Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stockton's Jacket

Stockton got a letterman's jacket for his birthday.  Mike picked it up today.  Letterman's jackets are different than they were when Mike got his years and years ago.  Back then they were all the same.  This time Stockton got to personalize everything.  He picked the red, the sleeve colors, the buttons, the cuff and collar.  I think he did a great job!  I was a little worried about the buttons, but they ended up looking really nice.  I can not visualize anything, so I was really happy with how this turned out.  Stockton's school colors are red, black and silver.  Mike also picked up two bars because he has earned his letter twice, but Stockton didn't want to put those on quite yet.
Jorja had a group of friends come over.  They like to be loud.  They played games for a long time.  It's nice to see Jorja so happy.
Daxton, Noah, Katlyn, Jorja, Natalie, Jade
Stockton had a take home calculus test today.  He didn't start it until really late for two reasons.  He was studying most of the time and Jorja's friends were really loud.  I hope he does well on this one!  Yikes!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I watched Anne today.  I had Matt leave her carseat because I needed to take Maysen to school and then pick her up again.  I exercised this morning and then wanted to get a shower in before Anne got here. Jorja was about ready to leave.  I told her, "I'm getting in the shower, don't forget your math paper.  It is on Side Table along with your calculator."  That is literally the last thing I said to her before she left for school.  Well, wouldn't you know it.  She left both of them on the table. Jorja wanted me to bring it to school.  I had no way to do that. Maysen had the car until she got back from vet class.  Jorja was nervous and said she couldn't take the test without her calculator.  As soon as Maysen got home I put the car seat in the car, woke up Anne and headed to the school.  The office called Jorja down.  I handed the things to her and said, "You owe me, I love you but you owe me."

Anne was so happy today.  We watched a bit of Mulan in the morning before I put her for an early nap.  Anne played trains for a long time with Maysen.  Her favorite thing was to put tracks on Maysen's belly.  I put her down for an afternoon nap before I left to diving with Stockton. I talked traded my dad Anne watching days.  We will get her next Wednesday instead of the week after.  The kids will be on spring break and will get to play with Anne all day.  I think everyone will like that.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Hurdle

I took Stockton to diving today.  He has an AP History thing on Thursday.  Tyce had Stockton work on a different hurdle.  It was fun watching Stockton learn.  It seems so grown up, even though Stockton likes to tease Josh that he is dancing when he does it.  Hopefully he'll start to feel comfortable doing this because I think it will help him a lot!

I 'kind of' watched the BYU game while Stockton was diving.  I watched the animated basket being shot.  We listened to the game on the ride home.  There were only seven minutes left when we got home.  I really thought BYU might pull it off.  Too bad they couldn't quite do it.  What a fun year.  I'm going to miss watching Collingsworth play.  He was fun!

Stockton played ping pong for Young Mens.  Noah Valentine and Stockton came over here and played the first game.  They were close the entire game, but Noah ended up winning.  Noah went to a different house, then Landon and Ian came over.  Stockton won both of them. They all went to another house where Noah Heaton ended up winning the tournament.  Stockton enjoyed this activity!

Our neighbor, Melissa, got her mission call.  Knoxville, Tennessee Spanish speaking.  How exciting!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Skit Practice

I had scouts today.  Judy couldn't come because she is out of town.  We worked on our skit for pack meeting.  I had been dreading this for so long, but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated.  The boys did great.  I will be really glad when the skit is over.  I hate being in charge of things like this.  Definitely out of my comfort zone!

Sunday, March 27, 2016


This is the only picture I took today.  My phone ran out of batteries right after I took it.  Preston and his Easter basket.  He was quite happy.  Maysen even had an Easter basket that was hidden in the guest room.
We arrived home around 1:30.  Maysen was at church.  I'm glad we were able to see her for most of Easter.  Stockton beat Paper Jam on his 3DS and is quite proud of that.  We didn't do anything fancy.  Mike made homemade noodles for dinner and we played games.  It was fun.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Larkin's Baptism

Larkin was baptized today!  Mike came over early to fill the font.  If we would have thought about it in advance, he could have left the keys with us and not worried about it at all.  I came and relieved him.  I brought Jeff's stocking to work on while I waited.  That font takes awhile to fill!  We made sure it was nice and warm for Larkin.  They had two other baptisms later in the day, so we didn't have to drain it.

The baptism was great.  I was able to lead the music.  My dad gave a talk on baptism and Christen's sister gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.  My dad poured water from the place where Jesus was baptized into the font.  He made a big deal about how Jesus was baptized in yucky water at the lowest point on earth.  I was worried he was doing too good of a job describing that and Larkin wouldn't want to get in the water!  She was brave though.

Larkin was baptized in the same dress Skye was.  Christen was also baptized in this dress.  Christen was the first one baptized in this dress. All of her little sisters and their daughters were baptized in this as well. Christen's mom made this dress.  I wish I had that kind of talent!  It's beautiful and Larkin looked so sweet and pretty in it.
Mike & Larkin
 Mike, Larkin & Christen
 Larkin & Mike
 Stephanie & Mike
 Stephanie & Larkin
I didn't take a picture with my phone of the tables Christen set up.  She, of course, had everything looking spectacular.  She set out muffins, fruit and water along with pictures of Larkin and books for people to sign.  She also had allergy free muffins she made for Larkin and Blake. She wanted them to be able to pick something up off of the table.  I asked her what she did for the sacrament.  They have a special bag for them.  There are some other people with allergies in the ward as well. Once when Blake took his wafer she didn't think it looked right.  Blake took a bite and immediately threw up.  They had gotten Blake's allergy bag mixed up with another.  That poor kid!  Christen said Larkin sits at the allergy table at school.  They have it up high.  She used to be able to pick a friend to eat with her, but now one of her best friends has allergies too.  Blake will be sitting up there next year.  That is one trial I am grateful not to be blessed with!

We went to Skye's soccer game this afternoon.  It was windy!  Skye's team won.  I sat and watched it next to Mike.  My Mike and Jorja played catch.  Preston had my phone and took random pictures and videos.  Larkin and some of her other cousins played in the motorhome during the game.  Stockton was in there too, so I wasn't worried.  They sure love that!  I'm glad!
You can kind of see Mike (in brown) & kind of see Stephanie (in black)
Mike bought pizza for everyone at a nearby restaurant.  We filled our bellies before it was time to head back home.  I would have stayed later, but I'm anxious to get back to Maysen.  I don't want her to spend her entire Easter alone!
Mike, Preston, Stephanie, Jorja, Stockton
 Mike, Preston & Stephanie
Sure miss that brother of mine!  I wish he lived closer, but I'm glad he has found a place he loves.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Building Mike's House

Okay, that was really weird.  I wrote a few paragraphs and all of a sudden the computer erased everything I wrote.  I just watched the cursor erasing it one letter at a time and I couldn't do anything to stop it.  Weird.  Anyways, last night was really cold.  Our furnace isn't working.  Mike didn't want to run the generator because we were kind of close to other cars in the rest area.  That is okay, we were prepared for it, but it was still cold!  We arrived at Mike's house in the afternoon. Skye was watching us through the window.  Blake was really happy to see us!  He loved playing with Stockton!  So fun to be with these guys. Mike took us over to see his new house.  I have been looking forward to this!  I can't wait to come back and invade!  I joked with Mike that he should set up an RV pad with water/sewer/electricity; what a nice campground that would be!
Front of Mike's house
Jorja, Preston, Mike & Mike
 View from Blake & Parker's room (I think)
 View from Larkin's room
 Looking down to the living area
 Preston on the roof outside of Skye's room
Okay, I might have gotten all of the rooms mixed up.  It is kind of hard to tell what I'm looking at from the pictures.  This house will be great for them.  I'm really excited to see it finished!  After touring the house we had dinner at Chick-Fil-A.  Skye, Blake and Larkin rode with us. Blake loved going to the bathroom anytime we were moving.  He thought that was cool!  He called the motorhome a 'limousine'.  Larkin called it a 'homemobile'.  I like that!  Christen's family was at Chick-Fil-A.  We ate and then went to set up for the baptism.  We were hoping to let the kids run around the gym, but there was another family having a family reunion.  We decided to sleep in the church parking lot. Christen and I were the last ones out.  She drove me to the motorhome, just across the parking lot.  We ended up talking for about an hour in the car.  I felt bad because I know she has a ton to do before the baptism, but we never see each other.  It was so great to catch up!

Apparently my kids had my phone while we were setting up.  There were 100 pictures on there.  Most of them extremely blurry pictures. Here are a few of the not blurry ones.
 Stockton & Jorja
 Preston & Stockton
Stockton was pretty sick yesterday.  Just exhausted.  He came home and slept until it was time to leave and then he slept the rest of the way. He felt a little better today, but was not back to 100%.  Poor guy.  He always gets sick when there is a day off.  Almost like his body has worked so hard and just crashes.  At least he made it to the end of the quarter.  Three down, one to go.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Different Opinions

My visiting teachers came over this morning.  They are really nice and I enjoy visiting with them.  Although today we got into an argument.  I was telling them my stresses about the end of the quarter. Somehow that evolved to my children are lazy because they don't have jobs.  Oh man.  I did not take that well.  I told them, well only one of them had this opinion, that my kids have the rest of their life to have a job.  There is only a short time in life to be a kid.  I also was thinking, but didn't say, that I had a job in high school.  I missed a few family trips because of it.  Once I left high school my mom got sick and my family crumbled. I missed the last few years of my happy family, all because of a minimum wage job.  Anyways, I was telling them that I was hoping my kids would get scholarships.  That is when I saw the eye roll.  Oh man. I was so angry.  I said, "What?  Do you have a problem with that?"  She said, "What's wrong with pell grants?  My sisters both worked three jobs during their senior year.  What's wrong with that?"  Well, nothing is wrong with that.  Doesn't mean scholarships is a bad way to go either.  She then told me kids today don't know how to work.  Again, that made me furious.  I told her that Stockton was taking calculus as a 10th grader.  He has all hard classes.  Next year he is taking five AP classes and two concurrent enrollment classes.  Don't tell me he doesn't know how to work hard.  Granted, my kids aren't the best at yard work and stuff, but that doesn't mean they are lazy.  Wow I was mad.  Well, not really mad just extremely annoyed.  Anyway, I really like these two ladies despite this one interaction.  I hope things are not awkward the next time I see them.

I was able to talk to my brother John today.  It is his birthday.  Cassie gave him this Blue Jays string/nail thing.  Look how fun!  I wish we lived closer to them.  Scratch that, I wish they lived closer to us! 
 Side view

Jorja got glasses today.  She has been begging for them for probably a year now.  She wanted to be able to see without her contacts.  Seems like a reasonable request.  I'm just super slow getting things done.  We picked up Jorja's glasses on the way to New Mexico.  We are driving down there to see Larkin get baptized.  Maysen wasn't able to come with us, so she will be home by herself for several days.  She loves being alone.  We didn't get too far today.  Only to Price, but that's better than nothing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Stockton had his French test today.  He needed to get an A on the test to keep his 4.0.  Stockton texted me after his class and said, "I got a 36 on one and a 32 on the other."  I was pretty sure this was out of 40 and high enough to get him an A.  I jokingly texted back, "I hope that is not a percent."  About an hour later Stockton replied, "Yeah it's a percent, I don't know what went wrong."  I was pretty sure he was pranking me because I don't think Stockton could score that low if he tried, especially in French. Luckily he was kidding.  He ended up with a 96% in French and a 96% in Calculus.  Yay!  Although he has a 94% in AP World History and it looks like they might have a quiz tomorrow.  That would be annoying if that was the class that lost his 4.0 for him.  The end of the quarter is always so stressful!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


This is the last week in the quarter.  The last week is always so stressful. Stockton had a take home calculus test today.  He also has a huge French test tomorrow.  He is on the bubble with French, so he really needs an A.  He has worked so hard.  I'm really proud of him.  Maysen has all As right now in her classes as well.  I hope it stays that way!

Mike, Maysen and I went to the caucus tonight.  It took forever!  I felt bad for my friend Melissa from Boston.  This was her first caucus.  She thought it would be like a primary and she could just come in and vote. She had her two little girls with her.  Finally she just left.  I nominated a guy named Elliot to be a state delegate.  I asked him if he wanted me to nominate him.  He said no, but his eyes said yes.  I nominated him anyway.  He did really well when he was talking about his beliefs.  We had six or seven nominees for two positions.  Elliot and a girl named Kristen are our delegates.  They are the two I voted for.  They are both anti-Trump.  That was important to me!  Our group voted for Cruz with 59 votes.  Trump got 22 and Kasich got 10.  I was looking over the shoulder of the people tallying the votes.  At first Trump was ahead.  I caught Nate Wixom's eye.  We both shook our heads and mouthed, "What is happening?" and "I can't believe it!"  Luckily Cruz pulled out ahead.  Mike was also picked to be a county delegate.  As we were driving home Maysen told me she regretted not having me nominate her for a county delegate.  She thought it would be cool to go to her government class and be able to tell Mr. Ochoa that she was a county delegate.  I wasn't sure if she was available the day the delegates have their meeting.  Would have been cool though.  I texted Melissa the results when I got home.  She was relieved.  She texted back that she was happy with anyone but Trump.

Monday, March 21, 2016


Preston looked so cute this morning.  It was really dark, so I couldn't get a good picture.  His arm was over his head and his leg was twisted weird.  Comfy?  I usually find him upside down in the morning.  He always makes me smile.  Even when he's asleep.
I had scouts today.  We worked on a skit for pack meeting.  I am NOT looking forward to that!  I hate things like that.  I don't mind helping, but I hate being in charge.  One of my scouts was obsessed with being a villain in the skit.  I texted the cub master to ask what the theme for the next pack meeting is.  She texted back after scouts that the theme will be kindness.  Well, our skit is definitely not about kindness!

Sunday, March 20, 2016


We went to the Provo City Center Temple dedication this morning.  We were at the first session and got to see Elder Oaks fill part of the cornerstone.  I had never seen that before.  Mike and I forgot to bring handkerchiefs for everyone.  I felt bad about that.

Spencer is home from Harvard for a bit.  Steve and Shannon had everyone over to celebrate.  I found a ton of pictures and videos on my phone.  Most of them were about rubik's cubes.  Weston is pretty good at them.  I don't know why Jorja sticks her tongue out in pictures.  She is wearing Weston's glasses.
Spencer and Jorja talked for awhile in Chinese.  It was awesome!  I love how Jorja's not shy anymore.  Preston could understand what they were saying for the most part.  Really, really fun.  I wish I could hear them like this more often.

We had dinner and played games.  Everyone was there except the missionaries and Lisa and Nathan.  They were pretty sick.  Scoop was even in town.  That was fun to see him.  Cori wasn't there, she was helping a family member back East.  It was so nice to be together.  That is another thing I wish we would do more often.  We looked forward so much to being around family when we moved back, we were especially excited for Sunday dinners.  Once we got back, the family stopped getting together.  It's been quite sad.  I wish my kids would have had to opportunity to really get to know their cousins. I love days like today.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Stockton had to be at the pool early in the morning.  They were able to warm up for a long time.  We had to wait until around lunch time of his event.  His best dive was his 2 1/2, mostly 7s on that one!
Stockton landed his front 1 1/2 full twist, or as Stockton calls it: 5132D. He didn't get high marks, but he didn't fail this dive.  Considering he hadn't ever successfully finished this dive before we came to Colorado, I think that's amazing.  What guts he has!
Stockton finished in 6th place.  The top 6 qualify for nationals. Nationals are held in California around the end of May.  He won't qualify for nationals in the 1 meter since he isn't competing tomorrow. He could do 3 meter and platform.  I'm not sure what we are going to do.  I guess we'll wait for more information before we decide anything.
Micky, Matt, Chris, Ashley, Tasha, Stockton
Lizzie, Marie
Maysen spent the day volunteering at a pet place.  She seemed to enjoy it and sent me pictures of her with dogs.
Mike, Stockton and I took off shortly after Stockton finished.  Mike drove the entire way and I was able to read in the back for awhile.  That was nice!  We got home around 6:00.  The kid did great without us. They are at a really great age.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Mike and I checked Stockton out of school around lunch time and headed to Colorado.  Stockton has a diving tournament this weekend. He is only able to compete on the 3 meter because the 1 meter event in his age category is on Sunday.  We opted out of that.  Mike drove the motorhome so Stockton was able to sleep the entire way.  The best thing about the motorhome is Stockton is able to catch up on sleep.  He does not sleep long at home.

We made it to the pool around 4:30, right when warm ups started. These guys dove until about 7:30.  Stockton went to Colorado without ever having competed his twist dive.  The one he smacked on a few days ago.  Well, he pulled it off!  This is the first time he successfully landed his front 1 1/2 full twist.  Ignore his happy mom cheering, but his coach is hilarious.  While holding a baby she jumped up and did a little dance.  The video is hard to see, but you can make out what is happening.
We went as a team to Chili's after practice.  The kids were beat.  The dive club had made a reservation there a few days before for 8:00.  I don't think we were seated until around 9.  Laurel was furious.  She did get free appetizers for our entire table.  I watched the BYU game from my phone.  Just watched what was happening with a little animated basketball court.  It would have dots where the basket was shot from and sometimes I would catch an animated dot arching toward the basket.  Not sure how to best explain that, but it was better than nothing!  I'm glad BYU pulled out the win!

My dad came over and picked up Preston for a sleepover.  He spoiled him rotten with pizza, milkshakes, and movies.  I little kid heaven. Maysen and Jorja stayed at home by themselves.  They were both happy with that arrangement.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


I had breakfast with Becky and Jacqui this morning.  We went to Protein Foundry or something like that.  We shared an acai bowl, a dragon fruit bowl and two fancy pieces of toast.  Becky is going to have a baby in September.  That is exciting!  I was teasing Jacqui that all of our friends were having babies recently and now it is her turn.  She did not agree.

Stockton didn't work on his twist dive that he smacked on today.  He learned a different twist dive.  He has no idea what he is going to do at the competition in Colorado this weekend.  That will be interesting.  

Maysen and I went to a relief society activity.  We had to write one thing people might not know about us.  They pulled out the papers and we had to guess.  Maysen wrote that she hates wearing jeans.  I put that I had been to 49 states.  I figured most of my friends knew that, but most of them weren't there.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Learning a Dive

I have no idea why I couldn't get my blog to work these last few days. Now I will play catch up.  I went to dive with Stockton.  He wanted to compete a inward 1 1/2 full twist at the dive competition on Saturday. That is what he signed up for.  As soon as he walked into practice Laurel said, "No!"  Stockton said, "Yes"  Laurel said, "Well, we'll work on them and see."  Turns out they only worked on the dive Laurel wanted him to do.  She wanted him to do a 1 1/2 full twist.  Stockton has wanted to learn that dive for awhile.  Twists are hard.  Here is Stockton's first attempt at that dive on the 3 meter.
I wish I had kept the camera rolling for longer because Matt and Mickey were both on the floor laughing so hard, for a long time! Stockton is a really good sport, but that had to hurt!

I watched the BYU game today.  That was a fun game!  BYU dominated!  I took this screen shot at halftime.
Ha! people.....BYU is ahead by 21, not the other way around.  I pointed it out to Mike.  (I had been watching the game by myself.)  He said, "Are you sure BYU is ahead?  Sometimes I get confused who is winning."  Hahahahahahahahahaha!  YES, I'm sure I know BYU is ahead by 21 points.  All of my cheering downstairs should have been a clue.  Mike wasn't 100% convinced that I was right.  I thought that was hilarious.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Egg Drop

I took Maysen up to Orem to volunteer at a pet clinic.  She cleaned out their cages for a couple of hours.  She needs to get 80 hours in by the end of the school year.  Right now she has 2.  Oh boy.  I had my scouts meet me to deliver fliers.  Only two scouts were able to come.  It started snowing pretty hard.  Luke and Eli were troopers and got both of our streets delivered.  They were panting so hard!  We had pack meeting right after delivering the fliers.  The boys got to do an egg drop with recyclable materials.  Mike and I had been collecting for this for a long time.  We brought a giant bucket.  We did not bring the packing peanuts.  That was a disaster!  It is all cleaned up now.
Eli & Preston
 Preston & Eli
I was too slow to get a picture of Ashley dropping Preston's contraption.  Their egg did not survive.  At least it didn't spat everywhere!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Eat My Feelings

I ate my feelings a lot today.  This morning I was looking at Instagram and saw this post from my friend.
I had no idea it was New Beginnings.  I was so sad.  Plus, most of these girls dressed up were my beehives.  Now they are all Laurels.  I wish I could have seen this.  I feel like I miss everything with Jorja.  Now, even the things I'm allowed to go to I miss.  I wish this had been announced in church.  Instead, I spent the evening filling out March Madness brackets.  That certainly could have waited.  I guess they gave girls invitations wrapped up like a scroll.  I asked Jorja if she got one. She said, "Oh!  I thought it was a quote or a church talk and I never got around to opening it."  I feel lost in scouts.  I am just really sad I missed this.

When Mike woke up I was eating a cupcake.  I said, "Don't mind me, I'm just eating my feelings."   We talked about plans for the day.  I was meeting my cousins at the Cheesecake Factory.  I have been looking forward to this, and it was a perfect day to be able to see them.  Maysen has been driving to vet in the morning.  She comes home around 10:30 and then I take her to school.  She decided to leave her books/homework for her afternoon class so she wouldn't need to take everything.  I told her just to remember them because I was going to lunch with my cousins.  We left early so I could make it to lunch in plenty of time.  As I was driving to the freeway I was thinking about our last lunch.  I had accidentally scheduled a visiting teaching appointment right before and I arrived about five minutes late.  I was thinking about how happy I was that I would be early!  I hate being late.  It gives me so much anxiety.  I especially hate being late to anything with Heather.  She is always on time, which I love.  Anyways, I was almost to the freeway and feeling pretty happy about everything when I get a call from Maysen.  She said, "I'm an idiot."  You guessed it. She left all her books and homework at home.  I had to turn around, drive all the way back home, drive to school, give the things to Maysen and then drive to Salt Lake.  When she opened the door I said, "You owe me.  I love you."  I was so disappointed.  I was upset.  I had been looking forward to this for a long time and it just fell apart.  Heather and Jordyn only have their lunch break to visit.  I got on the freeway four minutes before I was supposed to be there.  I ended up being twenty minutes late.  So frustrating and disappointing.  It was fun to see my cousins.  I love them!  Heather, Jordyn and Larkin were there.  I wish I would have said, "Play rock paper scissors, order me whatever the winner orders."  That would have been funny, and everything at the Cheesecake Factory is delicious.

I stopped by Village Inn on the way home.  I picked up a mint brownie pie for pi day.  That pie was so good!  For those keeping score, I had a cupcake for breakfast, cheesecake for lunch and pie for dinner.  It was quite a delicious day.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

March Madness

Stockton loves March Madness.  He loves the randomness of the brackets.  Every year he decides who wins by rolling dice.  This year he actually has a number one seed winning the entire thing.  Preston and I picked ours by rolling dice as well, except I did some of the first round. I didn't want any number one seeds getting beat out by sixteen right off the bat.  I also have a number one seed winning, although I was rooting for Kentucky when it came to the final game.
Preston ~ overtime!
Mike drew his winners out of a bowl.  The first team picked was the one who would win the entire thing.
 Vanderbilt.  Nice play in team.  Good luck!
 Mike's bracket
 Bracket Door
We are still waiting for Mike to fill out his NIT bracket.  I told Stockton I would print the women's tomorrow.  He got a big grin and said, "More brackets!"  Yep.  More brackets.