Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Tubs!!!

Our new tubs came today!  I have been so excited for this!  I felt bad that the kids had to bathe in such a creepy place.  The downstairs was the worst!  Jorja refused to take a bath down there.  The tub was gross and green.  It was also really dark.  Jorja worried about spiders.  The knobs were practically falling off.  It was pathetic.  We also redid the upstairs bathtub.  This one wasn't as bad.  It was two different colors, so that was strange.  The knobs were falling off that one also and the faucet would leak quite a bit.  We still have a long way to go on these bathrooms, but this was such a great start!
Downstairs bathtub - before
 Downstairs toilet - before
 Downstairs bathtub - after (The sliding doors are on backorder)
 Notice the light!  Yay!
 No green toilet!
Upstairs bathtub - before.  Not terrible, but not great.
 Upstairs bathtub - after
 New toilet
 Some OLD wallpaper now peaks behind . . .
 The new tub was bigger, so our baseboards
kind of got squeezed.  I don't think my wall liked it.
Mike asked the electrician if he could put a light in the hall by his workshop.  He did, but we didn't anticipate all the holes that would go along with it!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Clipboards

I decided to make more clipboards for the girls that will be coming into Young Womens' this year.  I will be getting six new girls.  I thought it would be easier to do it all at once.  It took a long time, but I think they turned out great!  Although I ran out of glue, so the top three will need to be finished after I get to the store!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Personal Progress Goals

We talked about goals for Young Womens' today.  We made these cute clipboards for their Personal Progress status.  This idea was from pinterest.  I thought they turned out adorable.  It was such a fun night! Love these girls!
Paige, Ashley, Rachel, Courtney, Zoe, Nicole, Erica

Monday, January 28, 2013

Stockton the Teenager

Stockton is now 13.  Yikes.  Time moves fast.  Wasn't it just yesterday when we could pass him over the table with one hand?  I think Stockton had a good birthday.  He had to go to school, but other than that . . . .  I picked up Chick-Fil-A and brought it to Stockton at lunch.  I was ten minutes late, but he didn't hold it against me.  One of his friends let him eat their brownie while he was waiting for me.  After school we had pizza (Little Caesars), presents and cake (Stockton's chocolate Cold Stone creation that he has every year . . . with a different color icing.)
 Stockton with his new scriptures.  He wanted a quad.
Preston gave Stockton the sweetest present!  It is a coupon for one milkshake.  He also said he wouldn't get in front of the tv (times infinity) and he would stop when Stockton asks him to stop (times infinity).  He drew other pictures, like no dogs, robot arena and the school blowing up.  Stockton loved the present!  Preston said that he used his brain really hard to come up with it.  Love my boys!
Preston's coupon
Stockton's traditional birthday cake.
 Mike conveniently couldn't find matches (again).
 Stockton blowing out candles properly.
 First he tried to blow them out like this.
Stockton and I headed up to the U for his diving class.  I accidentally changed the setting, so the pictures didn't turn out well.  I'll just stick a few of my favorites.
Stockton doing a straight back flip.  I thought this picture was funny.
During Stockton's free dives he likes to pretend he is falling.
For some reason my pictures are not coming up in the correct order.  I wonder why . . . .  Anyway, Stockton is now tucked safely in his cozy bed.  I am up here trying to figure out ways to slow down time.  I sure have an amazing family.  Stockton has brought such joy to my life.  He has such a tender heart.  He is so good to his brother.  He is very honest.  Extremely honest.  Always has been.  I love that about him.  He takes his duties as a deacon very seriously.  I love watching him pass the sacrament.  He is so funny and very creative.  Oh, and did I mention he is smart?  Ridiculously smart.  Love, love, love that boy!  I'm glad he is mine!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Beginnings

I had a really good lesson in church today.  Courtney's dad came in and talked about his feelings for her.  He did a great job.  The entire lesson went perfect.  It is awesome when you can feel the spirit so strong.  We also had our New Beginnings program today.  The MiaMaids were in charge.  They did everything with an owl theme.  (The Beehives will be in charge of the next big activity - yikes!)  I will get six new Beehives this year.  This year is going to be hard.  I have 8 active girls and 7 of them will leave me.  The 8th will leave on January 4th.  I'm excited for the new girls to come, but I really love the ones I am with now.  I don't want them to move up yet!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Red Mountain Resort

Today we went to the Red Mountain Resort for massages.  Well, my friends went for massages, I brought a book.  I'm not a big fan of massages, I have no idea why.  Anyway, they let me go to the steam room, shower and stay in the meditation room to read; and they didn't charge me anything.  Holy cow was the steam room hot!  I could barely breathe.  Good thing I brought a water in with me.  It felt kind of like I was breathing when I was taking a sip of water.  I didn't last too long in there.  The girls went for their massages and I puttered around in the empty dressing room.  The showers were really nice and they had everything you could possible need.  I remember thinking, "They have everything but q-tips.  Nope, there they are.  They even have those."  I was able to read my book in these really comfy chairs in a beautiful room with an awesome view.  Pretty nice.  We had lunch at the spa before we went back to Beckys.  Camee curled Suzanne, Becky and my hair.  We then went to Swig for a cookie, shopping again (nothing for me) and had dinner at some pizza place.  We headed back home after dinner and got home close to midnight.  I'm glad to be back, but it was a really fun weekend.
Stephanie, Suzanne, Stephanie

Friday, January 25, 2013

St. George

What a fun day!  I am in St. George with four friends.  Becky, Camee, Stephanie and Suzanne.  Camee lived in St. George for six years, so she took us to all her favorite places.  We started the morning with a spin class.  This was my first time going to a spin class.  I liked it except when the music got too loud.  I also didn't like the black lights.  That bothered me for some reason.  I saw Brittney there, so that was funny. We came back to Becky's house so we could shower.  We each had our own room and our own bathroom.  Spoiled.  I was getting ready to shower when my phone rang.  It was the school calling.  Preston had missed the bus.  I told them that I was out of town and his grandpa would come to pick him up.  I called my dad.  Over and over I called him.  I called Cathy, texted my dad.  I was getting really worried.  Then I remembered to call Blake's nanny, Liz.  She said that she told my dad if Preston wasn't on the bus he was probably at school.  I called the school and they said Preston just left with his grandpa.  Oh boy!  In all the scenarios I thought about of what could go wrong, I never thought of this one!  At least everything ended up fine.

After we were cleaned and showered, we went to lunch at 25Main.  We did some shopping, then went to Swig to get a drink and a cookie.  It is so funny how much Camee likes that place, although the cookies were really good.  Next we got pedicures.  My friends thought it was funny that my last pedicure was 7 years ago.  I remember because it was right before our last cruise.  I think I will take my girls to get one before our cruise this spring.  They painted the Chinese symbol of love on my big toes.  I thought Jorja would like that.  I asked if they could paint the symbol for frog.  They said no.

We then went to eat at Benja.  Yummy, yummy Japanese food.  I think it was Japanese food.  My friends got sushi.  Not me.  The rest of the food was delicious though!  Our desert was some mango and rice dish.  I thought that was funny that rice was a desert.  After dinner, my friends drove me somewhere to get my haircut.  I did need it really bad.  They are trying really hard to make a girl out of me!  I like it a lot better.  I have wanted a haircut for a long time, it just never has been my top priority.

We finished the night laughing in the hot tub.  It was a wonderful relaxing yummy day.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sleep Talking

Every night I check on the kids before bed.  I give them a little kiss on the cheek and make sure their covers are still on.  Last night when I went to check on Stockton, he started talking in his sleep.  I have never heard him do that before!  He was talking super speedy and it mostly sounded like gibberish.  "badadladeadadadd the car ran in front of me badladaladalada the car ran in front of me . . . . "  Oh man, it was SO funny!  I wished I had my phone so I could have recorded him!

I am heading down to Saint George today.  Kind of excited about it. This will be my first girls trip ever I think.  Becky's parents bought a house down there, so that is where we are staying.  It is just a quick trip, but should be fun.  I'm going to miss my family though.  My dad is going to watch Preston and Jorja tomorrow until the older kids are home.  They are going to love that!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sweetest Little Boy

Preston is cute.  I took him to Color Me Mine today.  I even brought my camera, and completely forgot to get a picture!  He was so fun.  He kept saying how much fun he was having and how much he loves his mom and dad.  He was so proud of what he was painting. (He wants it to be a surprise,)  He kept saying how beautiful it was, then he would look at me and say, "But not as beautiful as you."  I love that boy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yes, You Are

Maysen is fifteen.  I don't like it.  Fifteen is too close to sixteen.  I don't like the thought of her driving and I definitely don't like the thought of her dating.  Maybe she won't want to date when she is sixteen. I didn't really date much.  I just don't get how I'm supposed to handle this. What if some random boy asks Maysen on a date.  I'm sure he wouldn't be random to Maysen, but he would be random to me.  I don't know anything about this kid.  Is he nice?  Will he treat Maysen properly? Will he hurt her?  Is he  a good driver?  I don't know anything about him.  How can I let one of my most important treasures leave with a stranger?  I don't get it.  I was talking to Becky about this.  I said, "Am I just supposed to let her go?  With a stranger?"  She said, "Yes, you are." She said that several times during our conversation.  She said, "Stephanie, you want her to get married one day don't you?"  I told her, "Not for a LONG, LONG time!"  She said, "Well, this is the first step. You have to let her go."  I guess I can always hold out hope that Maysen will  have no interest in dating.  I'ld be fine with that!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The New Grandma Parry

For Family Home Evening we talked about goals and things we wanted to accomplish in 2013. (I know January is almost over, but I am always, always behind.)  I started by asking the kids questions.  I didn't come up with the questions, I found them on line.  Anyway, here are the questions and answers.

What was your favorite memory of the past year?
Stockton: First day of summer
Jorja: Getting frogs

What is your favorite thing to do as a family?
Stockton and Jorja: Play games
Maysen: Eat ice cream.  Go to Cold Stone

What is your favorite thing to do with just Dad?
Jorja and Preston: Time with Dad
Maysen: Eat ice cream.  I like to be around Dad
Stockton: Play games

What is your favorite thing to do with just Mom?
Jorja: Cook
Maysen: Eat ice cream (do you sense a theme with her?)
Stockton: Play games
Preston: Love her

What does Mom do to make you feel happy and loved?
Preston and Jorja: Loves me
Maysen and Stockton: Takes care of us

What does Dad do to make you feel happy and loved?
Preston: Loves me and plays games
Maysen: Dad is awesome and gives us ice cream.  He also fixes our computers.
Stockton: Has fun with us
Jorja: Spends time with me

What is one thing you would like to try as a family in the New Year?
Stockton: Play games
Preston: Learn how to read
Maysen: Go to Hawaii.  Go to Cold Stone once a month
Jorja: Play games together once a week

We then made lists of goals we would like to accomplish this year.  I'm not going to bother to write them all down, because there are a lot of them!  Jorja was so cute with her list.  She put a lot of good goals on hers.  When we were tucking her into bed she told us that she wanted to learn how to sew so she could make blankets and things for her nieces and nephews when she gets older.  She said she wanted to be the New Grandma Parry.  Now that is something to aspire to!  I hope one day I can be half as wonderful as she is.  I am so lucky.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Today we went to Steve and Shannon's for dessert.  We played games and just spent time with them.  Stockton was looking forward to going there.  He loves it when we are invited.  When we got there he fell asleep.  The entire time.  I guess he isn't better after all.  So sad.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Not much happened today.  We did chores.  Stockton had to miss his diving competition because he was sick.  Sad.  We played Uno Attack.  I won both games.  Yes, I'm that good.

We also let the kids pick an excursion.  This is what we chose their reward to be for reading the Book of Mormon.  I made a list of all the excursions they could choose from, anything that a 6-year old could do. Mike hooked the laptop up to the projector and we looked at all the choices.  The kids each made a list of their favorite.  The one we ended up choosing was 'Playa Mia Deluxe Beach Break' in Cozumel. Preston was REALLY excited about the water trampoline.  It sounds like something that will be good for the entire family.  The runner up was also in Cozumel.  It was 'Amazing Cozumel Race'.  Too bad we can't do both.  I'm excited though.  This is going to be such a fun trip!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mike's Home!

I love it when Mike's home.  He spent the week in North Carolina. Time goes by much slower when he is not here.  I put Jorja and Preston to bed before I went to the airport to pick him up.  They were laying in Preston's room (Jorja on the pull-out bed) playing their ds'.  So cute!

Poor Stockton came home from school sick today.  Maysen walked in and said, "Stockton is really cold."  He was shivering and looked so pale!  We warmed up his bed and he climbed in with his ds.  That didn't last long.  I went and checked on him a few minutes later and he was sound asleep.  After a couple of hours he came upstairs and started watching tv in my bed.  Again, he didn't last long until he was asleep. Mike moved him to the guest bedroom when he got home.  So sad to see him sick.  I hope he's better tomorrow.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Stockton came in 2nd place in his school spelling bee today.  The sad thing is there was only 3 people competing.  It doesn't matter how many there are, it only matters if there is someone else that can spell.  Luck is so much apart of spelling bees.  Luck has been on Stockton's side before, but it wasn't on his side today.  I know he was disappointed. Especially since they didn't even go off of the list.  The unlucky thing for him was his word was mispronounced.  It was pronounced 'extent'. That is how Stockton spelled it.  I wish he had asked for alternate pronunciations, but everything was moving so fast.  With only two people in it for quite awhile they were spelling words as fast as I could write them down.  I think that is why Stockton didn't hesitate when he heard extent.  That is obviously the way to spell it.  I didn't know enough about the word to know if I could challenge it.  Or if Stockton would want me to.  Anyway, when we got home we looked up the pronunciation.  It is pronounced either 'ek-stuh nt' or 'ik-stant'.  I always pronounced it the second way and Stockton never missed it once.  Stockton was a really good sport though.  He congratulated the other girl and didn't complain once.  Life isn't fair, spelling bees aren't always fair.  At least our life is awesome.  I sure do love him.

After the bee our next stop was Cold Stone.  Mike and Christen gave Stockton a gift certificate for Christmas.  (Well, one of their kids did, but I can't remember which one!)  Thank you for the kind gift.  Today was the perfect day for us to use it.  Nothing can take the sting of a bee away like chocolate!
 Preston, Stockton, Maysen

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Stockton and I have a tradition of going to 7-11 after diving.  I let him get pizza and a drink.  Then they stopped selling cheese pizza.  We would ask for it every time we came in anyway.  Stockton instead would get a chocolate doughnut and a drink.  Anyway, the finally got cheese pizza back!  Last week sometime.  When the Monday Lady saw us walk in she started singing, "We got cheese pizza!  We got cheese pizza!" Stockton was dancing to her song.  So funny!  Now Stockton gets two slices of pizza (I feel I need to get him two after making such a big deal of it for months!), a doughnut and a drink.  What a spoiled little boy! Anyway, when we were leaving today, the Wednesday Guy didn't charge us for the doughnut.  I asked him about it.  He said the doughnut was on him.  That wasn't the first time he has done that for us.  Super nice! I need to learn their names instead of thinking them as the Monday Lady and Wednesday Guy.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ice Skating

I was in charge of the combined activity tonight.  The original plan was to do glow-in-the-dark volleyball.  The Beehives loved that last year. The only problem is Mike is out of town.  There is no way I could do that activity without his help.  Especially setting up all the black lights. So, new plan.  Jacqui and I ended up going with ice skating.  As far as activities go, it was pretty easy.  My dad wasn't able to watch the kids (he was taking Gayle to a play), so I brought my kids along.  That about doubled my stress.  I wonder why when Mike leaves it seems like my patience leaves along with him!  Preston is especially obnoxious.  He thinks he is so funny.  He loves making all the youth laugh, but after awhile it grates on my nerves!  I do love that boy of mine, even when I'm irritated.

Anyway, this skating rink didn't have any of the little kid helper things that we have used before.  Preston was on his own!  With our help of course.  He did great.  Although when he would have two people holding his hand he felt like he could just fall and be carried around. My arms are sore!
Jorja, Stockton, Preston, Stephanie
 A blurry picture, but Preston is
looking and Maysen is in the background!
 Preston and Jorja
Preston LOVED going in these things.  He called them transporters.
At least one of my combined activities is over for the year!  Only one more to go, and that is not until July.  Hopefully we can make that one awesome!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Prove It

Preston was a little agitated after school.  He was talking with one of his friends about Mario Kart.  His friend had Mario Kart 7 (I think). Preston told him that he had Mario Kart DS.  This boy didn't believe that game existed because he hadn't seen a commercial for it.  Preston insisted that we go to his house so he could PROVE that he was right.  I told Preston that I didn't even know where this boy lived.  After awhile Preston said, "I know!  He invited me to his birthday party.  I bet his address is on there."  Preston was invited to several birthday parties a few months ago.  I didn't have him go to any because I was doing my best to keep my head above water.  I couldn't fit one extra thing in.  I assumed he was talking about one of those.  I told Preston that I threw those invitations away.  Preston said, "His invitation is in the front pocket of my backpack."  I was surprised and I asked him why he didn't show it to me.  Preston kind of paused and then said, "I didn't show it to you because I didn't want to go."  Oh man!  What a sneaky silly little boy I have!

Today I was lucky enough to see my cousin Heather for a few minutes.  I called her (finally) and told her I had some Christmas money from Grandpa.  (Yes, I am that far behind!)  She was able to stop by on her way home from work.  It was really good to see her.  We have been through so many similar experiences that we just get each other.

When I tucked Preston into bed tonight he kept singing, "I'm so cute! I'm so cute!"  Yes he is!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I am so disappointed.  I was almost finished with the Parry Post.  My goal was to get it finished before Maysen's birthday.  Then before Jorja's.  Then before Matt's wedding.  Well, I failed miserably with all those goals.  I had almost finished the Post before birthday season started.  Anyway, I FINALLY had a chance to get back to it.  I was hoping I could knock it out by the end of this week.  The only problem was, when I opened it - everything is messed up.  Starting from the beginning.  I couldn't believe it.  I was hoping it would just be an easy fix.  I played around with it, but it's not cooperating.  I finally shut down the program and ate an orange.  That will teach it!  Then I did the dishes and ate another orange! I'm not going to open the program again today.  I am going to go to sleep and hope that this was just a very bad dream.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Preston was invited to a birthday party today.  It was at Airborne and was for Blake.  Blake lives on our street.  Preston was really excited and seemed to have a lot of fun, although he spent most of his time wanting to play with me.  I finally went and sat far away hoping this would force him to interact with the other kids.  He did pretty good and was really fun to watch.  The pictures ended up coming in random order for some reason, so . . . . I will try not to be annoyed by that.
Preston would not go off the high jump,
but wanted me to take a picture of him by the edge.
Mike and I finally got the letters up in the kids rooms.  You can barely notice them in the girls' room, but I think they make a big difference in the boys' room.  I am glad to finally get them up.  It sure does take us a long time to get everything put together!  It's kind of hard to get a picture of both the girls' beds at the same time.  Their room is so big!
Preston was directing the photo shoot of his room.  He was very particular.
Boys' room with no one in it.
 Preston with his eyes closed.
 Preston sitting up.
 Preston pretending he is asleep.
 Preston saying "I love you".
 Preston.  Look how much he loves his blanket.
He carries it around EVERYWHERE!  I love that he loves it so much.
Stockton also was invited to a party today.  He spent the day at Isaac Johnson's cabin.  They went sledding and played games.  So fun! Stockton was car sick on the way up and threw up as soon as he got there.  I'm thankful he didn't throw up in Becky's car!  Or on the cabin floor.  At least he had a great time once he arrived.  Becky had him ride in the front on the way home.  Probably a good idea.

Friday, January 11, 2013


The plan was to go to the Family History Library for date night.  There is something I really want to look up about my Great-Great Grandpa Millburn.  The only problem was the snow.  I don't know why it worried me so much today.  Maybe it was leaving the kids alone while we drove in the snow.  Anyway, we will save the library for another day.  Instead we worked on these blocks I have wanted to do for awhile.  All we did was stain them black.  At least that is something.  At least it is a start.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

No More Bunk-Beds

I have wanted to take the boys bunk-beds down for awhile now.  I should have taken a picture of the bunk-beds before, but oh well . . . they are probably on this blog somewhere.

Anyway, I am pleased with how they look.  They even still have room for the air hockey table.  I just went down and checked on the boys. They are both sound asleep, although Preston is sideways on his bed. He has to learn how to sleep in one without rails one day I guess.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Jorja earned two branding iron words today.  She had her class spelling bee.  If you spelled two words wrong you were out.  Jorja placed 4th. She was the last girl standing.  Her first word she spelled wrong was best-case.  That is an obnoxious word for a spelling bee.  Jorja spelled it bestcase.  The second word she spelled wrong was conflict.  I think she said the i was an e.  She had a hard time with that word when we were practicing.  She was a little disappointed, but I'm so proud of her. Spelling doesn't come as easy to her as it does to Stockton.  She worked really hard.  I love that.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Little Lost Preston

Saturday morning we were busy doing chores while Stockton was away at scout camp.  Preston came and asked if I would help him vacuum his room.  I told him I couldn't help now, but I could help in a bit.  About 15 minutes later I was ready to help him.  I searched and searched for him. I couldn't find him anywhere.  I called and called for him, still no luck. I was pretty sure he was hiding from me.  He has a tendency to do that a lot.  But, after awhile I started to get pretty worried.  I was about to go wake up Mike and ask him if he could help me look when I heard Preston's voice.  Turns out he was locked in the pool bathroom.  Not really locked in, the door is just really, really hard to open.  When he couldn't open the door, he tried to open the door leading outside.  He couldn't get that one open either, but he opened it enough to let a ton of cold air rush in.  When I found him he was freezing laying on the bathroom floor.  Poor little boy!  I brought him into my bed and turned the mattress pad up to high.  He spent the rest of the morning watching Phineas and Ferb with Jorja.

Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm In Love

I have been so annoyed with my dishwasher.  It was supposed to be awesome, but it just drives me crazy!  If I don't get every little teeny tiny speck of food off of the dish it does not come off!  Sometimes it looks like nothing was even washed.  We thought this was because of how hard the water is here, so annoying!  I was complaining to Cassie this and she said her mom's dishwasher was great.  It was probably a combination of the dishwasher and the detergent.  When she was back in Ohio, she sent me a picture of what her mom uses.  I went out and bought it.  The difference in the dishes is incredible.  To say the dishes were 100% better is such an understatement.  Thank you Cassie!  The funny thing is, Mike said, "Oh, they gave us a sample of that detergent when we bought the dishwasher.  I thought it was annoying how all the packs were individually wrapped."  I wondered why the dishwasher worked great for the first little while.
We had some plumbers in here most of the day.  They were adding a drain so we could have a water softener.  I wonder if we need it now! That wasn't the only reason.  When we use the air conditioner in the summer, Mike has it drain into a giant water bucket.  He has to haul it out to drain once a week at least.  Not a good long-term plan.  Anyway, when I went downstairs and saw all the holes in the concrete, I was so thankful Mike didn't try to do this project himself!
 Downstairs bathroom
Mike also booked a cruise for us today.  Well, he booked it today, we won't go for awhile yet.  Several years ago we had a cruise booked and payed for.  We were going to sail over Thanksgiving.  Then Mike lost his job.  He was able to get all of our money back.  Which was nice. Now that we have financially recovered from being out of work for a year and a half, Mike booked the cruise for the same ship we had originally planned on.  We also had already bought passports for all the kids.  Those passports expire in June.  Preston was really mad when he found out about this.  He said he didn't want to go.  "You can't make me go!  What?  You are going to force me?"  He gave me a good laugh.  I showed him pictures of the ship.  He hesitantly said, "Well, I guess I'll go - but only for one day."  Poor kid.  What a rough life he leads!