Saturday, May 31, 2014


Mike drove the motorhome with all our kids and Max.  My dad and I drove home separately.  I stopped at Huntsman to see Heather.  She had her mastectomy yesterday.  She looked fantastic!  She was wide awake and very happy when I stopped by.  She was doing so well they were planning on releasing her from the hospital today.  I was in the hospital for a week!  Well, I had both surgeries at the same time and I got a fever so they wouldn't let me go home.  Anyway, she seems to have a pretty high tolerance for pain.  Many people told her to make sure she takes her pain medicine for the first few days, even if she thinks she doesn't need it.  I remember the first two months after my surgery as extremely painful.  It was so great to see her looking so well.  I'm so proud of her.

The most noticeable change to our house while we were gone is the upstairs bathroom.  The sink is gone and the toilet is out.  It looks pretty discussing right now.  Hope that won't last long.  I'm not sure what next week will be like.  I know Rob will be out of town for the entire week.
A few months ago we let Maysen quit piano lessons on the condition that she takes voice lessons.  She has been taking them for almost two months from Sister Newman who lives down our street.  They had a recital today.  Maysen sang, "Nothing" and did a really good job.  She was noticeably shaking for the last half of the song.  I was so worried for her!  You couldn't tell it in her voice though.  She sat down and whispered, "Did you notice me shaking?  I'm just glad I didn't fall over!"  What a good experience for her.
My family came over for dinner.  Sloppy Joes.  We had the pool up and running.  Our heater is on the fritz, so it wasn't as warm as normal, but it wasn't cold at all.  The kids seemed to have a great time.
Matt and Anne
Our scuba certification cards came in today.  Mike picked them up along with a scuba tank.  He had ordered his BCD and regulator stuff already.  He gets really excited about things.  He had fun playing scuba in the pool with Jorja.  She was breathing off the alternate air supply.
Jorja & Mike
 Scuba Mike
I kept trying to get a good picture of Abby.  She has this beautiful smile. When I would ask her to smile she would squint her eyes.  Actually all the pictures are cute, so here you go....
Bubs & Abbs
 She was a little nervous about the diving board
 Bubs and Abbs
 Matt and Anne
My dad has these weird giant bumps on his arms.  They remind me of giant hives.  He keeps scratching them.  I begged him to get some Benadryl on the way home.  I hope he did.  I hope it helps.  Matt, Mike and I played a game of Dominion.  Matt won.  That was disappointing.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Five Times in a Row

The boys slept at Lagoon last night.  Maysen had to take a test and go to her French class this morning.  Jorja wanted to go to her violin breakfast party.  We were still able to get to Lagoon before it opened. This is what our house looked like when we left.
 We now have a sink!  Our old sink is temporarily hooked up.
 Fixing where Mike's leg fell through
We went straight to the motorhome and had lunch with the boys. Today was so much fun!  Preston said it was the best day of his life. Preston was finally tall enough to ride the scary rides.  It was awesome to be able to be together without anyone having to wait - unless it was by choice.  We went on Spider several times.  We asked Preston if he wanted to go on Wicked.  He did and was so excited!  Everyone went on this one except Jorja.  This was Mike's first time too.  We were strapped in and Preston says, "Does this ride go upside down?"  Oh boy!  There are usually no lines on Overstock Lagoon day.  Preston had no idea what he was getting himself into.  I said, "Yes.  It will be really scary, but fun."  We were now moving.  I told him it would shoot up really fast, but he will be okay.  Preston had a look of utter terror the entire ride.  He will never be able to make that face again if he tried.  He was yelling, "Scary!  Scary!"  This is the picture I took when the ride was over.  Preston has a bizarre look on his face.  A cross between being scared and relieved that the ride is over.  Preston kept saying the ride was "horrifying" and "more horrifying than fun".
Preston & Mike
The kids were so cute all day long.  Maysen was usually with Stockton and Jorja with Preston.  I love how they get along so well.
Preston & Jorja
 Preston & Jorja, Maysen & Stockton ~ Wild Mouse
 Preston & Jorja ~ Spider
 Stockton & Maysen ~ Spider
 Stockton & Maysen in chair #1, Jorja & Preston in chair #2,
I was completely freaked out that Preston was not with one of us.  Mike said not to worry about it and he would be fine.  Still.  I was glad when that ride was over!
 Stockton, Jorja, Preston ~ Scrambler
Maysen usually is on the Scrambler.  She loves those rides.  She had ridden them a lot and was looking for us.  I was with Mike and Stockton on the Rocket.  That is my favorite ride.  No one will ride it with me but them, and they will usually only go once.  (Well once on Blast-off and once on Re-Entry)  I was trying to talk to Mike when we were getting strapped in.  He said, "Can't talk.  Terrified."  He makes me laugh. When we got back together with everyone we went on the Bumper Cars a few times.  It was great.  Preston loved being able to drive.  So nice to be together!
Jorja & Preston
We met my dad at lunch time.  We worked our way back over to Wild Mouse.  Max was anxious to ride that.  Preston was sad that he wasn't tall enough to ride in the back at Tidal Wave.  They loved the swings though.  Maysen & Preston rode Centennial Screamer together.  Jorja & Max did too.  Maysen said Preston loved it.  Preston told Maysen that it was better than Wicked because it goes upside down and he likes going upside down.  Jorja was pretty scared to ride it.  She said it was scary waiting for the ride to start, but once it started it was fun.  This was her third upside down ride.  When she was little she rode an upside down roller coaster in Georgia.  (She was too little for the swings, but not too little for that!)  She didn't like it and threw up after.  She also went on Air Race with me a few years ago.  That is the most evil ride in existence.  This third experience was a lot better than the first two! 

At the end of last year we went to Lagoon for Jorja & Lincoln's birthday.  I told Jorja I would get her Dippin Dots.  She always wants them and I never get them for her.  Well, turns out that they weren't selling Dippin Dots at the end of October.  Jorja reminded me of that today.  Several times.  We bought two Dippin Dots for everyone to share.  She loved that.

We played Bingo for a few hours.  Stockton needed his stomach to settle.  Maysen actually won a game with a ton of prizes.  Although before that game started I remember thinking, "Those are lame prizes." I can't remember everything she won, but I know she won hoop earrings and bracelets!  Haha.  She's going to love that!  Stockton also won a smaller game.  They were handed a paper that told them their prize, completely random.  He won a controller for Play Station 3.  Oh man!  No Play Station 3 at this house!
Maysen & Mike claiming their prize
Stockton and I stayed longer than the rest of the family.  He was not feeling well at all.  I finally talked him into walking around.  I bought him an Icee and that seemed to settle his stomach.  He was done for the day for sure.  He headed back to the motorhome with Mike and Maysen.  Jorja, Preston and Max had fun riding Wild Mouse and feeling like big kids.

As a joke I said to Preston, "Do you want to ride Wicked?"  I was shocked when he yelled YES!  He talked Max into riding it with him. Which meant my dad had to ride it too.  I did not want to ride it with Max his first time.  This time instead of a face of pure terror Preston had a face of pure joy.  Wow!  I didn't expect that!  He laughed and laughed.  He and Max thought they were so clever.  They were yelling, "This is wicked!"  Adorable.
Max & Preston
 My dad did not feel the same way
Preston then wanted to go again so he could get the silver medal.  I went with Max & Preston and let my dad off the hook.  Then Preston wanted to go five times to earn the gold medal.  So, we went four times in a row.  Then Max wanted to make it to five.  One more time.  That last time did me in.  I felt so sick.  Preston wanted to go seven times.  I told them no.  I would get them to five times, but no more.  So, at the end of the day Preston, Max and I rode Wicked five times in a row.  The last time got Max a little sick too, but Preston was unfazed.

My dad and Max stayed over with us.  It was a really, really fun day.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Frozen Hot Chocolate

It has been a long time since we had a table to eat at inside.
It wasn't until late last night that I realized I needed to get three kids three different places.  Stockton had diving.  Jorja had a violin performance and Preston had his last baseball game.  Jorja really wanted both Mike and I to come and watch her.  I wish I had realized I wouldn't be able to see Preston's last game.  I would have tried harder to get there on Tuesday!  Burke's dad came and picked Preston up.  I put a $10 bill in Preston's back pocket.  I told him to give it to Burke's mom or dad.  They were collecting money for a coach gift.  Preston came home with it still in his pocket.  At least he didn't lose it I guess.
 Waiting for Burke
 Jorja ready for her violin concert
 I liked the cowboy hats under all the chairs
 Jorja was in the back, this is the only shot I could get of her
 Principal Robinson playing the frog & Mrs. Beninati
Mrs. Beninati is absolutely amazing by the way.  She volunteers four days a week before school to teach orchestra.  She is hilarious and the kids adore her.  She has made violin so much fun.  About two years ago her daughter was hit by a train.  She was trying to jump on it and fell under the wheels.  She survived but both of her legs were severed.  She is now walking with prosthetic legs.  Still super hard for her to get around, but that girl has determination!  Anyway, back to today's performance.  The last song the beginning and intermediate orchestra were combined.  They played 'Old Joe Clark' as they wore cowboy hats. Jorja mouthed to me, "I'm mini Cord!"  Haha!  Thanks Sam for letting her borrow your hat.  It was perfect!
The girls and I went to Cold Stone after.  They had frozen hot chocolate ice cream.  It was so good!  Probably my new favorite flavor.  We bought a gallon to take home.  Mixed with marshmallows.  Yummy!

The painters came to work on the house today!  I wasn't expecting that. They basically covered the floors and primed some of the walls.  I took everything off the walls that I could.  Rob finished putting the iron railing in.  I love it!  So beautiful with the added bonus that I don't have to worry about anyone falling through the rods!
Mike and Christen had their baby boy today!  Yay!  9 pounds 10 ounces. Christen didn't have an epidural.  She is CRAZY!  Their baby is so stinkin' cute with the most adorable cheeks!  I can't wait to see him!  It is also Abby's 4th birthday.  Happy birthday Abby!  What better present than a new cousin?  I'm not even going to try to compete with that. Now both Lincoln and Abby have a cousin birthday.  Maybe John and Cassie's baby will be born June 11th.  I would laugh so hard!  Stockton would be so annoyed.  When he found out that the new baby and Abby share a birthday he said, "I give up."  Haha!  He wants a cousin to share a birthday with so bad.

Mike took the boys in the motorhome to Lagoon.  Overstock Lagoon day is tomorrow.  We love that! Jorja wanted to go to her orchestra party tomorrow morning.  Maysen needs to finish a test in the morning and she wants to go to French.  They are watching a movie.  If she is not there she needs to do a giant packet.  No fun.  French is 1st period, so that's perfect.  We will just head down when she is done.  I'm sure we will get there before Lagoon opens.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow!