Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nova's Blessing

We went down to Springville this morning to see my niece's baby get blessed.  Her name is Nova Marie.  I haven't had a chance to see her since she was born.  The first time I did I see these huge eyes peeking over Nathan's shoulders.  Who could resist that?
Nova and Nathan
We met at Lisa and Nathan's for a lunch after the blessing.  On our way there I stopped at Heather's house to pick up my bag I left in her car.  It only had my credit card and drivers license.  No big deal.
I love seeing this swan.  It makes me happy.
I absolutely loved holding Nova.  It has been a long time since I held a baby that small.  I even got to feed her.  What a sweetheart!
 Maysen, Stephanie & Nova, Jorja, Melissa a.k.a. Nova's mom
 Nova with her Grandpa Nathan

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Top of Zion - Day 2

Last night we slept on the lawn of a church.  It was cold outside. Finally!  I had no desire to sleep on the lawn and instead slept on the backseat of the van.  I slept so well!  Zac didn't get any sleep at all.  We started getting ready a little before 4 (I think).  We were all excited to get the last leg over with!
Heather - this is actually yesterday, her 1st leg
 Devin - last leg
I only had 1.7 miles to run on my last leg.  It was so hard!  I was completely exhausted by this time.  My legs hurt!  I pulled some muscle I have never felt before in my life.  Jordyn said it was my IT band. (I think that is what she said.)  I ran the entire way, but this time I was SLOW! I had 15 total miles and was able to run the entire way.  I was excited about that.  It was one of my goals.  I was SO GLAD to be finished!
 Stephanie - almost done! (I look exhausted!)
Jason and Stephanie
When Jason was done running we drove to the finish line.  It took us over two hours to get there.  The entire way was dirt trails.  I was SO GLAD I wasn't in van 2.  There wasn't one part of the trip that looked like it would be a good run.  So hard, hot and dusty.  When the runners were coming in they were saying that their shoes were melting to the rocks.  One runner collapsed on her leg.  They were only two legs away from the finish line.  Her teammates threw her in their van and raced to the finish.  They put her on IVs, an ambulance came and had to race her to the hospital.  Hope she will be okay.

There was one team that we were with for quite awhile.  I passed them when I ran my first leg.  When we left this morning they were still sleeping.  They never passed us.  When we got to our van exchange  the other van said they left 40 minutes before we got there.  What?  I guess it is called Leap Frogging.  They just started when they wanted to.  Who made up these rules?  Anyway, when we finished they asked us if we Leap Frogged.  Nope.  We didn't ever have a Ghost Runner either. Funny they didn't ask about that!  Ryan (the super fast runner in the other car) ended up coming in three minutes after the team that left early.  So close!
Magnum a.k.a. Zac
 Van 1: Jordyn, Stephanie, Devin, Jason, Heather, Zac
 Cousins!  Jordyn, Stephanie, Devin, Heather, Zac
It was so hot at the finish line.  We had to wait forever.  It seemed torturous, but I was glad I wasn't running in that heat!  Once our other van finished we were able to leave!  We drove back to the starting line so Jordyn could get her car.  Then we had a long drive home.  Lots of deer running across the road.  I pulled into my driveway at about 12:30 at night.  So thankful to have made it home safely and to sleep in my own bed!  What was even better was Mike met me out by the driveway.  He had the entire kitchen spotless when I got home.  AWESOME!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Top Of Zion

This morning we got up at 4:20 to get ready for our relay race.  Heather convinced a bunch of us to run  Top of Zion.  It is a race from Capitol Reef to Zion.  195 miles.  There were two vans.  In van 1 was Heather, Zac, Devin, Jordyn, me and Jason.  Jason is a guy that no one had ever met.  Heather posted for help on the Eagle Mountain Running Club.  He said he would do it.  He also ran Ragnar last weekend.  Crazy!  But, we were thankful.  The second van had Heather's step family.  They also had a friend named Ryan who was super fast.

Before Heather has long runs she drinks this gross energy drink.  It smells like feet.  I had no desire to try that.
Heather drinking feet
 Heather 5:00 start time
Right as Heather started the race Jordyn and I were looking at pictures on Instagram.  Markell had posted a picture of her morning run and said she dared anyone to find a prettier run.  Oh man.  We laughed and laughed about that.  Thank you Markell because you gave us something fun to focus on!  The only bummer was we rarely were in cell phone range.
Both Heather and Zac's first leg was labeled Super Hard.  They were long and steep.  I did not envy them at all!
Jason was a great sprayer.  He would stand out there and spray every runner who went by.  That sprayer was awesome!  It felt so good!  Zac also did awesome with the sprayer.  He would run with you and spray you for as long as possible.
Jason and Zac
 Zac and Jason
 Beautiful!  Right Markell?
Devin did so good!  Before this he had only ran 4 miles at a time, and had only run on the treadmill.  It was hard, but he made it.  Awesome.
We had a slap bracelet instead of a baton.  That was nice.
 Devin giving Jordyn the bracelet
 Jordyn's off!
 Heather spraying Jordyn.  Love this picture!
 I love this picture!  How adorable are my cousins?
 Zac running with Jordyn, spraying her the entire way
We were up so high!  The view was incredible!
Heather & Zac
 Heather & Stephanie ~ I'm towering over Heather!
Zac was taking our picture.  He kept accidentally taking a video, he also turned it around and took a picture of his face.  Classic.
We were watching Jordyn run up a tough hill.  We thought we would witness another kill.  Nope.  The runner that was ahead of her went to her van and got a ride up the hill!  Are you kidding?  Jason said that was called a Ghost Rider.  There are no rules against it, you don't get penalized and you can do it as many times as you want.  Now that's just not right!
 Heather, Zac, Devin
If you are wondering about Zac's hair and mustache, we had a Magnum PI theme.  He has been preparing for this race for months!
 Devin and Stephanie
 Look at this motor home one group had.  Talk about roughing it!
Jordyn passed three people, so she is marking her kills on the van.  She was nice enough to give me the bracelet when she was about five feet behind someone.  I got a kill in my first ten seconds.  I ended up with four kills on my first leg.
I ran my first leg pretty fast for me.  I ran 6 miles at an 8 1/2 minute/mile pace.  I got going into a good rhythm, so I didn't want to mess with it.  Also I got to run downhill.  I love downhill.
 Our van passing me (Stephanie)
 Stephanie getting sprayed by Zac
I hate carrying things as I run.  We got a pretty good system down.  One person would give me a water bottle, I would gulp down as much water as I could while I ran through the sprayer.  One person would be waiting for me to hand them my bottle.  I didn't want to stop at all.  I was worried that if I stopped I wouldn't be able to get myself going again.  I couldn't believe how thirsty I was!  I usually run without any water at all.  I hadn't even gone a quarter of a mile before my entire mouth was dry.  It was so hot.  Crazy hot.  800 degrees hot.
Stephanie getting water from Heather
We had our first van exchange in Escalante.  We were able to shower for three dollars.  We tried to sleep on the floor, but it didn't work out so well.  While we were there John and Renee found us.  That was so cool! They stayed and helped cheer on the runners until after me!  I couldn't believe they stayed until I was finished.  I thought for sure they would leave after Jordyn.  My second run was 8 miles and it took me an hour and a half.  They stayed until I was finished, 10:30 pm, even though they had a long motorcycle drive home.  Really made me feel loved.  My family is the best.
John and Renee
Heather had a horrible second run.  All of her running gear kept falling off, even though she runs with it all the time.  Plus, it was 108 degrees outside.  That was the temperature when Heather started running.  SO HOT!  
 Heather and Jordyn
 John & Renee encouraging Heather
 Heather getting sprayed by Jason
 Heather running in an oven - a beautiful oven
Heather was so glad to give the bracelet to Zac!
Heather and Zac
We had to wear the safety vests starting with Devin.  I didn't mind.  It meant the sun should be going down by the time I ran.  I did not want to run in that heat!
Jordyn ~ ready for leg 2
It was so cute.  Renee would get a little teary eyed at every exchange. She was so proud of how hard everyone was working.  Seriously, this second run - Devin did awesome!
 Jordyn and Devin
 Renee, Zac, Heather, Devin - Zac made me laugh
 Jordyn - outside was more bearable by this time
 John & Renee
It was night when I started running.  It was SO DARK!  I was fine with that.  Better then the crazy heat the other runners experienced.  The hardest thing was I couldn't see if the pavement was there.  I ran just on the right of the white line because I figured there would always be pavement.  When a car came I went to the left of the line and hoped my feet would land right.  The lights would totally blind me.  As soon as the cars would pass it took me a few seconds to be able to see again.  I was dreading this leg, so it was nice when it was over.  My legs are SO SORE now.  I ran this leg at a ten minute mile pace.  Pretty good for someone who just took up running in April.