Thursday, November 16, 2017

Career Fair

I have always been good at making it a priority to get my kids to bed at their bedtime. For the older kids their bedtime was 8:00 until high school. We were a little more relaxed with Jorja. Preston, on the other hand, is a whole new ballgame. It's ridiculous. I never get him to bed at a reasonable hour, even on school nights. Last night he was up until 10:00. Without me knowing he set an alarm on Alexia for 5:30 in the morning that said, "Wake up you lousy bum!" Well...Mike got that reminder this morning. Except Alexia changed bum to bomb. Luckily it was Thursday and Mike was on his way to the temple. I had to have a talk with Preston that he is not allowed to set any alarms unless he talks to me.
Today was the career fair at the high school. The kids in student government were each assigned a professional person they were supposed to shadow and introduce. Jorja was put with the TV reporter. Jorja also missed biology, the first class of the day, to have breakfast with all the professionals.
It was so windy this morning. Stockton texted me asking me to bring his bowling shirt and put it in his locker. He was supposed to go down and get his picture taken, then they were going to photoshop him into the yearbook. When I went out to bring it to him, this is what I found.
Stockton went down to get his picture at the time he was told to go, only to find out they ended early and he was out of luck. I guess the preschoolers came early or something like that. I'm not sure how that effected everything, but it did. Rachel, Marie and Mina came over today. Rachel dropped Grace and Eve off at Matt's house to play with Anne. Marie and Mina did homeschool while they were here. Rachel helped me organize my kitchen. She went through every cupboard and we got rid of a ton of stuff. I wish my brain could organize things, it just can't. Rachel was awesome. Mike was thrilled. Rachel stayed until around 7:00 then she went back to Bountiful where she is staying for a few days. We are planning on having fun tomorrow.

I made Jorja take another picture when she came home from school. I think this new dress looks perfect with her sweater. Jorja had a great time with the career fair.
Stockton was put in Aviation and Software Engineering. I think he really liked the computer one. Gavin came over after school to go to diving with Stockton. While he was here I asked him if he would be okay if Jorja sat by him during lunch on B days. He was more than happy to have her sit by him. It's funny, Gavin is one of Stockton's best friends. They have known each other for years and years and years. Diving buddies. Gavin is a sophomore at Alta, but he is only two months older than Jorja. He turned 15 in August, Jorja turned 15 in October. He seems so much older than 15. Probably because he has always been with Stockton.

The missionaries stopped by to see Jorja for a bit. They are the best. I then took Jorja to Evan's house so they could work on their Chinese. On the way there I told her that Gavin would love to have her sit by him during lunch. She said, "Can Stockton walk me to him? I can't walk in the lunchroom without feeling like I'm going to throw up." This is crazy how bad things got for Jorja so fast. Luckily Jorja and Stockton have their foods class right before lunch, so it will be easy for Stockton to take care of her. Gavin was super nice and sent her a message tonight. I'm hopeful this will work out.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Busy Life

Stockton had to be at school early. He had an Academic Decathlon competition today. It was their first one and he had no idea what to expect. The frustrating thing though is today they are doing yearbook pictures. Stockton won't be there for the bowling picture. They were going to change it to after school so Stockton could make it, but then the basketball guys had practice. Stockton was a little annoyed about that. I took Jorja to school. She still has her black eye, but used a lot of makeup to cover it up. She is also getting her student government yearbook picture taken today. She was not thrilled with her black eye this morning. She was supposed to wear jeans, a grey shirt and her student government sweater. Jorja picked a grey shirt that had words on it. They made her turn her shirt backwards, so Jorja will be wearing her shirt backwards in the yearbook. Haha! That made me laugh. I'm sure she'll still look adorable. I went straight to the temple after dropping Jorja off. I was able to make it to the 8:00 session. I was quite happy with that.

Preston received his school reflections award today. They had the award ceremony for the kids that moved on yesterday. He thought it was so cool going into the ceremony knowing he was already chosen to move on. They announced the kids that moved on at the end. These two boys were both chosen for film.
Preston and Seven
As soon as Preston's name was announced we skipped out of there. I took Preston with me and we hustled to get Jorja. While I was at the ceremony I got a text from Stockton saying he wouldn't be back from Academic Decathlon before school was over. Then I got a text saying he needed to stay after for a NHS meeting. Jorja was supposed to be home right at 2:45 today to meet Damian. He is going to work with her on softball. I texted Damian and hurried and brought Jorja home. Damian ended up cancelling; but at least it wasn't us who didn't show up. I hate that. The missionaries did come over. Jorja wore Sister Hutchinson's jacket for awhile.
Stockton had bowling as well today. He didn't get home for a long time. He told us about the crazy tests he had to take. They took tests all day long. The theme this year is Africa. He was laughing about the African music they were tested on. Stockton didn't feel prepared for this. For example, he was tested on African economics. That isn't something you can just randomly pick up; but at least he knows what to expect now. He had a great time at bowling though.

Jorja went to Sami's house today. She had dinner with them and stayed until Sami needed to go to soccer. I was at Javita's house when Jorja called for me to pick her up. I talked Jorja into going back to Javita's house with me. I finished up what I was doing with Javita while Jorja talked with Damian and a few other people. The missionaries also stopped by there. Haha! It was great. Javita had us come upstairs and pick up a box of Whitley's old clothes. Jorja loves Whitley's hand me downs. Whitley knows how much I despise shopping. The box was huge and heavy, but we managed. Jorja and I went through some of the clothes late tonight. Jorja has to dress up tomorrow at school. There was a dress in there that will be perfect.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Within Reach

I went to Gavin's house this morning to exercise. It's funny I keep calling it Gavin's house when he has nothing to do with why I'm there. Sounds better than Shannon's house I guess. I met a lady there named Sarah, who is my friend Becky's cousin. Small world. Anyway, Stockton needed me to come to school today to talk about something for government that was due. We had to discuss a problem and I needed to sign a paper. It worked out perfectly because I was already planning on taking Jorja out to lunch. She has hated lunch for the last few weeks, especially on B days. Sometimes she goes and sits in a math class during lunch, but today I asked if I could take her out. I took her, Hailey and Allison to Chick-Fil-A. I don't want to do that very often. We were speedy quick, but they were late to their math class. I did not like that at all.

Jorja and Isaac had planned to finally work on their biology project after school today. I have been after Jorja to get this done. I have practically begged her to just do the project by herself. I don't want her grades to suffer. Jorja was a little nervous. She played the piano while she waited. Soon Stockton came in with an unfamiliar backpack. It was Isaac's. Isaac was running to our house from school. Stockton stayed late to do math tutoring. When he passed him he asked if he wanted a ride. Isaac asked if he could take his backpack, then he ran the rest of the way to our house. That is a long run! While we were talking to Stockton, the missionaries pulled up. Jorja freaked out! She ran outside to them. They came in and talked to her for awhile. Seriously, these missionaries are the best thing for Jorja. Sister Hutchinson has been here for several months. She has had a couple of baptisms; but I think Heavenly Father sent her here for Jorja. They have the best bond, and she always seems to show up at the perfect time. Isaac came a few minutes after the missionaries were in the house. He sat down super tired in the front room. I went and sat beside him. I hit his leg and said, "I am so mad at you!" He nodded and said, "I expected that." He then asked if I could get him water. Isaac and I went into the kitchen. I talked to him for awhile. I don't want to write what I said to him; but one thing about me is people always know where I stand. Anyway, they worked on their science project until it was time for me to take Preston to his reflection award ceremony. I dropped Isaac off and talked to him a little more on the way.

Mike met us at the middle school where the ceremony was. Preston and I weren't able to make it to the open house, but Mike took pictures for us.
Preston's game
He did a video of him playing the game he made while he had a voice over explaining what was happening and how things were programed; how he got the wii remotes to work with the computer . . . things like that.
Not a great example, but the only one I have
Preston in the Hawaiian shirt with other random kids
When we came home we watched Preston's video. None of us had ever seen it before. It was stinking cute! That kid is so smart and talented. He came home with his paper that he had to fill out for the reflections. Preston did this at school and the office people helped him fill it out. The parent signature was left blank. Whoops. Yep, we didn't help him with this at all.

Stockton and I talked with Jorja in her room for a long time. It was good. When she was telling Stockton how scared she was to go to lunch on B days, Stockton mentioned that he thought Gavin had the same lunch as her on those days. He asked her if she would like to sit by him. She nodded but wanted to wait a few days before he asked Gavin. I wish with all my heart that Jorja and Stockton had the same lunch. That would be perfect. I went to bed and let Jorja have her phone a little longer than normal. She said she wanted to finish a conversation with one of her friends while she was getting ready for bed. She promised me she would put her phone upstairs as soon as she was finished. I ended up regretting this. Jorja woke me up, I'm not sure what time it was. Mike was working on a maintenance issue in the guest room, so I was all alone. Jorja was crying pretty hard. I pulled her in bed with me so we could talk. Jorja has had a hard, hard, hard, hard time these last few weeks. She is trying her best, but feels like she lost all her friends when Isaac broke up with her. The sad thing is, Jorja was so worried about Isaac losing his friends and made a conscious effort for this to not happen, instead she lost hers. The girl that texted her hasn't had much contact with Jorja since Isaac and Grace became a thing. Grace was Jorja's confidant. Jorja bared her soul to Grace. All her hurts, fears, and her deep feelings for Isaac. Jorja was devastated when less than a week later Isaac and Grace became a couple. Jorja has been trying so hard, but it hurts more than anyone knows. This girl started texting Jorja out of the blue and telling her she can't be mad at Isaac and she can't be mad at Grace. (Jorja isn't mean to them, she just tears up when she sees them. She has to walk away so people won't notice she is crying.) This girl told Jorja that she is making them sad and that is not fair. Lots of things around those lines. I held Jorja while she sobbed. I kept telling her that this girl doesn't know anything. She has no idea how deep her hurt is, she has no idea the level of betrayal that she is experiencing right now. I begged her to walk away from these people and find new friends. Anyway, it was not a good night. I am so sick of this. I can't wait until Jorja can be healed. It seems like every time she takes a step forward something happens to pull her three steps back. Jorja asked me if I had set up a therapy appointment for her yet. Luckily I just had today. I got the bishop's referral this morning and was able to get her in for an appointment on Monday. I hope she will be able to get some tools that will help her with her anxiety. I think this will be really good for her.

Monday, November 13, 2017

36 Pages

Stockton had to miss diving today to go to a mandatory Sterling Scholar meeting. Wow. He has a lot of work he needs to do. He needs to make a portfolio of all his math accomplishments and math related service. They said there is a 36 page limit. Hahahahahahahaha! I took this picture while we were at the meeting and texted it to Jorja. James is her friend. She texted back, "I love James!" The meeting was in Heffner's room. Lots of the freshman take AP Geography. Jorja doesn't. We thought AP Chinese would be enough to start with.
I walked in on Stockton helping Jorja with her math. I love these two. Stockton is so good to Jorja. I told her she needed to forget about boys and focus this year on Stockton. He will be gone this time next year. Either to college or a mission, unless he goes to the U and lives at home. Anyways, times like this are limited. I want to keep them like this forever.
Jorja & Stockton
I like how Jorja is in her BYU softball shirt and Stockton is wearing his BYU diving shirt. That made me smile.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Jorja's Blessing

Maysen and I worked on her new spring schedule yesterday and today. She is able to register Tuesday at 10:00. It's a little nerve wracking because a couple of classes she wants today only has one class offered and there are very few seats available. Here's hoping! I took Maysen back to Logan this morning. Mike had ward council he had to go to. I was planning on getting my primary lesson done this morning, but things changed. Mike said he would teach my lesson for me. Yay! The teachers in the class just older than us didn't show up, so they were put in our class as well. Mike did a great job and I was so thankful that he did this for me. While Mike and I were in opening exercises for primary he snapped a picture of Asher giving his first talk and sent the photos to Jaime. She loved them.
Burke & Asher
Here are some random chocolates we brought back from Australia. One for everybody. They looked pretty cool. I think Jorja picked the kangaroo, Preston the platypus and Stockton the crocodile. I can't remember the others.
Jorja received her patriarchal blessing today. She has had this appointment set up for awhile. She said that the only thing that helped her get through this last week was thinking about getting her blessing on Sunday. Several months ago Jorja was asked to speak on patriarchal blessings in sacrament meeting, which was a bit weird because she had not received hers yet. She studied a lot about them and did a great job. Maysen told Jorja that she came with a list of about five questions she had prayed over and each one of them was answered. One was answered in the very first sentence. That about blew Maysen away. It was the word choice that struck her most. The patriarch later told her that he had never said that before. We have a new patriarch in our stake, Maysen's patriarch died in June. It was so sad. Jorja had three questions she was hoping for help with. She has prayed hard these last few weeks about them. Especially since she felt like her heart was shattering, this is what she was clinging to. She fasted Wednesday, Thursday, and came fasting to her blessing. She went downstairs and said another prayer right before we went. She told Heavenly Father that if he didn't want to answer all three questions, it would be okay; but could he just answer the most important question she had. Here is a picture of Jorja as we were leaving.
The patriarch and his wife spent a lot of time with us. They talked to Jorja, they asked her to read her favorite scripture, they had Mike and I both share our testimonies with her, they had Mike say a prayer and then had me say a prayer right before the actual blessing. It was really great. Then the blessing was given to her. Jorja was devastated. Not one of her questions was answered. Not even a little bit. Some of the wording was strange and she came home with more anxiety than she has ever had. I don't understand what happened. This sounds awful, but I feel slightly betrayed. I'm hoping when she gets the physical paper of the blessing, she will be able to read it and find the answers to some of her questions; but neither Jorja or I heard anything about what she desperately needed help with. The patriarch told us before the blessing that if something isn't in the blessing it doesn't mean it won't happen. I understand this. The thing is, Jorja has been an emotional wreck for the past few weeks. She needed to know Heavenly Father knew her. She needed to know how important she is and how loved she is. She needed to know that everything was going to be okay. She didn't get any of that from the blessing. Again, maybe it is there in words that we didn't realize, but still. I wanted her to have an experience like Maysen. Jorja was so sad afterwords. She was crying, saying things like, "Maybe I'm not faithful. Maybe I wasn't prepared. I really thought this was the right time for me to receive this blessing." Seriously, there has never been anyone more prepared going into their patriarchal blessing than Jorja. We were sitting next to each other on the couch and I had her head against my chest. She was sobbing. She didn't want to go to school tomorrow, she doesn't have hope anymore. I literally had no idea what to do. I know we aren't supposed to talk in detail about our blessings, I just need to write down experiences that are hard. This is hard. I feel this is a huge trial of her faith; and it is coming when she is already extremely emotionally battered. I really, really, really, really hope and pray that when she gets to hold her blessing and read it that she will be able to pull out things that she needs. There were some cool things in there too, it's just that the things that she felt were missing were overshadowing everything else. When the patriarch was walking us out, he gave Jorja a hug and said, "You are going to have a great life." Anyway, Jorja was so sad and I was at a loss as to what I could say that could help her when the doorbell rang. The missionaries were here! We had no idea they were coming. They randomly stop by a lot because Mike is the ward mission leader, but this was perfect timing. Sister Hutchinson came in, looked at Jorja and said, "Why are you crying?" We had a long talk with them and it was awesome. Sister Argo and Sister Hutchinson were both perfect at this moment. I told Jorja that Heavenly Father was still aware of her. Her patriarchal blessing was given to her the way it was because that is what will best help her become the person Heavenly Father wants her to be; this is a blessing of a lifetime, not a moment. Heavenly Father knew she was sad and she was hurting and that her parents weren't able to give her any comfort. So what does he do? He sent her Hutch and Argo. Probably the only two people on this planet that could have helped her in that moment. I am so thankful for these sweet missionaries. Transfers are coming next Monday. I hope, hope, hope, hope, hope these missionaries stay. They are so good to Jorja. They are so good for Jorja.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Looking for Andrew

My sleep schedule is still a mess. I didn't set an alarm, but I was up by 5:00. I decided to go to the temple. I made it to the 6:00 session. I was glad I made it this week, but a little bit into it I regretted forgetting to eat breakfast.

A boy in Jorja's Sunday school class named Andrew went missing yesterday. He got in a fight with his parents and ran away from home around 10:00 in the morning. We were sent messages yesterday night to check our yards and see if he was hiding somewhere. He is autistic and hides frequently. He was still missing this morning. Mike went to the stake center to help with the search party.
I took Maysen to her laser appointment and then we went to Katie Larson's bridal shower. I know Katie was glad Maysen was there. Especially since Maysen was the only person her age. Well, Katie is about a year older than Maysen, but they were friends growing up. Katie was really happy and it was fun to see her.
Maysen & Katie
Mike left the search party to go get Jorja from softball. She got hit in the eye while she was warming up the pitcher. She had her catcher gear on, but not her mask. The ball hit Jorja's knee pads and took a nasty bounce into her eye. She couldn't open her eye for about ten minutes. We had her put ice on it when she got home. She didn't like that too much. Jorja made me laugh. She said something like, "Just because everything else in my life is going so well right now . . . ." I laughed and laughed. While Jorja had ice on her eye, we got another message for all the search parties to meet back at the stake center. Jorja and I decided to go on down there. Jorja was pretty worried about him. We were put in Ron Henderson's group. We then drove down to Draper and were split up again. Jorja, Darby and I were assigned to go to stores starting around Cafe Rio in Draper and working our way up to 7th East. We only were given a few flyers though. One of the first stores we came to was a copy store, so I asked for thirty more copies. It was nice to be able to leave his picture at every store instead of just asking random people if they had seen him. I sent Jorja and Darby off on their own after awhile. Darby was making Jorja laugh and said she could tell everyone he gave her the black eye.
Jorja's black eye
Mike, Stockton, Jorja and I went to Village Inn. Maysen and Preston didn't want to go. Traffic was horrible! We were kind of close, but hadn't moved for awhile. I told Mike I could get there faster running. I hopped out of the car and ran the rest of the way there. I did get there before them, but not by much. Stockton and Jorja were so cute together. I wish I had a picture of them. Stockton had his arm around her, and she looked so safe. Tonight was so much fun. The real Jorja was back! My happy, happy Jorja. I have missed her! It has been so long since she has been herself. At least a month. The four of us laughed and laughed and laughed. She is healing. This is good.

Maysen's classes have been so hard and time consuming this semester. She has told me she falls asleep in her clothes with her lights on doing homework. Well, this is what I found when I came back from dinner. Exactly as she described.
Originally we were planning on taking her back to Logan tonight. I think we'll wait until morning. Luckily both of us have 1:00 church. I closed Maysen's laptop and put it away. When I turned off the lamp it woke Maysen up and she freaked out. Her eyes were wide and she looked so scared. I guess she is used to living alone now.

Andrew was found tonight. Someone saw a flyer in a store in Draper and called the police. He was at a friend's house. I wonder if the flyer was one of the ones put there by us? Could be.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Preston's 11th Birthday

Today was a crazy busy day! Jorja had to be at school super early to work on the Veteran's Day program. I think they set up a ton of flags outside before school. She missed all of her classes today except the last one. They were able to eat breakfast with the Veterans. She liked that a lot. Jorja dressed up and wore heels to school. She asked if I could bring her tennis shoes. I hurried so I could watch Jorja during the assembly. I wanted to video, but she was announcing the ballroom team. Right  as she was about to start speaking I was asked to move. I didn't realize that the entire ballroom team was lined up right behind me. Oh well. She did great. Jorja said that so far she is the only freshman who has been asked to speak. She has been asked several times. Makenzie, the Student Body President, told her that she does a really good job and she knows she can count on her. That's awesome.

Today is Preston's 11th birthday. Wow! I hurried to the store after Jorja's assembly. Preston wanted to bring his class party cake muffins and apple cider. Mike helped me get ready. I was a wee bit stressed. Everything turned out perfect though. I took the picture below this morning. Preston has a scrape on his nose. He ran into a fence during recess while we were gone. Now that he's older hopefully he will be aware of fences.
Mike drove up to Logan to bring Maysen home for the weekend. Preston was pretty excited about that. I went to Stockton's diving competition. He got 2nd place. I'm annoyed that I took videos of all his dives with the camera portrait style. I know better than that! Here is his back 1 1/2. This is the first time he has competed it in the pike position. Nicely done!
Stockton ~ 203B
Stockton and I stopped by Cold Stone on our way home to pick up the cake Preston ordered last night. We also stopped by Little Caesars and brought home pizza and breadsticks. Mike and Maysen got home a few minutes before we did. We didn't have candles once again. Preston had each of us hold up our two pointer fingers. He held up one. Then he went and blew them all out. One of the kids fingers turned out to be a trick candle, but I can't remember who it was at the moment.
Preston finally got to open his presents about 10:00 at night. He was quite pleased with them. The new version of Multimedia Fusion. The new Pandemic Legacy. The new Mario 3ds game that was released today.
Mike, Maysen, Stockton and Preston all played the Mario game for a long time. They had great fun. I spent a long time downstairs with Jorja while she talked and talked and talked to me. I can't wait until this girl starts feeling better. I know it will happen. She's getting stronger, it is just still so raw and hard right now.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sterling Scholar

Today was a LONG day. I was looking forward to my last breakfast of porridge, banana bread and hot chocolate. They were out of porridge and banana bread! I survived, but wasn't pleased about it. We made it to the airport just fine. I texted Stockton good luck with his Sterling Scholar reception. It is Thursday for us, but still Wednesday for the kids. My dad went with Stockton so he wouldn't be alone. I kept looking at the time while I was on the plane thinking, Stockton is finding out now if he won. The first thing I did when we landed in California was turn to Mike and say, "Do you think Stockton won?" We hurried and turned airplane mode off and checked the slack thread. Stockton had a picture with the caption, "Surprise" Except it wouldn't load for us. But Jorja answered below, "WHAAAAAAT YOU WON" Yay! We started laughing and cheering! We were so happy for him. These are the pictures Stockton sent. I think my dad took them while the Life Touch people were taking them.
Stockton ~ Sterling Scholar ~ mathematics
 2018 Sterling Scholars
Stockton said the girl next to him was very happy about being in the middle. She was talking about that when Stockton said, "And I'm one standard deviation from the middle." Haha! Math nerd. Jeanette took this picture and sent it to me. ---Okay, Stockton corrected me on his joke. The kids were put into a line from tallest to shortest. The girl in the middle was excited about being in the middle. Stockton was right next to her and that is when he said he was one standard deviation from the middle. Hahahahahaha! That makes it even more funny in my mind. That kid cracks me up!
My dad picked us up at the airport. We got home around lunch time. Then we slept. We were exhausted. It was so fun to see the kids when they got home. Stockton took Preston and Gavin to diving. After they left I picked up Jorja at Hailey's house and we went to Mimi's Cafe. We talked and talked and talked. That girl had had a hard week. It was fun to be back with the kids again. We gave them a few trinkets we picked up. Boomerangs for the boys. A necklace and bracelet for Jorja. Jorja and I slept in the guest room tonight. I wish I could put that girl's heart back together. I know she will be able to do it, it just really hurts right now. I'm glad I can finally hold her again. She will be okay.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I slept longer today then I have the entire trip. I woke up right at 3:00. I quickly figured out it was 9:00 in Utah. That made me laugh. It is late start at home, so Jorja was just starting school at that exact time. Mike had to work on his presentation this morning, so we stayed around the hotel until noon. Jorja texted me for a bit after school. I was really hopeful today would be great for her. Except it wasn't. Lunch is the hardest for her right now. I wish she had lunch with Stockton.

I walked Mike to his conference, then took off on my own. My first stop was the Lindt store. There was a Lindt store in Paris that was crazy big. This one doesn't even come close, but I thought Jorja would love to see all these colors.
There was also a cafe there. It just so happened that on Wednesdays the waffles were half off. That is what I decided to have for lunch. Delicious.
 The small zoo was my first stop. Mike loves these signs. Especially the kangaroo one.
 There was a cool mist thing you had to walk through to get in the zoo.
 First up . . . FROGS!
 Tazmanian Devil ~ lots of energy there
I was shocked with how fast these guys moved
Cassowary ~ World's deadliest bird
 Green & Golden Bell Frog
This guy moved a lot slower than the wombat!
Shingle-back ~ looks like a pinecone!
I then wandered through Madame Tussauds. I have never been to one before. I enjoyed it. Most of the people had some link to Australia, so I learned a lot of new things. A couple of times someone would ask me to take their picture. When they did, I asked if they would take mine.
Einstein and Stephanie
 Madame Tussauds
I thought this was funny. John Logie Baird invented the television? What? 
 Steve Irwin
 Audrey Hepburn & Stephanie
I found a corner before the Marvel exhibit and sat down to see if I could get ahold of the kids. The museum had Wifi! It took me awhile and I had to sign my life away, but I was able to get a few messages out. Jorja sent me a message and said she was doing better. Yay! I didn't hear back from Stockton or Preston. Hopefully Preston got to scouts okay.

I left the museum and went and bought chocolate. They were having a special. All the chocolate I could fit into a small box for $16. I stuffed that thing so tight! The lady weighed it. It would have cost me $68. Yikes! My next mission was to find the Sydney Tower Eye. I couldn't help but take a picture of this building. Mike and I have talked about it a lot. That is the worst name for a bank I have ever seen.
It took me awhile to find the Sydney Tower. I almost gave up, but I managed to find it. The top is a lot like the Space Needle. I saw my friend Robyn there with her husband. When I said hi to them they turned around and said, "No way!" I can't believe I keep running into them. I wasn't able to go outside and do the sky walk, because I had to meet Mike really soon. I just took some photos from around the eye.
I was in the elevator by myself on the way down. That is when I noticed it was held together with duct tape. Oh no! Should I be worried? Just kidding. Most things in my life are held together with duct tape.
I was trying to get to Mike fast, but the elevator ended in a mall. I could not figure how to get out of it. Where were the 'Way Out' signs when I needed them? My worst nightmare. Trapped in a mall! I did finally manage to get out when I realized the street level was on the 2nd floor. (This mall has many floors.) I took off and ran several blocks until I made it back to Mike. I was seven minutes late. Not bad. Mike took a picture of the tower as we were walking by.
 Sydney Tower Eye
Mike and I walked to the train station and went to Circular Quay. We got some excellent gelato, I'm glad we managed to do that one more time. We went into an outdoor restaurant on a whim. Mike ordered the Kangaroo Filet. (Sorry Porge.) It had a few bites. It was actually super delicious. I don't know if it was the way they cooked it, or if kangaroo is just yummy. Mike didn't like the bed of beets though.
Look at this seagull waiting. A couple of them flew at my head, landed on the table and tried to eat my fries. One of the seagulls got their foot in my water. The waitress took that away speedy quick.
Once we finished and walked away the seagulls attacked. I mean ATTACKED! I wish Mike videoed it. It was crazy. One of the seagulls kept walking in the beets. Oh man, so funny!
Mike and I went to the Sydney Opera House and say DiviLicious and the Impresario. Mostly by Mozart. It was in a small room and Mike managed to get us front row seats.
It was awesome! It was cool to see the bay out the windows. Fun to watch the ships sail by. The only bad thing was I fell asleep twice. Just super quick. Hopefully no one noticed. My favorite part of this short opera was the beginning when a guy was singing about office supplies. He really likes his self inking stamp.
That's about all from us in Australia! Mike packed us up while I tried to finish here. It is almost midnight Australia time. We are hoping to eat at 7:00 then make our way to the airport. Watch. This will be the first time I actually am able to sleep.