a lot!

I took Preston to diving.  He is adorable!  He loves to make sure I'm looking before he jumps in, then as soon as he can see again he checks to see if I'm still looking.  He also loves to get in the water coming off of the three meter just like the older kids.  He has started to play the flipping cone game like Stockton does.  He wants to be just like Stockton.

Matt and Anne took Jorja to her NJHS induction ceremony.  I had no idea what to do about that.  Jorja loved having Anne there.  Jamal Willis spoke.  (He played for BYU in the 90s and also played for the 49ers.)  I was so grateful Matt was able to take her today.

Mike texted me before the concert with this picture.  He has front row seats except for the crazy fans who want to be on the field standing up for three hours.
He texted me again at halftime.  He said Gwen Stefani was alright, he's not a fan but she sang well.  Sting was coming on next.  Hope he liked him better!  Too bad Billy Joel couldn't make it.  Mike would have loved a three hour Billy Joel concert.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Space Derby

Preston had his space derby today.  Our pack is doing the space derby this year instead of the pinewood derby.  Preston made his spaceship look like a cream soda bottle.  He was quite proud of it.    We had no idea how it would do, but he did great!  I guess the lighter rockets go faster.  Preston didn't have any wings on his....because there are no wings on cream soda bottles.  It went a lot faster than the ones with wings.
 Preston setting up for race two
I didn't have a good angle for the first race.  It is not a good video, but Preston got 2nd place.  He got 1st place on the next two races.
2nd race
3rd race
I had to leave after the third race to take Jorja to her softball game.  I gave Preston one more hug and then I headed out.  I left Preston with Stockton and $10 for the bake auction after the event.
Luckily Preston was in races 1, 2, and 3.  His last race was race 9. Preston was pretty excited.  All he had to do was place 1st or 2nd and he would win the entire thing.  If he placed 3rd he would tie and they would do a tiebreaker, but he already won that rocket twice.  This was the last race.... Wait!  Quick story before the last race.  When I left I asked Stockton to video his race and take any videos.  Stockton told me that he would.  Stockton was working on homework the entire time. Right when they were setting up the cars for race 8 it dawned on Stockton that his phone was at home.  He got up slowly toward the doors and then darted home.  He ran as fast as he could grabbed his phone and ran back.  He got back in time for race 9.  These races go pretty fast, I'm so glad he made it!  Too bad the race didn't quite go Preston's way.
Last race
For some reason his rocket did not go at all.  You can see him quickly droop his head, and then he was fine.  We don't know what happened. Stockton and Preston think that it was because he wound up his propeller right after his last race and then held it for five races before it was his turn.  Anyways, too bad.  He still managed to get 2nd place overall.  He also won the award for the 'Most Realistic' rocket.
 Score board.  Preston was rocket #1.
Preston was happy that his 2nd place ribbon was attached to a Twix bar and the 1st place ribbon was attached to Twizzlers.  Crew ended up taking first.
Lincoln, Ethan, Matthew
Luke, Aiden, Preston, Crew, Burke
There was a bake auction after the derby.  I left the boys with $10 to get something if they wanted to. While I was at Jorja's game I get this text from Stockton, "An apple pie just sold for $61...we'll see how far we can go with $10'  After a cake sold for $80 Stockton gave Preston the $10 bill and said good luck and went to get a drink of water.  When Stockton came back Preston had a $20 along with his $10.  Apparently Ray or Sara Henderson had pity on Preston.  Stockton's not sure which one.  Anyway they came home with this almond cake thing and a gigantic sweet roll.

Hailey came home from school with Jorja.  They came to the space derby as well.  I took Jorja and Hailey to the softball game.  Jorja caught the first inning and did great.  She came to me after the inning and said that they were going to put her in as pitcher.  WHAT????? Jorja was goofing around at softball practice on Saturday and was trying to learn how to pitch.  She pitched to me a couple of times on Sunday and Monday, but no one has taught her how to do anything. She hasn't even had a practice.  She did pretty good for just being thrown out there.  She was just working on getting it in the strike zone. The other team got some pretty good hits off of her.  Jorja said, "I wish someone would pitch that slow to me in a game."
The last inning the other pitcher really struggled.  Jorja was playing left field.  Her coach called her to pitch with bases loaded and no outs. That's not stressful at all!
The other team ended up winning.  This is the first game Jorja's team has lost.  I guess we will be practicing with Jorja in case this happens again.  I took so many videos so I could text Mike what was happening while he is being bored in California.  Just kidding.  I have no idea if he is being bored, but it sounds boring to me.  Mostly because I have no idea what he does for a job.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Stockton Street

I think Mike had a good day today.  This is the only picture he sent me.
We had a busy day.  Stockton and Preston had diving.  Jorja had softball.  She has been helping her friend at a pitching clinic on Mondays.  Her friend is paying for the clinic but needs to supply their own catcher.  I did laundry.  Very exciting.  I did get to talk to Kathy Leatherwood for a bit today.  That was fun.  Jorja forgot her violin, so I needed to bring it to school for her.  Kathy works in the attendance office.  I talked to her while I waited for the bell to ring.  She says to tell all my brothers hi.  So 'hi' brothers.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Mike and I had a meeting with Brother Tanner before church.  We were called as ward missionaries.  He said this is in addition to our other callings.  We will have one meeting a month and we need to be nice to the people on our street.  Then we went to the stake center with Stockton and had a meeting with a high councilor.  Stockton was called to be on the Stake Youth Council.  Mike left for the airport after sacrament meeting.  My dad took him because I didn't want to leave early.  The primary was practicing for their program next week.  I'm not going to be there so the primary president asked if I would hang out with the kids not participating.  It turned out just to be Preston and Burke Staker.  He is Preston's age.  I asked if they wanted to leave, but they did not.  So, we just sang along with everyone else.  I am so glad I'm not in charge.  The primary program is always so stressful.

Stockton had his first youth council meeting after church and did not like it at all.  He said he didn't know why they needed that many youth. I guess there were about 30.  Five from our ward.  The others are Johny, Jordan, Zoe, and Rachael.

Stockton, Jorja and I went to a fireside tonight.  Royal Skousen spoke. He is a professor at BYU and was talking about a critical text of the Book of Mormon.  I found the fireside fascinating.  Stockton and Jorja were bored out of their minds.  My dad would have loved it.  I wish I thought of mentioning it to him.  I didn't take notes, so I can't remember what was said.  I did text one thing to my dad.  Zenock is supposed to be Zenoch.  Oliver kept messing up.  Haha!

Mike made it to his dinner cruise.  He didn't think he would get in on time, but he got there with ten minutes to spare.  These are the pictures he sent me.
His room he is staying in is . . . interesting.  These are the pictures he sent me from there.
His first class isn't until 11:00, and he is now in Pacific Time.  I'm pretty sure he is going to love sleeping in!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ashton Gardens

I took Maysen to her laser hair removal appointment this morning, which is the reason she came down from Utah State.  It was a lot less painful than the last time she went, so we were both happy about that. Maysen told me that she had an assignment in her horticulture class to visit a garden in Utah and write a report about it.  We decided to head up to Thanksgiving Point today.  We went to Ashton Gardens.  There were three gardens already approved and this was one of them.  The workers were so nice.  The first lady we talked to asked Maysen if she was doing homework.  I guess because Maysen had her clipboard with her.  Maysen told her she was here for her horticulture class.  The lady said, "Do you have any questions for me?"  Yes we did.  It was funny because neither of us thought to ask this lady.  We were thinking, step one, get inside.  Step two, look around.  Step three, find someone to ask questions.  Maysen had all of her questions answered before we even entered the gardens.  That made it super nice.  We were just able to enjoy.  Poor Maysen isn't supposed to be out in the sun a week before and a week after her laser treatments.  It was getting hot, but Maysen couldn't take off her jacket.  She's a trouper.  I am so glad we got this done today.  The project isn't due until around Thanksgiving.  How nice to have it off of her plate this early!
We fed the fish at the pond in the back.  Wow do they go crazy!  It was pretty fun.  We then watched while some little kids fed the fish.  That's a lot of fish!
 Top of the waterfall
Once we finished with the gardens it was time to take Maysen home. Mike is leaving for California tomorrow and Maysen won't be at her church next week, so she thought it would be best to get back to her apartment tonight.  Maysen and I stopped to eat at a pizza place in Logan.  I can't remember the name, but the crust tasted like crackers. It was pretty good.  I helped Maysen get settled before I left. She called Mike and had him walk her through plugging in the speakers he sent her up with.  They didn't work.  Maysen's headphones broke in her computer yesterday.  The tip broke off.  The computer still thinks the headphones are plugged in, so no sound will come out of her speakers. Mike is going to look at it on Friday when he picks Maysen up. Hopefully he can figure it out.  I drove home listening to the pre game show and then the BYU game on the radio.  I got home in the middle of the first quarter.  That was a painful game to watch.  At least texting my brothers during the game made it more entertaining.  Too bad for my brother Mike.  He bought one of the game balls for this game.  Lets hope it was the ball from the forth quarter.  That was the most interesting part of the game.  Hopefully BYU turns this around soon! During the game my Mike showed me a message.  He has been excited about this Oracle conference he is attending next week.  Billy Joel is going to do a concert for them.  Mike has been a life long Billy Joel fan and has always wanted to see him in person.  Anyways, Billy Joel has pulled out of the concert for health reasons.  They have replaced him with Sting and Gwen Stefani.  I know they are super popular and will be great, but they are no Billy Joel.