Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cold Stone

We finally let Jorja go to Cold Stone to enjoy her gift card that Gwen gave her. She picked a cotton-candy ice cream with gummy bears and a sprinkle cup. Thanks Gwen!
Jorja ~ Happy birthday from GWEN!
Stockton picked the most disgusting flavor. Watermelon Sorbet mixed with chocolate. YUCK!
I had him try my delicious favorite. Banana ice cream mixed with snickers, hot fudge and raspberries. He pretended he hated it. Impossible.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lock Box

Mike and I have been stressing for awhile about where our lock box is. We put every important piece of paper in this box with the intention of putting it in the car with us. The problem was, it didn't make it into the car with us. We were hoping beyond hope that it was packed in one of our many boxes. The problem was, neither of us could remember packing it.

Today I opened a box labeled "kids towels and master bedroom stuff". In there was the LOCK BOX! Yea! Now we can turn in many papers that have been waiting for us.....and we are much relieved that all of our information hasn't been lost/stolen.

Stockton has been sick today. He slept for several hours during the day. That is a waste of time in his opinion, so I know he was feeling awful. That and the fact he was really hot....but complained about being cold......and he threw up this morning. Those were my clues.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Last ABF truck! Hooray!

Preston went shopping at Smith's with me today. He thought it was funny the store was named Smith's. He loved the little shopping cart to push, and the free balloon. I was worried he would want a free cookie, but he never asked about that. He loved pushing the cart super-fast down the isles. I'm glad he didn't crash into anybody, but he did come close a couple of times.

Our last ABF truck came today. Thanks to Steve, Matt, and my dad we were able to get it unloaded ten minutes before the gate to the storage area was shut for the night. Maybe we'll just leave all our stuff there....I don't want to move it again. When Cassie posted about her ABF moving experience, she had someone contact her to fix a problem she had. So, if the ABF blog looking lady is reading this....hello!

Before we headed home, Mike and I took dad and Matt to A&W for rootbeer floats. We wanted to go to Iceberg, but it was gone! Anyway, the floats were yummy and I got to enjoy FRY SAUCE again! (For the french fries, not the floats.) Oh, Utah I love you! We didn't get home until around 10:00. Maysen fed the kids and put them to bed. I LOVE having a twelve year old! Even more than fry sauce. Preston doesn't love me more than meat. He told me so, because he really likes meat.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Sunday

We went to church today at Mike's old ward....the ward where we will be living for a few weeks/months. I didn't realize it was Fast Sunday. Oops. We let Preston stay up too late with his cousins yesterday, so he was tired and worn out for 9:00 church. I'm loving 9:00 church. It's nice after a few years at 11:00.

I talked to the primary about Jorja's baptism. I'm a little disappointed. We had planned her baptism to be on Halloween. That was when we lived in Georgia and were in control of things like that. I guess we have to go on the stake day. I knew that would probably be the case, but I was kind of hoping we could still have Jorja baptized Georgia style.

Tonight we had dinner at my dad's house. Scones. Yummy. Lots of other food too, but my kids love scones. My Grandma Millburn was there. That was nice to see her. I missed Bubs & his family, I thought they would be there. Hopefully we will see them soon. Matt, Mike and I played Dominion. Matt won. Then we brought the kids home, put them in bed and Matt, my dad, Mike and I played Ticket to Ride. Matt won. I am loving being so close to family!
Preston & Jax
Jorja & Jax...doesn't her eye look awesome!
Jorja two days sad.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


After a morning spent unpacking, Mike and I went to look at three houses with a realtor. Man was it depressing! It is so hard to leave our amazing house only to spend a ton more for something not wonderful. The dead bird in the house didn't help anything either.

We ended the day on a better note. Steve brought up his kids to play. They had a great time. (Shannon came after the RS conference.) The kids spent a lot of time ON the playhouse. Wackos.
Stockton & Brandon

Stockton, Erica, Brandon, Maysen
Weston in the window, Preston on the ground (thank goodness!)
Maysen & Erica
Jorja's eye is looking SO MUCH better!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Maysen and I asked Preston when his birthday was. He said, "Notember ten."

Jorja is doing a little better today. She still hurts a lot. I checked her in a little late today. She still can barely open her eye. The sun hurts her terribly. The office lady said she could read a book in the office while her class went to recess. Then, I guess, they forgot to pick her up for lunch. Poor little Porge. She was hurting pretty bad by the time she got home. She told me she was glad she went though.

I took some pictures of Jorja playing with puppies. I can't find my camera right now to put the pictures on. Scoop and Cori's dogs had six puppies. They have all been here. Jorja has been in heaven. When I ask her what will make her feel better she will squeak out, "Puppies."

My brother, Matt, came up and played Dominion with us after the kids went to bed. I won the first game, the second game Matt won with four points. I am excited to do things like this more often. It's nice to see family! I can't believe I live in Utah!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unloading - Take One

The first moving truck arrived today. Mike, my dad, Steve, Scoop, and Cori were able to get it unloaded and into the storage facility by four o'clock. There were a few casualties. The kids computer desks didn't make it. Our washer and dryer got pretty thrashed I hear...but they were on their last leg anyway. Mike's office desk is a goner. The one that hurt though was two of Maysen's pottery pieces broke. One was her blue vase that she loved. I'm going to show her in the morning to see if she wants to try to glue it back together.

Jorja was in agony again today. She didn't go to school. I ended up taking her back to the doctor. I hope she is feeling better tomorrow. It has been so sad to watch her. I can't even put into words how hard it is to watch her suffer like this. I am just so thankful that we know this will be over in a few days. I can't even imagine what it would be like if she had a something worse.

I realized that yesterday I didn't write about how much Maysen enjoyed The Lion King. She loved it. She especially loved the giraffes. I wish Jorja and Maysen could have loved it together. Several times during the show I caught myself watching Maysen watch the play. It was magical.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Lion King

Jorja started her new school today. She was excited, but started getting more nervous the closer we got to her school. As we were walking in, she grabbed my hand and said, "I don't want to go anymore." We went anyway. She is #26 in her class. Wow. A lot more people are in her class here than were in her class in Georgia. I think her class had 15. Stockton's 2nd grade class only had 11.

Jorja said she liked everything except the library. It was smaller and harder to find the books she likes to read. Hopefully she'll become more familiar with it. She also didn't like that they had to run laps. I'm pretty sure that's what she said. At Jorja's old school, they have a PE specialist. His name is J.D. Hughes and he is amazing. He would be a hard act to follow.
Jorja's first day of 2nd grade....take two

About a month ago, I got tickets to take my girls to see The Lion King. I have been so excited about this. Maysen likes The Lion King, but Jorja loves it. She has the music on her ipod and sings the songs all the time. It has been so hard to keep this a surprise from them. I had images of the two of them being completely enthralled in the production. We would dress up, maybe go somewhere was going to be a night to remember. I splurged on these tickets, we sat in the fourth row right in the center.

It was a perfect plan. But, I forgot to take into account 'the folder'. Jorja came home from school and was taking her folder out of her backpack. As she did, she let out a scream of pure agony. I have never heard her sound like that. Frantically I ran and got her some ice. I'm not sure what I thought that was going to do, but I had to do something. I rocked her for about 15 minutes while she sobbed. She couldn't open her eye. I called my friend, Jennifer Wilcox, who is an eye doctor in Georgia. She told me to take her in if she is in that much pain. I was able to get her into a lenscrafters at the mall. I really liked the doctor. He was very good with Jorja. I guess she sliced the top layer of her cornea. Just a little bit, right where her pupal is. The doctor put a blue light on and you could see where she grated her eye off. It was bright green. I was trying not to be sick. I wouldn't make a good nurse. Luckily, her gash only affected the top layer, and that will grow back in a few days. I need to put eye drops in her eyes for five days, than a different kind of eye drops starting on Friday.

Anyway, back to The Lion King. It didn't turn out as I had planned. We went straight from the eye doctor. Jorja couldn't even see to walk to our seats. I was leading her as if she were blind. Thank goodness that isn't the problem. Jorja was in a lot of pain during the entire performance, but she was a trooper. When "I Just Can't Wait to be King" was on, she pried her good eye open and was able to watch a little bit. I can't believe she hurt her eye today! I hope she sleeps well tonight. I'm not sure what we will do about school tomorrow. Hopefully she will feel well enough to go.

Maysen & Jorja at The Lion King

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Day

Mike had his first day at today. He seemed to like it. When they showed him to his desk, they said, "Here's your brand new laptop and phone. It's top of the line stuff." They had a 1980's era laptop and an old brick style phone waiting for him at his desk. Mike seemed to really enjoy the people he was working with, so hopefully this will be a good job.

I got Jorja registered for school today. She starts tomorrow. Her teacher will be Mrs. Walker. She is excited, but a little nervous.

I'm pretty sure Preston drove Scoop crazy today. I spent the entire day doing laundry and unpacking. Preston spent the entire day coming up with mischief of one sort or another. Scoop walked into the front room to find Preston on top of the grand piano. He wanted to turn a light switch on. He wanted all the lights on. Scoop doesn't like all the lights on, never has. Preston is three. Oh boy.

Cori got a big kick out of Preston during family prayers tonight. Preston isn't known for being the most reverent child. Apparently Cori was peaking at him during prayers. He looked at her with one hand over one of his eyes and said, "I have one eye open." That's my reverent child.

Monday, September 20, 2010

In Your Face New Mexico!

We are finally here! I can not believe I drove the entire way, pulling a tent trailer with all four kids. Previously the farthest I have driven is from Sandy to Idaho Falls. After about two hours, I get really tired. I must have gained about ten pounds though, I was chomping on things non-stop. At least it worked and we are all here safe and sound.

Today we started off in Nebraska, went through Wyoming and then finally Utah! The kids slept through most of Nebraska last night. We only had about thirty minutes left. Wyoming seemed to take forever this time. Jorja said, "Wyoming is even longer than New Mexico." Preston then yelled, "In your face New Mexico!"

We got here about six o'clock. Scoop and Cori had a delicious dinner waiting for us. It felt so nice to eat real food. Steve & Shannon and their kids all came up to see us. Our kids were so happy! Now everyone is fast asleep, and I feel like I can sleep for a week....don't think I will though.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Jorja's blanket has been located. Life is good. The Super 8 Hotel in Tennessee is mailing it to Utah. Thank goodness! Porge has been much more reasonable/agreeable now.

We started off the day in Missouri. I thought that state would never end. Luckily it did. We had a quick 20 minutes in Iowa, then on to Nebraska. That is where we are now. We are so close to Wyoming....which means we are close to Utah! Tonight we are sleeping at a Days Inn. They have an indoor pool and hot tub. Mike took Stockton and Jorja for a quick dip. Preston fell asleep in the car and luckily stayed asleep. Hopefully he'll sleep all night and not have nightmares. Last night he woke up screaming that the silver controller wasn't working. Something about the circle not working. (Jorja said that was the C button) Anyway, it was three in the morning and he was very upset. Life can be hard for such a little boy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big Mistake!

We made a big mistake. A horrible, terrible, awful, devastating mistake. At least where a little Porge is concerned. Last night we stayed at the Super 8 in Tennessee. Tonight, right after dinner, we realized we left Jorja's blanket there. Her frog blanket. The one Grandma Parry made for her. The one she stitched Jorja loves frogs on. The one Jorja loves and sleeps with every night....and carries around a lot of the day. That would be the blanket that we think is in Tennessee. Jorja cried and cried. She is so sad. I called the motel tonight, but he said to call in the morning and ask the maids. I don't think he understood the gravity of the situation. This isn't a 'call in the morning' type of phone call.....this is a serious, I need to know now type of phone call. He didn't have the same opinion as I did. So, I guess I'll call in the morning and pray they have her blanket. Jorja wanted us to turn around and drive back to Tennessee. Sorry, I just couldn't do that.

Anyway, we started out in Tennessee, then back to Georgia, back to Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and now we are in Missouri. At least I think that's how it went.... Jorja threw up in Kentucky. I had a bag of snacks on the seat next to me, I dumped them out as quick as I could, handed the bag back to her, just in time. I guess a combination of car sickness and junk food for the last week caught up with her.

We also stopped at a Walmart and got oil changes for both the cars. One of the things we didn't quite get to before we left. Mike bought some clothes. His got packed. He fished them out of the truck, then they got packed again. I can't find the bag we had all our toothbrushes in either, so we restocked a little.

We are in Kingdom City, Missouri right now. We wanted to go further, but it was storming so hard. The lightning was pretty awesome, but we decided to call it quits for today. Plus, Mike is feeling really sick right now. We ate at Denny's, hopefully he didn't eat anything bad. Sure hope he's up to driving all day tomorrow.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Jerome Was Right

As much as I hate to say it, Jerome was right. Drat! He came over and helped Mike load the last few heavy things, and to close up the truck. Irene was over here for over five hours this morning. Stephanie also stopped by to help. Justin, from across the street, helped Mike load several things as well. What would I do without such amazing friends?

The kids were cute as they took a last walk through of the house. Maysen stopped in every room and remembered something about it. Stockton went through the entire house and closed every door. (Later, Mike went through the entire house and opened every door.) While I was walking through the house one last time, Chris & Wendye came to say good-bye. They live on our street. Cole came a few minutes later. My kids were all loaded in the car, but we weren't ready to leave yet. (They loaded themselves in about two hours early....they were pretty bored, and we had a movie on in the car.) Anyway, Stockton saw Cole, so he came out to say good-bye. When Stockton did that, Cole threw up all over the floor. Luckily it was on the kitchen floor and not the carpet. I thought that was so funny. You never can tell what is going to happen. Chris & Wendye helped me clean it up. They said he throws up when he gets emotional. He threw up for Stockton....isn't that sweet.

As we drove away, I said, "Take a last look at our house." Wil & Cole were also on their porch waving good-bye. A few minutes later, Stockton said, "That was hard, saying good-bye to our house and waving to Wil & Cole." But we did. And now we are on the road. We got on the freeway about 10:00 at night. We are now in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I'm very I will end.
Preston, Maysen, Stephanie, Mike, Stockton, Jorja
Maysen & Jaz
(Jaz lives across the street...Maysen is 3 days older.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yeah, We Have a Lot of Stuff

The plan was to leave at 6:30 this morning. Hopefully make it all the way to St. Louis. We did not follow the plan. We are still in Georgia. Will the packing never end? We are so thankful for our wonderful friends. Stephanie took Stockton, Jorja and Preston swimming, and then had them play at her house for a couple of hours. That was so nice....the kids were bored here. Teresa came with the sister missionaries this morning. She brought me five suckers. I had told her that I really wanted these specific suckers to help me stay awake as I drove. She let me know where I could find them, but I never got a chance. I was so excited when she brought them for me. That was so nice. She then added onto her niceness by helping me pack. Irene spent ALL DAY here. Maybe not all day, but at least eight hours. She was the very last one to leave. Darren helped load for a few hours this afternoon, then was back for several hours this evening. Stephanie, Kathryn & Rylee came tonight. They packed up my Santa Claus closet. I was dreading doing that. Tim and Jerome also came to help. When Jerome was leaving he said, "See you tomorrow Stephanie!" Hopefully NOT! That would be sad. I don't know what we would do if we didn't have so many people helping us. We are so very blessed.

Mike & Darren ~ 1 truckload done!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good-Bye Mirror Lake

Today was Jorja's last day at school. She has loved it. She loved every year and every teacher. I have loved this school as well. Jorja's class ate in the classroom to celebrate Jorja. They made her a cute good-bye poster and gave her some flowers. They also had cupcakes. She has had a great school year and made a new favorite friend. Mason. Jorja collects friends. Every year she has one very special friend. This year it was Mason. I wonder who it will be when we get to Utah.
Jorja & Mason

Flowers from her class
Ms. Chambers (student teacher) & Jorja
Jorja & Mrs. Trombino
At the end of the day, I went to sign the withdrawal papers for Jorja. As I left the office, I noticed her talking to Mrs. Latham. We were talking for a bit when Mrs. Catlin and Emma found us. Emma was Jorja's favorite friend in Kindergarten. She is still a very, very favorite friend to Jorja. They don't have the same teacher, but they still get to have P.C. together. Anyway, Emma was so sad to say good-bye to Jorja. Jorja gave her a hug, but didn't say anything. Emma couldn't talk, she was too upset. As Emma walked away Jorja ran up and put a frog on her shoulder. I was tearing up just watching them. Jorja had spent her camp cash on the frog. She is going to miss Emma.

When I went to lunch for Jorja's party, I brought Stockton so he could eat with his friends. I don't think he liked all the attention he received from all the kids. It's "annoying". He has had a couple of very long, boring days.
Stockton & Mrs. Catlin ~ 4th grade
Mrs. Smith (White) & Stockton ~ 2nd grade
Mason & Stockton ~ a bunch of goons
Today Maysen had a combined activity. It was a scavenger hunt at the mall. Maysen had a pretty good time. After the activity, Jerome & Payton came over and helped load more boxes. Payton was the very first person Maysen met in Georgia. They were four. Wow.
Payton & Maysen
Irene also came over and helped me for several hours. Darren helped load more boxes and Stephanie came over in the morning and then at night. She stayed until past midnight. I really appreciate it. Our original plan was to be all packed up and ready to leave at 6 a.m. in the morning. That is not going to happen. Hopefully we can leave tomorrow....we have so much to do. It is 2:00 in the morning, so I better get some sleep.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good-bye Rooms

If you don't like to look at pictures, I would skip this post....there's going to be a lot of them. I wanted to take a picture of everyone in their bedroom. Crazy that we are moving. Have I mentioned that we are going to miss this house? One thing before I forget. I had parent-teacher conference for Jorja today. Jorja has already met all the benchmarks for the end of second grade. They also gave the kids a test to see how the kids will do on the CRCT at the end of the year....kind of a pre-test. If the kids score 50%, they will most likely pass the CRCT. Jorja scored in the 90% on one, and the upper 80% on the other two. Her teacher is going to miss her. I hope Jorja gets a new teacher as amazing as the one she is leaving. Jorja has loved her.
Empty truck...except Preston & Stockton
I think we'll use more than 9 feet


Preston & Stockton
(and her frogs)


Maysen in her own bathroom
Stephanie & Maysen
Mike & Stephanie

My gigantic closet (Mike has his own)
We had a lot of people from our ward come and help us move. Tim Stephens and Ron Bass were here for hours. Rod Rivers, Jerome Myers, Darren Wilcox, Evan Grizzle, Spencer Shaw, and 3 missionaries helped out a ton as well. Sorry if I forgot anyone, it was a long day. We now have all the heavy stuff in the truck. Mike and I have a lot left to do. Hopefully we can have everything boxed and off the floor before the carpet cleaners come at nine tomorrow morning. Better get to bed.
Preston...mattress is gone
Darren & Preston