Sunday, December 3, 2017

Smith Family Gingerbread

We had tithing settlement this morning, church, then Mike and I hurried to get everything ready for the gingerbread party. Jorja was making us all laugh before everyone arrived. I love to see her happy.
 It's weird how there is no snow outside
My camera was taking pictures orange. It took me awhile to figure out how to change it, so the first part of the party all the pictures will be orange. We also set up tables in the piano room so the First Presidency Christmas Devotional could be going while we decorated.
 Connor's friend, Connor, Matt
 Miah & Jorja
 This one isn't orange because it was my cell phone . . . Matt, Miah, Jorja
 I finally figured out how to fix the camera, testing it with Jorja's smile.
 Connor's friend, Connor
 Preston . . . with a knife . . . and an evil grin
 Derek & Leo (and Jacob)
 Mike made a manger scene, although Jesus looks like he is about to be sacrificed on an alter
 Taylor got here late, but was able to knock his house out lickety split
 Connor's mission buddy
 Connor wearing Preston's 'future missionary' tag
 Connor's friend, Matt
Connor, Xander, Miah, Sherry
 Taylor's family is now in California, so the Hardy's adopted him today.
Taylor, Connor, Xander, Connor's friend, Matt, Miah, Sherry
 Nova & Taylor
 Nova & Melissa
 Leo, Nova, Melissa
 Taylor & Jorja
Another gingerbread party is in the books. I love how my family loves this tradition. They aren't shy about telling me that either, which makes me very happy. I want to have Jorja help me put together a gingerbread book of all our creations over the years. That would be fun to have, and to keep adding to.

Okay, quick change of topic. Jorja had a best friend named Katlyn. They were best friends for about two years and were always together. Around March Katlyn told Jorja she needed a break. Jorja took that to mean Katlyn didn't want to be friends with her anymore. And they weren't. It was so weird. It has been really hard on Jorja. They haven't really spoken since March. Anyway, today, out of the blue, Katlyn texted Jorja. She flat out apologized for everything. She told Jorja that what she did to her was the worse thing she ever has done and that she really wanted to be friends again. Katlyn didn't try to justify what she did, she just owned it and said she was sorry. She didn't try to make Jorja feel like anything was her fault, she took all the responsibility. When Jorja showed me Katlyn's text I thought to myself, "Now that is an apology!" Jorja was so happy! She talked to Katlyn for a long time on FaceTime while she was getting ready for bed. I hope these girls can be friends again. They had so much fun together. Jorja has missed having a strong girl connection. Hailey has always been there for her, but when these three were together it was great. Poor Hailey was caught in the middle, but she navigated it like a champ. I am hopeful about this. I hope Katlyn and Jorja can get their connection back, Jorja really needs something like this right now.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

State Diving

We started the day off with a ward Christmas breakfast. I told the kids we could go in pajamas. Most people weren't in pajamas. Stockton was a bit annoyed with me. I said, "Well, it said primary kids can come in pajamas, and wouldn't you always want to be in pajamas if you could?" I guess the answer was no. The breakfast was fun. They had an amazing Santa there, but we didn't sit on his lap. I tried to get Preston, but he wasn't interested. Jorja had to leave early to go to softball practice. Stockton, Preston and I stayed because they had asked us to do a part in the 12 days of Christmas. The program went long, so they ended up cancelling that song. We weren't too disappointed.

Stockton had his last high school diving meet ever. That makes me sad. He got recognized at the beginning along with the other seniors. I recorded it, but it was too long. Maybe one day the kids will help me shorten it so I can put it on here. If diving were still a sanctioned sport, Stockton would have won the All-Academic award. Stinks that they unsanctioned diving. Anyway, Mike and the kids arrived right as the meet was starting. They came straight from Jorja's softball practice.
Mike, Preston, Jorja
I tried to take burst of pictures with the fancy camera. I was struggling with figuring out how to do that. I was successful some times, but not always.
Stockton ~ 103B ~ Front 1 1/2 pike
 Look at that entry!
 403 C ~ Inward 1 1/2 ~ Stockton has really improved on this dive!
203 B ~ Back 1 1/2 pike
This picture looks kind of weird, but I wonder how it would feel to be that stretched out in the air? I'm not going to find out!
 303 C ~ reverse 1 1/2 tuck
5122 D ~ I think, I get the twists mixed up
 105 C ~ front 2 1/2
Stockton was spinning so fast everything looks blurry.
Stockton had a great meet, but he was disappointed. He has taken 1st or 2nd in every meet this year. He expected Gavin to take 1st, but he was really hoping for 2nd. That would have been cool for Alta to be 1 & 2 in State this year. The problem was Camden had an amazing meet. He upped his degree of difficulty to the same dives Stockton was doing, then he hit every dive. The one that killed Stockton was Camden got 7s across the board on his inward 1 1/2. This happened last year too. Stockton always finished in front of Camden, then at State he sneaked in front of him by like half a point. I feel bad for the kid that took 6th. I can't remember his name, but he finished 3rd in every meet this year. Today he failed his last dive. He was supposed to do a front 2 1/2 and he ended up doing a front double. That gave him no points and he dropped down to 6th. He most likely would have finished 4th if that didn't happen.
Young kid, Andrew, Stockton, Gavin, Camden, Ren, ?
Stockton has really enjoyed diving at the U. Mostly because of Gavin and also Ted. I am so glad bowling ended up being on Wednesday forcing Stockton to switch. It has been really good for him. I'll have to have Stockton help me with names when he is around, because I don't know most of these people. I am not good with names and faces.
Ted, ?, Emerson, ?, Stockton, Ren, ?, Gavin, Noelle, ?
We went to Hires after the meet with Gavin and his dad. Preston had a great time.
 Gavin & Stockton with Jorja photobombing
I wish I could go back in time and have Stockton not dive at BYU. Then he could have dove with Gavin all through high school. He would have loved that. He only went to BYU because of Josh. We begged and begged Josh to go to the U, but he was insistent. Then Josh quit after three months and we were stuck there. We had signed a contract and felt we had to finish. I wish we would have moved him after that year, but then it became awkward. I'm glad he is able to dive with Gavin this year. It seems like these two have been friends forever. It's weird that Gavin is actually Jorja's age. He is a year ahead of her in school, but only two months older than her. Last year some time I was trying to get Stockton to go to homecoming, I think. Stockton told me that he had no one to double with. Then he said, "The problem is, I want to double with Gavin, but he won't be old enough to date until I'm on my mission." I about had a heart attack when he said that! So crazy!

Jorja started panicking about her science project. After Jorja and Isaac completed their bacteria growing, etc. They noticed that it in the instructions not to grow bacteria at home, only in a lab. Jorja started worrying that they would fail their science project. She decided to do a backup project just in case. She asked if I would buy different liquids and she could test how fast and at what temperature they boil. She did grape juice, orange juice, egg nog, water, and a bunch of others. I don't know if they were different at all, but hopefully she will be able to retain her A.

Mike and I spent the rest of the day getting ready for the gingerbread party tomorrow. This is what our house looks like right now. It smells so good too! I guess I should have taken that paper towel roll out of the picture, but Mike just snapped it to send to his family letting them know we were ready for them! Yay! I love gingerbread season!