Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Diving at the Pool

One more week of school....we can make it.....we can make it..... All of us are feeling the urge to be done.  I went to my early morning exercise class for the last time.  I have ended my membership.  Trying to save on expenses for college.  I am still going to do the classes with Michael Banks.  You just have to pay more money if you are not a member.  The only other class I go to is this one with Bobby.  I love it, but it seems super expensive if this is the only class I do.  Maysen had her last trip to JTAC today.  They had a final assembly.  She has enjoyed her vet classes.  We found out that you have the option to take a test at the end of the year to become a certified vet assistant.  Maysen didn't sign up for the test. We didn't like that at all and made her sign up for it.  She will be taking it tomorrow.  I had lunch with my cousins.  Heather and Jordyn were there.  Larkin couldn't make it.  I love these lunches!  So much fun!  We went to Blue Lemon this time.  Preston went to swimming and diving. Stockton went to diving with him.  Jorja skipped out because of a softball game.  Preston has a hard time with back dives.  Look at the poor boy shake.  That pool is cold!
Then there's Stockton
Preston once more
Mike took Jorja to her softball game and I took Maysen and Stockton to seminary graduation.  My dad came and met us there.  He kept falling asleep.  Stockton and I had fun laughing at him.  Still, super nice of him to come.  Neither Maysen or Stockton enjoyed the graduation, but they'll get over it.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Over Already

We're home!  Stockton drove the entire way home.  With a trailer behind us.  Mike brought up the trailer so we could fill it with things we wanted to get rid of.  We have our neighborhood clean up day tomorrow.  One of the main things we brought back was the sink/counter Mike took out of the cabin to make a mud room.  Mike mowed the lawn before we left.  That took him a long time, but it looks great!  He also changed the faucet on the kitchen sink.  It was really hard to turn off.  He thought it would be easier to replace.

Bubs called after we were a bit down the road.  I told him we were almost to the Cabin Temple.  I could see it.  He said, "Wait!  We just passed it.  We are at the Shop-Ko parking lot."  He called us as we were driving by him.  Talk about timing!  Bubs and his family are already out of school.  We are not.  We have one week left.  Oh boy do I wish we were finished!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cabin Sunday

We went to the Palasades Ward for church.  We were hoping to see Steve and Sharon there, but we did not.  It was pretty packed.  They were having fast Sunday because their stake conference is next week. I'm glad it wasn't this week!  I was hoping to be able to see Steve and Sharon's ranch.  Maybe next time.

We had a peaceful day.  We played games.  I won Ticket To Ride. Preston really wanted to play Pie Face.  Mike, Stockton and Jorja played that with him.  I didn't play because I was untangling the thread on the bracelets Jorja was working on.  It was tangled, but I was victorious.  We also watched Napoleon Dynamite.  I don't think the kids had ever seen that before.  I liked it better this time then when I watched it ten years ago. 
Stockton got hit every time on Pie Face.  Twice on the first turn of the crank.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lazy Cabin Day

We slept a long time today!  I got up around 6:00, because I can't sleep long and I was able to sleep on the way up here.  I read a little then fell back asleep on the couch.  It wasn't until 10:00 that everyone else was up.  It is so beautiful here.  I just love it.  I am thankful everyday that we are still able to come here.
I spent most of the day sewing, reading and playing games.  Mike, Preston and I went on a 4-wheeler ride to the beach.  I didn't realize that there are signs saying you are allowed to camp there between May and another month that I can't remember.  It was cool seeing random tents tucked in different spots as we drove along the beach.  Mike took Jorja to a store in Thayne to get string.  She wants to make bracelets for her friends.  Mike said it was the coolest store.  Half quilting and half hardware.  He brought home Fill-or-Bust.  Mike and I played that game all the time when we were first married. We got Preston to play it with us, but no other takers.  Today went by pretty fast.  Before we knew it it was 10:00.  I love it here.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Overstock Lagoon Day

Today is Overstock Lagoon day!  One of our favorite days of the year. We decided to get season passports, so we did that first off.  Once that was taken care of we headed to Cannibal.  It broke down while we were in line, but we waited anyway.  If we were ever going to ride this thing it was going to be today!  We ended up riding it four times total.  Our first and last ride.  The weather was perfect.  We had been worried because all week it said it was going to rain today.  Nope.  Not a drop.  Today was similar to other Lagoon days.  We looked for the sad clown, rode tons of rides, played bingo, ate food, made ourselves sick.  We love that there are small lines for all the rides, the only problem is your body doesn't get time to recover between rides.  Especially now that Mike and I are older.  The kids don't seem to have a problem with it.  It is worth it though!
Sad Clown
Mike took Preston on The Dishwasher for the first time.  He loved it, but they sure got soaked!  Technically this ride is called Cliffhanger, but my brothers have always called it The Dishwasher.  Much better name.
 Preston & Mike
Stockton and Jorja were off on their own for awhile.  Maysen and Preston went on a lot of rides together.  They were so cute!  Preston is sure going to miss Maysen when she goes to college.  When ever he talks about it to me his eyes always tear up.  I keep telling him Maysen will come back often, but I agree with him.  I'm sad this part of my life is ending.  It has been wonderful.
Preston & Maysen
 Maysen & Preston
It looks like the rest of the pictures I took of today were behind my kids.  I just love seeing them together and I love that they get along so well.
Maysen, Stockton and Jorja were walking together.  Preston was walking with Mike and I.  I got my phone to take a picture and Preston decided to stop that.  Ha!  He makes me laugh.  When we were leaving for Lagoon Mike said, "Last chance to get anything!" as he was shutting the door.  Preston said, "I forgot my pillow and blankey."  (We are heading to Idaho for the weekend.)  I said, "I'm sure you'll be okay without them."  Preston sadly said, "Thanks for getting my hopes up."  I don't know how to explain it, but it made me laugh.  We let him go get his stuff.
Maysen, Jorja, Stockton, Preston
We are walking towards Samurai.  Another ride I used to be able to go on.  I don't think I could handle it now.  Maysen and Preston went on it for the first time.  Maysen said it was intense.  They both had big smiles when it was over.  I swear one of my cousins told me about Grandma Parry riding this when she was 88 years old.  I can't remember if that was the exact number, but it makes me smile every time I think about it.  I sure do miss her!  Mike's friend, Jeff, met us while we were here. He had done little kid rids with his children for most of the day.  He came back after he brought them home and rode some of the bigger rides with us.  Colossus, Wicked, Spider, Cannibal.....  Maysen and Preston went to ride Spider again.  Stockton and Jorja headed off to Wicked with Jeff.  Mike and I watched as Stockton, Jorja and Jeff had their arms around each others shoulders and skipped through the park. That was funny.

One of my favorite rides is the Rocket.  I love being blasted straight into the sky.  This year Preston was tall enough to ride it.  He rode both Blast Off and Re-Entry with me.  (One blasts you off and one takes you slowly to the top and drops you.)  He was cute.  He wanted me to hold his hand really tight.  He said it was terrifying, but fun.

Our last ride of the day was Cannibal.  We wanted to go when it was night time as well.  The girl worker pushed so hard on my seatbelt that my circulation was cut off the entire ride.  I did not enjoy that at all! We left the park a little before 10:00.  Stockton needs to get some night hours in, so he started the drive.  I slept in the back with Maysen.  We got to the cabin around two o'clock in the morning.  What a day!

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Stockton had to stay after school for his robotics class.  Their final project was graded today.  Stockton said everything was working fine, but when it came to the presenting time (or however they did it) something didn't work.  He and his partner worked the rest of the class frantically trying to fix it.  They both came in during lunch and then stayed after school.  It wasn't too long after school and he was only a few minutes late to diving.  Stockton drove to diving today.  He has his permit, so I was in the car as well.  Tuesday Mike and Stockton went to get his permit renewed.  Last year Stockton was fine to drive without glasses/contacts.  This year he didn't pass that test.  They had to drive home and get his contacts and drive back.  Thank goodness for late start!  Stockton also drove home from diving.  He just took his contacts out and put them back in.  We should probably get him glasses to make his life easier.  Stockton also had his first experience driving through a drive-thru.  He went to McDonalds.  I didn't get anything because Maysen and I went to Sconecutters and Create for lunch.

Jorja and Preston walked up to the pool again.  Stockton and I saw Jorja getting off the bus as we were headed to dive.  She looked really upset.  I asked her what was wrong.  Her friend, Melissa, is quitting dive team.  Melissa got Jorja to do swim team if she would do dive. Jorja's really disappointed.  Jorja also didn't want to go to swim today because Melissa wouldn't be there.  I had her go anyway.  Mike picked them up from the pool again.  Hailey came over and was here until past ten.  Jorja and Hailey were working on making shirts to wear next week.  Mike helped them with it.  They seemed to have a lot of fun.

Stockton had a great time at diving today.  Most of the kids were gone. There is a competition in California this weekend.  Stockton qualified on the three meter, but he never tried on the one meter because that competition was on a Sunday.  This weekend the three meter is on Sunday.  It is nice because it gives us a great excuse not to go.  Stockton got to work with Tyce the entire time.  He loves days like that.  Tyce is such a great coach.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Made It

Yay!  Jorja and Preston were finally able to make it to both swim and dive team today.  I took Stockton to dive practice right after school, so I was gone by the time Jorja and Preston got home.  They got themselves ready and then walked to the pool.  Mike picked them up two hours later.  They were both pretty cold by the time it was over.  Glad they were able to make it!

Today was also Maysen and Stockton's last B day.  They will be missing school on Friday.  Hopefully that doesn't come back to haunt them. The end of the quarter is always so stressful.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2nd Place Frog

Jorja came home with her frog etching she had done earlier this school year.  It had won 2nd place in an art show.  Jorja didn't know she even made it into the show.  Pretty nifty.  Too bad she didn't know it was in there so she could enjoy it.
After school was pretty crazy.  Preston had piano lessons at the same time as his swim team practice.  He hasn't made it to practice once.  We took him straight from piano to dive team practice.  Our plan was to drop him off and then Maysen would pick him up.  It started thundering when we arrived.  We just took him home.  We were late getting Jorja to her softball game.  Not late that the game had started, but later than the coaches had asked.  It didn't matter because Jorja's game was delayed because of the thunder.  They still played the game, just started about fifteen minutes late.  Jorja had a double header so we were there for a long time.  My toes were so cold by the time we left! Jorja sure loves softball right now.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Still Beautiful

This morning I dropped Maysen and Zoe off at early morning seminary.  On my way home I stopped at my mom's grave.  It still looked amazing!  I was happy because there have been so many times I have put something on my mom's grave and come back a few days later only to find nothing there.  I was worried this would happen again.  I gathered up all of the pinwheels and took them home.  I will put them back for her birthday.  I might put them back for memorial day, but I haven't decided.
Judy and I took our two scouts on a field trip today.  We went to a pioneer graveyard and made grave etchings.  The weather turned out beautiful, which was a welcomed surprise.  This finished off the boys' Faith in God belt loop.  Now all Eli has to do is go to day camp before he moves.  It will be nice for him not to worry about finishing up his wolf when he gets to his new/old place.  I say old place because they are moving back to their house that is now being rented.  They moved to Georgia for a few months.  It was supposed to be a few years, but his dad's job called him back after a few months. They have been staying with Eli's grandparents while they wait for the renter's contract to be up.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fixing Robots

Mike and Preston are a lot alike.  Preston loves to build things with his dad, or take apart things.  Today after church they went down to the workshop and took apart Mike's old battlebot.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


We had an exciting day of cleaning today.  Mike spent most of the day working on the garage.  I haven't been able to park in there for about two years.  It is filled with things from his house he grew up in.  Mostly wood from when the house was torn down.  Mike wants to make a kitchen table from it.  Right now it is pretty much overwhelming.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mom's 20th Anniversary

Finally!  20 years ago today my mom died.  This date has hovered over me for months.  I actually had a really good day.  Much better than the ones leading up to it.  It is nice to finally get this date behind me.
Mom, Stephanie, Dad
My mom died 8 1/2 months after that picture was taken.  She wasn't able to help me plan the wedding  because of her bone marrow transplant.  We thought it had worked.  I remember my mom saying, "It's nice to have such good news before Stephanie's wedding."  While I was at the temple with my parents taking out my endowments the doctor's office called and left a message on our answering machine. They said the cancer was back and she needed to start radiation now. That was Saturday.  I got married on the next Friday.  My mom waited for me to get married before she started her radiation.  I am thankful she was able to be with me that day.  I don't think the radiation would have worked anyway if she would have started it on Monday and missed my wedding.

Anyways, I started off the day taking Jorja and Preston to the dentist. Mike also went to the dentist.  Have I mentioned how I hate his teeth? Still do.  I wish he would switch dentists and see if that helps.  Jorja had late start today, so I dropped her off and stopped by Matt's house. As I was about to leave I got a call from Mike.  He asked if I had received any of his texts.  I hadn't heard them.  The high school was cancelled.  The power went out at 8:30 and the utility company couldn't come until 3:30.  Stockton was already home, but Maysen was heading there after vet.  I hurried and met her at the school.  Then the two of us went to lunch.  That was a welcome surprise!  When we got home we saw a fancy yellow truck in the driveway.  That meant Scoop was here!  That doesn't happen very often.  Mike was outside with his dad showing him the pond he made.  He put his mom's garden statue in it and his parent's fountain.  Mike, Maysen, Stockton and I talked to him in the piano room before he left.  He loves telling stories of Gentleman George, one of his ancestors.

Preston got home early because it was short day.  (He had a field trip today.)  Matt came up early so we could play Dominion.  Matt, Mike, Stockton, Preston and I played.  Stockton won.  That was a lot of fun. I'm glad Stockton has started playing with us more often.  While we were playing Becky brought over flowers.  That was so nice!
Becky's flowers
A few minutes later these were dropped off from Brett, Rachel and their girls.  Wow!  They are so beautiful!
From Brett, Rachel, Marie, Mina, Grace & Eve
Bubs and his family arrived a few minutes before the game was over. We decided to skip swimming because the weather was acting crazy. Mike has been frantically trying to get the pool ready for today.  It is only up to 75 degrees.  Super cold for our pool.  Instead we had hotdogs and hamburgers and just enjoyed each other's company.  My dad didn't come.  He said he didn't know about it.  He had a wedding to go to, so that's where he was.  I bought pinwheels for each of the grandkids. Ange helped me write the grandkids names on them.  With the windy day the pinwheels looked so beautiful!  I loved it!  Bubs and Ange also brought beautiful flowers.  My dad had left a plant there yesterday.
Stephanie & Bubs
 Matt & Sam, Maysen, Bubs & Stephanie
The kids really wanted to ride in the motorhome, so Mike drove it down.  Anne and Millie were giggling the entire way.  Mike got down there just fine, but it was super tight getting out.  I had to cover my eyes.  So glad I wasn't driving!  Mike says it wasn't as bad as crossing the bridge in San Francisco.
I put this picture in because I love how Amelia is blowing the pinwheels.  She did that a lot!  The little kids LOVED them!
 Maysen, Bubs, Stephanie, Jorja, Stockton, Jeff, Matt
Amelia, Ella, Anne, Abigail, Lincoln, Preston
 Ange, Bubs
Maysen, Stephanie, Jorja, Stockton, Jeff, Matt, Sam
Amelia, Ella, Abby, Preston, Lincoln, Anne
 Jeff & Matt, Sam & Anne
 Lincoln, Ange, Bubs
Amelia, Abby, Ella
 Maysen, Mike, Jorja, Stockton
Stephanie, Preston
 Preston & Jorja
Preston & Jorja's beautiful song
Matt and Sam went straight from the graveyard to Idaho.  They had a funeral to go to of a family friend.  I am glad they came tonight.  That was very nice of them.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Estella and the Lawnmower

Okay, first about Estella.  Maysen had a character dress up day in English class.  They had to dress up like any character they had read about during high school.  They were also supposed to bring a food that that character might have brought.  Maysen chose Estella from Great Expectations.  She wore one of my dresses and had me do her hair.  I am horrible at hair; but it turned out not completely embarrassing, so that was good.  Maysen did look beautiful.
Maysen brought her fancy cupcakes and had to give a character toast. (Advice that their character would have given.)  This is Maysen's:

I was blessed with all the practical and necessary comforts in the days of my youth, but they do not define who I am as a woman.  Regardless of my upbringing, I have still endeavored to make my own way in life.  I have but simple requests to make as I stand before you tonight.  One must always, I think, heed the advice given to you by your parents, yet never allow them to select your fate for you and push you down their chosen path.  Do as you are told, but make your own way in as much as you can, whenever the opportunity should arise.  Let no one objectify you.  Keep your pride around you and your head held loftily. Consider all of your actions, and act not without deliberate intentions.  Lack of thought leads to rashness, which leads only to mistakes.  They are beneath you

Above all, remember your own worth, and listen not to the comments of others about your appearance or state of mind, whether they come off as positive or negative in nature.  To that, I raise my glass and make an end.  You may applaud me now.  ---Estella 
Stockton has been working on his children's book project.  He finished late last night.  That is when he asked how to bind the book.  What? We thought about several different things.  We couldn't use a binder because of the way he drew the pictures.  We thought about laminating them, but had no idea where our hole punch was.  We had a fancy hole punch that was given to use when we made the diving badges, but we had already returned that.  I told him to leave his book with me and I would figure it out and get it to him.  Luckily his English class is the last period of the day.  Once Mike got back from the temple I ran down to the Help U Mail store and waited outside until they opened.  He was able to bind it for me and it looked really good.  Too bad I got one of the pictures out of order.  Stockton noticed and he and his friend were able to fix it.  They took it out and laid another page over the top and stabbed the paper where the holes should be, then threaded the book back together.  Whooops.  I guess I should have been more careful, but at least it got done.  Their book turned out really cute.
Two stories were chosen to be given to the teacher's cousin's elementary school class.  Stockton's was one of them.  He worked with a partner named Christopher and was happy with him.  They dedicated the book to a guy named Steve in their class.  It's kind of hard to read the words, so I'll type them above the picture they belong to.
One summer day when the sun was showing
and all of the grass in the yard was growing,
a boy named Shawn had his very last day
of school and came home, excited to play.
But just when he had pulled out a toy,
he heard his parents call for their boy.
"Shawn?" asked his mom, "Can you come here?
Something different is going to happen this year." 
Shawn came upstairs, although he was grim
and found both his parents waiting for him.
His mother opened her mouth and said, "Shawn,
we think that you should start mowing the lawn."
No matter how hard he tried to protest,
his parents insisted this was for the best.
That's when his father decided to speak,
"I'll teach you how, and you'll start next week."
Shawn went to his room and waited there,
He didn't think that this job was fair.
He said, "I don't think I'm old enough
to learn how to do this lawn-mowing stuff."
Shawn stood still and didn't make noise.
He didn't feel like playing with toys.
Now that he had to mow the lawn,
all his excitement for summer was gone.
A week had passed and the day was here
for Shawn to mow his first lawn of the year.
"I guess I should get started," he said
as he pulled the lawnmower out of the shed.
But there was something not seen by the child:
the lawnmower opened its eyes and smiled.
Marty the Mower was shiny and new,
and this was going to be his first lawn too.
When Marty the Mower was taken outside,
he started moving, with Shawn as a guide.
Shawn walked him forward and pushed him around
and Marty cut all of the grass in the ground.
He kept on going, and running on gas,
he cleared the lawn of each blade of grass.
Marty the Mower thought it was fun,
he loved every minute until he was done.
It was a fun day that Marty had had,
but when he went back in the shed, he was sad.
Stewart the Shovel was wondering why,
"If you had fun, what's making you cry?"
Marty was quiet before he replied,
"I just can't wait to go back outside."
That was the only thing Marty would say
until it was finally lawn-mowing day.
Marty was very excited at first,
but a few minutes later, he gained a great thirst.
He felt the sun, and it seemed like his oil
was getting so hot it was going to boil.
Marty kept working, even though it was hard,
to cut up all of the grass in the yard.
After a while, he started to sweat,
but he knew he wouldn't be done quite yet.
When Marty was done, he was put in the shed.
"I don't want to do that again," he said.
Then Stewart the Shovel spoke out of the blue,
"When I started working, I thought that too.
But you know what got me out of the dumps?
I thought of the fun parts instead of the bumps.
Try to enjoy it whenever you mow."
So Marty decided to give it a go.
For the next few weeks, Marty was kind
and put the bad thoughts in the back of his mind.
He didn't whine and he didn't complain.
He even stayed strong when it started to rain.
And soon, he remembered why he had fun
when summer had started and his job had begun.
When Marty looked at his work with a smile,
that's when he got his old lawn-mowing style.
When another summer was under his belt,
Marty told Stewart how thankful he felt.
"At first, I thought that work wouldn't end.
But you got me through it.  You're a good friend.
If you hadn't given me help on that day,
I don't think I would have made it okay."
Then Stewart said, with a tear in his eye,
"Thank you Marty, you're a good guy."
That was when Marty turned his head
and looked out the window on the side of the shed.
Marty showed Stewart, and they looked in awe
at the sudden change of the weather they saw.
The sun wasn't there to keep the grass growing.
Instead, they noticed the clouds that were snowing.
Stewart then spoke, with a voice filled with cheer,
"Summer is over, but winter is here."
Then Stewart watched the door open and grinned,
and in came Shawn and a cold blast of wind.
He started to walk, tracking snow on the floor,
making complaints about his new chore.
Now that Marty had no lawn to mow,
Shawn took Stewart to shovel the snow.
"I'll be back soon, but you did your best.
Now it's my turn to work and your turn to rest."