Friday, January 19, 2018

Busy Day Off

Stockton was not looking forward to today. At all. The kids didn't have school today, but Stockton was still super busy. First, he had his English class down at Salt Lake Community College. It starts at 7:00, so he had to get up early on his 'day off'. He wasn't thrilled. I remember when he used to hate to sleep. Ha! Anyway, he came home and said English was great! Stockton also had an Academic Decathlon competition. Today they were doing speech, essay and interview. Stockton did a cold read of his speech to Jorja and me. I was laughing so hard. He was so good! Stockton got home pretty late tonight. He said the speech competition wasn't what he was expecting. He thought he would be giving his speech to a crowd. Instead it was two judges. Both girls. Stockton's speech was about the speedo. They didn't react at all, although I think they aren't allowed to, so he has no idea how that went. Stockton said he nailed his interview. That's good. Ochoa sent them home before they announced awards because it was snowing pretty hard. He has no idea how he did. I think he is so glad today is over.

Jorja was busy today as well. She had play practice this morning. She was disappointed a bit. She isn't able to be in the scene they blocked yesterday because she was at therapy. If she had been able to go she would have had a chance of being picked as the person that got stabbed. Ha! This next picture is random, but Jorja takes pictures like this all the time. She then texts them as an answer to a question she thinks is weird. Or something like that. She wants an emoji like this. She took this picture at therapy yesterday. I tried to photobomb it, but she didn't like that at all.
Jorja went to the girls basketball game at Alta, then the boys basketball game at Corner Canyon. Alta lost both. The boys got creamed. By more than 20 points I think. There was a disco night at the roller skating rink Jorja was planning on going to. We stopped and bought glow bracelets. Jorja ended up not going to the disco night. She went to the twins house. Claire and Sydney. Mackie and Finn were there. That is all I can remember. I sent Mike to get her around 11:00. It was snowing a lot and I did not want to go out in it, or have a teenager bring her home. It scared me at first when she texted that Finn would give her a ride home. What? I didn't know he was old enough to drive. He's not. Mike brought Finn home instead. A much better plan. Jorja was pretty happy when she got home. She had a great time today.
Carter, person I don't know, Jorja
 Kenzie, Mackie, Jorja
 Jorja & Mackie

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jorja's Therapy

I took Jorja and Hailey to the temple this morning. President Back asks where Stockton is every time we come. I tell him that he still isn't ready to come back. President Back said they watched a temple video this morning of how they should treat the people that are coming so they don't have a bad experience. I don't know if Stockton is still upset about what happened, but it is the last day of the quarter and he has been pretty stressed. (Stockton was doing baptisms and was waiting for us in the lobby. We wanted him to come back into the temple. The guy at the desk wouldn't let him come back in because he didn't have a bar code on his recommend. His recommend expired in December and they didn't start issuing the bar codes until January. Stockton did nothing wrong, but the guy at the desk made him feel horrible and embarrassed. President Back was there when it happened.) Stockton took Jorja and Hailey to school. I found these pictures on Jorja's phone. She was proving it was really her and that she had her phone back.
Hailey and Jorja
 I finished Eve's stocking today. Luckily Rachel is going to put it together.
Yikes! I just noticed I didn't outline one leaf! I'll have to fix that.
Jorja had therapy today. She loves it. I love that she is not embarrassed about it. She will tell anyone where she is going and why she is going there ~ to get help with her anxiety and panic attacks. I saw a message from one of her friends tonight saying something like she didn't know why she was in therapy, but she was here for her if she ever needed her. Jorja told me that when she told this friend where she was going this friend had mentioned she was in therapy too. I love that Jorja is not letting there be anything negative attached to her therapy. This girl is quite amazing.

I hurried Jorja back to school as soon as she was finished. She wanted to go to the wrestling match. She stayed after to watch The Battle of the Bands. Hailey's brother, Jonas, won last year. He didn't win this year though. I was hoping to see him. I stopped by Javita's house to give Whitley a get well soon bag. She had surgery on her foot today. I got to the performance as soon as I could. Jonas had gone first, so I missed him. I did see a group playing the Wii channel theme. That was funny.
Isaac, Jorja, Carter
Dessa's mom dropped Jorja off after Battle of the Bands. Dessa stayed over until about 11:00. I'm not sure what they did, but Jorja was happy.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Jorja went to school without her phone today. I picked her up from play practice around 6:00. As we were driving home she asked when she could have her phone back. I told her that I didn't know, that I was still super mad. I told her I didn't trust her anymore, because right now I don't. Jorja was not happy. At all. Let's back up. I have written about how Jorja suffers from panic attacks. They usually are caused by two things. One, she worries that her friends will stop talking to her. I hate this one. I want to tell her that that is crazy, that it would never happen. Except it has happened. Three times. With three of her best friends. In less than a year. The second thing that causes her panic attacks is when she feels that she has disappointed anyone, usually me. Well, she has been struggling these last few days. I punished her anyway. Actions bring consequences. Mike and I talked to her tonight. She was crying in the piano room. We talked to her about things that needed to change. We wrote a contract of what needed to happen and what she needed to agree to in order to get her phone back. She signed it while laying on her back with her head under the piano bench. That was actually funny. She is allowed to have her phone at school, but before she gets it back at home I told her that Isaac needed to sign a contract too. She is annoyed at me. I don't really care.
Note: Jorja is a great daughter.
I added things that we have never had a problem with because I was super mad. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sweeter than Sweet

Jorja went to school without her phone today. I just couldn't bring myself to give it back to her. She survived. She stayed after for a LONG time. They were doing costumes for Macbeth as well as their regular practice. I picked her up around 6:40 and we went straight to New Beginnings. Becky Bingham is the Young Womens president and she is awesome. She had a great program. Everything was decorated with candy. She and her counselors made a quilted bag for every girl. It holds their personal progress books, a pencil, The Living Christ on a ring, and a Did I Tell You slot. Becky encouraged the girls to memorize The Living Christ. We have started doing that as a family. They are going to be focusing on one paragraph a month. We will be a bit slower than them. Becky has The Living Christ broken up into paragraphs for them. She also made different cards titled Did I Tell You. She has three cards in there so far and plans to add more throughout the year. It was really cool.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Snow Buddies

Today was the last day at the cabin and we made the most of it. Sledding and lots of it. There was also cleaning, but that isn't as fun to document.
Jorja & Hailey
I can't believe how much sagebrush is poking out from the snow. I'm not used to that at all. We need more snow!
 Mike & Preston
 Jorja & Hailey with Preston's feet coming after them.
 Jorja and Hailey
 Stockton driving Preston and pulling up Gavin
 Jorja and Hailey
 I love Jorja's face here . . .
 and Hailey's face here.
 Ummm, Jorja. Why are you pulling up on the sled?
 Yep. Jorja is to blame for that crash.
 Crashing is half the fun of sledding, right?
 Hailey and Preston
 Preston's leg and Gavin
 Stockton just crashed, Jorja and Hailey are still up.
 Jorja and Stockton running after his sled
 Stockton and Hailey
 He caught it!
 Hailey and Jorja ~ I love this picture!
 Gavin, Preston, Hailey and Jorja
We are on our way to the Springs. I convinced the girls to try a sled with a rope. Notice they are on two sleds.
 Stockton, Gavin is next.
 Whoops! Gavin took the wrong path!
Mike and Preston are sharing a sled. One of the sleds the girls rode up on completely broke on the way.
 You can barely see Stockton's head and Mike's back. I love it up here!
 Jorja and Hailey. I made a bad decision of where to stand for this picture. I wish I had been by the rock!
 This is my last picture on the big camera. My camera card filled up. That's a lot of pictures!
Mike's head and Stockton
 Jorja and Hailey are penguin sledding
I decided to leave with the four high schoolers. Mike stayed later with Preston to finish packing up and shutting down the cabin. They left when we were about in Evanston. I dropped Gavin and Hailey off just before 10:00. Talk about making the most out of our vacation! Speaking of vacations, while I was taking the pictures of Gavin and Stockton the guy from the Alaska cruise tour finally called me back. I got some information and then asked if Mike could call him back. I was anxious to leave. Mike put a deposit down on the trip. We weren't able to get cabins next to each other. We have one with the tour and one random one that will be assigned later. Hopefully everything works out with this trip! Hopefully we will sit together for dinners. That is more important at this age. Jorja promised me she wouldn't stress me out if she was on the other side of the ship. I told her I didn't want to worry about her meeting friends and sneaking out to be crazy. I don't want Maysen and Stockton to have to be her babysitter. She promised. She is so excited.
Gavin & Stockton
 Stockton & Gavin
 Hailey, Jorja, Gavin, Stockton
I thought I had plenty of gas to get to Cokeville. Well, I made it, but it was pretty sketchy for the last twenty plus miles. I don't know how long we drove with the empty light on, but there was nothing around. I remember running out of gas in Wyoming with Sam and Maysen. I did not want that to happen again. We drove on fumes, but we were able to make it to the Cokeville gas station. I was so happy when I could see the Flying J in the distance. We also stopped at the McDonalds in Evanston. The kids ate on the saddle seats. Those are uncomfortable!

Once we were home Jorja had to hurry to get her PSA done. She had filmed it last week with Dessa, but she had to put it together. Hailey had to do that too. Except Hailey lost all her videos so she had to start from scratch. The PSA was due at midnight tonight and was a giant part of their English grade. I came downstairs to check on Jorja and she had Isaac on speaker. Jorja said Isaac was helping her figure out how to get the program working. Whatever. I was not going to argue with her because she needed every second she had to get the PSA finished. I fell asleep and woke up ten minutes before midnight. I went down to check on Jorja. She had just finished. Yay! She made it! Isaac was still on the phone, so I made her say goodnight and give me her phone. She asked me if she could talk to him while she was getting ready for bed. I told her no. We went upstairs and about five minutes later the home phone rang. It was Isaac. He hung up before I picked it up the first time, but he called right back. I answered and he hung up without saying anything. I think. I can't really remember because I'm writing this on Thursday. Jorja went down to bed and came up a little while later. I was sitting on the couch looking through her phone. She sat on the edge of the couch and we talked a little bit while we looked through it before she went down to bed. Preston came home awhile later. Yay! I'm always glad when my family is off the road. I got Preston ready for bed while Mike unloaded the car. I tucked Preston in and kissed him goodnight. I then kissed Stockton goodnight. He was already asleep. I went in to kiss Jorja goodnight. Her covers were all a mess. I tried to straighten them, but Jorja told me she liked them that way. I kissed her goodnight and told her I loved her. I stopped by her door and looked back at her and told her I loved her again. That's when it happened. I heard the phone ring. I immediately knew what was going on and Jorja immediately knew she was busted. She had a look of someone who had just been caught on her face. I was so mad. I looked for the phone, but it stopped ringing before I got to it. The home phone automatically calls my cell phone after two rings. Isaac knows this, so he has learned to hang up after two rings. He called right back. By this time I had found the phone and I answered. I was steaming mad. I can't describe how mad I was. Now, from the outside, sneaking a phone into your room wouldn't seem like a big deal; and certainly Jorja and Isaac have done other things that have frustrated me and been worse over the course of their friendship. This bothered me like nothing has bothered me before. Both of them knew I did not want them on the phone. It was 12:30 in the morning. School was the next day. I had already taken Jorja's phone away and told her she couldn't talk to him. I realized that when Jorja was sitting on the edge of the couch with me she was actually sneaking our home phone downstairs into her room. I have never yelled at my kids, but today I was whisper yelling. I was so mad. Jorja was crying and saying she was sorry. She said Isaac told her he had something important to talk to her about. I said, "I hope whatever he was going to say was worth losing your mother's trust." Seriously. I feel like I have been more than understanding with these two. How can I ever trust either one of them? I feel they don't respect me and think they are above the rules I set. I am not unreasonable with my rules either. I came upstairs and was trying to tell Mike what happened. I couldn't even talk. I sat there stuttering trying to explain. I was shaking. I was furious. I have never needed to punish one of my teenagers before. That changes now. Mike immediately went and disconnected our home phone. I don't think we are going to reconnect it ever again.