Thursday, February 28, 2013


The Bradley's invited us over Family Home Evening.  We couldn't come on Monday, so they asked if we could come today.  I was really excited about this.  Olivia taught the lesson.  Olivia is Jorja's age and is in Mike's primary class.  She read How Full is Your Bucket.  So cute!  After everyone was asked what they could do to fill other people's buckets. Then they gave each of our kids their own bucket.  I should have said, "Invite others over for stories and cookies!"  Megan made snickerdoodles.  So glad they invited us!  (On the way over we talked to Preston about appropriate behavior.  He lasted half a second.  The Bradley's have all these cool typewriters and Preston was fascinated with them.  He kept pounding away at it.  We finally got him to stop so we could say the opening prayer.  He ran up to me and jumped on my lap shouting, "I'm behaving!".....not quite Preston, not quite.)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Jorja got to do her wax museum today.  Her poor little knees were pretty sore by the end!  I thought she looked adorable.  I guess the school does this wax museum every year in 4th grade.  This year the Chinese kids are in the 4th grade.  They decided to only do the wax museum for one hour because they don't have as much time to spare this year.  That was good and bad.  Good for Jorja that she didn't need to kneel down for two hours.  Bad that it was so crowded and chaotic!  It was fun though.  I tried to get pictures of Jorja's friends also.
Tom Thumb ~ Jorja 
Preston was so thrilled to see her!  He was so proud of her!  He spent most of his time in the room next to her.  He sure does adore that girl!  
Jorja and Preston
 Leonardo DaVinci ~ Luke
 Joan of Arc ~ Olivia
 Walt Disney ~ Jazzie
 Abraham Lincoln ~ Will
 Selena Gomez ~ Olivia
 The chaos!
Stockton missed diving today to go to his choir concert.  The concert was not voluntary.  He only has one week left of choir and is counting down the days.  He didn't mind it last trimester, but this trimester he has a class full of goof offs.  Stockton can't stand it.  He says his teacher punishes the entire class instead of the troublemakers.  That really bothers Stockton.  Hopefully he'll like art better.  That is what he will have instead.
We ran out of the concert and took Stockton straight to a merit badge class at the stake center.  He got there just in time.  It was also nice that four other boys came straight from the concert.  That way he wasn't the only one in church clothes.  Mike and I went home and put the kids to bed.  Then we picked up Stockton and took him to get some frozen yogurt.  Long day.  Worth it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wax Museum

We got to watch Bubs and Ange's kids today!  They went to the temple. The kids were perfect angels. Love it when that happens!  Stockton wanted to see what Amelia would look like with a pumpkin on her head.  Still a cutie!
Jorja has been preparing for her wax museum tomorrow.  She read a biography and now needs to dress up like her character.  People will come around and push a button. (I suppose it is an imaginary button.) She will then talk like she is Tom Thumb.  She is not supposed to look at the people, because she is a statue come to life.  I think she is more than happy about not looking at the other people!  I'm excited to go see her tomorrow!  Mike took Jorja to get a hat today, but she pulled the rest of the costume together herself.  I love how independent she is!
Tom Thumb a.k.a. Jorja

Monday, February 25, 2013


Stockton told me he wanted to go to Hunter High School and take Spanish.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jackson's Homecoming

Grandma, Grandpa and I went to Jackson's homecoming this morning. It was really good.  I was glad that I was able to be there.  Jackson's mission seemed to go really fast to me!  After Jackson's homecoming we went to his house for muffins and cinnamon rolls.  It was nice to see everyone.  Courtney is probably going to have a baby this week!  That is exciting!

I drove straight from Idaho to Bubs' house.  Grandma let me bring a blanket down for Amelia.  She looked so sweet laying on it.  I love Grandma Parry's blankets.  I'm going to need to figure out how to make these . . . and teach Jorja how.  She wants to be the new Grandma Parry you know.
I got home right before the Home Teachers came over.  We then when to Stockton's Court of Honor where he received several merit badges. He is really close to his Life Scout award.  Only a few things that we didn't get done before the deadline.  He will have it next time, no problem.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quick Trip

I really wanted to go to Idaho today.  The only problem is there is a huge storm raging outside.  I spent the morning getting the kids to do their chores.  Mike and Jorja cancelled their snowboarding plans.  I got everything ready for tomorrow on the slight chance I could make it to Idaho.  I needed to get things ready to turn into Oakcrest.  Lots of work, but I got everything done and ready to hand off to Ashley, and a list of things for Ashley to do before she hands it off to Alice.

At 2:00 it looked like there was a break in the storm.  I had a small window to make my trip.  I jumped in my car and headed up!  There was only one time where I thought that maybe this wasn't a good idea.  At least it didn't last long.  It took me longer to reach Idaho than usual, but I didn't have any major scary moments, so I'm okay with that!  I got to Grandma's around 6:30.  Jordyn, Sophia and Jane were there. It was nice to see them for a few minutes.  Grandpa made salmon, it was really good.  I don't even like fish!  I was surprised!  

The rest of the night was spent talking, doing jumbles in the newspaper (I solved my first one - with grandma's help - I was quite proud), and watching the Jazz game.  We only watched until half time.  Judging from the score the next morning that was a great idea.

Friday, February 22, 2013

New Snowboard

Maysen and I ran down to the district science fair tonight.  Yesterday she had to be interviewed by three judges, we were able to pick up her project today.  She did such a great job!
Stockton made dinner today.  He made croutons.  I told him he needed to have something from every food group.  He did that, but his main food was croutons.  Crazy.

Mike took Jorja to get a snowboard tonight.  He got her a snowboard and boots.  They were a pretty good deal this late in the year.  They are hoping to go tomorrow, but the guy at the store said the weather is going to be awful.
Two sisters in my ward in Georgia lost their granddaughters today.  I am heart broken for them.  Hailey was two and Morgan was one.  Both girls had birth defects, but it is just so, so sad.  I can't believe that they both died the same day.  I am incredibly lucky that this was not my trial.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


This morning I went to Ange's house to drop off Amelia's handprints.  I stayed and talked to Ange and played with her girls until I had to get Preston from the bus stop.  Abby was looking at my mom's ring I was wearing.  I told her it was her grandma's ring.  I asked if she wanted to wear it.  She got a big smile.  Adorable.
Abigail with her Grandma's wedding ring.
 Ella wearing her Grandma's wedding ring.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Driving Me Crazy!

I spent several hours on the Parry Post today.  Well, only two; but I only got one more entry done.  This is taking forever!  It is my own fault.  I have always done the Parry Post in Word Perfect.  I know!  No one uses Word Perfect anymore.  There is good reason for that, because it is now driving me crazy!  I will never use it again!!!  In the old days, I use to be able to get the Parry Post done a little at a time.  If I had fifteen minutes I could work on it.  Now I need at least forty-five minutes to get the same amount done.  It runs so slow and crashes all the time!  Anyway, I will finish the Parry Post one day.  After spending 17 1/2 years on it, I don't want to be the reason it stops.  I know we can keep in contact easier with blogs and Facebook, but there is something different about the Parry Post.  For one thing, not everybody reads blogs or are even aware of all the different ones.  Also, how many blogs are in the folders at the cabin?  My family loves looking through the Parry Post when they are at the cabin.  I love the Parry Post so much I will be devastated if I'm the reason it stops. Hopefully I can get my act together!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crazy Busy

Oh man!  Today was just nuts!  I got up early to exercise.  The kids were tired from getting home so late.  They all needed a bath.  Last minute homework and spelling practicing . . . Jorja and Preston were late to the bus.  I drove them to school, went home and hopped in the shower. I got in the car in order to hop back to school.  When the garage door came up, someone was standing there!  Scared me for a moment.  It was the window guys.  They had come back to do the sliding door in our kitchen.  I had no idea they were coming.  I told them I would leave the garage door open for them.  I went to school and got back right as they were leaving.  He said that when they sent the damage replacement parts he assumed it would be for the entire door frame.  The company only sent the parts for the ones that were damaged.  He had left one part at home.  He didn't realize it until he had already taken our door off.  So, I had a giant hole in the house today.  Good thing it wasn't one of the freezing days!  He was back by the time I picked Preston up at the bus stop.  I love the doors!  They look so much better!  I should have taken a picture.  Well, they look exactly like the ones in our bedroom.  Plus, they are so much warmer!
I received an email yesterday from the Stake YW counselor over Oakcrest.  I had been working on having everything ready for this before I left.  I called and asked her what the price was and was told $125.  I have 8 girls going to Oakcrest this year.  I email all the moms and sent reminder texts so I could get the forms and money turned in while I was gone.  Anyway, the email I saw today said something about how there had been confusion and Oakcrest is only $110.  What?  I'm thinking, "The confusion came from you!  You were the one who told me the price!"  Anyway, I spent today scrambling calling the moms and asking for a new check.  It was quite humiliating for me.  I was only able to get 4 new checks because a few of them had already been deposited.  I'll have to figure out how to do the reimbursements for those girls.  Yuck.  Yes, I know.  I'm glad that isn't my calling, but boy was I embarrassed.

On the way back from Idaho Sherry texted me letting me know the handprints were done.  Preston and I went to pick them up today.  I love them!  I can't wait to give them to Ange and Cassie.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thirsty Boy

We spent the morning sledding, looking at Sam's wedding pictures and cleaning the cabin.  We had such a quick trip, but totally worth it!  I love being up here!  Preston was jealous when I let Stockton drink the last few drops of root beer out of the bottle.  He wanted to drink the milk that way.  I poured milk for everyone who wanted some and let him have at it.
We stopped by Grandma's for a bit.  Ange talked Grandpa into putting on his record player for the kids.  Lincoln and Preston also got to use Grandma's yellow phone.  Debie came over when we were there.  She made the most beautiful thing for me.  I'm going to post pictures of it later, but I want to wait until my dad gets back from Israel.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


You did read that correctly.  Bubs agreed to play Mafia!  He hasn't played that game in about 15 years. All because we would kill him first no matter what . . . every time.  We laughed and laughed.  Bubs didn't think it was as funny as the rest of us did.  Today he agreed to play.  It was quite the group.  Bubs, Lincoln, Ella, Stockton, Jorja, Preston, Mike, Matt and Sam.  I was the host.  My kids played this game for the first time over Christmas and LOVED it!  Except Maysen.  Anyway, they had begged us throughout the day to play it, so when Bubs said he would play we couldn't pass up that opportunity!  At one point the crowd was going to accuse Preston.  I asked him if he had any last words.  His voice kind of caught and he said, "Why do you think it would be me?"  It was adorable - and very persuasive.  Matt couldn't believe that worked! He said, "When I asked the same question the crowd just chanted 'Matt! Matt!  Matt!'"  True.

Preston was so proud of himself.  The final three were Preston, Ella and Sam.  It was hilarious watching the two of them try to choose who to vote for.  They kept switching every two seconds.  I gave them lots of opportunities for last words . . . not so much for Sam.  Sam was the mafia.  Preston and Ella 'figured' it out.  Preston then talked non-stop about how it was his speech that won the game.  Adorable!

Here are some pictures from yesterday.  The kids put labels on everything.  Ange walked around with a sign that said, "The Mom".  I'm not sure what the reasoning for this was . . .
 Jorja and Preston

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Today was awesome, of course, we were at the cabin!  We were in the middle of playing Telestrations when in walked Grandma and Grandpa Parry!  I was so surprised to see them!  They were able to visit for awhile.  I snapped some pictures while they were here.
Grandpa & Millie, Grandma, Bubs, Lincoln, Ella, Ange, Abby
 Grandpa and Amelia
 Grandpa & Millie, Grandma, Lincoln, Bubs, Ella, Ange, Abbs
 Grandpa, Grandma and Amelia
Maysen LOVES Grandma.  Well, who doesn't?  She loves being near her and holding her hand.  I'm so glad my kids get to experience a grandma.  I wish they could be with their other grandmas, but this one is pretty darn great!
Grandma and Maysen
 Preston, Grandpa, Stephanie, Grandma, Maysen, Jorja, Stockton
 Grandma and Maysen
Steve took Grandma and Grandpa back to his cabin.  When Matt and Sam got here, they went to visit them.  Bubs and his family went as well. Jorja and I decided to go too.  We walked.  It was beautiful!
Grandma, Grandpa & Steve
We decided to go night sledding.  The hill was icy!  We were zooming down it so fast, and you couldn't see anything!  It was awesome and a little terrifying.  Especially when you are going down the hill with a little one.  It's one thing if I hurt myself, but I don't want to hurt anyone else!

Friday, February 15, 2013

To the Cabin!

We are in Idaho!  We left for the cabin late tonight.  The kids had piano lessons until 5.  We were out the door shortly after their teacher left.  We drove to Bountiful to meet Bubs and his family.  Bubs was reffing a game there.  We picked up Ella and Abby and drove to the cabin!  (Ella and Lincoln switched cars about half way there.)  When we were at Bountiful I realized I left my wallet home.  That was probably the last thing Mike wanted to hear!  So, Mike ended up driving the entire way. We got to the cabin around 11:30 at night.  Steve was waiting in the parking lot for us.  He had also warmed up the cabin so it was nice and toasty when we got there.  Talk about service!  So excited to be here . . . LOVE this place!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Preston had a great time at school today.  The only part he was disappointed in was he wasn't allowed to bring a valentine's box; and he had already made one.  He had fun anyway.  Look how sweet and innocent he is.  Looks can be deceiving!
Mike went to California last night.  He had a big test to take there.  He thinks he did well, but he won't know the results for a few days.  His flight was delayed, so he didn't get back until nine at night.  That was right about the same time Maysen and I got back from pottery.  We left Preston in charge.  Well, Stockton was in charge, but a few weeks ago we left Preston in charge of getting everyone to bed and he did a fantastic job!  Stockton hates putting Preston to bed because Preston can be very Prestony.  Anyway, things did not go great this time.  I texted Jorja to find out how things were going.  Preston was being difficult and squirting toothpaste on Stockton and Jorja.  Seriously.  I called to talk to Preston, but that didn't do much good.  I knew Mike was on his way home so I hoped he would get there quickly.  So, for Valentine's Day, Mike and I spent the time scrubbing toothpaste off of the floor.  Just how we were hoping to spend today!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I HATE Basketball Games

The University of Utah basketball games are THE WORST!  Okay, they only bother me if they are on a Monday or a Wednesday.  I really should keep track of when they are, because they mess up my entire routine. Stockton and I were right on time for diving, until we saw the sign announcing the basketball game.  NOOOOOOO!!!!  We both yelled. Well, maybe it was just me.  They close the parking lot that I park in on basketball game days.  I drove in it anyway and asked the guy if I could drop off Stockton.  Then I drove to the Institute building to park there. The only problem was, the parking lot was PACKED!  I finally found a spot and started walking away when I realized why this spot wasn't taken.  It was for the faculty and you could be towed anytime before 10 pm.  Great.  I then spent the next several minutes circling the parking lot until I found a spot.  I made it to the pool about 25 minutes late.

I left when Stockton got out of the pool.  They were going to do land exercises for ten minutes.  I told him I would get the car and to meet me where I have picked him up before.  I told myself that everything would be okay as long as the basketball game wasn't over.  I could hear cheering, so I thought I was fine.  I was hustling to my car when I heard a giant cheer.  That made me nervous.  I tried asking Siri what the score was, but she would only tell me the score of the Utah Jazz game.  Annoying.  Anyway I was about 1/3 of the way to my car when the Huntsman Center started emptying.  I ran!  I got to my car before there was a crowd and started booking it to get to Stockton.  My first route was blocked by a police officer and I had to go another way.  No biggie.  I made it to the correct street and had to wait for a ton of traffic and pedestrians before I could turn.  When I finally got there I notice I could not get in!  They were only letting people out!  I had no idea how to get Stockton!  He was waiting for me outside with wet hair.  Luckily he changes out of his swimming suit.  I turned down a random street and went in where everyone was going out.  Yikes!  After I parked I asked some random person if they knew where the pool was.  I figured if I could find the pool I could find Stockton.  They pointed me in the right direction and then I took off running.  I found him waiting for me just where he was supposed to be.  We then made it back to the car and had to wait in obnoxious traffic.  Man oh man do I HATE basketball days!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shower Doors

The workers came to put our shower doors on today.  The doors had been ordered, but they had not come in by the time they started working on our bathrooms.  They were scheduled to be installed today.    They did not get installed today.  They made the wrong doors.  The dimensions they sent were the wrong dimensions.  Basically they got the height and width messed up.  So, the shower doors were quite tall and didn't reach the wall.  I guess we will be waiting awhile for the correct ones.

We played Telestrations today for Young Womens'.  Safe to say, they had a blast!  Jacqui took the coolest picture that I tried to get on here . . . and failed.  Oh well, at least the girls had a fantastic time!  (Thank you for letting my borrow your game Stockton!)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Short Biography

I thought I would type different parts of the article I found of my great-great grandfather . . . just in case I lose the paper.  Anyway, the paper also had a short biography of him.  That is what I'm going to type today.

The deceased was in the fifty-fourth year of his age when death came. He was born at Callis, Me., and for years followed the life of a sailor. Quitting the seas he went West and located in Iowa, where he later led the life of a farmer.  His wife's health failing, he came to Colorado and Utah, following the business of freighting.  In the meantime he went to Idaho for a short time, where he lost his first wife, the mother of his only child, Herbert W. Millburn of Price.  Later and about twenty years ago, he purchased the property where he has since been engaged in business.  He went to the Klondike, however, when the gold excitement broke out there.  His second wife, who died about twelve years ago, was Sadie, the daughter of Mrs. Sarah J. Warren.  His surviving immediate relatives are the son and two sisters, one living in Iowa and the other in Wyoming.  The sister from Iowa, Mrs. Lizzie Beckwith and a nice of Herbert, the son, came in on No. 3 last evening, arriving too late for the funeral.  The deceased leaves an estate supposed to be of the value of about twenty-five thousand dollars.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


We had the Montgomerys over for dinner today!  It is nice to have a little Georgia come visit us!  The three oldest Montgomerys are at BYU.  How fun to be so far away from your family, but have half of your family with you!  I remember teaching Miranda and Will in primary.  Can't believe they are both in college now!  Their dad is the new bishop.  Awesome! Mike made fajitas.  They were delicious!!! After dinner we played Telestrations with the kids.  It was a fantastic day!
Maysen, Nate, Miranda, Will, Preston, Stephanie, Jorja and Stockton

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stockton Skiing

Mike took Stockton skiing today.  Just the two of them.
 Mike also fixed the grill!  Yay!  Yummy food again!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Preston's Dinner

The kids didn't have school today.  We didn't do too much, but it was nice to have them home.  Maysen had her last orthodontist appointment.  She is done!  She started the 'metal in her mouth process' the day Sharen died.  Easy to remember.  So, that was December 6, 2005.  Poor Maysen.  She has a permanent retainer in her mouth, but she only needs to go back if she has problems with it.

Stockton went to work with Mike today.  He had an assignment for his CTE class where he had to follow someone at their job for two hours. He had a lot of fun.  He had a few questions he had to answer about the experience.  This is what he wrote.

Describe the duties of the person you job shadowed:  Make sure the site runs well, add new technology.
Describe one thing this person really likes or enjoys about their job: He gets to do lots of interesting things.
Describe one thing this person doesn't like about their job: Takes time away from home.
What education was required for this job? College, self-taught technical learning
What was one thing that surprised you about this job?  He has NERF wars!
Ask the person for one piece of advice about choosing a career: Learn everything you can about something you love to do.
Would you be interested in this job? I would be interested in this job. My dad uses computers a lot.  I like using them too.  Everyone has fun during work.  They shoot NERF darts at each other and put pictures of unicorns on their computer while they're gone.  It would be a cool job.

Haha.  Glad Stockton had a good time at work!

My dad took Preston to go pick up Max today.  Yep, that's right.  My dad had Max this weekend.  When they had the hearing on Wednesday on the custody arrangement, my dad's lawyer was there and filed some paperwork.  The paperwork basically said the court should do what was in the best interest of Max instead of just worrying about reunification with the mother.  My dad said that changed everything.  I guess now the judge was about to take that into consideration.  Wouldn't that be obvious?  I guess it isn't.  Patrice was mad.  She thought that she would be getting Max, wait out her 90 days and then be done with this miss. Nope.  My dad is really happy.  They have Max this weekend, then they will go to mediation when my dad and Cathy get back from Israel.  The arrangement my dad would love is to have custody of Max and let Patrice have generous visitation rights.  Then she could be the fun mother and he could do all the hard work.  He thinks that is what she would like better anyway.  We'll see what happens . . . .

Anyway, my dad was up here watching the kids while I took Maysen to the orthodontist and picked up Stockton from work.  Then he helped me work on my lesson.  When he left to get Max from school, he took Preston with him.  They went to Jungle Jim's and had a great time. Maysen, Jorja and I were playing Ticket to Ride when we saw someone walk up to our door.  I answered the door and found it was their piano teacher!  I had forgotten all about their lessons!  Luckily the older three were able to go first and my dad was able to get Preston home in time.

Preston made dinner today.  He has been planning what to make all week.  He wanted pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, strawberries, uncooked broccoli and cheese.  We made the pizza rolls and pizza sauce from scratch.  It turned out so good!  Preston was such a good helper!
Preston was most excited about what he picked for dessert.  Chocolate dipped waffles.  The kids loved them.  Well, I know Preston and Jorja loved them.  Preston was so proud of himself!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


We have new windows!  We ordered these back in December.  Our house is so cold in the wintertime. There are some spots in the house where you can just feel the air gushing through.  We now have most of the windows replaced.  They weren't able to replace the sliding glass door in the kitchen because some parts were damaged, but they will be able to do it in a few weeks.  So much nicer!
 The old (cold) doors in our bedroom
 New doors

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Maysen got first place in the science fair.  She said about fifteen people took first.  I'm not sure how that works.  I guess that is why it is a science fair and not a math fair.  Anyway, we need to keep her folder and poster and send it on to district.  Nice work Maysen!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bowling With Grandpa

My dad took Stockton bowling for his birthday today.  When he picked him up, he brought him a carton of Haagen-Daze Dark Chocolate ice cream.  Stockton loves ice cream and he loves dark chocolate, so that should go well.  They went bowling and then had Chick-Fil-A for dinner.  Stockton had a great time.  He said my dad told him lots of stories.  He talked a lot about what his school was like when he was growing up.  At Chick-Fil-A they had fun doing Mad-Libs together. Stockton got home just as we were leaving to play dodge ball with the youth.  Stockton LOVES dodgeball.  It's safe to say that he had a pretty great day.

One story my dad told Stockton.  When he was growing up, he was playing tag at the swimming pool near his school.  He pushed someone off the diving board and said, "You're it!"  The only problem was, that person wasn't playing tag; and they got MAD.  A couple of days later, the friends of the kid that was pushed off the diving board took my dad and welded his zipper shut.  Yikes!

Another story he told Stockton was about how hard he worked on a paper.  He worked all weekend hoping to get an A.  When the teacher was handing out papers she said, "I didn't give any A's."  My dad was disappointed.  "I didn't give any B's."  Dang it!  "I gave mostly C's a few D's and one F."  My dad was feeling sorry for whoever got the F.  When the papers were handed back, he was the one who got the F.  On the back it said, "You talked about how important the Mormon church was to you, but you kept spelling it wrong."  Looks like I got my spelling ability from my dad!  His teacher let him redo the paper.  She told him it was the best paper she had ever received . . . B-.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter to Parents

I had parent-teacher conferences with Maysen and Stockton last week. These are student led conferences, so you don't even get to see the teacher.  As part of the packet the students put together, they were supposed to write a letter to their parents.  These were our letters.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I feel like I have been doing well in school this year, and I hope that I can keep my grades at all A's.  I have been working hard in school because I want to be successful in life.  Thank you for raising me to be responsible and thank you for taking me to school every day.  Thank you for all of the things you have done for me.  I love you very much.


Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm supposed to write a letter to you.  I don't know how far I can go without someone getting mad.  I dont' want to write something cheesy. It says, "You MAY want to include some of the following."  If I wanted to, I could write about random stuff.  That's what I want to do, but someone will get mad.  They'll say, "You were supposed to include cheesy stuff."  Then I'll point out that they obviously didn't care enough to make it required.  I guess I might as well, just in case.  Thanks for getting me all my binders, notebooks and other supplies I needed for my classes.  I've been able to keep myself more organized.


Well, Stockton didn't actually sign his name.  I added that myself. Maybe I should have added a few more (cheesy) things while I was at it! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Preston wanted me to take a picture of him before church.  He said he looked 'fancy'.  He was so proud!  I guess I should dress him nice more often.
We had Bubs family, Matt and Sam and my dad over to watch the super bowl today.  It was a lot of fun.  The game went pretty late so we weren't able to play the game Stockton wanted us to play.  He got telestrations for his birthday.  He loves it!  We will have to bring it up to the cabin. He will love that!

We didn't like many of the commercials this year, except the Oreo commercial in the library.  That one was great!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pass of all Passes

We finally got around to activating the Pass of all Passes that we bought last September.  Crazy how time slips away so fast.  We went up to Seven Peaks Lehi in order to do it.  It was really busy, but we had a lot of fun.  We played miniature golf and laser tag.  It was my first time playing laser tag.  I had so much fun following Preston around.  He was so cute!  Preston's name was Mario.  So much fun!  We will have to do that more often.

Hunter (Patrice's boyfriend) came and picked up Max from my dad's house today.  They now get Max back.  I guess they will have a 90 day trial period before they are done for good.  My dad has no idea if he will get any visitation rights or anything.  It is pretty sad.  They go to court on Wednesday.  Patrice has told people that as soon as she gets Max back she will take off to California and my dad will never be able to see him again.  I hope that doesn't happen.

Friday, February 1, 2013

John B. Millburn

Mike and I went to the Family History Library today.  Bro. Gray had told me there was something at the library I had to see.  He gave me the microfilm number.  It was an article written in 1905 about the death of my great-great grandfather.  The title was John B. Millburn Shot Down. It was crazy!  They printed all of the witness statements and everything. The story we were told was completely different than the one in the newspaper.  We were told that he was shot by the deputy of the day because he was looking for Butch Cassidy.  Butch Cassidy and my grandfather were friends.  We were also told he was unarmed.  The story in the newspaper is different.  He was shot in front of the saloon he owned and he was completely drunk.  He also had a gun and was threatening someone who was walking past his store.  This is one quote from the newspaper.  "What did he say in his language?  (The epithets applied to Bryner by Millburn as narrated by the witness Burns are not printable - Editor.)"  Oh boy did that make us laugh!  Most of the front page was taken up with this story.  They also had his biography a few pages later.  Besides the fact that it was a sad way to die, it was really cool to be able to read.  A huge step back in time.  It was awesome.  I'm so glad Brother Gray told me about it.
Mike and I decided to get something to eat.  We were walking around to see what was open.  We ended up eating at The Garden Restaurant.  It was delicious and check out the view!  We couldn't have planned it better if we tried!
 I think it's funny how it looks like there is a chair in the temple.
Today is also my parents wedding anniversary.  They would have been married 44 years.  Stupid cancer.