Wednesday, August 31, 2016

John's Accident

This is the letter my mom wrote home to our family and neighbors four days after John's accident.  I thought I would put it in here so Stockton could read it.

Dear Neighbors and Family,

We weren't going to worry the neighborhood about John's accident, but since Ron's mom called the Leatherwoods, I decided to write a note letting you know exactly what happened to our John.  I did try to get hold of the bishop because at one point we felt we needed the prayers of as many good people as we could get; but since it was the fourth of July, no one was home.

We were visiting the cemetery at Richmond, Missouri.  This is the cemetery where David Whitmer is buried.  We had parked the tent trailer on the side of the road and walked to the top of the hill.  After we had found his grave marker, we were all together (except for Spencer, he had gone to the car.)  We decided to take a picture of Austen King's tombstone.  He was a leader of the mobs who persecuted the early saints -- later he became governor.  Just as Ron was about to take the picture, we heard people yelling and heard a car screeching and stopping.  People started running and I heard a lady yell, "Oh my God".

I immediately thought that Spencer had been hit.  I started running down the hill yelling his name.  I thought Johnny was behind me.  I yelled, "Is that my child?" before I could see anything.  A lady called back, "I don't know."  When I could see, I saw Johnny.  I couldn't believe it.  I didn't even know he had left us.  He was lying in the road as still as could be.  When I ran up to him, he was unconscious.  He was bleeding from his mouth and nose.  I cannot describe to you the feelings I had at that moment.  I have never felt so sick in all my life. As I reached him, he started to come to.  I knelt over him and tried to keep him still.  He started to fight me and try to get up.  People were yelling at me to not move him.  He wouldn't answer or acknowledge me and he seemed very disoriented.  A lady made me leave Johnny when the ambulance came.  She stayed by me and tried to calm me down. Ron had jumped over a ledge in an attempt to get to Johnny.  He gave John a blessing -- but it was a fast one.  He didn't get the oil and the paramedics kept trying to get us both to leave while Ron was giving the blessing.  They strapped Johnny in all the papoose boards etc. and started oxygen on him.  They took off his shoes (the kids tell me his shoes fell off during the accident) and cut his clothes off of him.  The lady who hit him came up to me.  I told her that no matter what happened, I knew it wasn't her fault.  Johnny just ran out in front of her.  Another car, going faster than she was, just barely missed him. Later she told me that as she began to approach the hill where Johnny was hit, she started to think about another little boy who had been hit by a car by another cemetery in town last week.  She started to slow down.  Then her friend said to her, "You'd better slow down." So she slowed down some more.  She was going about 37 mph when she hit Johnny.  She saw him out of the corner of her eye and she swerved. She thought her wheels ran over him.  (We think the wheel grazed his face.)

We followed the ambulance to the Richmond hospital.  We could hear Johnny crying as they were working on him.  I could see a little through the doors, and he looked a sickly gray color to me.  I kept asking everyone who came out how he was and they all said, "We don't know yet."  A policeman did say he had seen worse and he thought Johnny would be OK.  They decided to fly him by helicopter to Mercy Children's Hospital in Kansas City.  The doctor then came out and told me that since his head wounds were so serious that they weren't going to take the time to take x-rays.  He said he suspected a broken clavicle and maybe a broken leg.  He told me that all we could do now was to pray.  One of the nurses told me that a young boy with a similar accident last week was doing fine after brain surgery.  They thought that his skull was depressed and that bone fragments were pressing on his brain -- and that surgery would be required to relieve the pressure.

We drove to Kansas City; it took us over an hour to get there.  We were all sick with worry.  No one talked much the entire way.  When I walked into that hospital, I felt I was in a dream.  I knew I would be faced with news of great importance.  I wondered if he had died.  I couldn't believe this had happened.

The doctor met us and told us he was stable -- but until tests were taken and x-rays given, he could not give me any answers.  So we waited for 3 hours for news.  Meanwhile Ron's foot began to hurt.  He had injured it when he jumped from the ledge.  So he went to a nearby hospital to have it x-rayed. He just bruised it.  They x-rayed John from top to bottom; they did tests for internal injuries; they did a CAT scan. They found that he had no broken bones; no internal injuries that they could detect; he did have two superficial bruises on his brain caused by a concussion.  His face had road burns all over.  He has a black eye and stitches be hid his ear.  His face was swollen in several places.  He has lost a tooth -- but it was a baby tooth and it was loose before.  (He swallowed it while eating.)  He has extremely deep wounds on both knees that are causing him a lot of pain.  He cannot walk very fast.

We know Johnny was watched over.  We feel the Holy Ghost inspired the women to slow down.  Her quick reaction saved Johnny's life.  We have lived through a miracle.  Johnny has not yet fulfilled his mission here on earth.

Our plans, needless to say, have changed drastically.  Monday we have a follow up appointment in Kansas City -- but we're carrying on.  To have Johnny with us is all any of us care about.

We have seen a Cardinals vs. Giants game and we're on our way to Nauvoo.

Sorry this was so long.  I got carried away.  I thought you'd be wondering about John.  Please let anyone see this letter who you might think would want to.

See you soon


P.S. Ron wanted me to add that they stayed on the lawn for 3 days of the person who hit John.  We made a really close acquaintance with them.  Ron gave them a Book of Mormon when he left.  I slept on a couch in the hospital for 3 days.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dirt Frogs

Jorja's first softball game was today.  She did great!  She played shortstop, catcher and left field.  Her catcher stance has gotten so much better.  I had to laugh when the umpire pulled the back of her catcher gear to move her away from the plate.  I was extremely okay with that! Jorja also got an excellent hit!  Probably the best one I've ever seen from her.  I think the the other two times she was up she walked.  She did get out stealing second.  Jorja seemed to have a lot of fun.  She was really worried about this year because the other team has been together for so long and she just came in.  I don't think she is worried about that anymore.  Jorja's team was trying to think of a name after the game. Jorja was the only one who was giving suggestions.  She yelled out Dart Frogs!  Hurricanes!  Team Jorja!  Most of the girls said they didn't care. Jorja yelled, "Team Jorja it is!"  Then they cared. They decided on Dart Frogs.  Jorja yelled, "Yay!  Dirt Frogs!"  Whoops.  This is also the first time Jorja will be on a team where they care about winning.  Her other teams have been great, but they might have lost every game. Jorja still loved it though.  She was worried about this team and the expectations of the coaches.  I think she might find out that she enjoys winning too.

Monday, August 29, 2016


I got a call from Maysen during the day which was a nice surprise.  She was wondering about the cabin temple open house.  It looks like her roommate and one other person is coming.  It was so great to talk with her!  I did laundry most of the day until it was time to get Jorja from school.  She had asked if I could pick up her and Katlyn.  I got there right on time and was waiting in the car pick up lane.  While I was waiting I was constantly refreshing Instagram.  I was waiting to see where the Washington DC BYU box drop would be.  Jorja texted me that she needed to see Mr. Cox, so she would be out a few minutes late. I waited . . . and waited . . . and waited . . . pretty soon I was at the front of the carpool lane.  I waited as cars kept going around me.  I was pretty embarrassed about that.  Finally she came out when I was the one and only car left.  She was thirty minutes late.  I guess there was a long line to see Mr. Cox.  She wanted help getting her violin tape on. She hasn't played the violin in a year since they wouldn't let her with her schedule last year.  I know it needed to be done, I just wish I would have realized how long it would have taken.  I would have waited the extra two minutes before I left so I could have switched over the laundry, I also would have parked!  We were out of milk and Jorja needed crickets, I had planned to pick some up on the way.  I dropped Jorja and Katlyn off at the pet store and hurried to Smith's.  I hate going to grocery stores that are not my regular ones because it takes forever to find anything!  By the time I got back to the pet store I noticed it was 4:09!  What!!!  I needed to be back by 4:00 to get Preston to scouts.  He missed it last week because I forgot about it! Ashley texted me the link and Mike helped Preston do the robot hand from last week.  Anyways, I did not want him to miss again!  I called Stockton and asked if he would walk him to scouts.  It is at a different house today and I knew Preston had no idea where to go.
Preston picking up a cup with his 'robot hand'
 Preston and his 'robot hand'
Anyway, Stockton saved the day for me a couple of times today.  I found Jorja and Katlyn and hurried home.  I handed Jorja my phone as we were leaving and asked her to keep refreshing Instagram and tell me when the Washington DC box drops.  It dropped as we were driving home.  I said, "Hurry and screen shot it and text it to Brett!"
I pulled over when as we were driving by Hailey's house so I could try and google where this was.  I had no idea.  I tried 'spiral bridge Washington DC', 'spiral walkway' . . . I didn't know.  It almost looked like they were heading into a prison!  I got a text from Brett saying he knew exactly where it was and they were a few minutes away.  Jorja and Katlyn were talking to Hailey while I kept refreshing Instagram to see if Brett made it.  I noticed the post now said, "We have a winner!"  I texted Brett that there was a winner and asked if it was him.  It wasn't. Brett got there three minutes later.  He said there were about 10 adults there and they all arrived within three minutes of each other.  Crazy!

We watched the Goonies tonight.  Stockton has wanted to see it for awhile.  Thank goodness for VidAngel.  There was a lot of silence in that movie, which means it was filled with cussing!  I hope VidAngel wins the lawsuit against them, because we sure love it.  Jorja and Katlyn were playing while we watched the movie until Katlyn's parents came and picked her up.  Jorja watched the end with us.  That is all . . . . 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Starting Table

Today was Anthony Covington's mission farewell.  That is weird.  We were a few minutes late and it stressed me out.  We should have driven to church.  Instead we walked and were late.  I did not want to walk up to the front where we usually sit, I wanted to just sneak in the back. Stockton was ahead, so Mike texted him to find a seat in the back.  We got there while the opening song was playing and I couldn't find Stockton and Preston.  Someone who I recognized, but couldn't place got my attention and pointed out where my boys were.  They were in the middle of a row towards the back.  That is not what I had in mind.  I walked towards them, completely embarrassed when I realized there was no room for us.  I don't know if there was no room to begin with or if Stockton and Preston didn't save us a spot before the other lady got there.  I whispered to Stockton that we would be in the back, then I hurried to the back of the chapel completely mortified.  I don't know why being late embarrasses me so much and I know my family doesn't understand.  We were all the way ready today when Preston decides he needs to eat....again.... I hurried and made him a sandwich, but I wasn't fast enough.  I should have insisted on driving today, because I knew I would be embarrassed.  Anyway, I headed to the back but all the overflow chairs were full.  I waited with Mike and Jorja by the door while the longest prayer in the history of creation was being said.  As soon as the prayer was over I was out of there.  Mike wanted to look for another spot, but I was not going back in.  Especially since I already went in there once.  Mike and Jorja found a spot in front of Stockton and Preston.  I stayed in the hall.  Mike kept texting me saying there was room for me.  I just wanted to go home.  I didn't though.  I hate being late.  It makes me feel like a failure.  I'm late all the time, so I feel like a failure all the time.  I just couldn't handle it at all today.  Anyway, the lady I recognized but couldn't place ended up being Mrs. VanWagoner, Jorja's 5th grade teacher.  Her hair is a different color and I did not expect to see her.  She came to hear Anthony speak.  He talked about her in his talk.  He was scared when he found out she was his teacher because he heard she was mean.  His mom told him he could do hard things and she ended up being his favorite teacher of all time.  He says he knows his mission will be hard, but he knows it can be amazing as well.

After church Mike and Stockton fixed the ping pong scoreboard. Stockton loves it.  They have played many ping pong games lately.  We also FaceTimed Maysen which was really fun and Mike started working on building a table.  We have had the wood from his house in our garage since his house was torn down.  Mike has wanted to build a table with it, but hasn't had time.  As a result I haven't been able to park in the garage for years.  When we were talking about what we should do/get for our anniversary I mentioned how I would love a new table so I could park in the garage this winter.  Looks like the table is going to be gigantic.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


We cleaned the church for awhile this morning.  Then, came home for more chores!  Jorja had softball practice and ended up liking it better than last time.  Yay!  Stockton came with me to pick her up and we stopped by Target after to get some school supplies.  Stockton has had a gift card to Target from his 14th birthday.  We don't shop there much. Anyway, there is a binder that I got Maysen and Stockton last year that I love!  I haven't been able to find it at the office supply stores.  Online it said that Target had it.  They were wrong.  We did run into Mr. Ochoa.  We said hello and said Stockton was an overachiever.  I asked, "You think Stockton is an overachiever?"  He said, "Isn't he taking 4 AP classes?"  Nope.  He's taking 5.  Hope he can manage it!  At least the trip to Target wasn't a total waste.  We got Stockton a wallet.  He has been using a small chapstick box for awhile now.  Not ideal.  After stopping at Chick-Fil-A we headed home to finish buying our school supplies online.  My favorite binder is the Avery Ultralast.  It was awesome last year.  Amazon had it thankfully.  The one inch ones weren't too expensive, but the one and a half inch ones were pricy!

The rest of the day was spent on chores.  Cleaning the girls room, clearing out Maysen's things, getting new lights for Jorja, going through Stockton's clothes.  Fun stuff.  Mike had Stockton and Preston mow the lawn.  They ended up doing it together.  It was so cute!  Not what we had in mind, but cute nonetheless.
Stockton & Preston
Stockton went swimming up at the neighborhood pool with Mason. This is the first time any of us have used the neighborhood pool besides swim/diving lessons.  I love having a pool in our backyard, but I guess they miss out on a lot of socialness.  Mike and I had put 'play Dominion' on Preston's chore chart.  The only problem is we didn't get around to it until after bedtime.  Because it was on his chart, we felt we had to do it.  Whoops.  Stockton played with us, but Jorja didnt want to.  We got to bed so late tonight!  At least I won the game, so it was worth it.

Friday, August 26, 2016


We made it through the first week of school!  Well, it was only three days - but we still made it.  I played Dominion with Preston when he got home from his 'short day'.  I won!  Hopefully he'll play with me every Friday and hopefully I will win every time!  Jorja walked home with her friend Hailey and was there until just after 5.  Then she wanted to go back at 6:45.  She went to Kate's house.  Mike ended up picking her up just after 10.  We would have picked her up earlier, but I fell asleep while we were watching a movie with the boys.  Well, it was a stand up comedian, so not really a movie.  Before the show we played Apples to Apples.  Stockton won the first game.  Then we played where we put our worse card in, but the judge still picked the best.  You did not want to gain a card in this game.  It was . . . interesting.  I lost that game.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Collin Jeffrey

My brother John texted this picture this morning.  His newest baby was born at 5:55 am.  5 pounds 10 ounces.
Collin Jeffrey
WHAT?????  He is a tiny little guy!  Stockton was 5 weeks early and weighed 5 pounds 9 ounces.  Collin was 5 DAYS early and weighed 5 pounds 10 ounces.  John said the doctor told him it might be because his umbilical cord was super twisty.  I hope he is okay because that is way tiny.  I wish I could hold him!  I can't wait to find out more about him.  Stockton is disappointed that they didn't name him Kyle.  That is the name he was rooting for.

I watched Millie today.  I went and picked up Ange and Millie and dropped Ange off at her doctor appointment.  Millie and I watched ponies.  It was great.  She let me work on Cassie's Christmas stocking while the show was on.

After school I took Jorja to the dermatologist.  She has been begging me to get an appointment for awhile.  I have procrastinated because that is what I do best.  Also, her breakouts aren't even close to being bad.  Anyway, the doctor gave her some prescription face washing stuff. When we went to get it filled the lady said, "It would be $500 without insurance, let's see how much your insurance takes off."  My heart dropped!  There was no way I was going to pay $500.  I was trying to think what I would be willing to pay when the lady said that the insurance took it down to $5 a piece.  I was okay paying $10.  I wonder how much the medicine really costs.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Eleventh and Fourth

My boys started school today.  Stockton humored me with a first day of school picture but would not hold up one finger on both hands to make 11.  Oh well, I'll take what I can get!
Stockton did not think he needed more than one picture.  He hid around the corner, but I chased him down!
 Refusing to put on his backpack for me
 Stockton finally agreed because he didn't want me
to follow him all the way to his bus stop!
Stockton had finance, AP Stats, AP physics with Calculus and AP US History today.  Lots of disclosures!  The physics teacher is new, I was kind of worried.  The old teacher was great!  He won teacher of the year for the entire district two years ago.  When I asked Stockton about his physics teacher his reply was, "He's amazing."  When I wondered if he was being serious he laughed and told me all about how funny he was. Let's just hope it stays this way!  There are only 12 people in the class, so that is another added bonus.

Here is a picture of Jorja leaving to school.  I had to chase her down too.  At least I got pictures yesterday!  Jorja didn't have as good a day as Stockton.  She doesn't like a lot of her teachers.  Her math teacher she had last year, Jorja didn't like her at all.  She complained about her all year.  The only thing keeping her in that class is Katlyn.  Oh boy. Her English teacher is the one that hated Stockton.  Jorja is intimidated of her because of that.  Most people seem to like her, Jorja does not want her to find out that Stockton is her brother!
Preston had a great day.  He is going to love this year.  I am not worried about him at all!
 Preston doesn't understand why I want him to hold up 4 fingers
 Fine Mom!  That doesn't look creepy at all!
 He did let me follow him and get as many pictures as I wanted.
 There he goes!
 Still using Jorja's backpack.  He's so low maintenance.
 My boys!
Stockton & Preston
Jorja had her first softball practice today.  I dropped her off and was so thrilled to see her talking to a few different people.  She knew two girls from softball camp and one girl who was on her team last year.  (Not last spring, but last year)  I couldn't stay, but I got back a few minutes before practice was over.  Jorja cried on the way home.  She is so scared and nervous.  This coach yells.  She has never had a coach that yells before.  Jorja's scared of her already.  She wants to play catcher, but is afraid the coach will yell at her and tell her she is a bad catcher.  Jorja doesn't think she's going to like it.  I told her this is probably a good stepping stone to see how much she likes softball.  She really wanted to be on a competitive team, but hasn't played long enough to be able to make one of those.  If this coach makes her hate softball, I'm sure the competitive teams would be worse.  If she still loves softball after this then she'll probably love it forever.  I guess we'll wait and see what happens.  I wish Jorja had a better day.  It didn't help that I got frustrated with her at the end of the day.  Right at bed time she mentions that she wants to redo her summer math homework.  She had all summer to do this, so it was pretty annoying.  I was sitting by her ready to explain things if she needed and she submitted it without asking me.  That kind of frustrated me, especially since she couldn't understand why she got some answers wrong.  She always complains about not understanding math, but she will never ask me for help. Right now I can totally help her and I would love to help her.  I can not help at all when she gets to Stockton's stage!  I wish she would listen to me instead of feeing she needs to do everything on her own.  I love that she's independent, but sometimes asking for help is not a bad thing.  I snapped at her which made her cry, which annoyed me because she can't handle any type of redirection.  That makes me frustrated which gets me upset and I really snap at her to stop crying because there was no reason for her to cry in the first place.  By snapping at her the second time it gives her a reason to cry and on and on it goes.  In conclusion, Jorja didn't have a great day.  I didn't handle it well at the end.  She'll survive.  Hope I can survive her teenage years.  I think she is going to make this a lot harder than Maysen did!

Speaking of Maysen, I miss her!  I texted her and asked how her day was.  She said, "Long and frustrating."  I asked what was frustrating and she texted back, "Blog".  This blog is going to be a blessing and a curse!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meeting Teachers

Jorja's first day of 8th grade was today . . . kind of.  She is part of the WEB program.  The WEB program is an orientation for the new 6th graders.  Jorja went twice last week getting ready for today. She was given a group of 6th graders to be in charge of.  She did a tour of the school, played games, did question and answers . . . she basically worked with them for 1/2 the day.  She was a bit nervous, but it all worked out.
 Jorja & Hailey
Stockton went to school to get his ID picture taken.  We also walked around and found his classes and locker.  He has a pretty good setup, so that will be great.  Preston had his 'Meet the Teachers' night.  His English teacher is Mrs. Mickelsen -- so excited about that!!!!  His Chinese teacher is Mrs. Chung -- also excited about that.  Mrs. Chung was Preston's 2nd grade Chinese teacher.  We love her!  Preston is in the 'Red Utes' class.  The other class is the 'Blue Navajos'.  He will be with Brian and Able, but not with Burke and Griffin.  In the past, the kids go to English first for a month, then Chinese first for a month. This time they will switch every day.  I think that is great!  Preston will start in English, around lunch he will switch to Chinese.  They won't have to switch at the end of the day because they will just start in the Chinese class the next day.  Mrs. Mickelsen said they figured it saved over an hour in class time per week.  I am excited for Preston's school year!  It's going to be great!
Mrs. Mickelsen & Preston
 Preston & Mrs. Chung
We watched Anne and Jeff today so Matt and Sam could go to the temple.  Jeff was not happy about that!  He cried and cried!  After I fed him dinner he seemed to warm up to me.  He didn't want to be put down, but at least he wasn't crying!  When Mike came home I asked if he could hold Jeff so I could fold the last load of laundry.  Jeff didn't like that!  He calmed down once Mike held him in the football hold and even fell asleep for about three minutes!  The kids had fun playing with Anne.  She freaked out when she saw the toy snake in the kitchen. Stockton had fun teasing her with it.  He videoed it, but I haven't gotten a chance to see it.

Jorja blew up an air mattress for Stockton to sleep on.  The first two days Maysen was gone Jorja slept in the boys room.  The next two days they slept in her room.  Stockton was uncomfortable but told Jorja if she got a bed ready for him he would sleep in there.  Jorja does not want to sleep alone.  Hopefully she will get over that.

I texted Maysen last night and asked her to text me a first day of school selfie tomorrow.  She called me a crazy lady.  Haha!  Man, I miss her!  I hope her year is the best she's ever had!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Best Case

Stockton has had two moles on his back for a long, long time.  A few months ago I started to get worried about them.  I even took a picture back in March.  When I was bothering him again about letting me see his back, I noticed that one of the moles had changed colors.  It now had a white stripe down it, which was weird.  I looked up my picture from about five months before to confirm that the color had changed. Mike's mom died of melanoma, so I was more than a little concerned. We had Stockton's dermatologist appointment today.  Everything is fine.  He documented the different moles. Mostly the two on the back and the one on his foot.  He looked at them under this weird light magnifying glass.  He said to keep at eye on them, like every few months, not every day.  He doesn't anticipate any problems though. Yay!  Yay!  Yay!  Best case scenerio.

Preston had his first scouts today since summer break.  I was excited about it, and promptly forgot about it.  I remembered at 9:00 tonight that I never sent him.  They made robot hands.  He would have loved it! Ashley sent the link, so Mike and Preston will be able to make them together.  I also signed Jorja and Preston up for diving.  I have been excited to sign them up for lessons this fall.  We signed up for the Monday/Wednesday time because Tuesday/Thursday Jorja has softball.  Right after I hit send I remembered about scouts.  I don't know what to do.  I called Jeanette and asked her when the Webelos met.  I figured if they met a different day then we would just deal with it for a few months.  Nope.  They meet at the same time.  I'm so disappointed.  I'll have to have Mike help me figure out this one.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

One Bench Family

Day one of life without Maysen.  She did text me for awhile this morning, which was great!  The most exciting thing for my momma heart is she has decided to keep up the tradition of blogging everyday. She has started her own blog.  It is at  It is penguin, but instead of pen she uses quill.  Anyway, I love this idea and I hope she sticks with it!  It will sure make missing her not hurt so much.  It was weird being a one bench family at church.  For the last several years we have sat on the front left side of the chapel, but we sit in two different rows.  Usually three in front and three behind.  Now five of us fit perfectly.  I'm trying to be okay with that.  Makes it obvious that Maysen isn't with us though.

I taught my primary class today.  I taught them about Samuel the Lamanite.  I did not have a chance to prepare this week, so I worked on my lesson this morning.  It went well, although I didn't get to half of the things I wanted to do.  After the class Stella (my team-teacher) said, "Great lesson.  It was the wrong lesson, but great lesson."  I couldn't believe it!  I told her I taught the lesson she texted me. I looked up her text.  Nope.  I didn't.  Geesh, how do I do this so often.  Stella was super nice about it and said not to worry, she would teach the one I skipped and I could teach the next lesson, which is practically a continuation of what I did today.  It will work out, I was just a little embarrassed.

Preston's friend Maggie is moving.  Which means my friend Melissa is moving.  They are from Chicago.  They moved here when Preston was in Kindergarten and Maggie was in Preston's class.  They are moving to Pennsylvania.  It will be a lot closer to family, so that is exciting for them.  We are really going to miss them.  We had a neighborhood party for them.  They are not members of the LDS church, but everybody loves them!  Sometimes it is hard to meet people who of different faiths when we get so wrapped up in our callings.  Not the case with them. Everybody knows them and it seemed like everybody showed up to say goodbye.
Preston & Maggie
Jordyn stopped by while I was at the party.  It was perfect timing. Preston and I were able to spend an hour there before we needed to leave.  This is the picture Mike texted me to let me know Jordyn was here.
Jordyn & Jorja
I asked Jordyn if she could come and teach Jorja how to do nails.  Jorja loved it and they turned out so pretty.  Jordyn then asked if she could do my nails.  I hadn't even thought about it.  It was a lot of fun and I love them!  Crazy how old my hands look in this picture.  When did that happen?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saying Goodbye to My First Baby

Today was a long day.  It was sad.  It was happy.  It was full of conflicting emotions.  Maysen watered her new tree one last time.  Sure hoping we don't kill that one!
Mike gave Maysen a Father's blessing, then the kids said goodbye to her.  It was so hard to watch.  Preston had a hard time holding it together.  Tears would start to come and he would leave the room really fast.  His face looked haunted, although only when he thought no one was looking.  When we were at Lagoon Preston was talking about how he didn't want Maysen to leave.  Maysen said, "Don't worry, I'll come back every six weeks." (For her laser hair treatment.)  Preston said, "Every six weeks!  I thought it was every ONE week!"  He has not been happy about this new development.
Jorja, Maysen, Mike
 Maysen & Stockton
 Maysen & Preston
Preston kept hugging her.  I'll put another picture with him because it looks like I didn't take a picture of Maysen with Jorja.
Maysen sat up front with Mike.  She played "On My Way" from Brother Bear while we were driving away.  I couldn't really hear it, so I looked up the lyrics.  It says:

Tell everybody I'm on my way
New friends and new places to see
With blue skies ahead
Yes, I'm on my way
And there's nowhere else
That I'd rather be

Tell everybody I'm on my way
And I'm loving every step I take
With the sun beating down
Yes, I'm on my way
And I can't keep this smile off my face

You get the idea.  She is pretty excited about this new adventure.  She has an amazing place to live.  I think she will love it.  Here is a picture of the outside of her apartment building.
Maysen's room is on the top floor.  That is going to be great!  Except for move in days.  It was easier to get to the stairs than the elevator, so we carried everything up to the fourth floor.  It was nice exercise I guess.
Maysen finding her room
We helped Maysen get everything set up.  I'm glad Mike was able to get her computer all situated.  It will be nice to not have her struggle with that.  We really wanted to get her a laptop to send her off with on this new adventure, but the funds were not quite there.  I think this will work out well.  She is great friends with this computer.  It is very familiar to her.  I think she prefers this to a laptop.  Especially since we were planning on getting her a Mac.  Anyways, look how great her room is.  She has a full bed, a desk, nightstand and a few drawers.
Maysen and her new room
This is the view from Maysen's window.  You can't see it well in this picture, but she has a perfect view of the Logan Temple.  It will be especially beautiful at night!
Maysen's roommate is named Demetria.  She seems really nice.  She is from Arizona.  She did her generals at a community college there, so she is not a true freshman like Maysen.  That will be great for Maysen. She has always fit in better with people older than she is.  I wanted to walk around campus with Mike and Maysen.  I wasn't sure if Demetria would still be here when we got back, so I got a quick picture before we left.  Demetria's mom and sister are here and are staying until tomorrow.
Demetria & Maysen
We walked and walked and walked today.  We walked up to campus, which is a bit farther away then we thought.  There is a shuttle that will take Maysen up there that runs Monday through Friday.  I'm glad we walked instead of used the car.  Now Maysen will be aware of how much time she needs to get to class each day.  We walked up to the TSC first and had lunch at the Aggie Market.  I think that is what it is called. I was a little worried that it wouldn't be open.  It was closed during the summer.  We were really hungry by this point, but I wanted Mike to see what food options Maysen would have.  Luckily it opened today!  It was delicious.  Mike told me he feels better knowing Maysen won't starve. We got her a block meal plan.  She doesn't need to use it, but it will be there for her.  It's nice because Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays she is on campus all day.  This way she will be able to have her largest meal at lunch.  When she goes home after this long day she can just fix herself something small.  Maysen told me that she would try new things and eat vegetables every time she came.

Once we finished eating we walked and walked and walked around campus.  Most of the buildings were locked, but we were able to go into the education building where she will have a psychology class and a horticulture class.  They are back to back in the same room.  That's some great accidental planning!  After walking until our feet were super sore we made it back to the car.  We went to Lowes and looked for a lamp.  I wanted Maysen to get a lamp with a USB port in it.  They didn't have anything like that, so Mike ordered one from Amazon.  Maysen should get a package on Monday.  We went grocery shopping and stocked Maysen up.  There is a store that is just under a mile away.  It could be done, but not fun carrying milk and shopping bags that far. There is a bus stop out front.  That wouldn't be terrible, but we were thrilled when we found out that they deliver!  It will be a $5 charge, but that will be worth it!  Unless she is just buying one banana.  That would be a bad idea.  Anyway, we feel a lot better about things.  Mike was really worried about her being up here without a car.  I did not want her to have one.  She's going to be just fine.  I'm glad Mike was able to be here with us so he could feel that way too.  

Maysen has a great set up.  She has her own bedroom, her own (huge!) bathroom, her own closet.  She shares a kitchen and living area with Demetria.  She is quite spoiled.  Nice that she worked so hard so she could have this.  Mike and I payed $50 for this semester, including housing.  Maysen paid for everything else with scholarships.  She is amazing!  Here are some pictures I took before we left.
 Maysen & Mike
 Maysen and Stephanie
I realized that I didn't get any pictures of Maysen's kitchen, living area. I asked her to text me some. The next three pictures are ones Maysen sent me.  The first picture has a door open.  That door leads to Maysen's room.  It's cool.  You go through that door and to the left is Maysen's bedroom.  Straight across is her closet and to the right is her bathroom.  She also has a lock on the door.  Fancy.
Living area
You can see Demetria's door from here.  Pretty nice setup for two people.
I asked Mike to show Maysen how to work the tv before we left.  She has more channels than we do now!  Monsters University was just starting.  Maysen was excited!  She said it was the perfect movie to start off her college career.  It was nice for us to leave her watching a movie. Crazy to just drive away when she has been such a huge part of our life for over 18 years.  So hard!
Mike & Maysen
 Maysen & Stephanie
A while ago my aunt Renee posted something written by Beverly Beckham.  I have no idea who she is, but she understands my heart.  I am obviously not a fantastic writer.  I wish I had that talent.  I will just have to borrow the words of others.  This is what I'm feeling, written by Beverly Beckham.

It's not a death.  And it's not a tragedy.  But it's not nothing, either....

I feel like this little boy walked out the door today, not the fine young man we've raised.  Today is hard.  Very hard.
I wasn't wrong about their leaving.  My husband kept telling me I was. That it wasn't the end of the world when first one child, then another, and then the last packed their bags and left for college.
But it was the end of something. 'Can you pick me up, Mom?' 'What's for dinner?' 'What do you think?'
I was the sun and they were the planets.  And there was life on those planets, whirling, non stop plans and parties and friends coming and going, and ideas and dreams and the phone ringing and doors slamming.
And I got to beam down on them.  To watch.  To glow.
And then they were gone, one after the other.
'They'll be back,' my husband said.  And he was right.  They came back. But he was wrong, too, because they came back for intervals -- not for always, not planets anymore, making their predictable orbits, but unpredictable, like shooting stars.
Always is what you miss.  Always knowing where they are.  At school. At play practice.  At a ballgame.  At a friend's.  Always looking at the clock mid day and anticipating the door opening, the sign, the smile, the laugh, the shrug. 'How was school?' answered for years in too much detail. 'And then he said . . . and then I said to him . . .'  Then hardly answered at all.
Always, knowing his friends.
Her favorite show.
What he had for breakfast.
What she wore to school.
What he thinks.
How she feels.
My friend Beth's twin girls left for Roger Wiliams yesterday.  They are her fourth and fifth children.  She's been down this road three times before.  You'd think it would get easier.
'I don't know what I'm going to do without them,' she has said every day for months.
And I have said nothing, because, really, what is there to say?
A chapter ends.  Another chapter begins.  One door closes and another door opens.  The best thing a parent can give their child is wings.  I read all these things when my children left home and thought then what I think now: What do these words even mean?
Eighteen years isn't a chapter in anyone's life.  It's a whole book, and that book is ending and what comes next is connected to, but different from, everything that has gone before.
Before was an infant, a toddler, a child, a teenager.  Before was feeding and changing and teaching and comforting and guiding and disciplining, everything hands-on.  Now?
Now the kids are young adults and on their own and the parents are on the periphery, and it's not just a chapter change.  It's a sea change.
As for a door closing?  Would that you could close a door and forget for even a minute your children and your love for them and your fear for them, too.  And would that they occupied just a single room in your head.  But they're in every room in your head and in your heart.
As for the wings analogy?  It's sweet.  But children are not birds. Parents don't let them go and build another nest and have all new offspring next year.
Saying goodbye to your children and their childhood is much harder than all the pithy sayings make it seem.  Because that's what going to college is.  It's goodbye.  It's not a death.  And it's not a tragedy.
But it's not nothing, either.
To grow a child, a body changes.  It needs more sleep.  It rejects food it used to like.  It expands and adapts.
To let go of a child, a body changes, too.  It sighs and it cries and it feels weightless and heavy at the same time.
The drive home alone without them is the worst.  And the first few days.  But then it gets better.  The kids call, come home, bring their friends, fill the house with their energy again.
Life does go on.
'Can you give me a ride to the mall?' 'Mom, make him stop!'  I don't miss this part of parenting, playing chauffeur and referee.  But I miss them, still, all these years later, the children they were, at the dinner table, beside me on the couch, talking on the phone, sleeping in their rooms, safe, home, mine....