Monday, February 28, 2011


Preston said, "I wish my room had two doors. One regular door and one to teleport to a random place." Later, when we were eating Chex Mix, I told Preston that Stockton didn't like the 'swirlies'. When he asked why, I said, "He's scared of them." Preston said, "Does he think he will be teleported somewhere if he eats them?" Too cute!

Scoop stopped by today and brought us an extra bed. It is a full size bed and we just happen to have a guest room that was wanting a bed. Preston is asleep in there now. I can't wait until it is put to good use!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Glad That's Over With

Mike and I had to give talks today. Our new member talks I guess. It went pretty good, but I didn't realize how much time we had left when I sat down. That left Mike with a good twenty minutes. Sorry about that. At least that is now one thing I can cross off my list . . . now I can work on the Parry Post!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

That's a Bad Word

Preston tells me that all the time. Usually it is after I ask him if he is wet or dry. He gets upset and yells, "Stop saying that! That's a bad word!" Basically anything he doesn't like or doesn't want to hear is a bad word. I love that silly boy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Empty Seat

Stockton had his 5th grade writing assessment today. It was held at the South Towne Expo Center. They were also having a safety fair there, so Stockton and I went to check it out. It was pretty fun. Stockton liked spinning all the different wheels for little prizes. After two hours of playing around, we decided to go and get the rest of the kids. We brought them back for face painting and balloon animals. They loved it. Well, Maysen tolerated it.
Preston as a puppy ~ aren't his eyes beautiful?
Preston & his puppy
Maysen asked for an "awesome hat". It was pretty cool, and made her easy to spot.
Maysen's awesome hat
Maysen's cat
Jorja's face paint had mostly smeared by the time I took this picture. She was a glittery cat. Really cute. I was upset with myself for not having my camera with me.
Jorja & her frog
Stockton always likes to be different. He wanted eyes on his cheeks and was pretty proud of his 'four eyes'. He also wanted a hot dog balloon. The clown thought he was pretty crazy, but Stockton was very happy with it.
Stockton & his hot dog
After the fair, we went to a Chinese grocery store. They also have cool Chinese knickknacks. Jorja picked out a frog bowl and a bamboo to put in it. It looks really cute. Our next stop was the library, then Roberts. It was a pretty long day, and funny to see the kids at the library with their faces painted. Now we are spending the rest of the day putting our house together. I think that is going to take months.

While I was at the fair with Stockton, my friend Teresa called me. Stockton was having a blast playing Mario Kart, so I got to chat with her. Teresa said that our bench in church is still empty. She said that it is getting really funny. She tried to get Brother Stevenson to sit there last Sunday, but he said, "No way! I'm not going to be the one that takes the Smith's spot!" Or something like that. Made me laugh. We sure did love Georgia.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Stockton had to write an editorial for one of his assignments. I'm sure you will all agree, I'm a mean mom. Luckily, I'm the one who makes the rules....sorry Stockton. Here is his editorial:

You shouldn't have to be 80 lbs. to get out of a booster seat. Think about short & skinny peoples' misfortune, having to be stuck in a booster seat until they're somewhere around the age of 14 years old. I personally think it's annoying. Why? Well...

Like I said before, you shouldn't have to be 80 lbs. to get out of a booster seat. I'm 11 years old, & I'm still in a booster seat. My sister is too, & she's 13! We run in a short family, & my mom won't let us out of our booster seats because she's worried about something called "safety".

Other people, like my friends & cousins, are shocked when they see we're still in a booster seat. Besides our family, I don't know anybody that's in one. When my other sister was in Kindergarten, she had a friend in her class that was already out of a booster seat. Apparently her mom didn't care at all about that thing called "safety".

Years ago, I found about 70 cents, & I've kept them in the car. Once in a while, I drop a coin, & my booster seat is in the way, so I can't reach out & grab it before it gets wedged between my car seat & the side of the car. I've lost some coins, & I can't get them back. I'm losing money fast, & I can't do much about it. My booster seat also gets in the way of my seatbelt. Oh, by the way, for those of you who are thinking, "Too bad, it's not me, so I don't care." You're not helping. If you are, you probably didn't have your life ruined by that pest that goes by the name of "safety".

Think about this. You're about 12 years old, you're stuck in a booster seat, you keep dropping coins & can't get them back, & you watch with envy as kids get in their parents' car, booster-seat-free. I'm telling you, I say we should get out at age 8, despite your height & weight. Protest against booster seats!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If I Were President...

I would have all bildings have a NO SMOKING sine. If I were president I would have some rich people to pleese give some of there money to some poor people. Oh, if I were president I would make people not litter, because litter makes the world dirty. Oh, and by the way you could have kitty litter just as long as you didn't litter the kitty litter. Oh, if I were president I would say don't eat froglegs because frogs are my favrite anamal, so don't kill frogs!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Our carpet is now all the way in the basement. It's awesome. I spent a good chunk of the day vacuuming, and I loved it. It was pretty funny, the carpet is way staticy so I kept getting shocked. Just holding the vacuum cord my fingers would get shocked every five seconds. It's worth it though, so nice to have a basement. The kids are all asleep in their rooms downstairs. Now Mike and I just have to empty out the room they have been sleeping in and the computer room. The carpet guy is coming tomorrow to take out the temporary carpet and put in our super soft carpet.

Below is a picture of dinner. I picked these up on the way home from the dentist.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Home! Preston and I made it home around two o'clock. Mike had the kitchen looking great. That was a nice surprise. My dad took us out to The Bear Paw in St. George. I can't wait to go back. I am very glad that I am done driving. I am going to bed early tonight.

We have carpet! Almost. One poor guy is carpeting our entire house. He works like a horse. Never takes a break, not even to eat. Mike keeps offering, but he says he's fine. He has the carpet laid in the basement, but only stretched in the main room. He will come tomorrow and finish stretching the basement, then on Wednesday to do the upstairs. The carpet is so soft. It will be so exciting when it is done!

My cousin, Tammi, wanted to see pictures of what we were working on. I told her the pictures would be very boring, but I will put them up anyway. The picture below is from the theater room looking out. Mike moved the door about seven inches so our TV cabinet would fit on the other side. You can see our carpet and where the wet bar use to be. I am SO glad we got rid of that. The room is much bigger and less creepy.
This is the closet my dad spent a week working on. It looks great. It use to be a door from the boys room to the bathroom. There were three doors going into the bathroom and we thought it would be annoying. We are going to use this closet for swimming things. At least that is what the plan is. We don't have nearly as much storage space in this house as we did in Georgia.
This is the door Mike added in the bathroom. It separates the toilet/sink from the tub. With only one bathroom in the basement, we thought this would be a good idea. We are really happy with how it turned out.
This is the backside of the closet my dad worked on. He worked on this side as well. Our plan is to put shelves up the entire way. Should look great when we are done. You can also see the carpet, but it is not cut. Soon.
And here is our lovely, lovely carpet. I wonder if we would have loved it as much if we didn't have to wait for it so long. Doesn't matter, I'm glad it is finally here!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leaving Arizona

We went to church with Skye and her family. After, Mike made yummy, yummy hamburgers. It was funny because the sky was kind of gray outside, then then sun came up from behind a cloud. Mike says, "Well, winter's over."

After lunch, my dad, Preston and I started our drive back to St. George. We got there around 8. Preston and I slept on Brittany's couch. That's about all that happened today.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blake's Blessing

Today Preston and I spent the entire day with Skye, Larkin and Blake. It was awesome. Preston loved it. Skye and Preston get along so well. When Preston woke up, Skye was at the store with her dad. He gave her a big hug as soon as she came in the door.
Skye & Preston
Not going to take his arm off of her.
Skye, Larkin & Preston with their pillowpets from my dad
It was cold in Arizona. Very windy.
Preston, Skye, Larkin
I was so excited to hold BLAKE! Skye and Larkin both told me that his nickname was Jimmer. He is such a sweet baby. So tiny and so big at the same time.

Stephanie & Blake

Skye, Blake, Dad
Preston, Skye & Blake

Christen's dad (a.k.a. Poppy) had all the kids mesmerized by his cell phone.

Skye, Poppy, Preston
Skye & Preston
The baby blessing was at Mike & Christen's house. I guess they will only let them bless the babies on Fast Sunday in their ward down here. Mike and Christen will be moving to New Mexico next week....well, Mike will. Christen and the kids don't have anywhere to go yet... The member of the bishopric was about a half hour late. I guess he was waiting for his wife to get home. No big deal except Blake was perfect while we were waiting. When it was time for the blessing he cried through the entire thing....and messed his pants. The blessing was really good though. Blake is so sweet and so loved already! You can tell in these pictures how much his sisters adore him.
Christen & Blake (and Preston's hand!)
Christen, Blake, Mike
Weston (Christen's soon-to-be brother in law),
Matthew (Christen's brother),
Poppy, Jimmer, Mike, Dad, Bishopric Dude

Larkin & Skye
Larkin ~ What an angel!
Blake & Larkin ~ First smile I think
She's in love!
Skye, Mike, Christen & Blake, Larkin

Mike, Christen & Blake
Blake Michael


Friday, February 18, 2011

Everything is Better with Bacon

Dad got doughnuts for the road. Picture a glazed doughnut with chocolate frosting topped with bacon. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Porge would be jealous. Other flavors were cookies and cream, smores, and grasshoppers. I WILL take Jorja there one day and she WILL love it.

We are now here in Arizona! Baby Blake is asleep in the swing right now. The girls are asleep, but Preston is wide awake. He said, "I don't think Skye is in this house."

In the news back home, our carpet is not in. But, we do have carpet tacks. The carpet will be put in on Monday. I'm thinking it is a good idea that Preston is gone this weekend.

Mike took the kids rollerskating. I heard they loved it, although Mike was a little incoherent when I talked to him so I will have to get details tomorrow. Mike needs a good night sleep, he was up all night painting.

I know Maysen and Stockton will read this in the morning. I love you and miss you guys! Give Porge a hug from me!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

On My Way....Soon

Stockton and I did tons of homeschool today. He won't have much to do tomorrow. That is good because I won't be here. I'll be spending the day driving on my way to see baby BLAKE! It will be a quick trip. Most of the time will be spent in the car, but I can't wait to see Blake, Skye & Larkin....and their mom and dad. My dad is coming with me. He can help me prepare for the talk I have to give next week. He sure is lucky. I would write more, but I need to get to bed so I won't be tired tomorrow. Driving to Arizona has to be easier than driving to Georgia....right?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moving Bricks

Maysen, Stockton, Preston and I spent about an hour today moving the bricks from the wet bar we dismantled. Funny that it took as long to move the bricks outside as it did to take the entire thing apart! I really wanted to get it done today for two reasons.
1. It was suppose to snow. I thought it would be much easier to put the bricks on dry concrete then sloshing through the snow and trying to stack them.
2. We are getting carpet on FRIDAY! Yay! I will be heading out to Arizona, but when I come back hopefully there will be awesome carpet everywhere!

By the way, I hate it when University of Utah has basketball home games. They close the parking lot and only let the fancy people in. We have to trek a long ways to get to the swimming pool. Not bad going there, but freezing cold on the way least for Stockton. Plus, it takes much longer. By the time I got home today, the Elders Quorum presidency was already there. It was fun to talk to them. Seth Bradley is the president, so basically we got to hang out with him. Weird to run into people from high school. Weird in a good way.

I had to tell Jorja to take off her roller skates to go to bed. I think she wishes her feet were wheels.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lawn Plow

Last week when we were shoveling our driveway, Mike decided that he didn't want to do this everytime it snowed. So, today at welding class, Mike made a snowplow to hook on his riding lawnmower. It is suppose to snow on Thursday and Mike is excited to try it out. Wonder if it works? I also wonder if it will drive in the snow.....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Slide Dive

At diving today, one of the instructors was trying to teach this 7 year old boy how to do a dive. He didn't want to do it. No problem. The instructor folded up a gym mat and placed it at the end of the diving board. She had Preston (the 7 year old) lay on it like he was doing a dive. Then she lifted up the edge of the mat and he slid right in. When Preston popped his head up he was cheering so hard that he did it. It was so funny.

Fast-forward to free dive time for Stockton. The instructor sprayed the mat with the hose, so Stockton and Aiden would run and slide across the mat until they did a dive in the pool. Stockton even got to where he could do a flip off the edge. So funny to watch. I really should learn the other instructors name.

Jorja got roller skates at DI in Idaho. She loves them. She wore them the entire time she was a grandma's house. She didn't have school today so she wore them the entire time she was home today. Roller skates are loud. Too bad the basement was such a mess, that would have been fun for her. I think Mike got it mostly cleaned up while I was at diving, but she doesn't have tomorrow off. I had to finally tell her she needed to close the door....after all, Maysen and Stockton were trying to do their homeschool.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jackson and Mina

Today we went to my cousin Jackson's mission farewell. There were a ton of people there. Jackson gave a really good talk. Really good. Jackson is my youngest cousin on my mom's side. I can't believe he is old enough to go on a mission. Jackson is going to Peru and it is easy to see he will be an excellent missionary.

We drove home from Idaho and were able to make it to Bishop Valentine's house for a get-together they were having for the new move-ins. Sister Valentine made the most delicious brownies. I'm so sick now, but it was totally worth it.

I was extremely excited today when I saw pictures of Mina! I can't believe the epidural machine ran out of batteries for Rachel. Seriously had never heard of that one before. Congratulations Brett & Rachel! We are so, so happy for you!
Rachel, Mina & Marie
Mina, Brett, Marie
Mina & Marie ~ Can Marie get any cuter?
I needed Preston to take a bath or shower today. He would have none of that. Mike was taking a shower, so I was hoping Preston would go in with him. Nope. I finally picked up Preston and stuck him in the shower...clothes and all. Now he is a sparkling clean little boy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Markell's Shower

We drove up to Idaho today and I was able to go to my cousin Markell's baby shower. She is having a boy. Not only was it fun to be at a family event, it was so nice to be with my cousins. My cousin Brooke was my sister growing up. It was SO GOOD to see her!
Brooke, Grandma, Stephanie
Brooke & Grandma
I love my cousins!
Miranda, Brooke, Stephanie, Heather, Lily, Courtney

We stayed at my Grandma's house. Heather, Justin and their families came over for awhile. I loved being able to visit with them. Have I mentioned yet how glad I am to have moved back to Utah? I love watching my kids play with my cousin's kids. Jorja and Eric got along pretty well. They are both in 2nd grade, so it will be fun for them to get to know each other better.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Watching Haley

Stockton & Peggy
Stockton and I went and watched the University of Utah against University of Washington in gymnastics. I had a great time and loved being there with Stockton. We sat next to my dad's cousin, Peggy. Her daughter, Haley, is on the University of Washington team. We stayed at their castle house when Stockton was a baby. Haley and Amy were 9 I think. We talked to Amy after about diving. She just finished her diving career for a college in California, I can't remember which one. I am so glad Peggy gave us the tickets, it was a really nice night.

This afternoon I went to help at Jorja's Valentine/Chinese New Year party. I thought it was so funny when two kids got into an argument. They were mad! They were quarrelling in Chinese and it was hilarious! To me.