Thursday, December 31, 2015

So Long Cabin, So Long 2015

Most of the day today was spent cleaning and packing.  We were doing really well and thought we would be able to leave by 2:00.  We ended up leaving close to 4:00.  What a fun two weeks we have had!
Anne, Matt, Sam, Jeff
 Preston, Stephanie, Jorja, Stockton, Mike, Maysen
We ended up getting home pretty late, around 9:30.  Jorja had a package from Marie waiting for her.  Too cute!
After we unloaded we hurried down to Steve and Shannon's house. Jacob was the only one of their kids that was there.  That's okay, we were in the mood for a low key night.
Seconds before the ball dropped
Steve, Shannon, Maysen, Mike, 1/2 of Preston
Maysen is always in the air when the year changes.  Makes me laugh.
Maysen, Preston, Mike, Stockton, Jorja
Preston's New Years Resolution for 2015 was to not touch Oscar for the entire year.  Shannon kept calling Oscar into the room.  Preston was a bit worried.  Preston ran and found Oscar as soon as it turned 2016. Way to stick to your goals Preston.
Oscar & Preston
We drove home around 12:30.  Usually we sleep over so we don't have to be on the roads.  Mike really wanted to get home, and we weren't prepared for a sleep over.  I was a little nervous but we made it home just fine.  Now we're off to another fantastic year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Maysen the Mighty Pirate

We took a trip up to the springs before my dad & Max left.  It was fun, but not as fast as it was yesterday.
Dad & Max
Preston was cute teaching Anne how to use the Wii U.  He was teaching her how to use Mario Maker.
Anne & Preston
Poor Jeff wants to be held all the time.  Sometimes when I look at him he seems to be in pain, like his tummy really hurts.  Maysen and Preston were like that.  It is so hard and tiring.
Sam & Jeff
Maysen dominated Matt, Mike, Preston & I in Dominion.  It was a little ridiculous.  Maysen, Mike, Matt & I played a game of Pirates before bed.  That was crazy.  The game lasted until 1:30 in the morning.  I took a quick lead in that game.  I had $16,000 fairly quick with a great hand. Then I was attacked 4 times in a row, one of them by the French navy. I had buried most of my gold, which was the reason I kept getting attacked.  Matt was limping through the game until I put him back in it. Mike then dominated the game.  He only needed $6,000 to win.  He drew a treasure hunt and rolled a 4.  He had a cartographer in his crew. $8,000 right there.  Game over, right?  Wrong.  Mike had most of his treasure buried, so he would have to wait until next turn to win the game.  He had a fully loaded ship, so it shouldn't have been a problem. The rest of us had one more turn, and we realized it was our last turn. I unburied all my treasure, bought a pistol & played a treasure hunt, which I annoyingly rolled a 6 on.  I was prepared to be attacked by Maysen.  I didn't have enough for Matt to win the game, but I think Maysen could have if she attacked me.  She didn't.  Matt attacked Mike. He weakened him and lost all of his guys in the process.  Maysen's turn. She amazingly drew an attack card.  She bought a doctor and attacked Mike.  I was surprised Maysen attacked Mike, but glad that unburying my treasure wasn't the reason Mike won or lost.  The two of them were deep in battle.  Mike had lost a few guys when I noticed he ha a cutlass stuck behind another crew member.  We laughed and laughed about how the cutlass was a coward.  Mike could have used him in the cannon phase, and against Matt . . . it could have changed everything.  Maysen ended up derating Mike.  All of a sudden I realize this might not be the last turn, most of Mike's treasure was buried. Maysen was clutch though and rolled doubles for all of his treasure to win the game.  That was a pretty fun game with a pretty fun ending.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bye-Bye Bubs

Bubs and his family left today.  Bubs has some games to ref that he needs to get back for.  They packed up most of their stuff last night and were able to play for a bit before they left.  I'm glad they were able to make it this Christmas.
Lincoln & Abby
 Ella, Abby, Lincoln, Ange, Millie, Bubs
 Ange, Millie, Abby, Bubs, Ella, Lincoln
Mike had to put rails on this deck area.  The insurance people said if it wasn't done before January that they wouldn't cover us.  He has to do a few other things as well.  The most annoying one is cutting down trees that are not on our property.  They will wait until spring for that one to be done.  We are hoping they will change their mind, because really . . . couldn't we get in big trouble for doing that?
Mike was excited to work on his rope tow, but instead managed to get the van he brought up in the fall stuck.  We couldn't get it to move so we had to just leave it there.  Whoops.
 Bye-bye Bubs
 Millie, Bubs, Abby, Ella
After Bubs left I found a dead owl in the garage.  It is so cute!  I have never seen an owl in person before, not counting zoos.  I think it was a baby owl.  I felt so bad for it.  We put it in the birdhouse by the garage.
Mike thinks it's hilarious to get pictures of my dad sleeping
Anne loves the movie Hercules.  Maysen showed it to her when she was watching her one time.  Anne always talks about the bad guy who hurt the baby's finger.  Maysen keeps trying to explain that the baby hurt the bad guy's finger.  Anyway, Anne loves that movie.  Especially parts with the bad guy.
Anne watching Hercules
Anne started getting a little fussy, so Maysen took care of her.  She was so sweet.  It was really cute.
 Max, Anne & Maysen
Maysen, Matt and I stayed up and played Dominion.  I demolished Matt.  It was great.

Monday, December 28, 2015

More Sledding

We spent a lot of time outside today.  It was warmer than it has been for awhile, we are grateful for that!  I managed to get a picture of me with Anne.  She did not want to go sledding with me though, she wanted to go with Jorja.  Anne spent a lot of time sledding with Jorja.
Stephanie & Anne
 Matt with Lincoln
Pulling Maysen, Stockton and I think Preston
 Jorja & Anne
Preston LOVES penguin racing with Mike.  Mike took several of us down this way.  I even had a turn.  It is fast and scary, but really fun. Preston's favorite way to sled.
Preston & Mike
 Lincoln, Penguins, Maysen
 Penguin Mike & Penguin Maysen
The springs was fast today.  Bubs kids were there and all of my kids were there except Stockton.  So much fun!  We took both 4-wheelers and a snowmobile.  We didn't realize Matt wanted to come.  He got Anne ready and we were gone.  He walked to the springs with Anne. Whoops.  Anne went down once and was ready to come home.  I took Anne, Abby and Maysen back on the snowmobile so Matt could play for awhile.  They didn't stay out too much longer though.  When I was back at the cabin I found Ella's 'To Do' list.  I laughed so hard.  She is pretty funny.
Ella's 'To Do' List
Mike gave me the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes for my birthday.  They are three nice hard bound books.  I loved seeing them used like this.  Preston spent a lot of time reading them.
 This is adorable
We watched Once I Was a Beehive tonight.  Jorja got that movie for Christmas.  She has wanted to watch it with our family for several months.  It was a cute show.  Ella really liked it.  Jorja was happy.