Saturday, September 23, 2017

Rainy Day at the Field

I spent the morning moving sticks to the front yard so they could be picked up next week. I saw my neighbor Paul leave his house and I waved to him. We live on a cul de sac, so he usually wouldn't pass my house. When he turned my way, I knew he was coming to talk to me and I knew what he was going to talk about. I walked up to him when he stopped and we talked for a long time. Paul is Audrey's dad. He has decided to be a woman. He has had the surgeries done to become a woman. He told me his name is now Whitney. We talked and talked. I told him that I would do my best to call him Whitney, but to not be offended if I accidentally call him Paul. Sue and Jim walked by why I was talking to him. I introduced them to Whitney. It was a little awkward because I wasn't sure what to call him. I said, "This is Audrey's ____" I looked at Paul/Whitney. He said, "Mom". When they walked away I told him I was sorry if that was awkward, but I'm a big believer in getting the elephant out of the room. I asked how Audrey and Elizabeth were doing. Elizabeth is his wife. I told him that all three of them would always be welcomed at our house. He seemed very relieved when he drove away. I called Sue up afterwords to explain who Whitney was. She was super nice about it and was completely shocked. She had no idea that she was talking to someone who used to be a man, he looked so much like a woman. I know she will be super nice to Paul/Whitney, because that is the kind of person she is. I figure that I don't have to agree with this, but I want Paul/Whitney to know that if Audrey is ever over at our house that this is a safe place for her. He won't need to worry about us saying bad things to his daughter. She is safe and she is loved.

Jorja met some friends at a park for a late breakfast. This is good. She needs to be around lots of different friends right now. I picked her up from the park at about 12:30. She has a softball tournament today. She was a little sad before the game. Luckily Raina came to the rescue. Raina brought a loud speaker where the girls were able to dance to music. Jorja lit up. She can be so silly. One time she was was dancing and singing on the way up to the plate. She is freaking adorable.
Raina & Jorja
 Jorja waiting to do the coin toss
 Joe tying Jorja's shoe
It started raining hard for the third game. Shannon called me and I was talking to her under my blanket. Jorja took a picture and sent it to me. It was hard to watch the game with the umbrellas in front of me, but I didn't want to move because I knew I would get sopping wet if I did. I was able to see Jorja get an awesome hit though. Then she stole second. Then she scored from second when the girl behind her got a base hit. Jorja also did an awesome bunt earlier that got an RBI and she made it to first. Perfect!
Later tonight I dropped Jorja off at the bowling alley where she bowled with Raina, Shay and Taylee. They also played laser tag. Jorja had a lot of fun. I texted her after 10:00 and said I was tired and was picking her up. I brought her home and then she got sad again. We laid on my bed for awhile listening to old music. Jorja does great when she is busy, it is just when things slow down that she gets sad. It will be a rough few days, but then I think she will be able to handle things and be back to her regular self again. I sure love that super sensitive girl.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Maysen and the Zoo

Maysen had her first real day of volunteering at the zoo. It went better than she had hoped for. They asked her to do some e-papers. I honestly can't remember what they are called, but she was able to observe four different animals and write down what they did for 15 minutes. She will definitely be able to relate this to studying animal behavior. I am so impressed with the zoo. They are asking Maysen to do things that will be best for her, not necessarily what they need done. Although my neighbor Kristen told Maysen that they must trust her if they asked her to do the e things. Anyways, I am so excited for Maysen! She sounded so happy too.

Stockton went bowling today. He needed to bowl four games to qualify for a chance to be on the competitive bowling team. He had done two games earlier, so the total is six. Stockton's average ended up being 123.5. He had one poor game with 101, but he did have a game that was 149. Hopefully he makes it, he would love it. The teacher in charge of the bowling is his statistics teacher. Stockton keeps talking about how he can't believe the statistics teacher is using such an incredibly small sample size. Ha!

Mike came home and packed things up for him and Preston to go to the cabin. A few days ago we noticed how cold it was getting up there, and we haven't winterized it yet. Mike decided to stop by and say hi to Maysen on the way to the cabin. It is about an extra hour to do that, but then he gets to see Maysen. I packed up some things to have him bring her. Shoes, boots, gloves and ear warmers that would be great for the zoo. Mike took Maysen and Preston out to eat. Preston looks excited.
Preston and Maysen
The theater was having a fundraiser at a dessert place called Create. Jorja wanted to go. She was able to convince Stockton and Evan to go with her. Evan is my favorite. Well, now he is tied with Drew as my favorite because he lost points when he admitted he used to like the song Set Fire to the Rain. I hate that song. It makes no sense. How can you set fire to rain? Why does she keep repeating that phrase over and over? So annoying. Anyways, Evan makes Jorja happy and that makes me happy. Evan is one of Isaac's (and Jorja's) best friends and is super nice to everyone. It was nice for Jorja to get out of the house with a friend. I'm glad Evan was willing to come along.
Evan my favorite

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hike with My Friends - Yay!

I woke up Jorja early to go to the temple. She had already planned on going before Isaac broke up with her last night. The problem was, we couldn't find her temple recommend this morning. She went to the temple with Dessa on Saturday, and we had no idea where her recommend ended up. We decided to go to the temple anyway. Mike was waiting for us there and when Isaac forgot his recommend, they just looked it up. When Jorja and I got there the temple was packed! She filled out the paper to have her recommend looked up, but the guy ended up calling Bishop Waddoups anyway. Whoops. But, she got in. There were two different church groups that came from American Fork. Lots and lots of people. Last week when we went Jorja was done by 6:08. This time she finished at 7:15. Which made her late for school. We were in the waiting room and Jorja had been confirmed. I asked her if she would just like to go, but she adamantly shook her head. Well, we'll hope for the best. This was also the first time Jorja didn't bring her stuff so I could take her straight to school. Lesson noted. Mike left the temple the same time as us. Jorja looked at her phone when she got home. There was a message from Isaac that said something like, "We did not break up last night". Drat. When Jorja came upstairs Mike had a song playing and was dancing. It was Katy Perry's 'Hot and Cold' song. That made Jorja laugh. Mike has told her several times that this song describes Isaac, so Mike was lip syncing the song to her. Specifically "You change your mind like a girl changes clothes...and you over think always speak cryptically......cause you're hot then your cold, you're yes then you're no, you're in then you're out, you're up then you're down......You don't really want to stay, but you don't really want to go...." Anyways, it was super funny to see Mike dancing and it made Jorja laugh, so that's a win.

Jorja was nervous about walking late into Chinese. I guess when you are late you have to go in, salute and bow. She had fun with it though. She was pretty happy when she went to school, even though she knew it was going to be a hard day. I told her to just hold her head high, be kind and to not force things.

I went hiking today with Becky, Stephanie and Jacqui. It was really nice. I'm so glad they asked me to come. I was able to talk to Jacqui a lot, which was very needed. I wore shorts and Becky was worried I would be cold. I told her my legs are usually fine, but I had a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt and Stockton's warm jacket on. It ended up being perfect. It was also very beautiful up the canyon.
Becky, Stephanie and Jacqui taking a picture
I was anxious to hear how Jorja's day had been. Isaac officially broke up with her at lunch. Isaac is not mean. It would almost be easier for her if he was, then she could just move on. He told her that he knows he is hurting her with his indecisiveness, which is true. He didn't want to hurt her anymore. He wants to get back to being best friends, even though it will be hard. Jorja was sad, but she knows he is right. The thing is, both of them have been super nice to each other, so she is hurting, but it is a different kind of hurt. It might be awkward, but I really believe it is for the best. I'm proud of them for being kind to each other and I'm proud of Isaac for letting go of Jorja. I really hope this breakup sticks. At least for a few years, they are just way too young to be getting so attached to one person.

Jorja had her softball game today. I really wanted to see it because she doesn't have many more games left. She ages out at the end of this year and probably won't play again. I'm hoping she tries out for the high school team. If she doesn't make it, then she will have no regrets. If she does make it, she might love it. Or not, but then she wouldn't need to try out next year and again would have no regrets.  Because of this, Stockton drove to diving at the U for the first time. He took Gavin and Preston with him. I was so nervous! I had Stockton text me with the parking stall number so I could pay for parking. For some reason the app doesn't work on his phone. As an added bonus, it let me know he was there. Stockton and Preston are both happy with the decision to switch to diving at the U. That makes me happy.

Back to Jorja's game. It was freaking cold out there! I was still in my shorts, but this time it was not okay! We even had two blankets around us, and we were both shivering. Jorja's team won their first game. I think the score was 4-8 going into the last inning. Jorja's team was losing, but ended up winning when someone stole home. The girls were so happy and it made sitting through the freezing cold much more tolerable. The girls played one inning of the second game. Jorja had just gotten into her catcher gear and settled into her crouch when the game was called. Yay! I have never been so happy! Well, I'm sure I have, but I was so glad to go home. It was so cold!!! Plus, it was funny because it looked like Jorja called the game.
Jorja & Raina with the ump and their coach.
They are the two captains waiting to do the coin toss.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Errands and Sadness

I spent most of the day running errands. Shannon called me and I talked to her for awhile. I also talked to Maysen for a bit, that was nice. I went to a baby shower for a lady in our ward. Jorja goes to her house every Tuesday to play with her kids. I'm glad I went. I almost didn't go, because I don't know this lady well. I decided I needed to interact with other people in my ward more, even though it makes me feel uncomfortable. Most of the time I was fine. It was anxious for some of it, but not the majority, so I call that a win.

I came home from the baby shower and everybody was super happy. I went downstairs and was getting Preston tucked in when Mike came down and let me know that Jorja was crying upstairs because Isaac was breaking up with her. I just looked at him and said, "Again?" Yep. That boy can't make up his mind. I came upstairs and she was sitting on the floor in the kitchen talking on the phone with tears running down her face. Jorja asked me if I would sleep in the guest room with her tonight. I lay with my arms around her while she cried. We talked for a long time though. I was glad she opened up to me. I kept trying to point out all the good things that will come out of this break up. I secretly hope this break up sticks. I like Isaac. I like him a lot, but Jorja can't go through this every two weeks. It's crazy. Anyways, it was a long sad night for her, but I hope it makes her stronger and even more compassionate then she already is.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I had Stockton's last CCR today. I don't like hearing about graduation and college applications. I don't want to do this again. Although, I don't want him not to graduate. It's weird. I took Stockton and Preston to diving today. The problem was, I still had Jorja's softball stuff in the van. She went to practice and borrowed someone's mitt. I came straight from diving, but it took forever to get there. I arrived about thirty minutes before practice was over. I took the boys to Chick-Fil-A while we waited to pick up Jorja. Man, I better not do that again!

I talked to Maysen today. This Tuesday was much better than last Tuesday. She did a great job on her measurements test that she was worried about. She only missed four. The most missed question was number 2. Only 14% (or something like that) of people answered it correctly, and Maysen was one of them. Maysen loved the zoo again. Today was her last orientation day. She will be doing her internship on Friday mornings. That will be perfect.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Giant Spider

I went around the house this morning gathering laundry. Jorja did her laundry yesterday, so all that was there was her clothes from Sunday. I picked up her dress and noticed there was a giant spider on it. I hurried to the bathroom and shook the spider into the toilet. As soon as the spider landed about fifty spider babies scurried off of the spider. It was so gross! I have no idea if there are spider babies hanging around Jorja's hamper or not. I'm afraid to find out.
Preston had his last Webelos today. He has now earned everything for his Arrow of Light. We were told to send him to 11 year old scouts after this because everything they do from now on will be review. Stockton stayed after school to take a physics pretest. He took the first pretest last week at Corner Canyon. He did really well and was able to skip the first third of the physics unit. Today he took the second pretest and again did really well and is able to skip the second third of the physics unit. I'm not sure when he will be able to take the third test, hopefully he will see the same success.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Scouts has started up again, and of course I forgot to send Preston. He could have gone, I just completely forgot. So annoying! They were tying knots. Luckily Preston had already passed off everything except for the bowline. Mike helped him with that before church.
Preston's bowline leash for Shiver
Mike helped me with my primary class today. I have really been struggling the last few weeks. Only two kids were there today, so it was a lot easier than it has been. It was still nice to have Mike there though.

Mike took Maysen back up to Logan. I went to a fireside with Stockton and Jorja. The Back's were speaking. I loved Sister Back's talk about Friends. I think that was great for Jorja to hear. She talked about choosing friends wisely and how she decided to change friends before her sophomore year. It was really hard especially because she had no friends. She talked about how hard this was. This was great for Jorja to hear. Jorja didn't change friends because they were bad influences, just she lost some of her good friends and it was really hard. It was nice for her to hear about other people who have struggled along those lines. Sister Back talked about how people are always watching and you can be a great influence. Circles can be widened to fit an infinite amount of people. That's why they call it a circle of friends and not a square of friends. Anyways, it was a great talk.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Temple, Softball, Frisbee

Jorja got up early this morning and went to the temple with Dessa. That's twice this week she has gone to the temple. I took Maysen to her doctor appointment and then tried to find Jorja to take her to softball practice. She was at Chick-Fil-A with her friends. She had a few hours after practice to rest before she went to her Ultimate Frisbee meet and greet. There were about 40 people there. Jorja was expecting about 10. Some of the kids were really good. I think Jorja was intimidated. Maysen, Jorja and I started watching a show called The Good Life. At one point Maysen was cracking up. I love seeing her laugh! Stockton spent the day being sick. Because it is a weekend. Sometimes his body just shuts down when it knows it doesn't have to be anywhere. Poor guy.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Bear on Motorcycle

I picked up Maysen from Logan today and brought her home for the weekend. We ate at Noodles and Company before coming home. I was proud of myself for not taking forever to figure out what to eat. The people in front of us were slow and said we could pass them. Done! Only problem was my meal was so spicy! Whoops.

Mike sent us this picture on our way home. He was driving home from work and heard a loud motorcycle behind him. He looked over and it was the Jazz bear! Driving down the street!
My brothers and I were texting tonight. Mostly about baseball and football. My dad asked Brett if his house got damaged during Hurricane Irma. They had a couple of wet walls and some roof damage, but not too much. Here are some of Brett's texts: "My suitcase full of clothes got soaking wet though." "They first told us we were staying on the base hotel but then the General made a last-minute decision that we would all sleep in the command post. So my suitcase was in the hotel room and it got soaking wet." "They are pretty sure three tornadoes touched down on the base.""We were in the safest building on the base instead of being on the second floor of a hotel. The phone was blaring tornado alerts all night so I don't think I would've felt very safe there." "The fire alarm went off at 1:30 and woke us up. And the power was out. So we were walking around this dark building checking for fires in the middle of the hurricane." "It was a memorable night for sure."

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Jorja's Team Won!

Stockton and Preston had their first diving at the U today. It was fantastic! Preston was not happy about the switch. Ted ended up coaching Preston and two other kids. Preston LOVED it! Yay! Stockton had a great time as well, even though Gavin couldn't make it. I am so glad Stockton decided to switch. It will be closer, easier times and better emotionally for the kids.

Mike took Jorja to her softball game. I missed the first game while I was at diving with the boys. Mike was texting me updates. The girls had their best game so far. They didn't get blown out! They were so excited! I made it for the last game that started at 8:10. The girls actually won! Hannah hit a three run homerun. It was the first time someone on our team has hit the ball over the fence. They ended up winning the game 6-4 I think. It was getting close in the last inning. The tying run was up when they got the third out. I'm so happy for them! They have worked really hard. This was great.
Jorja putting on her catcher gear
 Jorja ~ she's getting good at knowing which signals to send to the pitcher.
Jorja caught someone stealing 3rd. You can't really see it, but she got them. Her coach made a big deal out of it when the inning was over. Awesome.
Last out!
Yay! What a fun game!
 Zilla, Jorja, Raina

 Shay & Jorja

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jeff & Greg

I watched Jeff and Greg today while Matt and Sam went and picked out granite and floors for the condo they are redoing. I actually got them both asleep at the same time. Jeff was so cute to watch sleep. He was quite cozy.
Stockton went to the first bowling activity for the bowling club. I can't remember if I wrote about this, but Alta is starting a bowling club. They will bowl every Wednesday. Stockton couldn't be more thrilled. The only problem was diving with BYU is Wednesdays and Saturdays. Stockton decided to move to the U for diving, which I think will be better in so many ways. Plus, now I won't have to check Preston out of school every Wednesday. I'm really happy about that. Stockton loved the bowling today. This looks like it is going to be a very good thing.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Making Bricks

I snapped a picture of Jorja with her other student government shirt. All the freshman class officers are wearing them today.
I went on a field trip with Preston today. Isaac's mom was also there with Ben. I texted Jorja that I was on a field trip with Isaac's mom. Jorja texted me back this picture. They were in biology.
Jorja & Isaac
I was assigned to the brick making station with one other mom. She switched to the candle making station though. I made bricks all day. It got kind of lonely, despite the many 5th graders surrounding me. I was so happy when I finally saw Preston. I didn't get great pictures of him, mostly because my fingers were covered in mud and I was a little bit worried about ruining my phone.
I sat by Isaac's mom and another lady named Stephanie at lunch. I texted this picture back to Jorja. This is from the bus ride home.
Mindy (Isaac's mom) and Stephanie
 Preston and Stephanie
I was pretty tired by the time I got home. Which wasn't good because when I'm tired my memory is worse than usual. Jorja and I both forgot about her standing babysitting appointment. They called when we were fifteen minutes late. Whoops! We hurried her over there as fast as possible. I talked to Maysen today. She was sad. She had a hard day. She had her orientation at the zoo tonight. I talked to her before orientation. I called her after to find out how she was doing. She sounded so happy afterwords. I guess she enjoys being around animals. I have a hard time relating to that.

I had an upsetting phone call tonight. Actually it is now a week later. For some reason I let this phone call get to me and it has been bothering me for a long time. I haven't wanted to write about it, which is why I'm so far behind. I thought about making this blog private so I could write all my feelings, but for some reason making this blog private will make me feel even more isolated from the world. I know that's weird because not many people read it, which I'm 100% okay with. This is here for my children, it just makes me sad to block it. I might have to do it in the future though. Anyways, a lady I have never met was mad at me. She accused me of doing things I have no recollection of doing. The frustrating thing is I struggle with my memory, mostly my short term memory. I struggle a lot. The lady wouldn't give me information that I needed so I could explain myself or defend myself. Basically I was told I was a horrible person and that one of my children did bad things. I tried to explain that what they thought my child did never happened, but this lady wouldn't believe me. I know I need to just let this go. I know people are going to hate me, lots of people do. I just have been so lonely lately. The worst thing was I wracked and wracked my brain to try to figure out what this lady was talking about and it became clearer and clearer that I have no friends. Some people like me, but I have no one I can call when I am struggling. I have no mom. No mother-in-law. My kids don't need me anymore. I teach little kids in primary without a team teacher. I feel so alone. I tried reaching out to a couple of people around here awhile ago asking if I could go on a walk with them. I never heard back from the one person. The other person was out of town, so hopefully I'll be able to go interact with someone next week. This Sunday the husband of the lady that called me came up to talk to me at a fireside. I had purposely avoided him, but he sought me out. He asked how I was doing and I just started crying. I ended up leaving and hiding on the stage. After I thought my eyes weren't so red I came and sat on the couch in the foyer. Anyways, sorry about my sadness. I am going to try to hurry and post a lot of things so this gets buried, but it was just a hard day and has been a hard week.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Jorja came home with two shirts from student government. She was quite happy about that. She wore one to bed, and the other the freshman government people are wearing tomorrow.
She learned the second verse to the school song over the weekend. I guess on Friday, the first day the freshman people were in the student government class, they were asked to sing the school song. Both verses. Jorja wanted to be prepared. Plus, she knew Bode learned the second verse over the weekend. I guess at the end of every advisory they sing the school song. Who knew? (Not all the classes, just the student government class.)

Preston was so funny. He had all of us laughing at family home evening. We recently finished the Book of Mormon, so Mike wants to read For the Strength of Youth together as a family. When Mike mentioned that today we were going to learn about dating, Preston responded, "Are we going to make a Tinder account?" Haha! Then he tried to convince everyone to sign up on Tinder as a family. Like make one imaginary person and sign up. How does he even know what Tinder is?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

My Dad's 74

Church was hard today. I thought everything would be fine and I had a fun lesson, but it was still hard. Granted for six months it was super easy with three sweet girls. I have one boy that just moved in. He is supposed to be in the class older than me, but he wants to come to my class. That's fine and all, but he talks about Minecraft non-stop. It is really hard to get him to pay attention to me. There is also another girl that just started coming. She has never been to church before, so by the time I get her she is done. I can't blame her. We have 1:00 church and I have her from 3:00-4:00. Anyways, I have had a rough time the last few weeks.

My dad's birthday is today. Mike made homemade lasagna yesterday. Stockton and Jorja made garlic monkey bread. I tried to get a picture of them working on it, but I couldn't get any good ones.
Jorja & Stockton
 Stockton & Jorja
 Happy 74th birthday Dad!
Cathy left cake for us to have today. She was up at Brittney's house because Ashley is in town. Anne saw the cake and begged Sam to make her one just like it. I applaud Sam's effort.
Dad's cake
 Anne's cake
Anne was super happy with it. Bubs told Jorja a story about being in Nauvoo with Dad on the last tour. Some guy came up to him and asked who his tour guide was. Bubs said, "Ron Millburn". The guy said, "Wow! He is a legend in the seminary circles. He wouldn't know who I was though." Or something like that. Later Bubs saw someone in their group that put a picture on Instagram with the guy. It was Hank Smith. Jorja LOVES Hank Smith. She loves listening to his talks and reading his books. I asked Dad if he knew who he was. He did not. So, Hank Smith was right. Sam said, "Jorja, I know who Hank Smith is and he knows who I am. I am his editor." W-O-W. Jorja was impressed.

Jorja Facetimed Evan for a long time tonight. They were working pretty hard on their Chinese. Their teacher said she didn't think anyone would be able to pass the AP Chinese test. Hopefully they can prove her wrong. Bubs said he finally had a non-native speaker pass the AP Spanish test. The first non-native speaker to pass any language test at Hunter High School. Yikes!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Another Loss

Matt offered me a ticket to go to the BYU/Utah game with Sam and her mom. The game was late, so I didn't need to be at their house until 7:00. The game was awful. BYU hasn't been fun to watch this season. Even if BYU miraculously scored a touchdown on that last drive, the game wouldn't have been considered fun. We did have good seats and the weather was nice, so that was a plus. I'm still glad I went with Sam. I enjoyed being there and watching text messages come in from my brothers. I did think it was cool during halftime when BYU and Utah had their marching bands perform together.
We stayed until the bitter end. It took us a long time to get out of the parking lot. I was glad I wasn't driving. I got home around 2:00 in the morning. The outcome of this came could have been so different if BYU didn't make dumb mistakes. Like the penalty on the touchdown that came back. BYU ended up with zero points from that. Things went downhill from there. Hopefully they pull it together for the rest of the season. Although they are playing the 9th ranked team in the country next time. YIKES!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Twenty-Two Years

Today is our 22nd anniversary. I am super thankful that Mike makes quick decisions and sticks with them. Now he has to put up with me forever! I sure lucked out! Mike came home early from work today. We went to the Cheesecake Factory. Love having gift cards! Turns out we didn't take a picture of us, but I managed to get some of the cheesecake! Priorities, you see.
I knew Stockton and Jorja would love the chocolate one. I was surprised how good the celebration cheesecake was. Delicious! Jorja had a great day at school. The winners of the freshman class election were announced. She went to advisory with the student government people for the first time today. She was put on the homecoming assembly committee. She's super pumped about that. When I mentioned we were going to the cabin over conference she told me she was supposed to decorate for homecoming that weekend. What? Homecoming isn't until the next weekend. I guess they have to decorate for homecoming week. Drat. Still, I'm really excited she has this opportunity.

Jorja's new phone came in the mail today. Now I can have my phone back! I wanted to send Jorja to school unplugged for one day, but Stockton convinced me that it wasn't a good idea. He predicted that the first day in student government everyone would be sharing contact information and Jorja needed to be included in that. He was right, but it would have been nice to not have her so connected for a little while. I took Jorja to Hailey's soccer game. Allison met Jorja there. I talked to Hailey's mom for a bit. Jorja was invited to Jacob's birthday party. He was in her advisory class and she was friends with him a few years ago. I dropped her off at Storm Mountain park. Where she told me the party was. She felt better when she saw Drew. Perfect! I wasn't too far away when she called me and told me she was at the wrong park. Drew was there for a ward party. He is super fun and we stayed and chatted with him, his friends and his parents for about half an hour. I was telling Drew's mom how much we appreciated him and his support for Jorja during the election. He carried her sign every day and was so vocal about supporting her. Drew is super funny and everyone likes him, so this helped Jorja a lot. Stockton would give him a high-five every time he passed him in the halls. Drew said he kind of regretted not running himself and maybe he would next year. Jorja told him just not to run against her! We are lucky Drew didn't run. It was nice to have him behind Jorja for sure!

I drove Jorja to Draper park. I was totally nervous when I dropped her off. It had gotten dark and it looked kind of scary. I waited in the car while she got out and then texted me that she was good. I told her to text us the second she wanted to be picked up, even if it was only in 15 minutes. After she had been there about 45 minutes Mike texted Jorja to ask how things were. She was ready to be picked up. I hurried down there as fast as I could. Jorja said it kind of turned into a make-out party, so she stood awkwardly next to a garbage can for a long time. Oooookayyy then..... Glad we got you back! Jorja was talking to Isaac on speaker phone telling him about the party. Mike yelled from the other room, "Thank you Isaac for not being at the make-out party! Wait....why weren't we at the make-out party? It's our anniversary!" I told him it was okay because we could just make out here. That caused Jorja to run away yelling, "GROSS!" Mike called after her, "You're right! Kissing is gross! Remember that! Kissing is gross!" Hahahaha!!!! We ended up watching Wonder Woman downstairs. Surprisingly I fell asleep during the movie. I really tried to stay awake. I just never make it! I think the movie was good, I'm really not sure. I saw the ending but had no idea what was happening.

Well, that is a wrap for our anniversary this year. Mike got us tickets to see Kristin Chenoweth next month. That will be fun. I sure love my life! Mike is amazing.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Jorja WON!

I took Stockton, Jorja and Hailey to the temple this morning. Mike was already there. He has been working Thursday mornings in the baptistry for over three years now. As the kids were getting their clothes a lady asked Stockton if he would do family names. Usually the kids get confirmed first, but this time they were baptized first. Once Stockton finished, he saw Darrell Back and talked to him for awhile. Stockton said it was the first time he really got to talk to him since he came back from his mission in July. Darrell was the mission president of a mission in Sydney Australia. Speaking of Sydney, Mike bought tickets for us to go there in November. He is speaking at a conference, so his ticket is paid for. I'm tagging along. The ticket was free with our Amazon points. Nicely done. Anyways, Stockton got distracted after talking to President Back. He went out to the foyer and waited for us. I was waiting in a different area with the girls. Stockton finished way before us, so I started asking around about him. I handed the lady his temple recommend when she told me where she was. The problem was, they still wouldn't let him back in. They said there was a problem with his recommend. The guy asked Stockton if he had ID so he could call his bishop. What? Stockton later asked me, "What could I have done in thirty minutes that makes me not worthy to enter the temple." Finally Mike confirmed the girls without Stockton. When they came out I held out my hand asking for his recommend back. I asked them why they wouldn't let Stockton in. The guy said the bar code wasn't working. I asked how he got in this morning. He said, "The guy in charge didn't care about the bar code. I've never seen a recommend like this one." I asked if my kids needed new recommends. They said no. Okay, what is wrong then. How will I know if they will be let into the temple. I'm not understanding. The guy finally said that he was new. Still. How frustrating. It was obvious he was just in the temple, his hair was wet for crying out loud. His recommend is signed and current. What reason would you have not to let him back in? Darrell asked Mike if they wouldn't let Stockton back in because of his sideburns. Ha! Mike said after we left the supervisor hurried over and apologized for taking so long. When the desk guy asked about it the supervisor said, "The code you were typing in is just a recommend number. All you do is look at the date and signature." Annoying. Plus, why didn't the guy that was helping the new guy know what to do?

Although this was annoying, it wasn't nearly as bad as when Mike and Christen got married. If I remember right, they were married in the San Diego Temple. After the wedding they took pictures around the temple grounds. Everyone else left to go to the wedding lunch. Including Christen's mom. She had Christen's temple recommend with her. The people at the temple wouldn't let Christen back in. She is in a full on beautiful wedding dress and they wouldn't let her in to be changed. This is way before everyone had cell phones. What they finally ended up doing is someone went and got all of Christen's stuff out of the nice bridal changing room and brought it to a small bathroom off of the foyer where she now had to change. It took so long to do this that Mike and Christen missed their wedding lunch. I remember we were leaving right as they arrived. Now that is annoying. Someone should have used common sense there.

Okay, back to today. I brought the kids home and they grabbed something to eat and changed. Jorja wasn't ready when Stockton wanted to leave so I sent him on ahead. I dropped Jorja and Hailey off. Jorja had Chinese class first. She still has my phone, so I found a few pictures again.
After Chinese was voting in advisory. AHHHHH!!!! Jorja took this picture in her advisory class. Stockton loves the Oregon Trail. This is Jorja's Link Crew leader. They come in and do activities once in awhile. His name is Weston Smith. Haha! One of Stockton's friends is the other Link Crew leader for Jorja's class. She was telling Stockton how funny Jorja is. She had asked the question, "What is one food you would never eat." She said Jorja quietly (in a really funny voice that I can't describe) kind of growled, "HUMANS!" Hahaha! Jorja denied that and said she had actually said "Meatballs". Oh man, Jorja's going to miss her advisory class.
The missionaries came over this afternoon. They wanted a corn dog. I was pacing because I was so nervous. Jorja would find out if she won in about thirty minutes. Stockton couldn't wait for her because he was going up to BYU for dryland practice. That was okay, because I was anxious to find out. I don't have a cell phone right now, so she couldn't let me know early. I got there right as school got out. I was hoping I would have a long wait. If she didn't win, I didn't want her to have to wait for me. I brought a book, but I couldn't read. I had my eyes glued to the door, trying to notice if people that were running had left. After about thirty minutes Jorja came out. She hopped in the car and said, "I made it!" Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! I am so happy for her! Bode didn't win, but he gets to be senator because he lost by the closest margin. Here are the new Freshman class officers:
Bode: senator, Jorja: public relations, Marshall: historian
Eliza: secretary, Carson: vice president, Brenton: president
This is the most amazing thing right here. It was only a few short years ago when Jorja was too shy to talk to anyone, and look at her now! Remember last week when she texted Mike, "I can't win against these people!" Well done Porge!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Campaign is Over

I dropped Stockton and Jorja off at school this morning. Stockton and I went and talked with someone about his physics class and I payed Jorja's class fee that was due in psychology today. Jorja was busy campaigning, but our deal was I would put the receipt in her locker. I picked the kids up from school and asked Jorja if she turned in her psychology receipt. She forgot. Grrrr. I sent her back to turn it in before we left. She did remember to turn in her financial paper (what she had spent on her campaign) this morning. Mr. Packer called her the queen of puns. Stockton and I talked to Ashley for a bit after school. She said the student government class loved Jorja's video. They were talking about it afterwords and would say things like, "That Smith kid, I think she's going to win." I hope so! None of those guys get to vote! The videos were shown during advisory. I think Jorja's was the best. I'm not biased at all. :) It is nice to be all the way done with campaigning though!

I finished Greg's Christmas stocking today. Perfect timing because the one I ordered for Eve arrived today. I think this turned out cute. Hopefully Matt and Sam like it!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Girls are Mean

Mike took Jorja to school this morning with the little red jeep. Jorja was able to go first. She didn't really want to, but Mike convinced her to go. Plus, he wanted to get to work. Mike said she did great. He said she is super quiet around all the other candidates. She has mentioned before how they are the popular kids and she doesn't fit in with them. Oh man, these elections have been hard.

Anyway, Jorja has been taking my phone to school since her phone stopped working. Her sim card is in my phone right now. I'm starting to feel cut off from the world. If it wasn't elections, I would just make her deal with it. It probably would be a great thing for her to be cut off from people right now . . . except for the elections. The side benefit of her taking my phone is I have all access to her life as soon as she comes home. Sometimes I find these gems.
Other times I find these.
That text was sent from a girl Jorja hung out with yesterday. It was sent to Isaac, who sent it to Jorja. I am spitting mad. I can't even express how mad I am. Who does this? Why are girls so mean to Jorja? This girl was at my house yesterday and then she turns around and tries to mess with Isaac's head? I am not a fan of Jorja liking Isaac. I'm not. It has caused so much drama in her life. I feel like I can't stop them from liking each other, so I'm trying to deal with things the best I can. When Isaac talked to me and told me that he and Jorja had gotten back together I felt like I handled it okay. I told him that I would deal with it, but I had rules. The first one was that I wanted him to flirt with all the girls and I wanted Jorja to be able to flirt with all the boys. I did not want either of them to be so worried about how they acted around other people that they only end up talking to each other. That is not good. I told Isaac that Jorja has worked hard the last few years to come out of her shell and I didn't want her to go back into it. I asked him to let Jorja be herself. So....then this happens. I wish Isaac would have responded to this girl by saying something like, "No worries. That is our deal. She can flirt with anyone she wants to. Thanks for your concern." Or something like that. Instead he panicked and started worrying Jorja didn't like him. I think. Jorja wouldn't really tell me. The thing that irritates me most about the message is "maybe she isn't trust worthy". Wow. Did she just go there? That is a hot button issue for me. Not trust worthy? Pretty much everyone in our family is a 'this is how it is' person. I value honesty more than almost anything else. This has been drilled into the kids. Jorja said she felt completely insulted by that line. This girl is saying that Isaac shouldn't trust Jorja because they keep breaking up. What the heck? Isaac has broken up with Jorja EVERY TIME. Believe me, I know. I have picked her up and held her as she cried. Why should Isaac not trust Jorja because he keeps changing his mind about her? The super sad thing is Jorja was so excited to hang out with these girls. She has mentioned to me several times over the summer that she wished she had more girl friends, but she seems to get along with boys better. She was so happy when she went to bed last night. Then this. Jorja ended up talking to Isaac for a couple of hours last night. She had pudding all over her face and arms and hair. I talked to Jorja pretty late, still covered in pudding. She was telling me how she was picked on the entire 6th grade year. Especially in Chinese. She has always been incredibly shy. All of her Chinese friends had gone to the different middle school. Especially Jazzy. Now she was all alone, still shy, and being picked on. 7th grade year she had no classes with any of the Chinese kids except for Chinese. That turned out to be the biggest blessing of her life. She decided to reinvent herself. She said she decided she was tired of being picked on, so she worked hard to become more outgoing. She did the 'fake it 'til you make it' strategy. It paid off. Now she is super outgoing, incredibly kind, hilarious, and having a blast. Until things like this happen. What worries me is I saw Jorja write to Isaac and this girl that she will stop talking to Evan and Drew if she needed to. NOT GOOD! NO! NO! NO! So this jerk of a girl that is messing with Isaac's mind is going to ruin years of Jorja clawing herself out of her shell. People that aren't naturally shy will have no idea how hard that is to do. Not me. I know. Jorja was just like me, except I never had the courage she did. How I would have loved to force myself out of my shell. Jorja's done it and I do not want to see her shoved back in there. Besides the fact that when Jorja lost Katlyn as a friend Evan, Isaac and Drew helped her feel not so alone. Not talking to them is not an option. Jorja said she doesn't even know what to do now. She is going to be second guessing her interactions with everyone. Wondering if she is flirting, not knowing how to act or what to do. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen. I'm sick to my stomach over this. In conclusion, girls are mean.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day

Jorja practiced her video over and over today. She has to do an election video tomorrow morning. It is 30 seconds, one take, no editing. That sounds scary. She worked on it all morning. The rest of the day she had fun though. I picked up Evan and Drew and dropped them off at the mall. Evan and I were asking Jorja what you even do at the mall. I don't get it. I think they had fun though. Jorja had my phone so I found some pictures and weird videos.
Evan, Drew and half of Connor's face
 Jorja's eye and Isaac, no idea what they are doing here
I picked the kids up from the mall. There were four extra kids that I brought home with me. They played in the 'Jorjamobile' for a long time. Raina came after awhile. Mike made homemade bread and we forced them to eat it, even though some of them (Isaac) really didn't want to. Once everyone had left by Raina we practiced Jorja's videos some more. I love Raina. Just saying.
Raina & Jorja
Five deer came into our backyard. One of them kept standing on their hind legs to eat the leaves off of one of our trees. It totally reminded us of a kangaroo. Raina tried to get closer, but the deer freaked out and ran away. I knew where they would exit, so I tried to get pictures of them leaving.
Deer and Raina
Here is Jorja's election video. She has to do it for real tomorrow. AHHH!
We talked Jorja and Raina into watching a movie. Draft Day. That's a great movie. Mike downloaded it through VidAngel to cut out all the cursing. The movie had just started when Raina got a message that Marty's sister had just died. Marty is Jorja and Raina's softball coach. They went and sat on the porch to call him. Isaac also called and said that he and Evan were running to our house. Everyone was outside when I peaked out there. I asked Evan how long it took them to run here. He said about three minutes. Haha! Isaac said it was more like twenty. That's pretty good if running that far only feels like three minutes. The kids hung out for a couple of more hours until I loaded them up in the car to take them home. It is a school night after all.