Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monkey, Airplane, Soldier

Stockton had scout camp today and did not like it. The drive was too far, it took too long to change for swimming, they wouldn't let you dive off the diving board, you had to tie knots, the games were boring . . . . hopefully he likes it better tomorrow.

Preston learned monkey, airplane, soldier at swimming lessons. He loved showing us over and over. He would do monkey, airplane, soldier and then jump off the diving board. He also swam all the way to the side after jumping off the diving board with no help! That is huge! It took him forever, but he was able to do it.

We played with Mike's new camera again. Kind of fun. After swimming, we went running with the entire family. Jorja rollerskated. The weather was perfect. I am loving this dry climate!
Jorja's new swim cap
Preston ~ off the diving board
No soldier, but a cute Preston...and a nemo fish.
Maysen and Preston
Mike a.k.a. pufferfish
Preston's picture of the Porge

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Swimming

Jorja had a swim meet today in South Jordan. She swam five events. She swam the butterfly on the relay event. She was amazing! She is getting really good at that stroke. She also swam 25 freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke and a free style relay. Shannon was able to come watch her last event. That was really nice. The meet today was rain delayed in the middle. Mike took Preston home then. Jorja had already done her butterfly and was on the starting blocks for the freestyle when it was delayed. There was an indoor water slide at the fitness center, so while the rain delayed us Jorja went down the water slide three times. When she had long breaks during the meet she would go play in the pool with her friend Ashley. The only bad thing was Jorja hit the bottom of the pool while she was playing around and her lip started to bleed. She wanted to go home, but was a trooper and stayed until all her events were finished. We were both pretty exhausted by the time we got home. Jorja more than me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Swim Results

We got Jorja's swim results from the meet on Friday. Jorja did great! Because this was an inter-squad meet, all the events she competed in were mixed....she held her own against those boys! Jorja was 7th (out of 18) on the freestyle. She got her best time with 28.34 - 5 seconds faster! In breaststroke she was 10th (out of 21) with 39.44. Her goggles fell off on this race. Backstroke she was 6th (out of 17) with 33.82. Butterfly she was 2nd (out of 11) with 34.02 - 6 seconds off her best time! Her goggles fell off on this race also. Great job Porge - you are working so hard. I love watching you swim!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Preston always says afore instead of before. I love it.

This morning was spent swimming, swimming and more swimming. After all the swimming & diving lessons were over, Eden came and did a lesson with Jorja. Then a lesson with me, Maysen & Stockton. I am so not good. As soon as Eden left, my dad came with Cathy and Max. We swam until it was time to get ready to go to a family party. Wow.

Mike's family has always had a picnic at a park with his dad's side of the family. Only our family and Steve's family was there representing Mike's dad. Mike and I haven't gone for years and years - for obvious reasons. Maysen spent most of her time in a tree, Stockton played with cousins, Jorja roller skated & Preston had a great time until he skinned both knees. We did find out that Mike's great grandfather and Henry B. Eyring's grandmother were brother & sister. We found this out because they are having some reunion and Henry B. Eyring is the keynote speaker. Pretty cool. They only gave one paper per family, so hopefully Mike & I will get the information. I thought it was July 30th, Mike thinks it's June 30th.

On the way home we stopped for snow cones at a snow shack. That was my first time ever. I got root beer. Preston really loved it.

We put the boys to bed and then Mike and I watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice with the girls. We really enjoyed it. Now I'm curious to find out if the apprentice is the voice for Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon. Maysen pointed out the similarity.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Mile

It is exactly one mile from my mom's grave to our house. I think that is pretty cool.

I wanted to get a picture of the girls in their new dresses. Looks like the boys wanted in too. Wish they were always this eager to get their pictures taken.
Stockton, Jorja, Maysen, Preston
Jorja & Maysen
Jorja, Maysen & Preston's head

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The kids had fun last night. Jorja crashed around 1:30. Mike was still up so he took a picture.
Maysen fell asleep around 5:30. Stockton & Maysen took turns poking each other to keep awake. Sounds like torture to me, but they insist they had a good time. I didn't get a picture of Maysen. She was wrapped in a giant blanket and sleeping on the couch upstairs when I woke up. Stockton was wide awake and playing his computer. I asked if I could borrow his computer for a bit. His computer is the easiest way for me to upload pictures. He was so happy and let me use it. About ten minutes later I was done . . . and so was he. I found him crashed at the side of the guest bed.
We would find the kids asleep in random places throughout the rest of the day. Pretty funny.
Mike and I did get a ton more done on the house. More books put away. Pictures moved. We still don't know where to hang all our pictures. We have a lot less wall space, so we need to figure out what we want up and what we don't.

Maysen and I went clothes shopping today. She did really well and wasn't grouchy at all! It was really nice that the store was not crowded. I think that made a big difference. We also went and got her a new watch. This is the third time I bought this same watch. Hopefully it won't get lost because she really likes it. At least it is only ten dollars.

Mike got a new toy yesterday and had it up and running today. He bought a portable shower. It hooks to a propane tank so the water is warm. After the kids were in bed Mike and I went swimming. The pool was warm just like I like it! I tried to do all the different strokes that I watch Jorja do. They are hard! I need to learn them so that I can exercise in the pool when I am 70. I'm guessing it will be easier to learn them now. After swimming we tried out Mike's new shower to rinse off. I am a fan. It was a.w.e.s.o.m.e. Seriously. I love it. This is going to be so great for the kids. I make them get in the bathtub to rinse their hair. Later in the day they will want to go swimming but say, "I already had a bath." Hopefully this will help. Even if it doesn't, I love it!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Stay Up All Night

I heard Abigail babbling away when I woke up this morning. I peeked in the guest room and Abbs was wide awake sitting on the bed, Angela was very tired. She groggily said, "This is the most comfortable bed with the most comfortable sheets." Poor Ange had a hard night. Abbs is getting FOUR molars. She cried a lot while they were here - SO UNUSUAL for that little girl. She was just miserable. Ange kept saying things like, "If I only knew she would be getting teeth when we planned this....." I told her if she was going to be staying up anyway, she might as well be playing games with us!

Anyway, sleep deprived Ange woke up and made French Toast. What a good hostess I am! It was her idea - I promise! While she was cooking, Ella wanted to ride the jeep. Then Abbs REALLY wanted a turn. Stockton took her around. It was so cute!
Abigal & Stockton
This picture cracks me up. It's like a parade. Lincoln was eating his breakfast, but didn't want to miss the fun. He followed them around while he was carrying his breakfast plate and eating away. Too bad the picture I took of the front view didn't turn out.
Lincoln, Stockton & Abbs, Ella & Jorja
I debated putting these next pictures up because all of the swimming mess in the background . . . but Abbs looks so cute and cuteness trumps messy.
Abbs & Stockton
I had to ditch my brothers this morning so I could take Jorja to a swim meet. I even had to wake up Matt because his car was blocking mine. I was disappointed about that because I thought he would be asleep until I got back . . . then I went and woke him up. Anyway, I haven't seen the final results yet, but I know Jorja took about 5 seconds off her freestyle time and 8 seconds off her butterfly. Awesome! Her goggles fell off while she was doing breast & butterfly. Jorja said, "My goggles don't like when I'm swimming two hand touch races."

Tonight we finally let our kids stay up all night. Last year we let them do this on the last day of school. They wanted to make it a tradition. We always had something going on that I wouldn't let them be grumpy for. We don't have any plans tomorrow, so we decided today was the day. I was not going to even attempt this . . . I'm still tired from playing games last night! Mike invited some people from work over and taught them Pirates. I wouldn't let Preston play 'Stay up all night'. He was upset, but I basically told him that anyone who wet their pants three times that day was not old enough to play 'stay up all night'. I did say it in a loving motherly way I'm sure.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today was such a fun day! Bubs & Ange and their family, Matt, my dad and one of my cousins came over for dinner, swimming, games and sleepover. We started with Eden giving a swim lesson to Jorja then Lincoln. Sometimes Ella, but mostly Lincoln. Next was swimming for fun and playing with Mike's new underwater camera. It works great, it is just hard to see what you are pointing at. Above water is easier to see.
After swimming was dinner - yummy ribs. We then played psychiatrist. It is a game Maysen learned at Oakcrest and was anxious to play. One person leaves the room while we decide what is wrong with us. When they come back that person goes around the circle asking questions until they can figure out what is wrong. For example, when it was my turn everyone would scratch while they answered their question. For Maysen, everyone gave an answer that started with the letter of their name. Stockton had a hard one, everyone answered the question that was asked two people before. Lincoln & Ella also wanted a turn in the middle. It was so funny. With Ella, everyone answered a question with something to do with SpongeBob. She asked good questions and laughed at every answer....and she figured it out. With Lincoln everyone said Bubs in their answer. The funniest was when Jorja answered her question. She ignored the question and just said, "You're Bubs!" Everyone busted out laughing because Lincoln does that all the time! So fun!

We put the kids all to bed and then played Dominion. Matt had borrowed the expansion packs from Bryan Leatherwood. I didn't do well, but I did enjoy Sabotaging everyone. Mike went to bed after the first game while the rest of us played until one thirty in the morning. I then bowed out while Bubs, Ange & Matt played one more time. I have a feeling I will be exhausted tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Before & After

Maysen: Before
Sweets she hasn't been able to eat for a LONG time.
Braces off in the morning. Swim/dive meet in the evening. Stockton took 4th. The other team was really good! He tried three new dives he never had competed before with. He did great! Jorja swam in five events. She was a second faster on her freestyle and eleven seconds faster on her breast stroke! She also swam the butterfly for the first time. Preston stayed the entire time and cheered for Jorja. And by cheering I mean rolling down the hill over and over. Today was a LONG meet. There were so many kids. At least the weather was perfect!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Bit of Everything

Stockton did a reverse flip for the first time today. It was awesome! He was pumping his fists in the air as he was coming out of the water. He has another diving competition tomorrow and is planning on trying it out then.

Preston wouldn't go to his swimming lessons today. He claimed the water was too cold. We were a little late (forgot goggles) so he didn't have time to sit on the steps as long as he liked. As soon as he was in the water his teacher was ready to take him. He didn't want to go, but I kind of motioned to the teacher that it would be okay. It was not okay. I realized within seconds that he would refuse to do the rest of his lesson. I was right. Finally I just took him home early. He is so much like Stockton.

Maysen went to the Draper Temple and did baptisms with the Young Women. She hasn't been since we went with Erica over a year ago. She was a little nervous since Mike and I wouldn't be with her, but at least her group was small.

Jorja and I went on a walk today and discovered hidden trails. We heard there were trails that connect every road in the subdivision. Maysen and I found one a few weeks ago. Jorja and I found two more . . while we were doing this, Mike took Stockton & Preston on a bike ride to the pool. Preston said it was "so fun!"

Mike is outside working on his door. At least it is not suppose to rain this week.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hole in the House

Seriously, Mike put a hole in our house . . . on purpose. More about that later. First, I am so excited because my friend Amy from Georgia came to visit! Amy is the greatest. Seriously. Besides being able to make me laugh, a great listener and super fun to be around, she is the most amazing teacher ever. Stockton has always adored her. Ever since she was his nursery teacher. I remember when I first met her. Stockton's old nursery teacher was saying some negative things about Stockton. I just stared at her. Amy came up to me and said, "I just want you to know Stockton is the sweetest little boy and I just love him." Easy to see why I just love Amy too. Stockton adores her. Stockton can tell pretty quickly what your expectations are and how you feel about him. If you feel like you wish Stockton wasn't here because he is going to be hard . . . he makes your life hard. If you love him, he can tell that right away and will do just about anything for you. Stockton would do just about anything for Amy. Amy also was his CTR 5 teacher, then Valiant 10 teacher. I would have loved for Amy to be his 5th grade teacher, but that didn't work out....but moving to Utah did! Anyway, there are no words to describe Amy, just trust me - she's amazing.
Stephanie & Amy
Maysen and Spencer have been good friends for many years. They were in 1st and 2nd grades together, then Spencer went to a different school. Maysen likes to play Age of Mythology with him and other such nonsense. Maysen couldn't believe Spencer was as tall as I was. When we left he was Maysen's height. At least that is our recollection!
Spencer & Maysen
I pulled out one of Maysen's swimming suits for Rachel to use and one of Preston's for Robbie. We had fun out by the pool! Amy and I sat and talked while the kids swam. The only flaw in my plan was Preston wanted me to swim. I wanted to talk to Amy. Preston wanted to go in the deep end but I wouldn't let him without me or a life vest.....
Now to the hole in the house. There is a hole in my house. Mike put it there. He wants to put a door from our bathroom to outside so that when we are swimming you don't have to traipse all through the house. I suggested the idea to Mike but had no idea he would take me seriously. When will I learn?
Mike loves his tools
Now that's a mischievous look...I should call him Preston
Preston loves to 'help' Mike when he works with tools. He also likes to be the first to do anything.
Mike & Preston
Preston's first through the hole in the house!
Mike ~ seriously tired of the camera
One more because the trees are pretty
Do you want to see what the final product looks like? So do I.