Thursday, October 31, 2013

Girls' Room Day 11 & Halloween!

Yay!  Halloween is finally here!  Here is Jorja's dragon costume in front of Maysen's dragon.  Jorja did her own face paint.  Jorja and Preston loved their gloved claws Mike made them.
Jorja also did Preston's face paint.  Preston is a black dragon.  He looks a little scary.  I guess that is the point of Halloween.
 Preston dragon
Maysen wore her kimono she got in Japan
Mike dressed up as Bowser.  He made his own pants without a pattern. He was quite proud of that.  He has been working late into the night with all the kids.  They have fun making them, but it sure takes up a lot of time.
This morning I went and watched the parade at the elementary school. Preston's wings had broken by the time of the parade.  Drat!  He was happy as could be despite his wing.  Thank goodness!
The principal dressed up as Gru and all the teachers were minions.  I thought that was funny.  Mr. Jerman was Dr. Nefario.  I didn't get a picture of the best costume.  Some little kid dressed up as the old guy in Up.  Complete with shaved hair.  Reminded me of Cameron Lott.  For the 100th day of school they were supposed to dress how they would look if they were 100.  Cameron shaved his head for it as well.  That was in 2nd grade.  It was so funny!  I did manage to get a cute picture of Preston's friend Blake.
 Ben & Blake
After the parade I helped with the party in Preston's class.  My station was easy.  It was a Halloween bean bag toss.  Simple.

Jorja and Preston came home from school first.  They have no school tomorrow (best idea ever!!!) so today was short day.  As soon as they came home I took them to Mike's work.  They were able to go trick-or-treating and peoples' desks.  There were several decorated rooms.  A Mario room, a Smurf room, a minion room, Princess Bride room, dinosaur room, a Whoville room . . . and a ton more.  It was pretty cool. The kids loved it.  Preston went up to someone who didn't have a candy bucket on his desk.  He did have one candy.  Preston pointed at it and said, "Ummm.  Dots."  Oh boy.  He did get the dots though.

Once everyone was home we had a couple of hours to fix costumes and add last minute touches.  Stockton was the first one to leave.  His friends came to get him around 5:30.  They were out for a long time! Those guys are serious about their candy!
Stockton's costume turned out great.  He even let me try it on!
Trick-or-treating in our neighborhood is crazy!  On our street alone Kimbo has a full on Thai dinner, the Haymore's have scones and cider and the Birds had meatballs and chicken wings.  We learned our first year that dinner is at the neighbors on Halloween.
Maysen took Preston around trick-or-treating this year.  It was awesome.  I have had a lot of back pain this last week.  I was not looking forward to walking any more than I had to.  Maysen was able to take advantage of her height and enjoy the spoils of the night.
Jorja waited until Olivia could come over.  She got here around 7:00.  It was perfect for us because Jorja handed out candy while we picked up dinner from the neighbors.  I made a plate at Kimbo's house to bring home to Chelsea.  Chelsea has never been trick-or-treating by the way. Unbelievable!  When Stockton came home I showed her his loot.  She could not believe it.  He had several full size candy bars and about a quarter of his pillow case was full.  Yep, our neighborhood is pretty great on Halloween.

Chelsea spent the day making the girls' room look incredible.  I absolutely love the corner of this wall.  I love how the cliff looks like is is going away from me, even though the wall turns.  How does she do that?  So beautiful!
I am so glad Halloween is over!  Now we can reclaim our life and our house!  Glad the kids had fun and have some awesome memories, but I am tired.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Girls' Room Day 10

I love this room!  This wall is where Maysen's bed goes.  Chelsea painted the light switch and outlet cover.  I love it!  We are going to take those off and spray them with a gloss paint.  Hopefully they won't scratch that way.  Look at that grass!  Love, love, love it!!!
Here is a bigger view of the room.  That gorgeous tree is going to be right above Maysen's head.  Amazing!
We are still covered in Halloween costumes.  I have spent the last few nights sewing on spikes to Jorja and Preston's dragon costumes.  The spikes are made out of snow cone cups, so it is a little weird.  Stockton spent some time painting his costume in here with Chelsea.  I wish I would have gotten a picture.  Maybe Mike did...... He did!  I'm glad. Stockton HATES getting his hands dirty.  This costume required a lot of time with dirty hands.  He worked so hard on it.  He is going to love it!
 Stockton & Chelsea ~ painting buddies

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Girls' Room Day 9

Chelsea came back this afternoon and managed to get lots of awesomeness done.  Seriously!  How can anyone do this?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Choclit Millky

I woke up to find this note on the counter.  So cute!
We pretty much worked on Halloween costumes today.  Our house is covered in costumes.  It is quite crazy.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

We had a neighborhood pumpkin carving party today.  Mike and I went late at night last night and picked up three pumpkins.  Maysen didn't want to carve one.  The only problem was, all three kids wanted the same pumpkin.  Mike came up with a contest to see who got the pumpkin.  He would ask them questions, depending on the answer they could move forward one square.  For example: Step forward if you made your bed today.  It was pretty funny.  Preston ended up winning.
Preston, Stockton, Jorja
Preston surprised everyone when he picked a different pumpkin.  The game was still on.  Mike had Stockton and Jorja stand on one leg and lean forward.  It came down to whoever was willing to empty the dishwasher when we got home.  Stockton tried to convince Jorja not to fall for it.  Jorja got the pumpkin.
Stockton and Jorja  
I didn't get any pictures while we were there.  Stockton ended up winning.  There were six winners of about thirty pumpkins.  One person just carved big holes and stuck their baby in it.  It was pretty funny and their baby was adorable.  They won.  (The baby was also the grand-daughter of the judge.)  Anyway, Stockton was super happy.  Audrey came over with us.  She was sad she didn't win.  She whispered to me, "I even said a prayer that I would win."  What a sweet girl.  Such a hard thing to learn.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jorja's 11

Today is Jorja's birthday!  Mike and I started off this morning by going to our last exercise class.  We had to get weighed in as well.  I lost 5 pounds and 2% body fat.  Pretty good since I didn't follow the eating program AT ALL!

Jorja wanted to open her presents in the morning.  She got spoiled.  A new computer, a nice Chinese chess board, an origami book, new shoes (to be picked out later), ice cream cookies from Maysen, and this cute frog figurine from Stockton.
After presents we packed up and headed out to Lagoon.  Maysen drove us there.  Our first ride was The Spider.  We saw Courtney right as we were getting in line, so we were able to ride the ride with Kalli and Tarek.
Jorja - 11 years old
Bubs and Ange met us there.  They are celebrating Lincoln's 8th birthday.  We also saw Jackie and Mark, Courtney, Dan and their family (already mentioned that), Jake and Jana and their girls, and Jackson and Chelsea.  Pretty cool!

Preston was also able to ride rides that he had to be 46 inches for the FIRST TIME!  Here he is riding the swings.  He was SO EXCITED! When we realized he was right at 46 inches we ran back to Spider.  The line was now pretty long, but we waited in it anyway.  Preston got to ride it!  He sat next to me and loved it.  Yay!  This is going to make Lagoon so much nicer!
Some of our group wanted to go on Odysea.  I was not one of them.  I watched Abby.  I also watched Bubs' phone so it wouldn't get wet. Taking care of one of the two isn't bad, right?  At least I didn't lose Abby.
Luckily someone found Bubs' phone and turned it into lost and found.  I love these next pictures of Stockton and Millie.  Stockton loves her!  She loves Stockton's braces.
Stockton & Amelia
Jorja and Preston were able to go through a little kid 'haunted house'. They collected treats and did a different ten second activity in each area.
Jorja and Preston danced here to get their prize.
 The pirate asking Preston what her favorite letter is.
We went to a more grown-up spook ally as well.  You had to wear 3-D glasses.  Mike was wearing his I love Robots shirt.  Those words glowed in the haunted house.  A lot of the actors had fun pretending they were robots.  It was pretty funny.

We left Lagoon around 4:00.  Stopped and picked up a Chick-Fil-A party platter and a Cold Stone cake.  Stockton always asks for Cold Stone cakes.  Jorja decided she wanted one too this year.  It was nice not to have to cook with my apple chaos.  Jorja picked out a yellow cake, mint ice cream with oreos mixed in.  It was pretty delicious.

I have two packages of number candles.  For some reason the number 1 was missing out of one of the packages.  Which is too bad if you are turning 11.  We put 8 for Lincoln and 3 for Jorja.  8+3=11.  Bubs and Ange gave Jorja a birthday card that said she was turning 3.  They crossed it out and put 11, but they picked the card because it had three frogs on it.  Maybe Jorja is turning 3 this year?  I wouldn't mind having her three again.  She was adorable.  Although she is pretty amazing right now.
 The birthday cousins
Jorja ~ 11 Lincoln ~ 8

Friday, October 25, 2013

Girls' Room Day 8

Lincoln had a birthday costume party today.  He invited Jorja and Preston.  I had no idea how I would get them there and back.  Luckily my dad was going, so they went with him.  Jorja was Hedwig and Preston was a frog.
Preston and Jorja
Stockton had diving today.  They were supposed to wear costumes.  To diving.  I found this knight costume in our costume box.  Stockton thought it would be fun to dive with a sword.  He seemed to have a great time.  I missed the entire thing.  Mike had set an appointment up for us to talk to cabinet people.  If only I realized these two events were at the same time!  Stockton said it was fun because they could do what ever they wanted.  Also, his costume made it so it didn't hurt when he landed - so he had no fear!
This evening we had our neighborhood Chili and Chocolate.  Stockton was wet, so he needed a new costume.  He made it himself.
Stockton's new costume
 I loved Olivia's costume.
Chelsea is doing awesome as always.  I brought her home some chili and treats.  So, so, so amazing!
Chelsea in the corner
 End of the day.