Sunday, January 31, 2016

Anne's Selfies

Jorja taught Anne how to take selfies today.  Here are the results.
Plus about ten more that look just like that.  Matt and Sam came over so we could play two more games of Risk Legacy.  Matt won the first one.  I had all of North and South America and was doing awesome. He only had a few countries but was locked in constant battles and able to win.  Weird.  That's okay, I won the next game.  I was attacking Preston in order to win the game.  My dice beat his dice so I should have won. Instead Maysen used her rocket she had been saving and defeated me. I was still able to win, but it came down to my last guy.

I decided to let Jorja to go to Oakcrest with a different stake.  She is going with my dad's stake and will room with Katlyn.  She is thrilled about that.  I spent a lot of time talking to Jenny about it.  There are only two other girls that are in 7th grade.  Both weren't 100% sure if their daughters were going to go.  I didn't want Jorja to go by herself because Maysen had such a horrible experience.  I was extremely nervous for Jorja to go with girls she wasn't that familiar with either. Jorja has had a hard time feeling like she belongs in this ward.  On the way to my dad's church she said, "Everyone in our ward and in my Chinese class thinks of me as the shy one because they have known me for so long.  It is hard to get them to see me differently."  I guess it was a giant blessing that Jorja didn't have any classes with people she knew.  She sure has come out of her shell this year and is having a blast.

April Hardcastle was at the meeting.  Her daughter is Jorja's age as well.  I talked with her for a long time.  She has five girls and one boy. The boy is her 2nd oldest.  Just opposite my family.  We stood out in the snow as we talked.  If we were smart we would have moved two feet so we weren't being snowed on the entire time.  It was great catching up with her.  April married someone Mike and I went to high school with and someone Mike served his mission with.  She told me she has Mike's picture hanging up in their kitchen.  Only because it is a mission picture of Chad and Mike happens to be in it.  Ha!

It was really scary getting back home.  The roads were super slippery.  I was so relieved when we pulled into our driveway.  I even made it to the top!  Yay!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bye-Bye Dr. Who

I have wanted to watch Dr. Who with my family.  I put it on my kids chore list so they have to watch it with me.  We took a long break because things have been so hectic, but we started again today.  We are only in the middle of the 2nd season.  I didn't start really liking the series until a lot later.  For sure not until Rose was not his companion anymore.  Well, when we watched it today there was a message that popped up saying Dr. Who was leaving Netflix on February 1st.  NO!!!!! I am not happy about this at all!

Jorja and I cleaned out the fridge today and it looks so good!  It was a lot more fun to clean it out with her than by myself.  I took Maysen and Stockton shopping at Costco today.  On a Saturday!  It wasn't super crazy because the snow must have kept a lot of people home.  I signed up to bring 90 lunches to the homeless shelter on Tuesday.  Maysen and Stockton are helping me with this for NHS service hours.  They even paid $40 each for all of the food.  We are also going to do this with the scouts on Monday.  Service hours for everyone!

Speaking of snow, there is a lot of it outside.  I went to my exercise class this morning and was fine, but I got stuck coming up the big hill by my house.  I called Mike and woke him up.  He hurried to come and help me.  Doug Brady and Kirk Withers stopped to help me.  Doug was wearing flip flops.  I teased him about them.  He said, "Really?  You're going to make fun of me when I'm trying to help you?"  That made me laugh.  Doug backed the car all the way down the hill and then made a run for it.  He drove up the wrong side of the road because it wasn't as icy.  Too bad cars started coming down so he had to switch sides and got stuck.  Mike came soon after with a rope thing.  They hooked it from my car to Kirk's truck.  They were able to pull me up and I was able to get home.  Surprisingly I had no trouble getting up our driveway.  Usually it is the opposite.  I had a hair appointment set up for Stockton as soon as I got back.  I did not want to leave the house right then.  Mike took him in his jeep.  I was grateful for that!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Switching Teachers

I volunteer on Fridays in Preston's class.  Just easy stuff like correcting spelling tests.  When I got to school they were in the middle of an assembly.  I found Preston's teacher and she asked if I could correct her 5th grade papers.  I was a bit confused.  Preston spends 1/2 of his day with Mrs. Redd his English teacher and 1/2 of his day with Ms. Wu his Chinese teacher.  The other 3rd grade class spends 1/2 of their day with Ms. Wu and 1/2 of their day with Mrs. Tomalison.  Mrs. Redd and Mrs. Tomalison have only been working 1/2 days, which has worked out well for them.  Anyways, I guess a 5th grade teacher quit at Christmas because she was getting married.  Mrs. Tomalison and Mrs. Redd now split her class.  Yikes!  I feel bad for the 5th graders.  They lost their main teacher, now they will have two different teachers who are used to the 3rd grade curriculum.  Not only that but every month they switch which class goes to Chinese first and which class goes to English first, so this class will switch when they see their teachers as well.  Hope everyone has a good experience, at least these two teachers are really good.  Well, Mrs. Redd is, I have no idea about Mrs. Tomalison.

I asked Sam over Christmas if I could be one of her readers.  I got my first manuscript today.  It is a test manuscript.  I'm excited and a little nervous.  I read their example of a 5 star review.  I know I am not as detailed oriented as that person!  I just don't notice things.  Mike likes to tell me it is because I'm a Millburn.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stockton's 16th Birthday

Stockton is now 16 years old and I can hardly believe it.  We have been incredibly blessed to have him as part of our family.  I managed to get this picture of him before he rushed off to school.
I was looking through some old pictures today so I could post a collage on Instagram.  Here are just a few.
Stockton with the Reading Bowl trophy
 Stockton & Stephanie
 Stockton holding Preston
 Tiny baby Stockton
 Maysen & Stockton ~ I LOVE this one!
 Stockton and his bird arms
Stockton had diving today and I was a big fail at taking videos.  Here is a picture of the first time he did a reverse off the platform.  Well, I'm not positive that it was his first time, but I wanted to video it. Especially since he ripped it and everyone cheered.  By the way, ripping is way good in diving.  If you hit the water just right it makes a loud thunking sound.  Not sure the best way to describe it.
I did get a video of Stockton doing a 2 1/2 off the three.  I just hope I can figure out how to get the videos on the blog.  Sometimes I can do it, sometimes I can't.  It might just be a big empty screen.  If it is, I'm sorry.
There is a tradition in diving where on your birthday you jump off the platform while everyone throws their shammies at you.  I'm not sure if this is a BYU tradition, a Utah tradition or a diving tradition.  Anyway, Stockton managed to make it through diving without anyone knowing it was his birthday.  As he was drying off I walked by Tyce and told him it was Stockton's birthday.  Tyce said, "Stockton!  Up on 5!"  Everyone sang Happy Birthday to him before he jumped.  Here is his jump.  Once again, I apologize if the video does not work.
Stockton and I picked up his cake and nuggets on our way home.  We had ordered both previously so it was easy.  I cheated on my 'no sugar' diet today and enjoyed his extremely delicious cake.  That will have to hold me over until March.
We gave Stockton a lot of shirts because he keeps growing.  The kids gave him a Paper Mario 3DS game.  Mike wrapped up his lettermans jacket and told him he could pick out one.

Seth and Isaac came over tonight to talk to Stockton about coming into the priest quorum.  That is going to take a bit of time to wrap my head around that one!
Really Jorja?  Again?
My dad came tonight with ice cream and a card.  He walked downstairs and said, "Milkshakes!"  Stockton likes to say that when he sees my dad.  He had digested enough after cake and nuggets that he was more than happy to have my dad make him a milkshake.  He also gave him cash.  Mike's dad called and talked to him for a bit as well.  He received a card from him with a check in it today also.

In non-Stockton related news, Maysen had her very first job interview today.  She feels like she did really well and they have asked her back for a working interview.  They said they would call in a few days to set it up.  Hopefully she gets this job.  She would love it.  It is at an animal clinic.  I think she cleans the dog cages and plays with the dogs.  Not sure.  She needs 80 hours working with animals for her vet class, so we have our fingers crossed for this one!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No Anne

I was scheduled to watch Anne today.  I got up early and did my super hard exercise class and got everyone off to school.  I hurried and showered so I would be ready.  About 9:00 Sam called and said that Anne was still asleep.  Anne was sick yesterday and Sam thought she was probably still sick since she was sleeping that long.  Poor little girl. I called Mike and let him know that Anne wasn't coming and we set up a lunch date.  Around 10:00 Sam texted that Anne had woken up and was a lot better than she thought and was wondering if I had made other plans.  I told her I set up a lunch date with Mike but could watch Anne after.  I asked Mike if we could have an early lunch.  Before we were even able to eat I got a call from Maysen.  She needed me to bring something to her and meet her at school at 12:30.    She wasn't positive about the time because they were on assembly schedule today.  I asked Sam if she could bring up Anne after 1:00.  She decided to just keep her home.  I hope Sam was able to get her work done.  It ended up being a good thing though because Maysen and Stockton had a NHS meeting after school.  Luckily Stockton's diving was pushed back and didn't start until 4:30 today, although that made for a very long day for Stockton.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

University of Utah

I picked Maysen up after physics and we headed straight to Salt Lake. We had a tour of University of Utah scheduled.  It ended up being only us and one other prospective student.  That student was about four years older than Maysen.  The tour lasted about 2 1/2 hours and was a lot of walking.  I'm glad the weather was nice.  I would not have enjoyed that at all if we were walking in the rain!  Unless it was light warm rain like we had all the time in Seattle.  The housing looked nice as well.  It is where the athletes stayed during the 2002 Olympics.  Our tour guide said, "So you could actually live where Michael Phelps stayed."  I asked, "Wasn't it the winter Olympics that was held here?" Well, it wasn't really a question because I knew the answer but I thought someone should let her know that there was no way Michael Phelps stayed here.  Then I mentioned Michelle Kwan might work better for that comment.  Maysen seemed to like the tour but did think it was just a bit too long.

After the tour Maysen wanted to go to Target to get Stockton a birthday present.  I put Target in the GPS and we started towards it.  The GPS took us close to City Creek and said we were there.  We had no idea where to go.  If there was a Target there it was probably in a big building.  I was looking for a place with a giant free parking lot.  We decided to go to the one by our house instead.  We picked up a few things for Stockton's birthday then went straight home.  As soon as I walked in the door Preston asked if we could go to his spirit night at Zupas.  Stockton and Jorja had their youth night so I thought I would order pick up.  I took everyone's order and called only to get an answering machine that said they have sold out of pick up orders for the day.  Weird.  Turns out that the school deal is for eat in only anyways.  So, Stockton and Jorja were left to fend for themselves and I took Maysen and Preston to Zupas.  Preston liked that a lot.  It was the first spirit night we have been able to go to all year.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mouse Trap Dragsters

I have been looking forward to this day for a long time and it did not disappoint!  Jordyn moved back to Utah!  I am so happy!  Jordyn and Heather both work in Salt Lake.  Today I met them for lunch at Blue Lemon.  The food was delicious and the company was even better. Hopefully this becomes a tradition!
Heather, Stephanie, Jordyn
We finished up our Motor's Away adventure today.  We were supposed to make cars that would be powered with something other than a motor.  The example in the scout book was to make a car powered by a balloon.  That sounded a lot like a craft and I did not like this idea one bit!  I asked Mike a few weeks ago if he could help me with it.  He said he would.  Although because Mike is Mike he wasn't going to do a boring balloon powered car.  Nope.  These cars were going to be powered by mouse traps!  The boys loved them!  Today was Brady's first day at scouts.  It is actually his birthday today.  What a fun scouts to start with!  I sent his mom this picture during the meeting.
It was cute because I know Brady was not excited at all about coming. His mom sent me a text afterwords saying he is now hooked for life! Yikes!  That is a lot of pressure to live up to!  Too bad Mike isn't always their leader.
Mike, Eli, Burke, Brady
 Luke, Brady, Eli, Burke
Too bad Crew isn't in our den anymore, he sure would have loved this!
Mike and I were a bit exhausted after scouts that we completely forgot about Family Home Evening.  Whoops!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Risk Legacy

Jorja did a great job on her talk today.  She practiced with me a few times this morning.  Kristin gave a talk today as well.  That was perfect! Jorja adores Kristin and sitting next to her completely calmed Jorja's nerves.  She smiled the entire time.  Kristin's just that awesome.  My dad also came and was there before we were.  It was extra cool because he had to sneak out of his church to come and see Jorja.  This is Jorja's talk:

When Jesus was on Earth, he walked and talked with his disciples.  He promised them that they would be given the gift of the Holy Ghost. John 14:26 says, "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you."  This scripture shows us that the Holy Ghost can reveal new knowledge, make connections, and bring into our minds forgotten things.

The Holy Ghost is our constant companion.  In John 8, Jesus says that the Holy Ghost is like wind.  You can't see the wind, but you can feel it on your skin and know it's there.  You can see the leaves move, or the flowers sway, or the flag wave.  You can see everything all around showing that the wind is there, but you can't see it at all.  Just like we can't see the Holy Ghost, but we can feel the warm feeling it gives us as it helps us find the path to lead us back to our Father in Heaven. When we do something right, we are filled with the feeling of His spirit, but when we do something wrong, we feel the Holy Ghost leave as we get a sick feeling inside.

I'd like to share a story with you that my brother told me about his friend Josh who recently moved out of our ward.  Stockton and Josh were at dive practice and Josh decided to try a new dive off the three-meter.  Before he went, he asked his coach to call him out.  Soon after he was in his tuck, his coach called him out just like Josh asked. However, Josh thought, It's not time to come out yet.  He must be wrong.  I'll stay in just a little longer... Once Josh thought he had been in his tuck for long enough; he came out to finish his dive. But because he didn't come out when his coach told him to, he ended up doing a very loud and painful belly flop.  The next time he tried this dive, he came out of his tuck right when his coach told him to, and ended with a successful dive.

In this story, his coach is like the Holy Ghost.  He prompted Josh to do the right thing, to come out of his tuck when he was supposed to, but Josh chose not to listen, which ended in a painful mistake.  The next time he tired, the Holy Ghost was still there.  This time, he listened and received the reward of God, or in this case, successfully completing this difficult dive.

Before I close, I'd like to share what Elder Anthony W. Ivins said in the April 1934 Conference.  That is, "While the Holy Ghost may be conferred upon us, and is designed to be our guide and support, it is only restrained and manifested in its fullness in our guidance and defense in proportion to the degree to which we cultivate it and listen to its promptings.  And once deprived of its presence we are left in darkness more dense than before its reception.  Cultivate it, my brethren and sisters, and it will become in reality the iron rod, which is the word of God, and will lead us back to Him."

If you go into a place where you know you're not supposed to go, you'll lose that joyful feeling you always have with the Holy Ghost. But it's not the Holy Ghost leaving you, it's you leaving the Holy Ghost as you choose to do what is wrong even when you know you shouldn't.  And once you come back, the Holy Ghost won't be there to welcome you.  He'll only come once you earnestly repent to your Father in Heaven and ask for His forgiveness.

I'd like to bear my testimony that I know the Holy Ghost will always be by our side watching out for us, and guiding us on our way to heaven.  He is always with us, even if we may not feel him there.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I was very proud of Jorja, and she is very relieved to have her first talk over with.  The best part is now she knows what to expect and won't be as nervous when she is asked to give a talk again.

Jorja's frog has been sick lately.  He was really sick after Christmas, but is doing a lot better.  He hasn't eaten much lately, so Jorja and Mike force fed him.  Mike held him and pried his mouth open with a frosting knife while Jorja stuck a cricket in his mouth.  They got him to eat two crickets this way.  Isn't he a beauty?
Mike got a new game called Risk Legacy.  Steve and his family brought this game up to the cabin.  Mike loved it.  It's crazy because based on decisions, you permanently alter the game.  They tell you to destroy cards.  Matt came up to play the game with us.  It is only five players, so it was Mike, Stephanie, Maysen, Preston and Matt.  Preston thought it was awesome.  Matt was weirded out at the prospect of destroying parts of the game.  Proof that he did though:
I guess you play the game 15 times and then the game is set permanently.  Maysen won the first game.  I should have won the second!  I was robbed!  I had enough stars to win, but there is an obnoxious rule that you can't cash in your cards until the beginning of your next turn . . . so technically I didn't have enough . . . but still! Once it was pointed out how close I was to winning ***cough, cough, Mike*** I was throttled!  Both Mike and Matt turned in all their cards for armies and attacked me.  Although by Matt attacking me it left him weak and on Preston's turn he came and destroyed Matt and me and put me completely out of the game.  Preston won the game on that turn.  Preston was thrilled, but I was robbed!  Mike said he wants to go and read the rules of the original Risk game to find out if you have to wait until your next turn to cash in cards.  He remembers Steve always immediately cashing in his cards for armies and then attacking.  Well, Sherry used to always sell the hotels off of Mike's spots on Monopoly, so I'm not sure how much the rule book was looked at in his family.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Mike and I were trying to organize some of our old photographs.  We have a long ways to go!  I found this beauty that I totally forgot about. Mike reminded me we had it hanging up in our hallway in Georgia for a long time.  These two were best friends for about a year and a half. This picture was taken right before Cameron moved back to Washington.
Cameron & Maysen
Stockton had a high school dive competition today at BYU  This car had a crazy paint job.  It looked like it changed colors as your drove past. Too bad it was in an accident.
Stockton took third place at the meet.  He did great.  He landed all of his dives and they looked really well.  After the meet we took Stockton to Pizza Pie Cafe.  It is similar to Stevie B's, but not quite as delicious. Stockton was very patient with us as Mike stopped at Home Depot and then I ran into Harmon's on the way home.  It took a lot longer than we thought.

Jorja is giving a talk in church tomorrow.  It is her first one.  She is very nervous.  She hung out in my room and we talked for several hours about it.  We spent a lot of time on  She was in tears and I asked her if she would like a blessing.  She did.  Mike gave Jorja a sweet blessing which seemed to calm her nerves.

I did say that Jorja and I talked for several hours.  It wasn't all sweet and anxiety.  Jorja took my phone and enjoyed taking lovely selfies of herself.  I will now enjoy posting several of them.  I won't post all because for some reason she took a billion!  (That might be a slight exaggeration.)
 Jorja's selfies
She also changed Mike's profile picture to a "lovely" selfie of her.  I made her change it back, but his original picture was Bowser from a picture on my old phone.  She went through and found different picture for me.  This is a lot better!  Look how adorable Mike is!
Jorja has become a master of procrastination.  She gets that trait from her mother.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

I had to go get weighed in for my exercise class today.  I did not want to do this.  I knew it would be bad.  I haven't gotten on a scale for a month, but I have had a month long eating binge.  That was fun. Anyway, I am up 9 pounds and 6 percent body fat.  Wow.  Now back to reality.

We had tickets to go to the Provo City Center Temple open house today. I had been really excited about this.  I wanted to see how the tabernacle had been changed.  It was so pretty.  Everything looked old fashioned, even the door hinges.  Outside they had burned door hinges next to their new replacements.  They did this with several things, it was fascinating.
Jorja, Stockton, Maysen, Mike & Preston
 Mike, Jorja, Stockton, Preston, Maysen
 Jorja, Stockton, Preston, Stephanie, Maysen
Mike took a selfie of himself for me to find later, the only problem was the flash went off and we all caught him.  It is a beautiful selfie.
We ended the day at Sizzler, it was very crowded.  I was very good and had salmon and broccoli.  It was delicious.  I'm glad I can handle salmon now, I used to hate it.  Preston has been cute, he has been taking care of me while I've been sick.  I'm feeling a lot better today, but not 100%.  Last night Preston asked Mike if he would help him put on-guard in a diffuser for me to breathe during the night.  What a sweet boy.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


I was sick and miserable today.  I spent a lot of the day in bed.  I hate being in bed because it makes my back hurt, but I was so cold!  I had the fireplace on and my heated mattress on 10.  I really missed having Josh dive with Stockton today, it would have been their day for carpool. I made it to the pool that's about an hour away and I survived. Sometimes Stockton's coaches have him do funny things.  They kept having him dive off of the three meeter starting from a prone position. Even though I felt terrible, I still love watching him dive.
On a side note, it was awesome that I could just stay in bed today.  I remember feeling horrible and having to get up and take care of all the little kids.  I miss my little kids, but it was nice to not need to worry about anyone else while I felt awful.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Spawn of Satan

Jorja is anxious to play softball.  She is nervous because she is now 13 and can't play with her old coach anymore.  She has been looking into different options.  I was trying to figure out something for her when I ran into a board that posted information about teams who need players or players who need teams.  I read a post that sounded exactly like Jorja.  It said, "My daughter is 13 and has done rec softball for two seasons.  She's extremely passionate for the sport and is looking for a competitive (for amateurs) team to join.  She's a catcher but will play any base.  Please text me at ***-***-**** if you're interested."  I then noticed that the person who posted this was Jorja!  I have no idea what number she used because it is a number I am not familiar with.  She's awesome.

Speaking of awesome.  Maysen.  She is amazing.  I love her.  Maysen was in her vet class today.  Dr. Frampton was giving a lecture on what to write down on paperwork.  Write down facts, not opinions. He wrote, "This dog is the spawn of Satan" on the board as an example of what not to write on the paperwork.  Some people then showed up with a dog for Dr. Frampton to work on.  One girl has told her entire neighborhood to bring their dogs in.  Today is not a clinic day, so they weren't supposed to come.  The girl came in and said it was an emergency and the dog needed to be seen right away.  They think the dog has worms!  Dr. Frampton told her it wasn't an emergency, but he went out in the hall to talk to them.  Soon after he took them back into the clinic area and the entire class had to wait. While he was back there a girl came up to the board and erased 'This dog' and replaced it with 'Frampton'.  The sentence now read 'Frampton is the spawn of Satan. Maysen was mortified.  After a few minutes she couldn't take it and went up and erased Frampton.  Then she turned to the class and said, "I'm erasing this because he's in there right now trying to help these people unexpectedly with their dog.  He's taking his time, interrupting his class to help them.  He's trying to be selfless and we wouldn't want him to come back to this.  Why would you do this?  This is hurtful." Then she sat down.  Wow.  I would never have been brave enough to do that.  Maysen said that the reaction wasn't positive or negative, it just was an awkward silence.  I'm so proud of my girl.

I took Stockton to diving today.  We forgot to bring a towel.  I walked to the BYU bookstore hoping I could find a BYU beach towel.  They didn't have one.  I was able to get a blue bath towel for $7, so that worked. Stockton and I went straight from diving to the advanced academic night at the high school.  They have changed some programs and added some.  More decisions.  They are now partnering with the University of Utah, the only public high school to do that.  Thirty five students will be accepted to the program.  Stockton's grade is the first that this will be offered to.  They can get two years done while they are in high school, but I don't know if that means they need to finish up at the U.  The 35 kids all will take their classes together.  I asked how they would do that with math.  If you have already taken calculus then do you go back and take whatever math is assigned?  Or have to retake calculus?  The principle didn't know the answer, but thought they would have to take whatever math was assigned.  I asked how that would affect the regents scholarship.  Four years of math are required, but the math has to be progressive.  He wasn't sure but he said this plan was better than going the regents way.  I need more information.

Our next stop was the physics classroom.  There we talked to Stockton's robotics teacher.  Stockton has been following the technology pathway. It is now changing to an engineering pathway.  It doesn't seem too different though, so that's good.  We talked to Maysen's physics teacher.  There are three physics choices for Stockton to take next year. Physics with technology, AP Physics or AP Physics with calculus.  I explained that math has always been easy for Stockton and he is now taking calculus as a 10th grader.  This year has been hard.  So far he has still managed to get As, but he has had to work for it.  I asked him what class should Stockton sign up for.  Mr. L told Stockton he should sign up for AP Physics with calculus.  He said the calculus was easy.  He then said a lot of words that I didn't understand, but Stockton knew exactly what he was talking about.  Stockton seemed happy with the information, so that is one worry off my chest!

Mike got a haircut today.  It looks great!  I like his hair a lot better like this then the crazy long haircut he has had lately.  Jorja loves his long flowing locks.  Ha!  Don't encourage him Porge!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Preston's $100

Back to the grind.  I went to my exercise class early this morning.  I am so sore now!  I spent most of the day doing laundry.  We had pack meeting tonight.  I was in charge of the flag ceremony.  I don't know why that stresses me out so much, but I absolutely hate it.  Not the flag ceremony, just being in charge.  The boys did great and I survived.  The theme for this month was trust.  Al Clark talked.  He explained to the boys that trust takes a lot of time to earn and only a moment to lose. He had a hundred dollar bill and was looking for someone to hold it that he could trust.  He picked Preston.  I whispered to him, "Please don't be silly with it."  I was worried Preston would try to be funny and I did not want that to happen.  Preston was perfect, I was relieved about that.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Home from Parrydise

This is seriously the most beautiful place on earth!  Mike took the boys to the springs today.  It wasn't the best sledding day, so much snow and powder.  They boys had fun though.  They walked up the hill by the springs and sled down that.  Steep and fast!
Isaac, Joshua, Josh, Darby
 Hill by the springs
I can only tell that the first boy is Stockton
The plan was for me to get everything cleaned while they boys were sledding so we would be ready to go when they came back.  I got the bathrooms cleaned early this morning.  I blew a fuse while trying to vacuum the basement.  I talked with Allison for awhile.  Camille and her friends came and I talked with them.  Long story short, I wasn't ready when they got back.  We left around 2:00.  As we were leaving a UPS driver showed up with three packages to deliver to one of the cabins.  I got one of Camille's friends to help him.  He told us if we have Amazon Prime he is up in this area every day. What a horrible job but great information!  Next time we can have the sleds shipped straight to the cabin!

On the way home we stopped and got square ice-cream cones.  Just looking at them makes me laugh.
Mike drove the entire way home.  We arrived around 8:00.  I hope the boys had fun.  The sledding wasn't the best it has ever been, oh well. Stockton made a comment as we were driving.  He said, "Do you know who I think would make a good apostle?  The bald guy that spoke in church on Sunday."  Then the boys all talked about how awesome he was.  That was fun to listen to!  Jorja had the entire kitchen spotless when we got home.  It was awesome!  Maysen and Jorja seemed to have a great time being alone together.  That's some good sister bonding.  I'm glad they acted like grownups.  I sure missed them though.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday at the Cabin

We had a nice relaxing day today.
There is so much snow!  Allison cooked all the food today and we ate like kings!
We went to church in Thayne.  We picked that ward because it was at 1:00.  Sacrament meeting was great.  Both of their speakers were excellent.  Stockton was already in the car when we took this picture.  I wish I thought of asking him to join us, it was a spur of the moment deal.  For easiness sake, I am now going to refer to Josh Y as Joshua and Josh H as Josh.
Isaac, Darby, Joshua, Josh, Allison, Ed
The sledding was great today.  Mike, Preston and I had fun.  The boys didn't want to go sledding on Sunday.  They played cards and ping pong.  Josh tried teaching all of them how to do standing back flips.
Isaac in the hammock,
Josh, Darby, Joshua, Stockton, Preston
 Joshua, Josh, Mike, Isaac, Stephanie, Stockton
 Chopping wood ~ Joshua, Mike, Josh
We stayed up late playing games like Hit or Miss.  Mike went to bed around 10 with Preston.  Preston has loved being with the boys, but we are trying to give them a little space.  Preston's a bit sad that we won't let him sleep downstairs in the playroom.  He loves cuddling with Mike though.

What did the girls do while we are gone?  Well, they went to church and made delicious cookies.  They also played a weird computer game that I don't understand.  Jorja sent me this picture.
This weekend is coming to an end too quickly.  I don't want to go back to real life!