Thursday, June 30, 2016

Diving Buddies

I asked Stockton to go to Preston's dive class today.  It will be his last one of the summer and I knew Preston would love it.  Preston was so excited and Stockton was a good sport.  The bigger kids dive an hour later, I'm glad Stockton didn't mind.
Preston & Stockton
 Preston's cute legs
I have never seen Stockton do an inward double.  This was his second one he had ever done.  My favorite is all the swimmers watching Stockton.
Inward double
Preston's inwards - they're scary!
Stockton's 2 1/2
Jorja randomly showed up today.  I was so surprised!  They came home from girls' camp one day early.  She said, "Can we please still leave for Georgia tomorrow?  I want to sleep in my own bed!"
Mike and I picked up the motorhome and then I went to Matt and Sam's.  I needed to tell them about the sleeping bag.  I am still hoping it will be found.  The sleeping bag was Sam's mom and stepdad's before he died.  Great.  Now I feel even worse!  I had to get a picture of Sam. Look how cute Anne's Cinderella panties are!  She is growing up!
Jeff, Sam, Anne
I got pizza on the way home.  Stockton informed me that it was 'Dobo' day and every Dobo day needed to have pizza.  I used one of his gift certificates.  I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and trying to pack and clean.  Matt came over so Mike could show him how to do the pool etc.  Matt and Sam are going to watch our house while we are gone.  We sure have a lot left to do tomorrow, but hopefully we will be able to get a few hours down the road.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Stockton's morning practice was on the platforms at Kerns.  It was pretty cold and windy.  Stockton did most of his work on the 7 meter. He said it was so freaky standing backwards on the 7 meter with the wind blowing.  Supposedly BYU will be building at indoor platform over where Provo High was. That would be amazing!
Stockton 1 1/2
Stockton drove to Kerns, but his contacts felt weird after the platforms. We really need to get him glasses, just for driving after diving.  I drove from Kerns to Provo where they finished up their diving for the day.
Stockton's a goofball
Inward 1 1/2
Inward double
I have no idea if these videos worked.  I think the first and the last one did, but I'm not sure about the rest.  We still haven't heard about Stockton's sleeping bag.  The problem is, all the stuff was at Brother Trost's.  Well, Monday Logan (Stockton's friend and Brother Trost's son) broke his leg so bad that he needed surgery and had to stay in the hospital overnight.  Mike texted Seth tonight.  Hopefully they will find it soon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

No Malignancy

I went with Stockton to diving today.  He drove both ways.  I haven't been sure where he would be allowed to park, so he stopped at the pool and then I drove to visitors parking.  That was so long away!  I went and asked information if there was any closer parking.  The divers are allowed to park in the Y lot during the summer.  That's not too far away.  They are also allowed to park near the pool during the school year.  There is only a five minute window where they might get a ticket, but she said they are super easy to appeal.  Well, we will see.

We received this letter today.  Isn't it the most beautiful letter?  I'm so glad the tumor by Mike's eye didn't have cancer.  The doctors were pretty confident there would be no cancer, but with our family's scary.  Especially since Mike's mom died from a tumor in her eye.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Dive and Swim

The last meet of the season!  Well, the last we are going to be able to attend.  I had to judge again.  I don't like that.  I asked Rian if she was sure she couldn't find anyone else.  She told me I was the most qualified.  That's scary!  Mike came right as the meet started.  I was trying to get his attention so he could take pictures.  Preston's group went first.  Mike didn't understand me.  Luckily another parent sent me this picture.  I love it!  Look at that form!  I really, really, really, really, really want to put Preston in dive classes up at BYU in the fall.  I'd love for Jorja to do it too, but we'll see.
When the age groups were switching I ran and asked Mike to take pictures.  I love the pictures taken at this pool with the mountains in the background.  They look so cool!  Especially when I zoom in on my phone and it looks like Stockton is flying by the mountains.  If I was talented enough I would post what I'm talking about, but I'm not.....
 Preston & Stockton
I had to time the swim meet.  I asked Stockton if he could stay and help Preston get to all of his events.  Preston was swimming four times.  Two relays, the 50 free and 50 back.  He got to all of them except the last relay.  I was frantically looking for him while I was timing, but they ended up having another swimmer swim.  I saw Preston right as his team was getting out of the water.  He didn't realize that they were combining events.  He should have been there earlier, but oh well.....not much more I could have done.

Mike left after the dive meet and worked on sprinklers.  He worked until it was really dark outside.  He thinks he can fix it, but it is going to take a lot of time.  We don't have much of that right now.
He is moving the sprinklers away from the house.  Hopefully that will stop the leaking into the girls room.  The people who lived here before had the bright idea to drill through the foundation so they could run a wire somewhere.  Not a good idea.

I dropped Jorja off at Girls' Camp this morning.  This will be her first time going without Maysen.  She is a little nervous.  I hope she has a good time.  It is H-O-T right now!  After the swim meet I went to Kanani's house.  I bought some quilt frames from her mom for $30. She has never used them.  Hopefully I will be able to use them lots!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tanner's Homecoming

The stain was still a little wet on the bunk beds when we left the cabin, so we had to leave the pads stacked on the bed in the lava room.  I'm guessing Bubs and Ange will be there next.  Hopefully they won't mind fixing that for us.  We were cleaning as fast as we could this morning. Mike doing lots of things outside and me inside.  Even though we were a little late we didn't miss Tanner's talk, so that was nice.  I was talking to Steve and Sharon when Brooke walked up!  I didn't know she was in town!  That was such a great surprise!!!  We went to Brad and Rozie's after sacrament and had a lot of delicious food.  Mike fell asleep downstairs while I visited with my family.  I can't believe the only picture we took today was this one.
It was nice to be home and see the other kids!  Stockton even gave me a hug, that's impressive!  Stockton drove over to the Trost's house to pick up his stuff from camp this week.  He brought it in.  I said, "Where is your sleeping bag?"  It wasn't there.  Back to the Trost's we go.  The sleeping bag wasn't there either.  We borrowed this sleeping bag from Matt and Sam because all of our sleeping bags are in the motorhome, which is in the shop.  I told Brother Trost that the sleeping bag was my brothers and it was the one thing we absolutely could not lose.  Plus, we were planning on Jorja taking it to girls camp.  We needed to take her things over today.  It dawned on us that the other sleeping bag was still in the shed.  Mike took a picture of it so Brother Trost could text it to the other boys and ask who picked up the sleeping bag.  Brother Trost says he knows it came home with him.  I'm glad he remembers that so he knows it wasn't Stockton who lost it.  He says he will replace it if they need to, but I hope it doesn't come to that.  Plus, the sleeping bags zip together, would he need to get two?  Jorja ended up taking the other sleeping bag.  Hope she doesn't lose it!  Stockton has the worst luck with his things getting back from camp.  After trek his things were lost for three weeks!  It took forever to track them down.  Hopefully we'll find the sleeping bag tomorrow.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sanding, Sailing and Staining

The cabin sure is beautiful!  I woke up early, read and worked on Christmas stockings.  Once Mike and Preston were up we started getting serious!  Mike was able to get the tracks off of the 4-wheeler.  I spent the day sanding and staining the bunk beds in the lava room.  We did take a break for a sailboat ride.  Mike is on call this week.  Right as we launched he got paged.  He tried to fix it from his phone, but ended up needing to go to the cabin.  Preston and I used the motor to play around while we waited.  Preston was driving and I didn't like it!  He liked to go in circles and it made me sick.  I pointed out that we should get to shore because there was a warning on the boat that there should always be a competent person inside.  Clearly there wasn't.  I felt much better when Mike was able to make it back.  There wasn't much wind, but it was still fun.  Once we got everything packed away the wind started up.
 No tracks!
 Stephanie Sanding
 Mike & Preston
 Mike & Preston
 Stephanie & Preston
 Preston & Stephanie
Mike took Preston back out on the sailboat while I worked on the bunk beds.  Preston said it was so much fun!  It was fun because of the wind, but his toes were cold because of the wind.  Mike helped me when he got back.  It took forever, but we finished!  We have declared these bunk beds 'Good Enough'!  We played one game of Dominion before bed.  Mike won again.  What is happening?
Stephanie Staining
Stockton got back from High Adventure camp tonight.  Maysen took them to Cold Stone.  From what I understand they got a little lost walking to the car.  The turn into Cold Stone is weird, so they just decided to park in the Smith's parking lot.  They were laughing and talking as they walked back and they missed Smith's entirely!  They walked all the way to Leatherby's before they realized they had gone too far.  Glad they made it home!  At least they had an adventure.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Three in Utah, Three in Idaho

Sister Hawkins came over today to give me my primary stuff.  She told me when the primary program is scheduled.  We are planning on being out of town that day.  I mentioned that it was a three day weekend for the kids in school.  Maybe she'll change it.  Who knows?

Mike, Preston and I went up to the cabin today.  Stockton is at High Adventure, Jorja has Katlyn's party and Maysen is staying so Jorja is not alone.  Jorja told us she was more than fine staying by herself.  She might be okay with it, but her mom wasn't.  Luckily Maysen didn't mind.  She was able to take Jorja and pick her up from Katlyn's.  Jorja sounded like she had a great time.  Maysen called us when we were almost there.  Water was leaking into her room again.  NOOOO!!!  Not that room!  Mike called a neighbor and asked him if he could shut off the outside water.  That is not going to be fun to figure out.

We got to drive by the Cabin Temple.  It is always fun to see how far along it is.  I'm excited for the open house!  We stopped and ate dinner at pizza hut, when we arrived at the cabin we played Dominion.  Mike won.  Oh well.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Jorja and I went swimsuit shopping at Lime Ricki.  She picked the most adorable swimsuit.  I was not allowed to post the pictures of her we took while trying to decide what to get.  Instead, I'll post a picture of her wearing my mermaid wig.
We also went to Dillards and FINALLY got Stockton a church shirt.  He broke out of his several weeks ago.  Literally.  He bent his arm, his shirt tore and his elbow came through.  That happened in his priest quorum meeting and was quite hilarious, at least I laughed at Stockton's retelling.  I left the shirt for him in his bedroom.  I hope he notices it.

Katlyn is having a birthday party tomorrow.  Her birthday isn't for a few weeks, but we are going to be heading down to Georgia.  Katlyn moved her party so Jorja could be there.  How nice is that?  Jorja gave Katlyn a giant bag of Snickers and she made this poster for her.  I thought it turned out really cute.  I hope Katlyn likes it.
Preston tried out the straws Mike and I brought him back from Paris. It sure took him a long time to play with those, but he loved it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

High Adventure

Stockton left on his high adventure camp this morning.  They are going hiking and mountain biking in Moab.  We gave him the opportunity to miss this camp, but he wanted to go.  We were pleasantly surprised. He has grown up so much these last few years.  Things that would have been hard for him to handle have become no big deal.  We are so proud of him!
Jorja had an orthodontist appointment today.  She now will be wearing rubber bands.  It is only one once side, but it will still take a bit for her to get use to it.  Jorja wanted to see what it looked like, so she took selfies on my phone.  She deleted them.  I undeleted them.
Jorja spent a long time with Katlyn today.  I picked them up at a park they had walked to.  These two have a lot of fun together.
Katlyn & Jorja
 Jorja & Katlyn
 This one is my favorite
 I don't know why they like to stick out their tongues.
 Katlyn & Jorja.  Friends.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lunch with Becky

This morning I dropped Stockton off at BYU then headed to Kneaders to buy lunch.  I made it to Becky's house only a few minutes late.  My friend Becky is on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy.  She went into labor almost two weeks ago.  She isn't due until August.  Hopefully she'll be able to keep that baby boy inside of her.  The placenta formed wrong, so she will need a c-section.  He won't survive any other way. Becky is in good spirits, but is feeling stir crazy.  It is going to be a long productive summer for her, she is growing a human after all.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Stockton is a Licensed Driver

Stockton's official!  Mike took him this morning to get his drivers license.  They went early.  Stockton's drivers ed teacher had not sent the information, even though he finished his drives over a week ago. Stockton called him up and had him send it.  Pretty brave to call a teacher that early in the morning.  His teacher sent the information and Stockton is done!  Thank goodness!  We don't need to do that again for about a year and a half.  That is a scary thought!  I call Mike gets to teach Jorja how to drive!  (Well Mike has to teach all the kids.  I am WAY too chicken for that!  It is so scary!)

Stockton had diving all day today.  Maysen, Jorja and Preston came with me to pick him up.  We went to Krispy Kreme on the way home.  I brought their report cards.  We got all these donuts for free.  Krispy Kreme gives a free glazed donut for each A, limit 6.  Too bad we didn't know about this trick earlier!
There was no dive meet today, but Preston had a swim meet.  It was nice and warm today, a total change from last meet.  Preston swam in a relay for the first time.  I think he had fun doing that.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!  We made pancakes for Mike.  He made dinner for us.  Ribs and crab.  He already received his Father's Day present.  His sail for the fishing boat.  I was released as a scout leader today.  I now teach primary.  I have three of my scouts in my primary class, I'm really excited about that.  I team teach with Sister Liu.  She will be in Hong Kong for three weeks.  I will also be gone.  Mission farewell and trip to Georgia.  I'll get back to church eventually.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Today was our last day with Bubs and Ange's kids.  Preston, Lincoln, Ella and Abby spent a lot of time playing hide-and-seek.  Preston hid for about 40 minutes before they found him.  Lincoln looked in the bottom cabinet, and I thought Preston was a goner, but he never looked in the top cabinet.  The other kids were getting so frustrated.  When they would leave the room I would open the door and ask Preston if I could give them hints.  He did not want any hits given at all!  Ella ended up opening the door.  Boy was she surprised when she found him in there!  Look how excited Abby is!
Abby, Ella, Preston
 Preston ~ recreation
 Ella & Preston
 Abby, Ella, Preston
We swam in the backyard for about three hours.  It was a lot of fun. Mike taught Abby how to go down the slide.  She was really scared and didn't want to do it.  Mike convinced her to sit on the edge of the slide and hop off to him while she was wearing her floatie.  She did that for awhile.  Once when she hopped up Mike pushed her back just a little while.  She did not like that at all, but still did it.  When she was comfortable with that Mike convinced her that going from the top was actually easier.  She did it and soon it was all she wanted to do.  Mike took these videos to send to her parents.
Mike then convinced her to try it without the floatie and he would catch her at the bottom.  She did that and loved it.  He convinced her to try it without him.  She was so scared, but she did it and loved it!  By then end of the day she was going down the slide and purposely ending with her head under water.  She loved it!  Mike was amazing to get her to do that.  She is so happy and proud now.
The pool was so warm.  Just how I like it.  The water from the hose was so cold.  We had the water going down the slide.  Mike and Stockton made up a game that we played for a LONG time!  We would fill one giant bucket with warm water and one with cold.  Everyone would sit on the steps and chose a side.  Mike and I would each dump a bucket on their head.  Some chose wisely, others not so much.  They loved, loved, loved this game.  It was so funny.

After swimming we got the kids all bathed so they would be sparkling clean for Father's Day tomorrow.  Mike and I drove to Bubs and Ange's house and got the kids to bed.  I read and Mike worked on his computer while we waited for them.  They got home just before midnight.  It sounded like they loved their trip.  Yay!  Glad this was a good experience for them!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Mike's Eye

Mike has had this weird bump in the corner of his eye for a few years. He doesn't like it.  A few weeks ago he tried popping it with a needle, that was really gross!  It wouldn't pop and he said that it was freaky having a needle that close to his eye.  He was worried he would slip. I'm glad he gave up on that.  The eye doctor looked at it and told him it was some kind of a wart.  He scheduled Mike to have a mini-surgery today.
Dot by Mike's eye
Mike drove himself there.  He wasn't worried at all.  He texted me when it was over.  These are some of his texts.  "Wow that hurt so bad but it is done" "It was basically a tear duct tumor (non cancer) They are sending to the lab to double check though" "Shot hurt cutting hurt additional shot hurt more cutting bright lights etc etc"  When I asked him if he screamed he texted back "Yes.  Yes I did.  And twitch and cry" He said that it was the most pain he had ever been in in his life.  Poor guy.
I couldn't take Mike to his surgery because I needed to pick up Jorja from softball camp.  She texted me this morning and asked me to be there as soon as I could.  She met a few friends, but her roommate didn't come back again tonight, so Jorja slept alone.  Sometimes they would be eating lunch together and then Journee would just get up and leave and not come back.  I had such high hopes for this week.  Jorja did have fun with a few girls from her team.  Too bad they weren't in her dorm.  I came in time to watch Jorja get a great hit over the second baseman.  She got two RBIs on that hit and it tied the game up.  Nice way to finish on a high note.

At the end of the camp the girls are given the opportunity to have the BYU players and coaches sign something for them.  Jorja got a ball signed by them last year and was excited to do this again.
I asked Jorja if she saw Erica at the camp.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said Erica was right below me when I was taking pictures.  I never even noticed her.  Sure enough, there is Erica with the orange socks on.
Jorja was quite exhausted the rest of the day.  She was glad she was able to go, but really glad she is back home.  I'm glad she is back as well.