Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hu's on First

Today was our last day with Willy.  We had a lot of fun!  Maysen helped me make the yummy kind of waffles this morning.  Sacrament meeting was cool.  It was a farewell/homecoming for two brothers.  Grant returned from Equador.  Noah is leaving to the Baltic States or something like that.  He will have to speak several different languages during his mission.  Yikes!  Mr. Ward was here.  He talked to the youth. I was told that he said he knew many of the kids parents.  Then he asked if there were any Smith kids here.  He asked Stockton what his dad's name was.  He answered Mike.  Mr. Ward said that he knew Stockton's dad and his grandpa.  Funny.  Mike said hi to him afterwords.  He said, "Sorry I couldn't see your presentation.  I was working the AV club in the other room."  Brother Masters had asked Mike if he could get a projector to run some video clips he wanted to show.  Anyways, kind of fun.  I also grabbed Willy and Emily.  I wanted to text a picture of them to Willy's mom.  Emily is in our ward.  She was just called to the Taipei Taiwan mission.  That is where Willy's family lives.  Willy said his mom loves to feed the missionaries.  I thought if she had a picture of Emily and Willy together she would look for her!
Emily & Willy

Mike made a delicious dinner of fish, potatoes and scones.  We played 'Scum' that Willy learned at Youth Conference.  Then we had a game of Wiffle Ball.  Willy was up first and got a single.  I was excited that happened so fast.  I started cheering that Hu was on first.  Yay!  I would have been annoyed if we never took advantage of this opportunity. After Willy left Stockton said, "Dang it!  When he was swimming I never pointed out he was 'wet Willy'."  Mike said he called him 'free Willy' while we were swimming.  Willy was a lot of fun.
Hu's on first!
Willy did know what we were referencing.  He is a good sport.  Stockton liked to say, "Hu's up!"  I didn't get that one at first.
 Hu's on second
Preston was so sad to say good-bye to Willy.  They got along well together.  Preston did have an opportunity to practice patience.  Willy is a tease!  It drove Preston crazy sometimes.  I think it was good for Preston.  Even though Willy would tease him, you could tell he really liked Preston.  Willy is great with younger kids.  I was trying to get a good picture of Willy and Preston.  Stockton enjoyed photobombing. Weirdo.
 Stockton, Willy & Preston
I still haven't taken the time to figure out how to turn off the short video my camera takes on every picture.  Although sometimes it is funny to see what was actually happening.  Ignore my messy kitchen and my obnoxious cackle.
We rushed out the door after this and headed to the airport.  Stockton and Preston came with us.  Kind of scary to have your children in all different places and hope they meet up at the airport for your flight across the world.  We were the last to arrive.  Preston told Willy's parents he wanted to rent Willy for one more week.
Preston & Willy
Once we got home we watched the Blink episode of Dr. Who and the season finale of The Goldbergs.  Also a fairy Olympics show.  Preston started crying when Mike said Maysen would be at college three weeks from now.  He said, "What?  That's way too soon!"  Earlier I was talking to Jorja and I asked her if she was excited to get her own room or if she was dreading it.  She started crying and said, "I don't want Maysen to go to college."  It is sad for everyone (except probably Maysen) that this period of our life is ending.  I don't know what to expect.  I have enjoyed every second of this.  I want to keep them this age forever.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Stockton and Willy are Back!

Stockton and Willy came back this afternoon.  It sounds like they had a great time.  Stockton said it was really fun.  He said Willy was talking with everyone.  Yay!  Gavin was there.  He is in our stake and Stockton used to dive with him.  He and Gavin pulled off their backflip at the dance.  Ashley told him, "I've known you my whole life and I didn't know you could do that."  Stockton thought it was funny that she said she knew him her whole life.  Well, she has known him five and a half years now! Crazy!  Stockton's team won this crazy obstacle course. Willy, Ryuhei and two other people from another ward were on the team.  The guy gave Stockton $25 for winning and told him to take the other people to Chick-Fil-A for ice-cream.  Stockton has no idea who the other two people are.  He said he was trying to find change so he could give the others $5.  That's kind of a weird prize.  They played Johny Game Show a lot.  Willy won that one.  Johny game show is hilarious.  Johny runs it and changes the rules the entire time.  Johny is Stockton's friend that has down syndrome.  I can't explain how hilarious it is, but they play it at every camp.  Questions are like: What is your favorite color?  Blue.  WRONG!  Anyways, so fun.  I'm glad Stockton and Willy had a great time.  They looked pretty beat when they got home.  I asked them if they wanted to go hiking.  Nope.  We did take them out to Mexican food.  We let Willy pick what kind of food he would like to have.  He has only had Mexican food one other time.  I think he liked it, but he did not want beans!

I dropped Jorja and her friends off at the movies before dinner.  Jorja, Katyn, Jazzie, and Jazzie's friend London.  Jazzie had a birthday last week and got a phone.  Jorja is SO HAPPY!  Now she can text Jazzie.  It is lucky she got an iPhone, that is the only way Jorja can send texts.  It was funny.  London told Jorja she had been wanting to meet her because Jazzie talks about her all the time.  Katlyn said the same thing about Jazzie.  The girls met Hailey, Noah and Daxton at the movies. The boys had already bought tickets for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, even though the girls did not want to see the movie.  The girls ended up seeing Jungle Book.  Worked out well.  Jazzie told Jorja that she is probably going to Alta.  Jorja about jumped out of her seat!  She is so excited!  London is not.  Jazzie is in the boundaries for Jorja's middle school and high school, but was able to get a pass to go to the new middle school.  Corner Canyon, the new high school, is too crowded so they don't let as many people in.  This is great for Jorja!  I hope this happens.  Jorja would love it!

In other fun news, Becky had her baby today!  4 pounds 10 ounces 18 inches.  Tiny baby!  Can't wait to meet him!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Jorja's Home!

I picked up the girls at the meeting place at lunch time.  They drop/pick up the girls at some random church by Fashion Place Mall.  Jorja looked happy!  Safe to say, she had a MUCH better experience at Oakcrest than Maysen did.  Two of Jorja's good friends from elementary school were there.  Ava and Olivia.  They go to a different middle school, so it's been awhile since Jorja has seen them.  How fun is that?  Too bad they weren't in the same cabin.
Jorja, Ava, Olivia
Kate was also there.  I took her home as well.  I don't think Jorja knew Kate was going this week, so that was a happy surprise.  Jorja and Katlyn became pretty good friends with a girl named Sydni that was in their cabin.  She came without a roommate.  I'm glad they made her feel safe.
Kate, Jorja, Katlyn, Sydni, Shea
Jorja's counselor was named Cheerio.  Well, that is her Oakcrest name. The girls find out their real name on the last day.  Cheerio's real name was Timsyn, or something like that.  Jorja also got the "Incredible Includer" award.  That makes me happy and sounds like Jorja.  She seemed to like everything about Oakcrest.  She loved the food and bought a cookbook.  She bought a sweatshirt.  EXTRA LARGE!  That thing is huge on her!  Crazy Porge.  I hope Stockton and Willy have as good a time as Jorja did.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thumbs Up for Chick-Fil-A

I spent the day catching up on laundry.  I also worked on a Christmas stocking I am hoping to finish this week.  I took Maysen shopping.  We got her bedding for college and a few other things.  I can't believe she is leaving in less than a week.  I think she will love it, but I'm sure going to miss her.  Mike didn't back until after 10.  He had a presentation he was asked to give.  Maysen and I got something to eat in the food court. I stopped by Chick-Fil-A to pick up something for Preston.  I ordered one 6 piece kids meal.  That was it.  When it was our turn, I handed the worker my card while he handed me the food.  He didn't take the card and said, "This one's on the house."  What?  I don't understand.  He said, "No charge, this one is on us."  I stammered thanks while I drove away.  That has never happened before!  I wonder how often Chick-Fil-A does that.  Pretty awesome.

April Hardcastle texted me this picture.  Well, her last name isn't Hardcastle anymore, but that is how I think of her.  Jorja went to Oakcrest with Katlyn and Gwen's ward.  Gwen is April's daughter.  On Thursday the bishops of the ward come up.  I was excited to get this picture.  April said she was told they were happy and talky.  Haha!
Mr. and Mrs. Bishop
Gwen, Katlyn, Jorja

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Youth Conference

Stockton and Willy set off for Youth Conference today.  I hope they have a great time.  When Stockton was looking at the itinerary he said, "If this Youth Conference was a hamburger and the spiritual stuff was how long it was cooked, the fire alarm would be going off."  He was a bit worried about it.  He always has a good attitude, so hopefully they will have a great time.  I'm excited for Willy to spend time with the youth in our ward.  It will be a great way for him to talk to a lot of people.  That is what his parents wanted.  Willy to be able to practice his English.  Willy speaks English very well by the way.
Lots of youth with Stockton and Willy at the end
 Ian, Darby, Michael, Isaac, Landon, Josh, Ashley
Willy, Ryuhei, Stockton, Johny, Rachael, Zoe
Now we only have two kids at home.  That's weird.  Mike, Maysen, Preston and I played Settlers of Catan, Maysen's version.  Well, we used the 3D board that Maysen made.  It was fun.  I won, so of course it was fun.  Preston tried the 'only buy development cards' strategy.  He did get 'largest army', but that's about it.  Although he moved the robber almost every turn and that gets old after awhile.  Wacko.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Swim Pictures

I got the boys up early so they could be in the swim/dive team pictures for our neighborhood.  We usually are out of town every time they do this.  Jorja missed it again this year.  Preston is in the front of the crowd, Stockton is in the back.
I took the kids to see The Secret Life of Pets today.  I only fell asleep once during the movie.  I'm proud of myself.  Afterword we went to OHOP.  I love the crepes there.  I like the one by my dad's house and I wanted to take Willy there.  Today when we went was so weird.  The hostess sat us at a table the was not clean.  Specifically under the table. There were lots of scrambled eggs.  We thought they were going to clean it, but nope.  Stockton held up his feet for about fifteen minutes. I finally asked the hostess if she had a broom we could use.  She finally came and cleaned it.  I told Willy, "This is not usual.  Restaurants in America are usually clean."  It was really weird.

Mike got the boys mostly ready for Youth Conference tomorrow.  The paper we got Sunday said you can't wear shorts.  Too bad that is all Willy brought.  Mike was going to take him to the store to buy pants, but then found some pants that fit Willy.  Kind of.  It was pretty funny, but I'm sure everything will be okay.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Off to Oakcrest

I dropped off Jorja at Katlyn's house early this morning.  They are going to Oakcrest together.  I hope they have the best time.  It's gotta be better than Maysen's experience.  Katlyn's mom posted this from the drop off point.  They look pretty excited.
Jorja & Katlyn
Brett and Rachel left around lunch time.  Rachel sent me this picture of Maysen making macaroni.  She loves that pot!  It wasn't as hard to say goodbye to Brett and his family this time.  That is because we know we will see them in a week!
Stockton and Willy played around here most of the day.  They played basketball and computer games.  I asked them if they wanted to go to Boondocks, but they were just fine right here.  That was nice because I was tired!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Batting Cage

I titled this post batting cage because that is all that I have pictures of. Creative, I know.  This morning Brett and Rachel got there kids ready for 9:00 church.  They went to my dad's ward.  I met them there.  My dad was speaking in sacrament meeting.  He talked about being humble.  He talked about my mom.  That's always nice to hear him talk about my mom, even if it is sad sometimes.  I left after sacrament meeting to go to my ward.  Marie and Mina went to the class that Cathy and Sam teach.  Grace went to nursery with Anne.  I taught my class for the first time.  It went really well.  I'm not 100% convinced that Sister Liu likes my teaching style.  Oh well.  Our ward always goes way out for the 24th of July in primary.  This is the first time I've been able to see it.  They had a cool looking (pretend) campfire set up in the primary room.  The kids sat on blankets around it.  Lots of people were dressed up as pioneers.  The young women came in and told pioneer stories. They passed around dried apples, beef jerky and biscuits.

When I got back from church my dad was already there making spaghetti.  I noticed he had texted me during church, but never looked at it.  His text says, "Is it OK if I come up with Matt and Sam and bring spaghetti dinner and get it cooked so that when you get out of church it will be there for you and then there will be more time to play games according to Matt."  I'm never going to be upset if someone wants to cook us food!  We ate, played games (I'm pretty sure I won both games of Dominion, if my memory is wrong...fine by me!) played in the batting cage and just had a lot of fun.  This batting cage would have been so cool to have while growing up!  My brothers' would have loved it!  Willy is really good at sports.  He did great in the batting cage.  He tells me he loves basketball the best.
Marie & Brett
My dad made tapioca for us.  Delicious as always.  Willy asked who made this.  I told him my dad did.  He said, "Why in America do the men do all the cooking?"  Haha!  My dad and Mike have done all the cooking while Willy has been here.  I just laughed and said, "That's how it should be."

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Backyard Swimming

We were so excited to have Marie and her family here when our swimming pool was operational!  We didn't think they would get a chance to stop by here this summer.  We were expecting just seeing them at the cabin.  So glad it turned out this way!  We were in the pool for hours!  It was perfect, minus the bee sting on Marie.  She was a trouper and swam for several more hours, thank goodness!  We had the traditional hamburgers and hotdogs.  My dad brought the food, Mike cooked the food, and we had it waiting for whenever anyone stumbled out of the water.
 Brett & Mina
 Ange & Jeff
 Brett & Mina, Bubs & Millie
 Anne & Sam
 Grace loved going down the slide, but only if she was pushed
 Brett waiting to catch Grace
The kids LOVED, LOVED, LOVED playing with Willy.  He was so good with them and he played with them for a long time.
Lincoln & Willy
 Lincoln, Willy & Preston
 Bubs and Amelia
 Anne & Matt
 Willy, Anne & Matt
 Preston, Willy, Max, Ella
 Max - Abby jumping
There is nothing too interesting about this next picture, but it is the only one I have with Maysen.  She was out swimming for a long time too.  I didn't get one with Stockton, but he was there.  Jorja was outside, but didn't swim.  She wasn't feeling too well and we didn't want to play 'community pool'.
 Grace, Brett & Mina
 Gayle, Cathy, Ron
Gayle has now found her birth family.  Her birth mom is buried not too far away.  After telling me a little about her family she whispered to me, "Thank you for adopting me Mom & Dad!"  I guess her birth mom was married five times, and Gayle wasn't from any of those marriages.  Not the most stable environment.

Brett and Rachel headed to Bountiful to go to Nigel's grave and see her cousins that were meeting here there.  I left before everyone was gone. I went to Becky's baby shower.  She is at the hospital until she delivers. She is scheduled for a C-section next week.  The baby will be 34 weeks old.  She has been given steroid shots to help his lungs, so hopefully everything will go okay.  There is a problem with the placenta and blood vessels.  I can't remember everything, but thank goodness for modern medicine!  We had Becky's baby shower at the hospital, of course.  It was fun and so nice to see her.  She is amazing.  I got to be the one to push her back to her room in her wheelchair.  She has been such a trooper.  That baby is going to be well loved!