Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Temple, SLCC, Lunch and a Bit of Panic

Today was a long day. It started early with getting Stockton and Jorja ready to go to the temple. The youth were going as a group today. Jorja went with the first group at 5:30. Stockton thought his group was meeting at the church at 6:00. He was in a hurry. Right as he was leaving he realized a car was behind the jeep. Matt borrowed our car yesterday, so they were put back in different places. I ran out to move Mike's new car. It was quite dark and I was hurrying. I backed up right into my van. Oops. All three cars happened to be in one long line. So, that wasn't awesome. Stockton ended up waiting for 45 minutes at the church. He was supposed to be at school at 8:30 for Academic Decathlon. He missed that, he barely made it to school on time with today being late start. Not a great start to the day.

I picked up Stockton at school after his first period. We went down to SLCC to meet with his advisor there. The meeting went great. Stockton was happy. He said, "Every other time I see how much work I have to do to get this degree. This time I saw how close I was." Yep. It's looking pretty nice right now. She had a few things we needed to do. Stockton's AP scores were never sent. He needs to apply for graduation to SLCC. He also needs to start the New Century Scholarship application. It sounded so simple when she was talking to us. Tonight Stockton and I worked on the first two things. Both were completely confusing. For example, we have to fill out every single AP class on both of the first two forms. There were only six slots on each form, but Stockton has passed eight AP classes. We made our best guess as to how we should do this. I hope we did it right.

I got Mike a gate sticker for his new car. It will be nice to go through the resident side to enter or neighborhood. Especially since lately they have been writing down license plate numbers.

Suzanne picked me up and took me down to Oh Mai. A bunch of us were meeting there to celebrate Becky Johnson's birthday. That was a lot of fun. Karen Trost gave me a ride back home. It was nice to talk with her one on one.

I asked Stockton and Jorja to take the bus today. I dropped them off at school since they were running a bit late and I wasn't sure how well the van would do today. As Jorja was getting out of the car I said, "I have faith in you Jorja." She has never made it to the bus yet. Well, she didn't make it again. I didn't see her message that she missed the bus. Luckily she found Will and got a ride home with him.

Jorja and Mike made chicken cordon bleu today. They made them nugget size. They were really good. Preston convinced Mike to send his around on the train.

Jorja had a hard day today. She has a lot of anxiety. When she gets worried about something she can't get it out of her mind. Today she was worried that her friends were going to stop talking to her. Nothing happened to cause her to worry about this, and it wasn't just one friend that she was worried about. I didn't handle it well. I was getting frustrated. I had a ton of stuff to do to get ready for Lake Powell. Shannon had been trying to get ahold of me all day to talk about things for the trip. I kept putting her off. I was frustrated with Jorja worrying about this stuff because it is crazy. She has so many friends. She has more friends than all my other kids ever had combined. It's nuts that she is the one that worries about this. Jorja could tell that I was irritated, and that didn't help anything. She kept saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I tried to help her, but her mind would turn everything I said around to make my positive comments into negative comments. I was so frustrated. I finally walked out and told her I was getting her dad. That was the wrong thing to do. In my mind I thought I was helping. Mike is much calmer than me and is able to talk Jorja down, when she really starts to struggle. I brought Mike down a few minutes later, but by that time Jorja was in a full blown panic attack. I stayed out of the room and Mike worked with her to get her breathing back to normal. I don't know why Jorja has had these panic attacks. They are scary. I think her first panic attack was at Matt and Sam's house, the day Katlyn told her she didn't want to be friends anymore. She said she woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't breathe. She was trying not to wake up Anne while she struggled. I guess I can see how Jorja would worry about her friends not talking to her anymore. Katlyn was her best friend for a few years and then instantly they weren't friends at all. I think she just worries that it will happen to her again. I also read that once you have a panic attack they start to come more frequently. I also was thinking about how Maysen has a hard time with textures and taste. The doctors told me that everything was amplified with her so mild tastes were strong. Maysen still only likes bland food. She said to me once, "I wish I liked food, I really do. I just don't." She doesn't have an eating disorder or anything, she just doesn't have a wide variety of foods she will eat. She also refuses to wear jeans. She can't stand them. Different things like that. I started wondering if Jorja was similar, except with her feelings. Are her feelings amplified? Are her worries? I really wish I knew how to help her.

Isaac called at the end of Jorja's panic attack. Mike was in the room with Jorja and I was out in the hall holding her phone. I debated wether I should give it to her. I ended up bringing it to her because her friends help calm her down. She was breathing normally by this point, but it was obvious something was wrong. I think it would have been better if I answered the phone and let him know what was going on, but I didn't. Anyway, Jorja was able to fall asleep breathing normally. She still was shivering hard though.

Monday, October 16, 2017


I had a dentist appointment today. While I was waiting Gavin's mom came in for her appointment. That was kind of fun to wait with her. My brother Mike's friend is my dentist. I asked him if he saw the Dodgers game last night. He didn't. He asked if I saw the Yankee/Indiana game last week. I about died laughing. (Except I didn't laugh, I just smiled. I was laughing so hard inside though.) He was telling me about the grand slam, but every time he said 'Indiana' instead of Indians. I didn't correct him, but I thought it was the funniest thing I had heard in awhile.

I took the boys diving today. While I was there Hailey's mom called. I haven't been able to get ahold of her for the last few days, so I was excited that she called me. I went outside and talked to her. She said Jorja could stay with their family while we are in Australia. I'm so happy! Jorja is going to have the best time with Hailey. What could have been a miserable experience will now probably be one of Jorja's favorite memories. I feel much better now.

On the way home, Stockton got this text from Maysen with the caption, "Can you guess which slice is mine?" Haha! I laughed so hard. Today has been a good day for laughing.
Mike was in the middle of making cider when I got home. Becky, his friend from work, came over. The missionaries stopped by too. Apples spray everywhere when they are put in the garbage disposal. It's kind of fun, but also surprises you. I don't think Sister Hutchinson was expecting that.
Sister Argo & Sister Hutchinson
 Sister Argo
 Jorja & Becky
Jorja told Shay she would catch for her during her pitching lesson today. Matt borrowed my car, so I ended up taking Mike's car to diving. His car had all of Jorja's softball stuff in the back. Whoops. Luckily Mike found his mitt, so Jorja used that. I would have felt awful if Jorja had to bail on Shay at the last second.

I also got my haircut today. My entire family makes fun of me for not noticing things. Not one of them noticed I got my haircut. The first thing Sister Hutchinson said to me when I walked in the door was that my haircut looked nice. I told her she was the first one to notice. She was surprised because I cut off quite a bit.

Mike stayed up late dancing with Jorja and joking with Stockton. I love, love, love it when they have fun together.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bananas and Apples

Mike's dad stopped by this morning. We don't get to see him very often, so it was great having him come over. I woke up Jorja so she could see him. She went right back to bed after he left. Stockton and Preston were already up. Luckily he came before Stockton left to the Bishop's house this morning.

Today was our primary program. I talked Mike into helping me get Mr. Banana ready to teach today. We did this once before. I thought it would be a perfect day for this because after the program, they would need something fun like Mr. Banana. I was up on the stand before sacrament meeting with my class. Andi turned to me and started jumping and squealing and said, "Your husband brought Mr. Banana!" They were so excited. Dane and Kortney both went home after sacrament meeting, so I just had my original three in class today. I love this picture. I love how serious Natalie is with the wand and how Andi's face is lighting up.
Natalie & Stephanie
Alex & Andi
One time Mr. Banana said my name. The girls couldn't believe it. "How does Mr. Banana know your name?" I should have had Mike program their names into the lesson. They would have been shocked to pieces. I love the innocence of these kids. The rest of the day was spent with apples. Preston and I were having a contest to see who could get our apples chopped first.
Preston & Stephanie
Jorja wanted to make some apple dessert thing. I asked her to make this for me on Friday. I brought it to our apple party. She wanted to make it again, since we had so many apples. She made a few plates and dropped it off at Hailey, Evan and Isaac's house.
Jorja being a nut
Jorja didn't know if she should drop a plate off at Isaac's house because she thought it might be weird. She decided to do it anyway, because she would have done it if they had never even started liking each other. While she was at his door I was watching the the Dodgers/Cubs game on my app. Not watching like seeing the video, but just seeing what was happening. Like "swinging strike". Anyway, Jorja came back right as Turner did..... something. I knew it was a hit, but was waiting to find out what happened. Walk-off homerun! WOW! I was so excited. Jorja thought I was weird. I will probably always remember being on the side of the road in front of Isaac's house when that happened. Kind of annoying because I don't remember lots of things anymore, but I'm sure I'll remember that.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Apple Press

Preston and I had the primary program practice this morning. As we were walking there we saw Issac Bingham drive by. Mike had asked him what he was going to do with all the leftover apples from his cider party. He was looking for a way to get rid of them. Mike volunteered our house. This year was supposed to be an apple year for our trees, but we didn't get many. I don't know if that is because of the early frost or from the trimming we had done in the spring. Anyway, Isaac gave us plenty this year.
Apples from the Bingham's
We spent most of the day making apple cider. Preston LOVES it. He loves everything about apples. I have never been an apple juice fan, but pure apple juice with nothing added to it is just delicious. I have boring pictures to document how we spent our day.
First, rinse the apples ~ we figured one sinkful makes 14 jars of cider
 Second, cut apples and get rid of gross parts. No picture of that.
Third, put apples through the garbage disposal station ~ loud, but Preston loves it.
 The apples come out like this.
 Mike has some kind of mesh bag catching the apple goop.
 Fourth, tie up the bag.
 Fifth, put the bag on the press station with a wood circle thing on top.
 Sixth, have a bowl to catch the deliciousness.
 Mike stacks about five mesh bags with wood circles in-between them.
He uses a car jack to really get the juice pressed out.
 Preston loves catching the juice as it is running down.
Stockton, Preston, Mike and I went outside to pick whatever apples we could find from our tree. We were out there longer than we anticipated. Mike had jars of apple cider boiling on the stove to can them. When we came inside the smoke detector was going off. The smoke was everywhere. At least we didn't burn down our house.
Preston pretending he is Joseph Smith seeing a vision.
You can't see all the smoke here, but he made us all laugh.
 Burnt jars. Boo.
My dad came over today. Mike and I are going to Australia in a few weeks. My dad was going to sleep at our house so the kids wouldn't be alone. He came up to tell me he didn't want to do that. He will be close to his phone and the kids can text him if there was a problem, but he wanted to sleep in his own house. I don't feel good at all at leaving Jorja home alone. I'm not worried about the boys, but Jorja has never done well if I'm gone for a long time. Mike and I were talking about what to do. Mike came up with the idea of asking Hailey's mom if Jorja could stay with Hailey. I love that idea. Not only does Jorja adore Hailey, but Hailey has such a calming influence on Jorja. I really hope Melanie (Hailey's mom) says yes. I'm not sure what to do if she says no.

Speaking of Hailey, Jorja spent the day at a DFY conference. Day for Youth. She has been excited about this for a long time. It was a conference with all the stakes in our area and the Lone Peak stake. There were speakers, musical guests, a service project, dinner and a dance. Jorja went with Hailey. They didn't get back until midnight, but Jorja was pretty happy when I picked her up from Hailey's house.
Hailey and Jorja
I talked with Jorja until about 2:30 in the morning. She seems to be the most talkative late at night. Usually I am sound asleep at this time. I went to bed early today and had a few hours of sleep before I picked her up, so I was able to stay awake with her tonight. We talked about lots of different things. I told her that I thought it was important for her to date lots of different people when she turns 16. She said, "I know, it's just that that means Isaac will date other people and that makes me sad." I told her that she needed to let him do that. She said, "I just hope that he doesn't ask (girl's name that I don't want to say), she is so pretty. Sometimes I wonder why he even likes me." Really Jorja? It's not like you are some charity case. Another example of how oblivious Jorja is.

I actually talked to Mike a lot today about sending Jorja to Holly. Holly was Maysen's therapist, and I love her. I think Holly would be able to help Jorja a lot with her anxiety. The sad thing is Holly is no longer at the same place I took Maysen. She has started her own clinic in Bountiful. Great for her, sad for us. I don't think I want to commit to driving up to Bountiful, even though I would love for Jorja to meet with her. 

Short side note. A few weeks ago I was walking with Becky and she was talking about Isaac (her son) and his girlfriend named Lauren. I asked if it was Lauren Mitchell. It was. The name just seemed so familiar. I had no idea why I knew it or where I heard it from. It wasn't until a week later that it dawned on me. Loren Mitchell was my best friend my first year at college. That made me laugh so hard. I haven't thought about him in years. I remembered he was studying psychology, so I looked him up. He practices in Utah. Mike thinks it would be weird to have Jorja go talk to Loren. I go back and forth. He was so nice to me in college and I know how kind and understanding he is, I think he could be great for her. Mike thinks it would be better for her to talk with a girl. Maybe, but Jorja feels more comfortable around boys. Anyway, not sure what I'm going to do. I think Jorja would benefit greatly with having someone trained help with her anxiety and panic attacks. She doesn't get many, but wouldn't it be great to not get them at all?

(I just realized that I talked about three different Isaacs in this post. Who knew that name was so popular?)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Brett's Deployed

Brett left this morning on a long flight to UAE. UAE stands for United Arab Emirates. It is located in the Persian Gulf, kind of near Dubai. He will be gone for six months. There is a chance I might be able to watch their kids while Rachel goes over and visits him. That would be awesome! Rachel is going to come back to Idaho for a few months. Hopefully we'll be able to see her lots during this time. She is going to homeschool Marie and Mina. Mina is excited to leave. She hasn't liked school there. I've been working on a stocking for Eve. I was itching to do cross stitch again. When Rachel and I were talking about stockings I asked if simple cross stitch ones would be okay, and if she could do the final sewing of them. The felt ones have gotten so detailed that they take me almost as long as the simple cross stitch ones. Rachel has been making felt ones for her girls, so this should work out well. I like watching the boys at diving. This is what I do while I'm there.
Stockton watched Matt and Sam's kids today so they could go to a play. Matt had given Sam tickets to a play at Hale Theater in Orem for Christmas. He just forgot to get a babysitter. Stockton took care of all three kids, got them to bed and all that other stuff. Not super easy. I love him.

Mike and I went to Isaac and Becky's house for their cider party. Isaac was talking to us, asking about our kids. He said, "Jorja is beautiful, I mean she's stunning. I love watching everyone turn their heads when she walks by." Haha. Jorja is oblivious when other people notice her. It is really quite funny.

Jorja was hoping to go to a haunted house or something like that with friends. It didn't work out. She was disappointed. Instead she watched some episodes of Veronica Mars with me. I need to see if there is a VidAngel version of that show. I would add my commentary. Things like, "NOT APPROPRIATE!" or "CLOSE YOUR EYES!" Jorja ended up falling asleep in the movie room. She had told me if that happened to just let her stay asleep. So, tonight she slept on the couch.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Wall

I had Jorja's CCR this morning. The counselors take the kids during their biology class and talk to them about what they need for graduation and different pathways they can explore. They send a letter inviting the parents, but not many usually show up. I got there a bit early. Kelsey Court was the only other person in the room. She used to be our counselor, but the names got moved and we have a different one now. I was talking to her and asked her if they were still doing the Sons of the Pioneers scholarship. Maysen received that one, so I assumed Stockton would be able to as well. Kelsey said that each counselor gets to pick one student to receive that scholarship. That made my eyes bulge. "And you picked Maysen?" Kelsey said, "I think she's amazing." That made me so happy. It doesn't surprise me that Stockton didn't get picked. The new counselor doesn't even know him.

Evan's mom came in a bit later and we found a seat together. Soon all the kids filed in, but I didn't see Jorja. There were a lot of kids. I was looking around and saw Isaac in the back of the classroom. I then noticed Jorja sitting next to him hiding behind her backpack. I motioned for her to come sit by me, she ignored me. I stood up and called out to her. Ignored again. I said, "I will keep standing up until you come up here." I heard the counselors laugh saying, "I love that mom." Jorja, Evan, Shafer and Isaac then came to sit by us. Jorja got off easy, I could have been a lot more embarrassing.

I walked by this wall of pictures as I was leaving school. This wall is in the main part of school, in between the theater room and the counselors' office. I have never looked closely at it before. I looked at it today and was shocked to see a picture of Mike! I ended up finding three different pictures of him. Didn't expect that!
Wall of pictures
 1992 Student body officers
Mike, Bryce, Heath, Shandon, Matt
Sheena, Emily
 The first colored picture is Shandon, the second one is Mike
 1992 officers again
Shandon, Heath, Bryce
Mike, Emily, Sheena, Matt
I took Stockton, Preston and Gavin to diving today. While I was there Sam called me. She said she had been thinking of Jorja and how much she likes Hank Smith. She asked me if she thought our stake would be interested in having a fireside by Hank Smith. Jorja was thrilled when I told her about this conversation. Sam said that Covenant was wanting to ask Hank Smith to do a fireside based on the topic dating. They want to record it so it can be distributed. (Sam is Hank Smith's editor.) I hope this works out. I tried calling Julie Valentine, the stake young womens president, but I haven't heard back. Anyway, that was all during diving. I will end the diving segment with a video of Stockton doing a standing front 2 1/2.
Jorja was gone most of the evening. The Alta/Corner Canyon game was tonight. There was a Love Not Hate pep rally before. Hailey came up and got Jorja. The football game didn't start until 7:00, on a school night. I spent the time texting my brothers during the Washington/Cubs game. We texted a lot, especially during the 5th inning. That was awful. Alta also lost. Jorja texted me to pick her up. This is how much I love her. I went to pick up Jorja when the bottom of the 9th inning in game five of the playoffs was starting. By the time I got to Alta the Nationals had lost. That stinks. Here are some pictures I begged Jorja to send me.
Drew, Jorja, Isaac, Hailey
 Drew, Jorja, Hailey and poor kid with black hands
 Drew and Jorja
Jorja was so cold during the game. She had only brought a sweatshirt. She didn't want to bring her coat because it is white and today was a black or red out, or something like that. Drew ran home and brought Jorja a blanket. I love how Jorja's friends watch out for her.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bowling and Missionaries

Mike took the day off of work today, although he was on call and worked most of the day. Stockton had his first bowling meet today. When we were at Angie's yesterday I got a text from Johny. (He is the down syndrome boy Stockton's age that lives on our street.) The text said, "Hi. John. I. Stockton. Take. Me bowling. Club. John." Haha. He makes me laugh. Stockton texted me after school to say he couldn't find Johny. I told him to leave and I would let Stephanie (Johny's mom) know. When Stockton and Jorja walked out to the jeep there were lots of people around it. Johny was trying to get into the jeep. Stockton was so funny when he was telling the story. I wish I could write it like he tells it. That kid makes boring things hilarious. Although it drives him nuts when I take him too literally with his stories. Stockton had fun and did decent at the bowling competition, but the kids from the other school were crazy good. I know one kid got a 236. My goal is just to break 100.

The missionaries came over tonight. Sister Hutchinson's companion left for home yesterday. Her new companion is straight from the MTC. We talked with them for a bit. Sister Hutchinson was introducing Jorja and telling her companion how much she likes Jorja. Preston started telling a story and Sister Hutchinson was laughing so hard. She said, "I'm sorry Jorja, but Preston might be my favorite." Then Stockton started telling a story and made them laugh again. Sister Hutchinson said, "You are funny. I've never talked to you before, but your mom kept telling me how funny you are. She was right."

While the missionaries were over I got a text from Stephanie asking if Johny was here. Stockton dropped Johny off at his house and watching him walk into the garage. Later I texted Stephanie and asked if she found him. Yep. He was at the Valentines. Whew.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Maysen's TWENTY!

My little baby girl is twenty today. I can hardly believe it. Maysen has brought such joy into my life. She helped heal my heart when it was broken from the death of my mom. I remember Grandma Parry coming to Washington to meet her for the first time. She mentioned how it made her so happy when I walked outside to meet them. She said I was holding Maysen like she was the most precious thing in the world. Which she was. I took pictures of pictures that I randomly found. I love this little girl more than words can say.
Mike & Maysen
 Stephanie & Maysen
 Maysen at the tulip festival in Washington
 Jorja & Maysen
 Grandma Honey & Maysen
This picture was taken right before we left on our flight back to Georgia. Grandma Honey died before we came back.
Stockton had his sterling scholar interview for math after school today. It went really well. He looked handsome in his suit. Stockton said that after he told the judges all the reasons why he would make a great candidate for math, he had to do two math problems right in front of them. They told him to speak through his thought process. They had him write the first problem on the board as they said it. Stockton said he just stood there not saying anything. Then he said, "Well, I'm stumped. I don't think this is possible." VanOrden yelled, "You aced that!" Yikes! They actually gave him an impossible problem. Stockton was so relieved he didn't try to solve it. Anyway, he did great. I have no idea if he will get this, there are a lot of smart math kids at Alta. Josh also went for math. Stockton and Josh were together in all their math classes from middle school on. They carpooled to the different schools and both took calculus as sophomores. Should be interesting. Stockton did come home before I left to Logan, so he decided to come with us. I wasn't expecting he would be able to, so this was a nice surprise. Jorja was at a soccer game and I couldn't get to her, so we left her behind.

I really wanted to be with Maysen on her birthday this year. She does not have a room mate, and she doesn't have many friends. Especially ones who would know it was her birthday. I couldn't stand the thought of her going through her entire birthday without anyone saying happy birthday to her. She did get birthday cards from both her grandpas and texts from several people. Rachel, Becky, Holly (my roommate from college) and even Isaac. I can't remember if she said anyone else. We had a great time though, I'm so glad we went up there.
Stockton & Preston
 Mike & Maysen
 Maysen just opened her present from Stockton
Stockton was so excited to get her this. He has been planning it for months. This is a remake of one of Maysen's favorite games from years ago. Maysen loves anything that reminds her of her childhood. (I love that!) Not only did they remake this game, but they added a new storyline. One with Fawful. Stockton has been hoping and hoping that Maysen wouldn't hear about this game. It was just released a few days ago. She was totally surprised and she loved it. Her favorite present for sure. Granted that the only other things she asked for (and received) was candy legos, finding her long charging cord and some face cream. ~ She's very low maintenance. Preston also gave her some tentacles (from Day of the Tentacle) that he 3D printed, along with super glue for her to put them together.
I should have kept this video running. Maysen was so funny. She told Stockton, "What are you doing to me?" (College has been intensive this semester, now she is going to be tempted with other things.)
We took Maysen out to Angie's. They sang Happy Birthday to her and brought her a birthday cinnamon roll. I took Maysen grocery shopping to fill up her fridge for a few weeks, then we stopped by Cold Stone. I was planning on getting Maysen a cupcake for her birthday, but that didn't work out. Maysen convinced me to get her a tub of Cold Stone's cake batter ice-cream and count that as her cake. She had it mixed with Aggie sprinkles. She said she really didn't like cake much that this would be better. We went back to Maysen's apartment and hung out until about 10:00, then made the long drive home.
Maysen, Stockton, Mike
 Preston clicked the picture button with his toe.
Preston, Stockton, Maysen, Stephanie, Mike
 Maysen & Stephanie
 Maysen & Stockton
 Maysen & Preston
 Maysen & Mike
Stockton and Preston slept the entire way home. Mike and I were so tired. We switched drivers three times, but made it home safe and sound. I am so glad we did this. It was nice to be with Maysen today. She is an incredible person and makes me very happy.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Driving and Talking

I left this morning to drive down to American Fork to pick up a present I ordered for Maysen a week ago. Everything was fine at the register, but when I went to pick it up I was told it was out of stock. That would have been nice to know before I drove up there. They are going to ship it to Maysen, it just won't be there in time for her birthday. That's annoying.

Sister Heaton (the Relief Society president) called me on my way home. She wanted to thank me for being nice to my neighbors. That made me laugh. She is funny, and it was nice to talk to her. She said, "I just realized I haven't talked to you since I've had this new calling." I said, "Yep, I'm in the primary hole." That made me laugh, but I don't think she thought it was that funny.

Isaac texted me a lot today. I gave him my opinion on things relating to him and Jorja. Manly encouraging them to be great friends for a long time and to not wish their lives away by being too much in a hurry to grow up. Jorja asked me today why I don't ever write anything nice about Isaac on the blog. I didn't realize that was the case. I guess the reason is, Jorja doesn't tell me all the good things Isaac does, but it is obvious when she is upset. So, to make Jorja happy I will write that Isaac is a great kid and super nice to Jorja. Although by writing this I will make Stockton unhappy. He misses the Jorja that wasn't into boys.

I took Stockton, Preston, Gavin and Janelle to diving today. When we got there they were in the middle of a college diving meet between the U and Southern California. It was a girls meet. I was expecting the divers to be a lot better than they were. I guess I was expecting all college divers to be able to compete at olympic level.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Jorja's Hard Day

So....Jorja had a hard day today. She sent Isaac a text last night, then immediately regretted it. I can't remember what she said exactly, but something about just being friends for now and hopefully having a future later. I think. I can't really remember and she has her phone with her at school so I can't spy on her messages right now. Anyway, I think it caught Isaac off guard. Jorja cried most of the day today. She said she ruined things with Isaac. Evan calmed her down enough for her to go to church. Jorja said she was worried Isaac would never talk to her again. Evan assured her that there was no way Isaac would stop talking to her. Jorja did great during church, but cried a lot when she came home. I was just making her angry because I was getting kind of frustrated with her. Mike had her make lasagna with him and was able to talk to her and get her to calm down. She only started hyperventilating once, and Mike was able to get her to calm down right away.

I talked my family into going on a hike this afternoon. I wanted to be in the mountains with the pretty leaves. Jorja got upset because the hike starts by Isaac's church, which is near his house. I kind of mocked her for that because that was weird. Am I never going to be allowed to turn right when I leave my neighborhood? Anyway, I was hoping to make it to the suspension bridge. Except I messed up. I wasn't paying too much attention when I went there with Jacqui. I saw a sign that said Bonneville Trail, or something like that. It looked familiar, so we went that way. That was the wrong way. I think I see that name so much on the different Bradley instagram accounts that it seemed what I was looking for. So, we hiked along a bike path. I ran along it, which felt amazing. We were able to eventually find the right path and the first little bridge, but it was getting dark and Mike didn't want to be in the mountains with no light when it was dark for some reason. We will have to try again soon. It is so pretty up there. It was nice to get out of the house.

Isaac ended up calling Jorja tonight. I'm not sure what they talked about, but Jorja was a lot happier when she went to bed. I'm so glad he called her. I think she feels things are going to be okay. At least she isn't scared of him ignoring her. I hope they can get back to being the best of friends. Fourteen is so young to like someone so much. Jorja is A LOT different than Maysen.

One quick memory from today. We had the primary program practice, so everyone was just finding a seat in the chapel at the beginning of primary. I grabbed Dane's hand and was looking for others in my class. I saw a row stuffed with girls. Alex was against the wall and was crying. I sat Dane somewhere and then held out my arms to her. She came toward me and let me pick her up. I squeezed her so hard and she squeezed me right back. I stood there holding her, rocking her back and forth for a long time, both of us squeezing the guts out of each other. I never did ask her why she was crying, but I was just so full of love for that little girl. Ron Henderson walked by while I was holding Alex and said, "Rough gig you have there." He could tell I was loving every second of it.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Kristin Chenoweth

Jorja had a long day today. She finished her softball tournament, and her softball season. Her first game was pretty early and it was cold! Mike and I took Jorja to Dunkin Donuts during her break between games. The temperature was much better for her second game. I love how much Jorja has improved. Her catchers stance is amazing. Look how flat footed she is. I can't believe she finds this comfortable. She can stay like that for a long time. Her legs are pretty strong.
I like this one. Jorja's catcher stance and lovely catch by Raina in left field.
Evan and Hailey came over this afternoon. Evan was here first, then the other people they invited said they could not come. I made Jorja, Evan and Preston watch a Chinese soap opera while they waited for Hailey. I watched it with them. I had no idea what was going on, but I did not fall asleep. How can I stay awake through this and not be able to stay awake during any other movie in existence? Just kidding . . . but I do fall asleep a lot. The show was about 45 minutes, and Hailey watched the last bit with them. Mike and I went to see Kristin Chenoweth down in Provo. I let Evan and Hailey stay here. After talking to all three of them and getting them to promise me that I wouldn't regret this. The line was so long to get into the Marriott Center. The phone rang right as I was sitting down. Luckily because of the lines they started the show late. Jorja was on the phone asking if Isaac could come over. I wasn't sure what to do. I told her it would be okay as long as his parents were aware that we weren't home. Stockton and Preston were both home. I asked to talk to Evan and made him promise me to keep Jorja and Isaac in line. I told him to be as annoying as I would be if I were there. He promised me he would do his best. I regretted not talking to Hailey and asking her the same thing. Jorja said Hailey did a good job helping Evan out. The kids were gone by the time Mike and I got home.

Kristin Chenoweth was amazing! Her voice was incredible, she was so kind and gracious. And funny! So funny. We were laughing and cheering all night. I can't believe someone that small can sing like that. Her voice is powerful, and she has such control. It's funny that a lot of popular singers now use computer generated software to make them sound amazing. Then you hear someone like Chenoweth. I loved it. Plus, she is 'Itty Bitty'. I loved that character on Pushing Daisies. I loved Kristin Chenoweth before this, but I really love her now. I'm so glad Mike got us tickets to see her.

Friday, October 6, 2017


I went on a hike with Becky and her little baby Max today. It was a short hike, but it was so nice. I was thankful that Becky thought to ask me. I loved catching up with her. It seems like ages ago since we worked in young womens together.

Mike and I had to divide and conquer today. I checked Jorja out of school. She had a softball tournament. No idea why it started so early today. I dropped Jorja off at the field, watched them warm up for a bit then went home. Stockton and I then went up to the U for the first high school meet of the season. So weird that they are starting this early. Usually the state meet is in March. This year it is in December. What? I wonder why they are doing that? Maybe so the kids can prepare for the USA/ASSU meets better? Oh well. Too bad the next meet is over fall break. Anyway, Stockton had a great meet! He took first! He scored 210.85 points. Nice way to start the season.
Stockton ~ 103B ~ front 1 1/2
403C ~ inward 1 1/2
203C ~ back 1 1/2
303C ~ reverse 1 1/2
5122 D ~ front flip full twist
105C ~ front 2 1/2
Results. Yay Stockton!
Meanwhile Mike was at the ball field with Jorja. He sent me a few videos. I like how the dust comes off Jorja's glove in this one. (Jorja also made a perfect tag at home. Yay Porge!)
Mike said this little kid became obsessed with Jorja. She played with him for a long time. He sent me a video of them playing catch together. The funny thing is, no one knows who the kid is. I think they figured out later that his sister is on one of the other teams. I love Jorja. She knows how to make everyone feel like they belong.
Jorja and random kid
Mike dropped Jorja off at the football game. Stockton went to play ping pong with his Capstone friends. The capstone engineering class Stockton is taking is mostly with people from other schools. They drive to Alta for this class. There are only a handful of Alta students. The kids met at Addy's house for pizza and ping pong. Two of Stockton's favorite things. Jorja seemed to have a fun time at the football game. At least this time she had a sweatshirt on. I went to pick Jorja and Evan up and saw an idiot student almost get run over by a car. This kid laid down in the parking lot, wearing black, at night. A car went to cut through some of the empty stalls and almost hit this kid. Glad that didn't actually happen. Hope my kids aren't that idiotic. Anyway, I'm going to grab some pictures from Jorja's phone.
Jorja & Hailey
 James, Jorja, Hailey
 Evan with all the girls.
Aiyanna, Hallie, Jorja, Evan, Camila, Hailey