Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Screwy Kablooie

I'm going to make an awesome machine,
With 606 lightbulbs that'll rapidly blink
There will be lots of gadgets that no one has seen.
I'll be famous & wealthy, you should just think!

It's impossible to say this machine is real bad.
I'm really terrific to invent it. I'm bright
Unfortunately, something makes me mad,
Someone already invented it, & it's copyright!
---Stockton Smith

Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Day of Summer Vacation

Maysen had a Phineas and Ferb party today. She invited her entire class, her teacher even came. I'm not great at being a host, I don't like to be in charge of things ~ so Maysen and Mike took care of everything. Maysen worked with Mike to get the house and yard ready, they made invitations together and planned everything she wanted to do. Maysen had Phineas and Ferb playing downstairs on the movie projector, air hockey, pizza, a small pool and water balloons. Maysen had a great time and was very pleased with the result.

Jakob found unsuspecting prey
Nathan's mom helped Mike fill up MANY water balloons!
I love my beautiful backyard!

What a great way to start the summer! And for an added bonus, no one spilled Hawaiian Punch on the carpet!

Friday, May 29, 2009

No More Pencils, No More Books

It's over! Maysen has now officially finished Elementary School. Hard to believe. I want to keep her little and keep her with me, but I want her to grow and experience everything. I know emotionally she is ready for middle school - more so than I'm ready to have her go. I'm excited for her, but nervous as well. I hope they give her a bottom locker! Aaaaahhh! Where did all the time go? How did it creep up on me so fast? How fast will the next few years be? How soon will she be gone? Scary, scary thoughts.

On the last day of school, at the end of the day, the 5th graders take one last walk through the halls. All the other grades clap for them. Mike and I came and took pictures. Lots of kids were crying. Not mine. She's ready to take on the world!
Maysen's last walk

All year long I have wanted to make a scrapbook page for Jorja's teacher. She has had all three of my kids in Kindergarten. She is the best! I can't describe how much she means to me. All my kids adore her. She will be going to the new Elementary School next year - teaching 2nd grade! Mike helped me put a scrapbook page together for her. Nothing nearly as cool as what Missy puts together, but for a first attempt I was very pleased.

I don't know how well you can read the page. But it says Marylee . . . by any name is just as sweet. Maysen with Ms. Jones, Stockton with Mrs. Spitler, and Jorja with Mrs. Woodfin. As you can gather she went through quite a rough patch, but now she is so very happy. She deserves it because she is the best!

On a side note, look how cute each of my kids were when they were in Kindergarten. I love it! Thanks Mike for all the help.

Quick funny story: Mike and I were talking in the kitchen when out of nowhere Preston comes running at full speed. He ran into the stove and did quite a tumble. We looked down at him, and he was holding scissors! Mike said, "Preston! That's the number one rule of what not to do! No running with scissors!" It was so funny. Especially since no one was hurt.

Quick not so funny story: I have to teach Gospel Doctrine on Sunday. I'm terrified. I probably would have said no to anyone but April. I owe her. She watched my kids many, many times during my surgeries. Wish me luck . . . better yet, talk Mike into doing it for me!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Most Likely to be a Famous Writer

Maysen had her class awards today. Maysen received the "Most Likely to be a Famous Writer" Award. She also received the President's Education Award, 30 book goal, Safety Patrol, 2nd place Science Fair (with trophy), AR award (with plaque), best game in PE, record breaker in PE, and the Physical Education Fanatic award. Maysen was so proud to beat a school record. Her record is 29 feet 4 1/4 inches in the Scooter Push Away. She even scored higher than the boys record. That one has stood since 2006. I'm glad she went for that instead of the hula hooping record. Nixi got that record ~ 9 1/2 hours! Crazy kids. I was also surprised Maysen got the PE Fanatic award. Coach Hughes always makes a big deal of this award, so that was really cool. I was surprised she didn't get a Citizenship award. Oh well, can't win them all.
Maysen & Mrs. Benton

This next picture is of Maysen & her friend Jakob. I just have to say, I love this kid! He cracks me up! He is so sweet and funny. And contrary to what this picture looks like, Maysen & Jakob have such a good time together. Although Maysen likes to say, "Jakob, you're in my radius". Maysen has had a pretty good group of friends this year. Jakob, Katherine & Evan have been paired up a lot this year. They work very well together.
Maysen & Jakob
After school, the entire class headed over to Ashlee's house for a swimming party. It has been raining buckets all week long, but today was perfect!
Maysen with a few noodles
Katherine, Maysen & Jakob
Mrs. Benton's class ~ Maysen is in front wearing goggles
Maysen & Jakob
Katherine, Maysen & Jakob
Maysen & Jakob
Exhausted Maysen
Until she saw the lizard!
I lay the kids clothes out every night before bed. Just makes the mornings a whole lot easier. Preston got into Jorja's clothes and started wearing them around the house! He was so cute, and then he lost her pants! We laughed so hard! Jorja, not so much.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quiet As A Mouse

Today was Jorja's awards day. Her special award was the "Quiet As A Mouse" (so sweet . . .but quiet) Award. That is NOT the award Stockton or Maysen received in Kindergarten . . . or ever. Jorja also received awards for meeting her 30 book goal, knowing all her sight words, citizenship and most AR points in her class. Nice work Jorja! She's ready for 1st grade!
Jorja & Mrs. Woodfin
Jorja & Mrs. Appleby
Jorja receiving her special AR award & plaque
This morning, Mike and I took Preston on a bike ride. We biked for probably 45 minutes, and afterword my legs felt like jelly. Preston loved the hills and shouted "Weeeeee!" every time he rode down one.
Preston's ready to ride!
Mike & Preston ~ I love that smile! (Preston's, not Mike's. Although I love Mike's smile, just not that one in particular)
Today was pack meeting. They had soap boat races. The boys have been working on carving boats out of soap, and today was the big race. Stockton did great and was excited that he won both his races.
Stockton racing his boat
Jorja, Stephanie & Maysen
Gotta love those shoes!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poetic Capabilities, Thinking Outside the Box, Desire to Learn New Concepts

Stockton had his awards day at school today. Every year the teachers think of an individual award to give each of the kids. Stockton's was: "In recognition of poetic capabilities, thinking outside the box, desire to learn new concepts". He also received awards for improving at least one year on his reading level, reaching his 30 book goal (he had 102), most AR points, math fluency, multiplication master, gymnastic routine champion, art & to mine and Mike's surprise a citizenship award. Great job Stockton! We are always proud of you.
Miss Spencer & Stockton
Stockton hula-hooping at the party after his awards
Preston wants to be apart of the fun
What a great way to play with hula hoops
Preston wants to be apart of the fun
It's too hard to get mad at him . . . he's too cute!
I forgot a few things about the wedding I wanted to remember. First, Stockton caught the garter. He was not thrilled when I told him what the prize was. Second, after Preston walked down the isle, and after I picked him up from behind the altar, he said to me, "I did great! I didn't fall!" How cute is that?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Morning in Ohio

It's time to leave after a too short visit. I'm so glad we were able to stop by and hang out with Joe and Cathy. It has been way too long! We were served delicious pancakes for breakfast. Then we let the kids play before it was time to herd them back into the car. Wonderful morning.

Jack, Joe, Nick & Cathy
Stockton, Jack & Nick
Preston catching Maysen
Maysen giving Jack a push
Cathy showing Preston how to use Bubble Puppy
Preston in love
Now we know why Cathy calls her house 'Bubbleland'
Maysen's favorite was the dragons
This was Maysen's favorite dragon. I think she named it Talon
Preston eating a honeybun on the way home
We have made it safely home. The kids are bathed and in bed. I am so tired I am heading there myself.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Joe and Cathy

We have some very, very good friends that live in Ohio. Joe and Cathy were our neighbors when we lived in Washington. We played Pirates with them almost once a week. The Pirates we played with them this trip was pathetic and will not be discussed. Joe and Cathy now have two kids, Jack and Nick. They took us to their neighborhood pool. It has water slides, diving board, great toddler area, tons of beach sand to play in. We had a great time. Stockton loved the diving board. He spent most of his time there doing flips off the board. I could barely look at him. I know I did things like that when I was a kid, but seeing him do it is something else. Maysen spent most of her time in the sand. Jorja loved swimming. Preston spent most of the time in my arms. Something for everyone.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

John's Ohio Wedding

So, ever since Cassie asked the kids to be in her wedding I have wanted one thing. A family picture with the kids all looking snazzy. I just wanted a snapshot...nothing professional. Anyway, we get to the wedding and my camera is out of batteries! Seriously. There must be something wrong with my camera. Anyway, Shannon let me borrow her camera. Thank goodness. I just had a hard time getting it to focus right etc. But at least I got something!

This picture is my favorite family picture. Maysen wanted everyone on their own tire.

Okay, so about the wedding. Of course it was not without drama. One of Cassie's bridesmaids decided not to show up. She was at the church decorating yesterday, but didn't come to the rehearsal. Apparently she is mad at Cassie and waited until today to let her know. Who does that? So, there was one extra groomsman in all the pictures. One bridesmaid had two escorts down the aisle.
Cassie with her bridesmaids and flower girls
Maysen & Cassie
Jorja & Cassie
There was a note in the program that this flower was in remembrance of my mom.
Stockton without jacket
Stockton with jacket
Mike & Jorja
John with the boys. Notice Preston in the picture?
John & Stockton
Preston & John

After we took pictures inside the church, someone had the bright idea to take pictures in the park out back. I loved that idea! I bet those pictures are going to be some of Cassie's favorites!
Bridal party. Notice Preston's progression in these next pictures.

Sneaky little devil.

Jorja at the reception
Mike & Preston
My boys
Just a few notes of things I want to remember. All my kids did great walking down the isle. Even Preston! Although he didn't stop at the end of the isle. He was playing behind the altar. I ran up on stage and brought him back right before the bridal march. I was helping Max who wouldn't walk down the isle. He looked at me and said, "I don't know what to do". Which was funny because Preston wouldn't do it during the rehearsal, and Max did his part perfectly. I took Max to the front down the side. Mike is up front motioning with his eyes to where Preston is playing. I grabbed Preston and took him out of the chapel. There was a toy room he wanted to be in. I missed most of the wedding, but we survived and I don't think we embarrassed anybody. That was important!

I wish I would have taken a picture of the cake. Rachel's looked tons better. I also overheard Cassie's mom, Kristen & Mama Jones talking. They were saying things like, "Thank goodness for Rachel . . . " etc.

Wish I could write more, but I'm out of time!