Monday, January 31, 2011


"The world is rigged against me." Stockton had that quote today and I thought it was hilarious. Stockton was talking about how a lot of movies and songs have a love theme. That is why the world is rigged against him.

Today was the last day of diving. Maysen doesn't want to do it again. Jorja wants a month break. That's too bad. I loved watching them dive. When Mike gets a break, I'll have to have him get a diving video ready. Stockton will continue to dive, he sure does love it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Swedish Fish

Why are you so delicious?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Slight Snaffu

Mike and I took three loads from the storage unit today. We finally got back where we could see our big screen TV. It's huge. We got it in Georgia from someone Mike worked with when they moved to Alaska. We have this cool entertainment center that goes around it. It is probably the nicest piece of furniture we own. We know right where we want to put it, but were worried it wouldn't fit. When we were redoing the walls, Mike looked up the TV online to find the dimensions. With those dimensions, we found out it would fit perfectly where we wanted to put it. Now, today, we were finally able to reach our TV. Mike measured again only to find out the dimensions he found online were wrong. 7 inches too short. Bummer. Now we have to decide if we ask the carpet people to wait so Mike can move a closet....or move a door. Right now he is thinking it would be easier to move the door. I suggested that we put the entertainment center on the other side of the room, but Mike ran wires to where he wanted to put the TV. We are going back to the storage area tomorrow to measure again. He did measure in the dark, so we are hoping he is wrong . . . but we don't think he is.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Stockton's ELEVEN

My little boy turned 11 today. He's growing up way too fast for my taste. He has been so excited about his birthday. He wanted to lose his tooth on his birthday. It was so wiggly yesterday that he wouldn't talk at all. Too bad the juice box at lunch knocked it out, he was disappointed.

We had a small family get together for his birthday. He gets a friend party on an even number birthday, so this time it was just family. He liked it and had a great day. First, we went to TGIFridays. Last year we gave Stockton a coupon to go there with mom and dad. When we finally got around to going, the place was closed down! He was excited there was a TGIFriday here, so that is where we went. After dinner we had some family come up for cake. Stockton requested a Cold Stone cake. He had one last year and said, "It was the best cake I have ever tasted!" Stockton ordered a chocolate cake with chocolate cake batter icecream, the mix-ins were chocolate chips and hot fudge. The topping was fudge ganache with brownies. This boy loves his chocolate. Stockton wanted his name in light blue. He went to MS Paint on his computer and colored the screen brown, then he inverted it and it came out light blue, so he thought the words would show up nice. I love him.

Lincoln really wanted his picture taken
So did Preston....funny they are so serious.
Bubs, Ella, Stockton, Ange, Lincoln
Stockton thinking about a wish

He did it!
Maysen always comes up with creative things to do. This year she wanted to give Stockton a chocolate portrait of himself. Mike took her over to the new house on Sunday to work on it. I was wondering how it would turn out because it sounded so weird....but it turned out super cute.
Chocolate Stockton
Maysen & her masterpiece
She puts up with me....but with eye rolling....

Jorja, Preston, Mike, Maysen, Stockton, Jacob
Present from the cousins....
Brandon, Preston, Stockton, Jacob
Stockton is really into battlebots right now, much to Mike's delight. Stockton can't wait to build one in the new workshop! Mike got Stockton legos that can be controlled with the computer or with Wii remotes. He thought Stockton would love to play battlebots lego style. Mike actually has had the legos awhile, but no one wanted to play with them. Turn them into battlebots and wha-la . . . instant awesome present.
Jacob, Jorja, Stockton & Mike
We got Mario wall decals with my dad. They will be fun to put in the hallway. My dad and Cathy also got Stockton a Captain Moroni poster. Jorja got Stockton a present with her own money, but it hasn't come yet. Lincoln & Ella made Stockton a really cute card, even had money inside. Stockton is saving up for a 3DS or something like that. Preston gave Stockton an icicle bowling lane on Webkinz. He also got Wii Party and played it with the cousins the rest of the night. Stockton declared this birthday a success - even though he didn't get the one present he really wanted.....a new cousin from Brett & Rachel.

My dad had surgery on his toe today. Ingrown toenail. Yuck. He was hurting, but still made it up. Thanks for coming Dad!
My Injured Dad
Stockton, Jorja and Preston crammed into the same bed to sleep tonight. As I was tucking them in Stockton said, "The only bad thing is now there are 364 days until my birthday."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Runaway Car

Brother and Sister Jerman came over to home teach us last night. They are actually Scoop & Cori's home teachers, but because they can never catch them home - they come to us. They are really nice and so kind to the kids. Today they brought the kids each their own New Testament. I had never seen the New Testament by itself, so I thought that was pretty neat. Especially since we are studying the New Testament this year in church.

Brother and Sister Jerman are an older couple, and you can tell Sister Jerman has spent many years teaching in primary. Our kids didn't faze her, even though they weren't the most attentive. Mike and I were walking them out when we noticed their car going down the driveway. They were so calm. Sister Jerman says, "Look Dear, our car is going away." Brother Jerman says, "Not much I can do about it now." Mike ran, in bare feet, jumped in the driver seat and stopped the car. What are the chances that their car started rolling down the driveway right as we were walking them outside. I mentioned how lucky we were because of that. Sister Jerman said, "We would have been luckier if it would have started to roll once we were in the car." I thought that was so funny.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chinese Homework

Jorja's Chinese homework blows me away. Especially because she can do it. The top portion is her spelling test. She needs to know how to write the characters by Friday. The bottom portion also comes with a powerpoint that gets e-mailed to me. Jorja reads the characters as she listens to her teacher say the pronunciation. Still, crazy.
Jorja couldn't go to school today. We were iced in. After Mike left for work, he called me about a half an hour later saying he just got down the driveway. He spun and went off the road a couple of times and finally had to back down the entire thing. I didn't want to do that. When I called the school and told them we couldn't get out of our driveway, they were probably so confused. I'm sure that doesn't happen much in Utah. Oh well. I bet it won't happen in our new house. We were hoping that we could have the carpet in by Stockton's birthday on Friday, but it looks like it will be in on Monday.

Mike came home from work after a few hours. He woke up with a lot of pain in his eyes. He thinks maybe some paint chips got in them when he was painting last night. He wasn't in any pain when he went to bed, but maybe they scratched his eyes while he was sleeping? Not sure, but it really hurt. He went over to the new house and slept. Good choice, he wouldn't get much sleeping done over here. He then bought more salt for the snowplow and made the driveway drivable. We were able to get Jorja to achievement days, Maysen & Stockton to diving, then Jorja to her book club at the library. As we were going to bed, we were talking about all the things we had to do tomorrow. I totally forgot about Jorja's book report due on Friday! That would have been perfect for her to work on today. Whoops.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snowed In

When I took Jorja to school this morning, there were a few little innocent flakes. I dropped her off, ran into Walmart for fifteen minutes to grab milk and a few other things. I came out to a giant snowstorm. Oh boy. I was so worried about getting up Mike's driveway in my van. It was snowing so hard I missed the turn off of Wasatch. I was praying so hard on the way home. "Please help me get up the driveway....." I took the driveway pretty fast. Just like Mike says you need to do. I was a little worried a few times, but I made it. Whew. About five minutes later my tire tracks were completely covered. Mike was planning on coming home during lunch to plow, but it was still snowing pretty hard. I called him and asked if he could pick up Jorja from school instead. I did not want to go out there again. By three it had stopped snowing, so I was thinking I could still take Maysen and Stockton to scouts and young womens...I had already written that off. Mike was out plowing the road and said that the snow plow slipped several times and he barely made it back. In a snow plow. Granted he was out of salt, but yikes! So, I happily stayed the rest of the day inside.

This morning I ordered my first Groupon. I was pretty excited about it. It was $50 of groceries from Winder Dairy for $20. I had a $10 coupon thing on top of that, so $50 for $10. Bubs thinks I will have to sign up for weekly deliveries, but I hope not. I hope it is at least a choice....we'll see.

Monday, January 24, 2011

White Paint

Mike is painting the basement right now. His friend from work, Matt, is helping. I am always amazed at how thoughtful people are. So many people helped us move without us even asking. Now others have offered their help here when we really do need it. It's humbling.

I just brought Mike and Matt dinner. They have most of the basement finished. They won't be able to get it all the way done tonight because Mike is a few gallons short on paint. Man I miss 24-hour Home Deopt. That was in Washington. Mike was in heaven.

I wish I had brought my camera when I took them dinner. They looked so funny! They are wearing white paint suits and have white all over their faces. Mike looked like he was wearing white mascara.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Double Teeth

Way back before Halloween, I took Stockton to the dentist. He had two teeth growing in, but the baby teeth hadn't fallen out yet. The dentist said to wiggle them and eat sticky Halloween candy, and they should fall out soon. Three months later and they are still hanging in. I think it would be so funny if he went to his next dentist appointment and they were still there. Now Stockton has a tooth coming in on the top. Wonder if these teeth will ever fall out?

On a less disturbing note, Maysen was made the first counselor in the Beehive class presidency. When she found out she said, "I wonder why they picked me instead of people they have known their whole life."

Mike took Maysen to the new house to work on a birthday present for Stockton. She was excited how it turned out. Stockton, Jorja and I played Smart Mouth, then Jorja and I played Trek to Zion. We can not convince Stockton to play that. I think he would like it if he gave it a chance.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Washing Walls

That is pretty much what I did all day. Wash walls. My fingertips feel numb. The kids came over and helped in the morning, then we realized that it would go much faster without their help. Maysen did a great job with the paint roller. Much better than me. When I had the roller it felt suspiciously like a craft. All I could notice were my mistakes. We are hoping to have the entire basement primed tonight. Mike is still there with his sister, Sherry. She has been such a great help these past few days.

While Mike, Maysen and I were working in the basement, I had Stockton outside watching the kids. About twenty minutes later he comes in holding a dead bird! It was a magpie. He was wondering if it was real.

Today was the Reading Bowl in Georgia. I miss that! That was such an amazing experience for my children. Anyway, Mirror Lake finished FIRST again! That is three years in a row now! I bet Diersche is so excited. Mirror Lake has the best Reading Bowl coaches. I am so happy for them! Stockton and Maysen thought that was great as well. I have a hard time putting my feelings about it into words, it's just so, so cool!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Friday! Friday! Friday! Jorja had the day off today. Preston LOVED that! He loves his Zhor-zha.

Tonight Mike and I went ran a few errands. We also got another load from the storage unit. We now have all the mattresses in our house! Can't wait until we have carpet so we can put them in the right rooms! The carpet still hasn't left Georgia, but hopefully will be here in the middle of next week. We also found a box of baby boy clothes that I need to get to Christen somehow. I haven't opened it yet, but that is what I labeled the box several months ago!

The people who are in charge of the regional spelling bee asked for a picture of Stockton. Well, they asked for that a few weeks ago and I still haven't sent it to them. They asked again, so I better get on that. I took a few pictures of Stockton, now I just need to pick one and send it in. I'm trying to decide between one of these or the picture of him holding his trophy high in the air. I'm not sure exactly what they are looking for.

Preston didn't want to be left out of the fun!

Preston & Stockton

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sherry came down and helped Mike tape up the basement today. He really liked that. I went over to help after I got the kids down to bed. Jorja couldn't fall asleep and was worried that I was leaving. I asked her if she would like to come and sleep in our bed down there. She thought that was a great idea. Now she is sleeping peacefully at the new house. Mike will sleep there tonight and bring her back in the morning. Preston is still under the weather. He is not really slowing down, but when you look in his eyes, you can tell he doesn't feel well. He went to bed at 7. Hopefully a good nights sleep will fix him.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That's That

About twenty times a day Preston tells me, "I really really hate the rule about turning the computers off at 5. That's a dumb rule. I really really hate it." As I was lying in bed with Preston, once again he made that comment. I replied that I really really like it. He said, "Well I really, really, really hate it!" I told him, "I really, really, really like it." I think you can see where this is going. After awhile of this Preston said, "I really, really hate it and that's that!" Of course I said, "I really, really like it and that's that." Preston said, "No you can't that's that! I already that's that and you can't that's that!" Wow. I didn't know there was such rules about these things.

Preston is pretty hot today. I hope he can sleep through the night. He was in my bed last night and my back still is killing me. Although sleeping next to him is like having a mini-electric blanket. Poor boy. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow and that's that.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Maysen had Young Womens tonight. They were suppose to go sledding, but if there wasn't enough snow they were going to play dodgeball. Maysen was excited! She was sure they were going to play dodgeball. We got there and found out there was a change of plan. Instead of dodgeball, they were going to go watch a basketball game. Maysen did not bother to hide her disappointment too much. When she came home we asked her how the game was. She said, "I was so annoyed at the timer at the end of the game. They kept stopping it! We could have been home fifteen minutes earlier if they would have just left it alone." Mike laughed and said, "My daughter understands me completely!"

Monday, January 17, 2011

We're Dating

Mike said, "It's like we're dating our house." It's true. We stay there late each night. Usually we are so tired when we leave that we dread the drive home. Yes, the four minute drive. It would be so nice just to sleep here. Especially since we now have a bed! But we can't. We need to be with our children, so reluctantly we go home. Hopefully in about a week and a half we will be married to our house! Then we can sleep overnight! That will be nice.

Today was a cleaning day. The kids and I did 15 minutes play/15 minutes clean most of the day. Steve and Shannon had us over for dinner. The kids played a party Wii game and laughed their heads off. We taught Shannon Dominion. Maysen won. Now I'm headed over to the new house for more cleaning. Long, but productive day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New House is Awesome!

While Mike worked at the new house yesterday, Preston declared, "New house is awesome!" Glad he has moved on and isn't dwelling on our house in Georgia. Speaking of our house in Georgia, we have taken it off the market. With eight foreclosures on our street in the past few years, selling the house was as hard as we anticipated. Our good friends are going to rent it. Their contract on the house they are currently renting ends in a few weeks. They have five girls and our house will just love them. Alyssa, one of Jorja's special friends, is going to have Jorja's room. How cool is that?

Mike and I went to the storage unit this morning and got out our mattress and box springs. Luckily we were able to accomplish that task before the rain. We aren't putting new carpet in our bedroom, so we were able to set that right up. It was so nice to lay on our bed again! I am getting so excited to move in!

After church we went to dinner at Steve and Shannon's house. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Spencer was leaving back to Berkeley tonight. He turned 20 on Friday. That's crazy! Steve, Spence, Mike, Jorja and I played a quick game of Dominion before he left. Steve and Spencer were quite impressed at how good Jorja was at the game. She definitely knows what she is doing. Steve won the game, but Jorja and I tied for second.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jimmer's Here!

Mike and Christen had their baby today! 9 lbs. 1 oz. Yikes! Mike called me a few minutes ago. They haven't officially decided on a name. I told him names were over-rated. Congratulations Mike and Christen! We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet your new little man!

Today I took Stockton up to a diving competition near Tremonton. While I was driving up there it dawned on me that I should just continue onto Idaho Falls when the competition is over and see Grandma and Grandpa. Too bad I thought of it while I was driving and not in time to pack! Stockton did great at his competition. He received a medal for 3rd place...and a cookie. I wish Maysen liked diving as much as Stockton. It is so nice having the kids do the same thing.

Mike and I unloaded more from the storage unit. We haven't gotten our mattress out yet, but we can see them! How come all the boring stuff is at the front of the unit. Like textbooks? Why do we even still have those?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dreaming Chinese

Maysen said that a few nights ago, Jorja sat up in the middle of the night and started speaking random Chinese words. Funny. She is enjoying her Chinese class now, although it is still super hard. Preparing for her spelling tests are crazy. I can't believe she can do it so well.

Mike and I went to the storage unit today to get the riding lawnmower, air compressor and his cannon. The idea was to move out some big things at the front of the unit so we can get to things we really need/want. We stopped at Home Depot first and bought a few boards. Once we made it to the storage unit, we placed the boards against the truck so we could roll the things up. This worked well for the air compressor, but the lawn mower was a different story. It was really hard to get up, but between the two of us we managed it.

Once we got to our new house, getting the big items down posed a different problem. We couldn't roll the items on the boards without the boards falling off the truck. So, I stood on the boards so they wouldn't move. For the most part this was fine, but when it came to the lawn mower it was a different story again. I was standing on the boards, crouched down to put as much weight as I could; but my 95 pounds was no match for the lawn mower. I must have looked pretty silly trying with all my might to hold those boards in place. The lawn mower made it half way down the boards before it defeated me. It fell, but landed on the wheels. Looks like no damage was done. Glad I got out of that one unscathed! Well, just a little scathed but I'm healing up nicely.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yes, I did it - and I don't even feel bad. I finally resorted to bribery with Preston. He stayed dry all day long for the first time since we moved here (I think). Oh colorful candy stick, how I love you!

Preston also informed me that my kisses don't work. Talk about a let down for me. I asked Preston if I could kiss his owie better. He said, "No! That will just hurt! Your kisses don't work anyway!"

On the bright side, Maysen and Stockton are all caught up in every subject. That takes a load off of my mind. And we got a new dishwasher today, so that's exciting. To me.

Now I'm just waiting to hear when Christen and Rachel have their babies. I'm ready for Christen's now, but Rachel's needs to come on the 28th. And we know this is all about me, isn't it?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Achievement Days

Jorja went to Achievement Days for the first time today. She loved it. They made scarves. She made a beautiful blue snowflake scarf. When she went to bed, I stitched her name in blue. You can't see it unless you look really hard.

Diving was cancelled again today. They have a make-up class tomorrow. The heater in the pool was broken. Hopefully it will be all warmed up when we get there!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun House

Mike and I were over at our new house. I told him that I felt like I was in a fun house. I tried to convince him that the ceiling sloped up. He didn't agree. He told me I could get a tape measure if I didn't believe him. So, I got a tape measure. I had him measure from the top of my head to the ceiling. First we measured in the front entryway, then we measured in the kitchen. Mike asked, "Which do you think is higher?" I told him, "The kitchen!" What do you know....I was right! The ceiling in the kitchen is about a half inch higher. Mike said, "Well, it looks like my work will fit in nicely here!"

Monday, January 10, 2011

Science and Music and Art, Oh My!

And that about sums up our day. Stockton and I did a ton of Science, Music and Art. Maysen did her regular classes and art. Stockton also worked on his Arrow of Light and German spelling words. Now those words are weird! Plus, it is hard to study them if you can't say them without laughing.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Friday Stockton had his first experience babysitting. We asked him to watch Preston while I took Maysen to check out the middle school she will be attending. He was home for about ten minutes before Mike was able to get there. He did so well we had him babysit again today. It snowed yesterday, so we couldn't use the van. Mike took Maysen, Jorja and I in the first load to church while Stockton watched Preston. It was another ten minutes today. Stockton was so happy and excited to be in charge. Soon we will be able to rely on him more. Having one babysitter in the family has given us so much freedom. I can only imagine how wonderful it will be to have two!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snails Pace

Today we spent the entire day working, but we don't have much to show for it. Mike and I went and got more carpet samples, filled up and unloaded a trailer from our storage unit, did more science and art, spelling words (French origin today), replaced knobs in the kitchen and bought a new dishwasher. I am now doing laundry (exciting), and Mike is over at the new house working away. I can't wait until we move in! Will that day ever come?

Friday, January 7, 2011


Mike and I picked out carpet yesterday. We need to recarpet the entire house. Mike went to order it today, only to find it has been discontinued. Drat. Now we have to decide again.

A few weeks ago, Mike and I made a deal with Jorja. We told her that we understood that her school was really hard and we were asking her to do an incredibly hard thing, but we really wanted her to try. The deal was, after a week of Chinese, she could choose something fun or something to have. Jorja has now completed two full weeks of Chinese. After the first week, she chose a Settlers of Catan game for her ipod. This week she wanted the family to go see Megamind. I think the three older kids liked it. Preston didn't cooperate much. He "needed" to go to the bathroom three times. I took him out the first two times, Mike the third. Too bad Mike missed the entire climax of the movie.

Mike has now finished his first week of on-call. He doesn't need to do that again for about ten more weeks. He is so tired. The last few nights he has been up most of the night. Hopefully when we are finally in our new house it will be a little easier. (Mike spent part of every night there because the Internet connection is faster/more reliable.) So many reasons to look forward to moving in! We can't wait! Well, obviously we can wait, but we are getting really anxious and excited.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Science and Art

I have absolutely loved doing homeschool with Maysen and Stockton. It does take all my time, but I have enjoyed it so much. I do have a problem though. I hate science and art. Hate might be an understatement. I feel bad because I'm sure my hatred of science has rubbed off on Maysen. She is really good at science, even scored a perfect on the CRCT, but claims she hates it. She says, "Just because I'm good at it doesn't mean I like it." and "Why am I good at all the things I hate?" Although if I used this reasoning she would hate art too. If I would have to choose, I would pick science over art. I really hate art or anything crafty....unless someone is standing by my side guiding me through the whole process - that I can tolerate, but just barely.

Anyway, the entire point of the above paragraph is, the kids are behind on their math and science. Grades come out next week and I need to get them caught up. We did a whole lot of science today. After work, Mike did a whole lot of art with them at the new house. Tomorrow will probably be pretty much the same. Curse my procrastination skills!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Outside by the Green Fridge

Congratulations Rachel! Outside by the green fridge is where the pencil sharpener is. Although Markell was a close second. Mike laughed when I told him Rachel knew. He said, "Of course, it is all the in-laws that know." I'm not sure what the reasoning is with having a pencil sharpener outside, but the cabin is awesome . . . so this just adds to its charm.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pencil Sharpener

Mike loves to tease me about how unobservant I am. When we were at the cabin, he asked me where the pencil sharpener was. I didn't know. He said, "How could you not know? It is the single craziest thing at the cabin!" In my defence. . . Matt, Paul and Jackson didn't know either. Does anyone know where the pencil sharpener is? I'll give you one day to figure it out. Bubs, you can't play . . . we already discovered he was observant.

Tonight I took Maysen to Young Womens and Stockton to scouts. He went to the 11 year old scouts for the first time tonight. He doesn't turn 11 until the end of the month, but they invited him anyway. That works for us because Webelos is during diving.

I had to park at the bottom of the driveway (when we came back to Scoops house) and walk up with the kids. It was pretty dark and cold, but so beautiful. Preston kept looking behind him to make sure I didn't pass. I'm thinking, "Do you really think I would pass you, leave you to walk up the huge driveway by yourself at 9:00 at night in the winter?" Really . . . what kind of mom does he think I am?

Monday, January 3, 2011


Stockton placed FIRST in the K12 spelling bee. He competed in the 4th to 8th grade category for Salt Lake County. Stockton studied very hard and knew every word on the entire list. The final two was between him and a very tall eighth grade girl. They kept going back and forth. One time, Stockton did some angry grunting in the microphone. Oh boy. It was cute though. Stockton had a little trouble on the word lackadaisical. He had never spelled it wrong before, but he lost his place. He started over and was correct. As he sat down he said, "I studied really hard." He did. Soon the moderator went to words that weren't on the spelling list. I wish she would have kept with the list he studied a little longer. There were some hard words there they they didn't even get to. Once the random words started, Stockton and the 8th grade girl went back and forth again. When she finally missed, Stockton only had to spell one word correctly. The word was skillet! Stockton smiled so hard when they said that. He knew he had it in the bag. Great job Stockton! We are so proud of you! Now to start studying for regionals!
Stockton & Stephanie

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today my dad made dinner and brought it up here. Mike is on call this week, so he needs to stay near the computer at all times. Tough life. He did pick us up from church. Seth Bradley came to the car and asked Mike to teach the lesson next week. It was on keeping the Sabbath day holy. Funny.

Bubs and his family came to dinner, so did Matt and his roommate TJ. I dominated at Dominion. The second game. Jorja won the first one. I love being around my family.

One quick story. We had to take two loads to church. Good thing it is only a few minutes away. Anyway, I dropped off Maysen and Stockton, then Mike dropped off me, Jorja and Preston. We had to wait in the foyer during the sacrament. When the sacrament was over, I walked in with the kids to where Maysen and Stockton were sitting. Brother Waddups was thanking everyone for their reverence. Right then, Preston fell in the middle of the isle. It was not a quiet fall. Embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as after church, I heard someone talking in the microphone in the chapel saying, "Can everyone hear me?" That was Preston. I dashed in there as fast as I could. Stockton was holding him up so he could reach the microphone! Boys!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Today was a great way to start 2011 - except for Jorja who kept hurting herself. We had yummy scones for breakfast, stayed in our pajamas all day, played in the snow and played lots and lots of games of course. It is so beautiful here, the pictures don't do it any justice. Have I mentioned I LOVE living in Utah?
Jorja & Weston
Brandon & Jacob
Preston, Weston & Jorja
Maysen, Stockton, Brandon, Jacob, Weston, Shannon
Steve trying to make a chair/sled
Erica & Maysen

Jorja, Preston, Maysen, Erica