Monday, April 30, 2012

Jorja Witch

Love her!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Perfect Sunday

We had a Parry family dinner at my house last night.  My dad, Bubs, Chad, Heather, Nathan and their families were able to attend.  I was so happy!  I love being around my family, especially my Parry family. What an amazing family we have!  We are hoping to get together again the end of July/start of August for a swimming get together.  (Elisa is due the start of July!  Yay!)  I'm hoping Katie will be able to come next time! (Congratulations on graduating!)  I'm also excited that Derek and Lauren will be moving down in the fall . . . I think.

Anyway, I took pictures of my cousins' kids playing outside.  I think it's funny how Alden looks SO much like a Parry!  I love Lily's scrunchy cheeks.  She looks so much like Heather!  Well I can see Heather in all of her kids.  Bubs said that Eric looked like a mix of Zac and Devin! Haha!

On a side note, I'm a little worried these pictures won't all come up like I hope.  If they do, blogger just became way too easy.  Although I would be okay with that!
Nathan's Norma ~ Love this picture!
 Nathan's Kate
 Chad's Eden
 Chad's Alden
 Heather's Eric
 Heather's Aubrey
 Heather's Jennifer
 Heather's Lily
 Ella & Abigail
 Alden & Eden
 Norma, Abby & Ella
 Norma & Eden
 Eden & Jennifer driving Kate & Norma
 Jennifer & Eden
 Alden, Jennifer, Eden
 What a good big sister
 To the tree!  To the tree! Up they go to the top of the tree!
 Alden - seriously adorable
 Kate & Norma
 Focus Kate!  Focus!
 Alden & Jennifer
 Alden & Ella
 Abigail & Alden
 Abby saying, "Good job!"
 Abby saying, "Good job" to Lily - love it!
 Preston - I could not get him and Max at the same time
What a perfect way to spend a Sunday!  Thanks everyone for making the effort to drive all the way to my house.  Can't wait to do it again!